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Air Date: January 1, 2015
00:04:40: Reason & Free Speech: The Link and their importance
00:14:29: the Government’s proper role in protecting Free Speech
00:20:10: The West’s Failure to protect Free Speech pt. 1: The Rushdie Affair
00:29:12: Question [with preface]: What should a US president do to protect free speech? {Not directly answered until next episode}
00:35:15: West’s Failure pt. 2: Danish Cartoons [2005]
00:45:08: West’s Failure pt. 3: Obama, South Park, & Free Speech [2006 & 2010-2015]
00:55:16: West’s Failure pt. 4: Sweden and ‘Hate Speech laws’
00:57:10: What should one do?
Air Date: January 12, 2015
00:00:00: An Introduction to YBS
00:27:00: Onkar Ghate on Free Speech: What it is, why it is important, and why/how it’s dying
00:50:50: Onkar answers: What is the difference between Free Speech and Toleration
1:00:00: Government, University, and Intellectual failings on Free Speech
1:07:18: Who is and is not Charlie, according to David Brooks & NeoConservatives
1:14:37: The Hypocrisy of the French government
1:19:48: “Free Speech” in the Muslim World
1:29:00: Chat Question: Does ARI’s events push people towards Objectivism or Towards Christian-Fascism?
1:32:49: Chat Question: How does one respond to the claim ‘well it’s complicated, not simple’?
1:37:35: Question: What is connection between Freedom of Thought/speech & Freedom of action?
1:44:14: How does one support Free Speech? [Answer to last show’s question]
1:52:55: Esthetic endorsement “Whiplash” & “The Imitation Game”
Air Date: January 19, 2015
00:01:45: D.C., why ARI is there, why Yaron hates it, and what it did and does represent
00:14:42: Comment: D.C. is still my home, even though it is bad, yet Europe is worse
00:17:45: D.C. vs. New York or Looting vs. Production
00:25:29: Comment: A ‘slick’ day in D.C.
00:26:45-00:27:20: Why Gov’t shutdowns are good
00:27:21: Twitter comment: Aren’t there other countries that were founded on the same principle as USA?
00:33:17-00:34:19: Commercial break
00:35:42: Comment: These ‘suits’ in D.C. are the enemy
00:40:45: Question: What is the difference between Libertarianism and Objectivism?
00:54:20-00:55:23: Commercial break
00:55:30-00:58:25: Groupies and Bureaucrats
00:58:30: The Revolving Door b/w D.C. and Private Sector
1:01:02-1:03:00: Term Limits don’t work
1:03:00: Government failing at its one proper job
1:07:45: Comment: Given the advent of long-range communication technology, why not roll-back D.C.?
1:11:31-1:12:25: Commercial break
1:12:30-1:19:20: Promoting Free Speech events by ARI
1:19:20: What the GOP legislature should do
1:31:48-1:32:55: Yaron takes the GOP to task
1:33:00: The fundamental debate is: Ideology
1:39:58: Free Speech, Charlie Hebdo, and the Pope
1:48:40: Aesthetic recommendations “Hidden in Plain Sight”, Chopin, “Impromptu”
Air Date: January 26, 2015
00:08:38: State of the Union pt. 1: Original Intent vs. Modern Practice
00:17:48-00:19:50:The Evil, immoral, and destructive Minimum Wage
00:19:50: Obama’s State of the Union pt. 2: Evils of Welfare and Gov’t overreach
00:26:25: Principles underlying Obama’s SOTU
00:34:04-00:34:40: Commercial Break
00:34:45: Question: Are the bureaucrats aware of how much they lie?
00:36:05: Three ‘Shout-outs’: US Economy, Energy Industry, Technology
00:52:07: Government Failures in: Policing, Foreign Policy, and Judiciary & how to fix them
1:04:20-1:05:00: Commercial Break
1:05:20: Yaron’s SOTU
1:15:03: Keynesian-Neo-Marxists win in Greece & Austerity
1:23:50: Euro-bond buying
1:26:50: Swiss bank & the Euro & the link
1:33:57: Question: Given the events around the Swiss Frank, what happens in the future for Switzerland?
