Metaphysics of Physics is devoted to advocating rationality, particularly within the philosophy of science. If you are interested in rationality and the philosophy of science then you have come to the right place!

The project is intended to raise awareness of a lot of the irrationality that is popular or mainstream today. Since philosophy, computer science, physics and math are our areas of expertise, these are the subjects we talk about the most.

Every fortnight the hosts, the husband wife duo of philosophers of science, Dwayne Davies and Ashna Davies, bring you great new audio content.

As well as that, we bring you weekly subscription articles. You can access these if you become a subscription member here.

We also release free blog posts on a range of topics when time permits.

Here is some of the content which has been produced so far.

Recent Episodes

Episode Twenty Five – Fragment and Pandemonium Interview with Warren Fahy - Today on the podcast, we interview Warren Fahy on two first two books of the Fragment trilogy. We also chat about biology. If you want the spoiler free version, click here.
Creating Christ Tjtus Episode Twenty Four – Creating Christ Archaeology with Warren Fahy - Today we interview Warren Fahy, the co-author of the book Creating Christ. We discuss the archaeology of Creating Christ.
Gaede Episode Twenty Three – An Interview with Bill Gaede - Today we have an interview with the physicist Bill Gaede. We have not presented the transcript of this in web page form. Instead, you can listen to the audio or download the PDF transcript.
brain biases Episode Twenty Two – Biases, AI and Current Affairs - Today we are talking about inherent biases, AI, time travel and faster than light travel. And then we will go over a shocking legal decision.
Episode Twenty One: Homeopathy, Lies About Magic Potions - Today we are talking about homeopathy. Why it is nonsense, how it is typically sold in a dishonest fashion and what should be done about it.

Recent Blog Entries

The Principle of Physical Interactivity - In the latest subscription article, we look at the Principle of Physical Interactivity which says physical interaction works via physical means.  Click here.
infinity Infinity: A Number or A Potential? - In the latest subscription article, we look at infinity and whether it is, a mathematics insists, a quantity/number of a potential. To see a sample of this article  Click here.
probability, dice, die The Role of Probability in Science. - In the latest subscription article, we look at the proper role of probability in science and how modern physics has subverted this. To see a sample of this article  Click here.
string theory Some String Theory Absurdities - In the latest subscription article, we look at some of the central absurdities of string theory and briefly refute them. To see a sample of this article  Click here.
string theory String Theory: A Misguided Attempt at Unification - In the latest subscription article, we look at the misguided attempt at unification that motivates the development of string theory. To see a sample of this article  Click here.


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We have been fans of science for most of our lives! We have studied both science and rational philosophy extensively, so we are in an excellent position to fight for rational science and to make the world a more rational place!

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