Metaphysics of Physics is devoted to advocating rationality. Largely in the philosophy of physics and mathematics. Generally in the philosophy of science.

If you are interested in hearing from a voice of reason then you have come to the right place! The project is intended to raise awareness of a lot of the irrationality that is popular or mainstream today.

Since philosophy, computer science, physics, mathematics and philosophy are our areas of expertise, these are the subjects we talk about the most.

We think it is important to address not only the irrationalities in the modern world but to address their philosophical roots.

We talk about a lot of serious stuff but we also try to have some fun, which you may see reflected in our merch designs.

Metaphysics of Physics is run by a husband and wife team of rational philosophers! That is not a claim too many other websites can make!

Let us find out more about this dynamic duo of rational philosophers.

Dwayne Davies

The primary content creator for Metaphysics of Physics and a lifelong student of science and philosophy. He has long been an advocate for rationality, particularly in the philosophy of science.

Dwayne is the primary voice of reason on the Metaphysics of Physics and creates and maintains most of the website content. This involves the writing and editing of content, being the social media presence and now hosting the live stream videos on the Youtube channel.

When he is not working on the Metaphysics of Physics, he is writing books, studying science or working on game development.

Dwayne, your content creator and host.

Ash Davies

Ash has an MSc in Mathematics and MPhil in Physics.  She shares Dwayne’s passion for a more rational world and is also a lifelong learner of the sciences and philosophy.

Ash helps edit the content and co-hosted/hosted the podcast series. She also helps edit the articles and podcast scripts. With help from Dwayne, she does the logos and merchandise designs.

She also helps by being the sounding board to the ideas that fly around the mic. And prevents Dwayne from going insane reading and dealing with the irrationalities rampant in the world.

When not working on Metaphysics of Physics, she is being a part-time librarian, writing fiction, painting or designing.

Ash, the all-round helper!