1:37:00: Yaron’s speeding ticket
1:39:00-1:39:41: Commercial Break
1:42:22: American Sniper
Air Date: February 2, 2015
00:01:40: Ayn Rand’s brief historical-biography
00:12:48: Ayn Rand’s Impact on Yaron
00:24:17: Comment: How Ayn Rand changed my life
00:32:30: Ayn Rand & Objectivism: A philosophy for living on Earth {not just politics!}
00:38:57-00:39:33: Commercial break
00:39:34: Yaron’s advice to Objectivists: Live your life
00:47:15: Comment: How Ayn Rand influenced my life; Question: Isn’t there a middle ground b/w Objectivism & classical liberalism/libertarianism on issues like: ‘extreme’ poor, solar vs. int. Combustion engine, rich vs. poor.
1:02:07: Ayn Rand’s impact on the world
1:11:30: ARI’s 30th birthday
1:14:45: ARI Europe w/ Annie
1:21:20: ARI & The New Intellectuals w/ Ritu: What Medicare actually is
1:37:30: True Selfishness does NOT involve any type of sacrifice
1:41:40: former IMF head arrested for being a pimp
1:43:52: Positive ‘stuff’
1:48:30: Yaron breaks down Super Bowl XLIX & famous USA athletes
1:51:12: Yaron’s favorite soccer player, golf, and baseball
1:55:03: Classical music for beginners: Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, Tchaikovsky 1st Concerto, Beethoven’s odd numbered symphonies.
Air Date: February 2, 2015
00:04:20: Why use the word ‘Selfish’?: Some definitions
00:12:00: The package-deal of selfishness
00:25:37: Question: When Steve Jobs was being a hard-boss, was that selfish?
00:28:02-00:29:03: Commercial Break
00:29:55: What is Altruism?
00:33:14: Question: Is Yaron selfless or selfish for being a teacher of Objectivism?
00:35:55: Egoism & Career choice
00:38:38: Altruism, Soup-Kitchens, Social-workers, and Charity
00:45:30: Mother Teresa: The paragon of selflessness
00:51:15: The impossible ‘ideal’ of Altruism
00:55:30: Altruism: The Guilt Machine
00:59:33-1:00:45: Commercial Break
1:01:40: HW: Read Virtue of Selfishness
1:03:45: Question: Shouldn’t we ‘create’ a new word that envelops the meaning of selfishness?
1:07:48: Question: Are humans genetically predisposed to selflessness?
1:14:15: Selfishness qua moral code
1:22:58: Egoism vs. (Hedonism and Narcissism)
1:28:53-1:29:30: Commercial Break
1:29:31: Question: Are there individuals [past/present] who have been ‘properly selfish’?
1:36:05: Question: How does Altruism come about?
1:42:35: Question: Aren’t Socialists Altruists?
1:48:47: Book Recommendation: Trustee from the Tool Room
Air Date: February 16, 2015
00:01:46: Terrorism in Denmark; Free Speech in Europe is dangerous
00:11:36: Free Speech vs. Tolerance
00:13:01: The Western Intellectuals’ Barbarism
00:18:46: Question: How can USA crush ‘the enemy’?
00:23:24: Question: Why are American Jews so altruistic?
00:30:33: Question: Altruism is NOT about helping [trading!] with others, correct?
00:30:48: Greek debt & Collectivism
00:49:12-00:50:12: Commercial Break
00:50:53: Question: Who’s worse: St. Augustine, Comte or Immanuel Kant?
00:55:10: Reframing the debate: Germany vs. Greece; Kant vs. Aristotle
00:59:13: Question: Does Yaron think that an individual’s epistemology set early in life?
1:01:08-1:02:22: Commercial Break
1:03:53: Question: What should happen in Europe?
1:05:40: Question: Is it too late for America to be saved from altruism?
1:14:22: Altruism as fueling cynicism, corruption, and pragmatism
1:28:40: Selfishness to live on earth
1:30:30: Reason as primary value-creation qua human being
1:36:50: Question: 19th century view of corporations vs. 20th century
1:38:10: Question: Determining if an action is motivated by altruism or egoism
1:46:00: Question: Is donating to cancer research immoral if no cure found in 100 years?
1:50:00: HW assignment: Read The Objectivist Ethics
1:51:38: Positive Note: Yaron’s 32nd Wedding Anniversary & other things, Brom’s 4th Symphony, A Most Violent Year
Air Date: February 23, 2015
00:02:55: What is ‘America’?
00:17:40: What is ‘love’?
00:18:26: Does Obama ‘love’ ‘America’?
00:26:50: Patriotism
00:28:28: Question: Wasn’t Great Britain influential in ending slavery?
