Metaphysics of Physics is devoted to advocating rationality, particularly within the philosophy of science. If you are interested in rationality and the philosophy of science then you have come to the right place!

The project is intended to raise awareness of a lot of the irrationality that is popular or mainstream today. Since philosophy, computer science, physics and math are our areas of expertise, these are the subjects we talk about the most.

Every fortnight the hosts, Dwayne Davies and Ashna Davies, bring you great new audio content. Here is some of the content which has been produced so far.

Recent Episodes

Bill Gaede Episode Eighteen – Introducing the Ideas of Bill Gaede- Today we are going to discuss Bill Gaede, his philosophical and scientific ideas and some of the reasons they are important.
A Rational Cosmology Episode Seventeen – Reviewing “A Rational Cosmology”, Part One- Today we are going to discuss the book "A Rational Cosmology". This is part one of a series.
Pencil bent in water. Episode Sixteen – Optical Illusions, Proof of the Validity of the Senses- Today we are going to discuss the validity of the senses and how optical illusions prove that the senses are valid.
Math concepts. Episode Fifteen – Quora Questions on Mathematics- Today we are going to answer some Quora questions on the topic of mathematics.
Life 3.0 Cover Episode Fourteen – Life 3.0: A Slow Death- Today we start our review of the book "Life 3.0" by Max Tegmark. This book claims that greater than human level intelligence is inevitable and then discusses what can be done to keep it safe. Part One introduces the book and discusses the prelude and the first chapter.

Recent Blog Entries

anti-religion Atheism or Antireligion?- In this paid article we go over why we do not describe ourselves as atheist but anti-religious. Click here to see a sample of the article.
What is Colour? Clearing up Chromatic Confusion.- In this subscription article, we discuss the age-old question of what is colour. Is it "in the object"? Is it "in the light"? Or are neither of these correct? Click here to see a sample of the article.
Thought experiments. More on Thought Experiments- In this subscription article, we look at thought experiments and see why they can both valid and extremely useful. Click here to see a sample of the article.
Newlyweds at the beach. April News and Future Plans- We have some exciting news on things happening on the site and future plans!
Roman coin More Creating Christ Interviews!- Today we take the chance to share some links to more interviews on "Creating Christ". This time performed by MythVision duo.

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