Metaphysics of Physics is devoted to advocating rationality. Largely in the philosophy of physics and mathematics. Generally in the philosophy of science.

If you are interested in hearing from a voice of reason then you have come to the right place! The project is intended to raise awareness of a lot of the irrationality that is popular or mainstream today.


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“Brilliant content and host.” — James

“The most rational page on physics I’ve come across.”– Bill

“Concise, informative and relevant content.”– Alys

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  • Induction in Computer Science Livestream - This is an interview with the Objectivist computer scientist Martin Johansen. We discussed his lecture "Charles Babbage: Induction in Computer Science".
  • Interview with James Ellias - This is an interview with James Ellias, creator of the excellent "An Inductive Summary of Physics" series covering an inductive history of physics and other important philosophical topics.

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  • Interview with Narendra on Science Education - This is the transcript of an interview with my friend Narendra Kumar. We discussed the difficulties of learning physics, problems with concretization, the role of mathematics and its relationship with science, the beauty of the science and more.
  • The Evil of Heresy According to Islam - In this post we introduce the fundamental issues Islam has with nonbelievers and why Muslims feel they must kill them.
  • A Futile Debate with a God-Botherer… - Here is a "debate" where my opponent attempts to show that you cannot know anything without first presupposing the existence of God.