00:29:50: Egalitarianism & Nihilism as anti-love philosophies; Objectivism as pro-love philosophy
00:33:25: Is ISIS Islamic?
00:49:40: NeoCons, ‘extremism’, and the poverty-argument
00:58:40-1:00:15: Commercial Break
1:00:35: How would free-market handle fracking and atomic power, given the riskiness?
1:03:15: 4 black marks for Scott Walker
1:09:15: Selfishness is the correct concept for Objectivist ethics
1:11:51: 3 Cardinal Values & 3 Cardinal Virtues of Objectivism
1:15:57: Question: How can ethics help with motivation?
1:23:50: All Virtues and Values as aspects of Reason
1:33:33: Question: How does one get a job @ ARI?
1:35:25: What is Pride w/in Objectivism?
1:41:21: What does Honesty mean?
1:46:28: Question: How does one argue against moral relativism?
1:53:00: Yaron on the Oscars
Air Date: February 27, 2015
00:13:10: Question: How ‘good’ was Barry Goldwater?
00:15:30: Yaron’s take on Scott Walker
00:19:34-00:20:07: Donald Trump passess by Yaron’s show!
00:20:15: Question: Was Ayn Rand correct about Ronald Reagan?
00:23:34: Question: Should conservatives challenge the premise of certain questions during a debate?
00:31:10-00:32:22: Commercial Break
00:32:23: Grover Norquist on Taxes, Guns, and Immigration
00:45:35-00:46:20: Commercial Break
00:47:00: Peter Schwartz on Selfishness, pt. 1: Principles required to be truly selfish
00:52:00: Ambassador Bolton on Foreign Policy, War ethics, and Islamic world
1:02:40-1:03:15: Commercial Break
1:04:00: Peter Schwartz on Selfishness, pt. 2: being selfish resulting in conflict, consideration of ‘public interest’ when acting on a ‘big’ issue, aren’t dictators selfish?, what is Altruism?, which party is ‘better’ Republicans, Democrats, or Libertarians?
1:18:35-1:19:48: Commercial Break
1:20:00: FCC & Net Neutrality
1:24:00: Adaf Mossoff on Net Neutrality, Intellectual Property rights, and CIPP
1:36:52-1:37:30: Commercial Break
1:37:35: Larry [?] on Net Neutrality
1:46:00: Movie recommendations
Air Date: March 2, 2015
00:03:13: Barney Frank & Regressive Left over-inflating Ayn Rand’s influence on GOP
00:21:30: Why the Collectivistic Left attacks Ayn Rand
00:26:35: Question: Don’t ‘conservatives’ use Ayn Rand to bolster themselves?
00:30:35-00:31:10: Commercial Break
00:31:45: Why Walmart raised its wages contra Paul Krugman
00:56:30: Connection between Principles and Concretes via Economics
1:00:00-1:01:50: Commercial break
1:06:45: Political and Moral Principles: definitions & applications
1:12:05: Question: Scientific principles work, but moral principles cannot because humans and human interactions are too complex.
1:16:00: Principles in action: infrastructure privatization, laws, energy policy, immigration, and negotiations with allies & enemies
1:31:30: Benjamin Netanyahu comes to D.C.
1:41:55: Question: How does one know when an audience is ‘too far gone’ to be reached?
1:50:55: Positive Recommendation
Air Date: March 9, 2015
00:01:30: The Wild, Wild Middle East: A brief breakdown of all the groups & conflicts
00:15:00: Why the Middle East is insane [cut commercial and merge @ 18:51]
00:18:35-00:18:50: Commercial Break
00:18:51: Why the Middle East is insane
00:23:52: Question: Why don’t they [religionists] follow the commandment “thou shalt not kill”?
00:26:28: Question: Why should Americans care about Middle East conflicts?
00:27:45: Question: What does Objectivism have to say about this issue?
00:29:25: Elan Journo Q&A pt. 1: Objectivism & Foreign Policy, War Ethics, and the link b/w faith & force.
00:52:27-00:53:40: Commercial Break
00:54:30: Question: Is it legitimate to target civilians during wartime?
00:55:43: Elan Journo Q&A pt. 2: ISIS vs. Iran, the Apocalypse, and power of ideas
1:10:53: Question: Why do Muslims get ‘Radicalized’?
1:18:13: Twitter accusation: Yaron & Elan are “Racists and Collectivists”
1:22:10: Elan on Netanyahu's speech to Congress
1:28:23: Question: Isn’t USA attacking Iran an initiation of force?
1:31:37-1:32:08: Commercial Break
1:32:53: Question: What could/should the gov’t do to stop citizens from joining ISIS?
1:36:45: Why Yaron dislikes Netanyahu
1:40:55: Positive Recommendations: “Faulty Towers”, “Yes Minister”, “Coupling”
Air Date: March 16, 2015
00:02:13: Vladimir Putin lives, unfortunately.
00:05:00: Iran vs. America: A history
00:20:16-00:21:07: Commercial Break
00:21:40: Question: As an Israeli, who should I vote for?
00:22:43: Iran: Gaining power, negotiation as evil, and what to do about it
00:40:48-00:42:17: Commercial Break
00:42:18: Iran in Argentina: A story of murder, corruption, and intrigue
00:58:30-00:59:36: Commercial Break
1:00:00: Debt: The cause of the Great Recession; Inflation: the ‘Solution’
1:20:30: Question: When calculating inflation, do economists take into account the number of individuals dependent on the ‘value’ of the dollar?
1:24:55: A weak dollar is good, according to Paul Krugman
1:31:05: Uber: A case study of the idiocy of ‘localism’
1:34:10-1:35:17: Commercial Break
1:35:32: The self-driving car: An ethical case study
1:43:17: Escape from the USSR, a dream 25 years in the making
1:47:00: Positive Recommendation Downton Abbey
Air Date: March 23, 2015
00:00:00-00:15:10: Commercial breaks for technical difficulties
00:15:30: A Recipe for Disaster: Negotiating with Iran
00:42:08-00:43:57: commercial break
00:43:57: “Olympic Games”, Nukes, and Iran
00:54:39-00:56:12: Commercial Break
00:56:13-1:00:05: ARI: Events & Purpose
1:00:20: Obama’s True Middle East Strategy
1:18:45-1:20:15: Commercial Break
1:20:15: More Evidence that Obama hates America
1:35:00-1:36:53: Commercial Break
1:37:00: Why individuals fight for ISIS
1:49:02-1:50:16: Commercial Break
1:51:30: Elan’s Positive Recommendation: Amazon Prime
Air Date: March 30, 2015
00:05:20: ObamaCare: A complicated mess
00:11:11-00:12:30: Commercial Break
00:12:30: Ritu on all things health care pt. 1: Key parts of PPACA, how prices are set, market health care rules vs. government health care rules, and pre-existing conditions
00:30:24-00:32:29: Commercial Break
00:34:00: Ritu on all things health care pt. 2: Individual Mandate & Young people, defenders of ACA don’t care about individuals
00:46:53-48:15: Commercial Break
00:49:00: Ritu on all things health care pt. 3: Grubergate, Lying to the American people, Where ObamaCare is taking America
1:00:28-1:02:33: Commercial Break
1:02:35-1:04:25: ARI’s purpose
1:06:00: Iran negotiations, The UN’s concerns about the deal, denial as true evil
1:23:15-1:24:44: Commercial Break
1:26:00: Insanity as usual in the Middle East, bad principles in current foreign policy
1:40:12-1:41:53: Commercial Break
1:42:10: Applying Egoism to Foreign Policy
1:57:53-1:59:05: Commercial break
2:02:37: Elan’s Positive Recommendations: Computers, Internet, and anti-noise headphones
Air Date: April 6, 2015
00:00:55: What happened to South America?
00:23:05-00:25:02: Commercial Break
00:25:03-00:30:10: Yaron gets sick; cute & ugly lizards
00:30:15: Why no one learns that Socialism is doomed to failure
00:34:27-00:36:20: Yaron solves Rio’s poverty problem
00:42:08-00:42:55: Commercial Break
00:43:00: Platonic Philosophy as dooming South America
1:01:42-1:02:55: Commercial Break
1:04:00: Aaron Smith on Selfishness, Benevolence, and Goodwill
1:30:32-1:31:57: Commercial Break
1:32:15: Placing Rational Selfishness in its proper context
1:36:52: CA drought
1:52:30: Positive Recommendation: Documentary on Frank Sinatra,
1. The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else by Hernando de Soto, ISBN 0-465-01614-6
2. Liberation Theology, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_theology
3. Benevolence, Goodwill and the Rationally Selfish Life by Aaron Smith, https://estore.aynrand.org/p/916/benevolence-goodwill-and-the-rationally-selfish-life-mp3-download
4. Sinatra: All or Nothing at All, http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/sinatra-all-or-nothing-at-all
Air Date: April 10, 2015
00:01:30: Ayatollah Khomeini dislikes Iran deal
00:23:55-00:25:37: Commercial Break
00:25:37: How to deal with enemy nations
00:36:35: Question: What can an individual do?
00:41:17-00:42:24: Commercial Break
00:42:25: Don’t be Timid
00:49:05: Anorexic models, another victim of government paternalism
00:57:11: Yaron suggests a ‘weight tax’ to solve obesity & anorexia!!
1:01:30-1:03:11: Commercial Break
1:03:12: Taxation is Theft; Phasing out taxes and massively shrinking government
1:22:01: Question: Which is more important, balancing budget or eliminating spending?
1:25:49-1:27:13: Commercial Break
1:27:14: ARI events, Republican primaries
1:52:05: Positive Recommendations: Brazilian Jazz [Bossa Nova], A Most Violent Year, Travel
Air Date: April 17, 2015
00:01:20: Why Stock Market is down, Law of Supply and Demand in action, and the Fed
00:22:21-00:24:15: Commercial Break
00:24:58: Question: Iran has been at war with USA since 1979, why hasn’t USA taken action against them and will USA take action if/when they get a nuclear bomb?
00:36:00: The Fed is NOT private
00:40:11: Question: Could anything be accomplished by auditing the Fed?
00:44:57-00:46:29:Commercial Break
00:46:50: Collectivism, Nihilism, CA drought, and failing to learn from past mistakes
1:04:50-1:08:30: Commercial Break
1:09:30: No one learns; Greek debt, again
1:15:25: Question: How does India’s situation compare to Greece’s?
1:20:26: Question: In relation to USA, how do other countries compare WRT policies?
1:24:00: Question: What is a rational foreign policy for a country like Austria?
1:28:35-1:30:26: Commercial Break
1:30:27: ARI’s events
1:36:47: Google under assault in Europe
1:47:00: Positive Recommendation: Justified
Air Date: 4/22/2015
00:03:54: Environmentalism history a consistent record of hatred of values
00:05:05: The Arctic Apple, genetic engineered apple
00:09:10: Ubiquity of GMO
00:14:52: GMO labeling laws
00:22:42: Core anti-GMO argument: obey nature or else
00:30:55: Anti-GMO activism as a specie of environmentalism
00:32:53: Gilles-Eric Séralini’s toxicity research
00:37:40: Inflating theoretical dangers with statistical odds
00:39:40: Conflict between environmentalism and human existence
00:42:18: Human-directed GMO as new, immature, and dangerous
00:46:30: Listener call - Eco-modernism's compromised ideals
00:52:47: Ivanpah Solar Power Plant protests
00:58:05: Environmentalism smear of Dr. Willie Soon
01:11:57: Dr. William Briggs on inaccuracy of climate models
01:19:10: Limitations of data and instrumentation for climate modeling
01:27:11: The absurdity of a reductive model of a complex system
01:30:51: Omissions in UN IPCC Executive Summaries
01:33:26: Hindcasting vs Forecasting
01:35:37: Climatology as a nascent science
01:42:40: Sabotaging scientific inquiry with political intimidation
01:45:28: Misdirection by conflicts of interest
01:52:31: Climate science status quo: Assuming what they set out to prove
02:01:44: Closing: Life expectancy quote from Ayn Rand's The Anti-Industrial Revolution
1. Scientists react to republished Séralini GMO maize rat study, https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/06/24/scientists-react-to-republished-seralini-maize-rat-study/
2. Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivanpah_Solar_Power_Facility
3. It's Green Against Green In Mojave Desert Solar Battle, http://e360.yale.edu/features/its_green_against_green_in_mojave_desert_solar_battle
4. Why Models Run Hot: Results from an Irreducibly Simple Climate Model by Christopher Monckton, Willie W.-H. Soon, David R. Legates, William M. Briggs
5. The Anti Industrial Revolution by Ayn Rand
Air Date: April 26, 2015
00:01:40: A false sense of normalcy, Europe on the brink
00:20:12-00:22:06: Commercial Break
00:22:50: How/Why Scandinavia is doing so well?
00:40:18-00:42:53: Commercial Break
00:43:35: ARI Europe: A call to arms
00:59:59-1:02:12: Commercial break
1:02:50: Europe’s Destroyers: Kant, Altruism, Collectivism, and Statism
1:21:21-1:23:51: Commercial Break
1:24:00: WSJ reveals its economic ignorance
1:32:30: African immigrants flee hell and find “Garden of Eden”... in Scandinavia
1:38:30-1:40:37: Commercial Break
1:41:00: Free Trade in the Pacific & One cannot negotiate with evil!
1:51:43: Positive Recommendations: Geranium, European cities & landmarks, museums
Air Date: May 4, 2015
00:04:15: Garland, Charlie Hebdo, and Danish cartoons, what’s the connection and goal?
00:12:30: The West’s disgraceful response, again.
00:21:20: Question: Are the New Atheists ‘good’ on defending free speech?
00:25:13: ‘Islamophobia’ invalidated
00:34:09-00:35:53: Commercial Break
00:38:12: The West on the defensive, a failure to defend free speech; why faith is terrible
1:10:18: Question: What is Onkar’s take on the fact that the Garland cartoon’s winner is an Objectivist?
1:18:05: Question: Isn’t the argument that the West is privileged and ‘a bully’ in ‘picking on’ the underprivileged Middle East a wholly immoral argument from altruism?
1:20:18-1:22:20: Commercial Break
1:24:00: Comedy: Rationalizing away free speech in the press
1:37:55: Altruism corrupting free speech discourse
Air Date: May 11, 2015
00:00:00-00:03:45: Technical difficulties
00:04:40: The Media & the Garland attack: “I support Free Speech, But...”; Intellectuals and US government with blood on their hands
00:27:38-00:29:20: Commercial Break
00:29:52: Question: Is removing the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to somewhere else a good solution to the Israel conflict?
00:33:33: Question: Are there Jews who hate Zionism?
00:37:05: Question: Why did some people support Sony & The Interview but not Garland?
00:43:57: Question: What is the deal with ‘trigger warnings’ on college campuses?
00:44:44: The Real Enemy is...
00:49:27: Question: Are Undercover Boss and Shark Tank ‘good’ representations of business?
00:56:30-00:58:30: Commercial Break
00:59:52: Why Israel is morally good
1:26:27-1:28:07: Commercial Break
1:30:12: Israeli and UK elections: Pollsters get it all wrong
1:37:30: European Union: The good and the bad
1:40:30: Actors and Consequences in/from UK & Israeli elections
1:46:20: Positive Recommendation: Joseph Wright of Durby [18th century]
Air Date: May 18, 2015
00:01:00: Yaron’s favorite question: “What about the poor?”
00:02:50: Altruism is an insane moral code
00:11:14: Why Capitalism and Altruism are incompatible
00:15:15: Altruism is ‘Morality of Death’
00:22:03-00:24:40: Commercial Break
00:25:18: Question: Is prostitution moral [according to Objectivism]?
00:31:43: Altruism on Sex
00:37:00: Question: How to ‘connect’ with Tea party groups?
00:45:27-47:41: Commercial Break
00:48:00: Effective Altruism: Peter Singer in the 21st century
1:00:05: Altruism: Welfare State, ‘Bleeding-heart Libertarians’, and more taxes
1:11:11-1:12:48: Commercial Break
1:13:05: Question: Aren’t others important i.e. isn’t Altruism genetic?
1:25:35: Question: Reciprocal Altruism is the Left’s new tool?
1:34:30: Altruism and Psychology and Business
1:46:26-1:48:11: Commercial Break
1:48:15: Positive Recommendation: Apple Watch
Air Date: May 25, 2015
00:04:26: What is the ‘proper’ attitude towards the American military, past and present?
00:20:05-00:22:26: Commercial Break
00:24:00: Serving in the military: Selfish or Selfless?
00:26:50: Comment: It is difficult to express military service in egoistic terms
00:37:31: Question: Should “W” be brought up on charges for Iraq War?
00:41:49-00:44:02: Commercial Break
00:48:35: War: when, where, why, and how; contrasted with Iraq war
1:06:41: Question: What should the gov’t do about those Americans who join ISIS?
1:09:22-1:11:56: Commercial Break
1:12:35: Question: What can one do about the military academies & universities that teach altruism and Just War theory?
1:17:00: Arguing against both Libertarians and Conservatives on Iraq War & Military
1:20:31: How and why to deal with ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and Iran
1:22:30: The tragic and terrible state of the American military
1:33:30: Afghanistan and Iraq: An Objective Evaluation of these wars
1:38:12-1:40:12: Commercial Break
1:43:22: Question: Obama thanks troops for sacrifice and commented about strategy to ‘degrade and destroy ISIS’, Leonard Piekoff’s call for ‘total war’ against America’s enemies, and the military’s ‘humanitarian’ motivation, both in action and in advertisement.
1:50:45: Question: Isn’t Iran’s increasing influence in Iraq Obama’s fault, not W’s?
1:53:30: Positive Recommendations: Patton, Hangmen also Die, This Land Is Mine, Pimpernel Smith, Bridge in the River Qui, The Great Escape, The Guns of Navarone, Shenandoah, The Train, Spartacus, 12 O’clock high, Glory, Tanks in WWII w/ Brad Pitt
Air Date: May 25, 2015
00:02:57: The Mystery of Capitalism: A brief introduction
00:10:58-00:14:45: Commercial Break
00:14:46: Why, oh Why is the West abandoning Capitalism: A 19th century case study
00:24:52-00:30:42: Commercial Break
00:31:50: Capitalism in Hong Kong: A 21st century case study
00:35:37: An interesting factoid about Asia
00:36:55-40:12: Commercial Break
00:40:45: Ranking Economic Freedom
00:43:16: Government Railroads: Why they are doomed to fail
00:46:57-00:49:08: Commercial Break
00:49:09: Amtrak, regulations, and Congress
00:51:55: J.J. Hill: Capitalism’s Railroad Hero
Air Date: June 1, 2015
00:02:48: The Surveillance State and You
00:12:30: How Surveillance should be done
00:16:35: Refusing to identify the enemy: Its results
00:20:16-00:22:43: Commercial Break
00:23:26: Failing to identify the state of the economy: its results
00:37:38: Question: What is ‘metaphysical stagnation’ within the economy?
00:40:24: Question: Isn’t it okay to be pro-business and be anti-government in business?
00:42:09-00:44:52 Commercial Break
00:45:40: The Left’s constant assault on Wall Street: Everyone’s favorite punching bag
00:59:37-1:02:04: Commercial Break
1:02:05: Peter Schwartz on In Defense of Selfishness pt. 1: Bankers, Genetic Altruism, defining selfishness, individual rights, and where does altruism ultimately lead
1:31:36-1:33:20: Commercial Break
1:33:21: Peter Schwartz on In Defense of Selfishness pt. 2: “The Zombie Order”, the intellectual’s and the politician’s goals in advocating sacrifice, and what one can do to promote ideas of Reason, Individualism, and laissez-faire Capitalism
1:48:33-1:50:18: Commercial Break
1:51:20: Positive Recommendations: Sex, Some Like it Hot, Let’s Make Love, most/all films involving Marilyn Monroe
Air Date: June 1, 2015
00:1:30: Why is the recession recovery so anemic?
00:10:47-15:50: Commercial Break
00:15:51: Question: Shouldn’t everyone buy gold and silver in their portfolio?
00:17:43: Regulation: what their impact is on the economy
00:24:41-00:30:26: Commercial Break
00:31:50: Question: Sen. Sander’s tax plan is higher taxes on Wall Street, so what about the idea of taxing speculation on Wall Street to limit ‘risky’ trading?
00:36:40-00:39:52: Commercial Break
00:39:53: Bankers or Politicians: Who is the real ‘bad guy’?
00:41:29: Question: Isn’t it the corrupt banking industries and politicians who are responsible for economic problems?
00:46:40-00:48:58: Commercial Break
00:48:59: Businessmen, market, and profits, all are not-trusted, why?
00:52:02: A quick example of cronyism
Air Date: June 8, 2015
00:00:46: Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Racism, and Libertarians
00:10:18: Social Justice: What is it and why people advocate it
00:22:57: Question: Don’t SJW’s also discuss things like racism and sexism too?
00:26:03: Where did Social Justice come from?
00:34:20-00:36:03: Commercial Break
00:39:02: Question: Aren’t issues of genetic engineering and drug manufacturing also topics related to Social Justice?
00:46:40: Social Justice Warriors are motivated by...
00:50:00: Political equality or Economic equality
00:52:38-00:53:25: Commercial Break
00:54:10: Equality of opportunity or Equality of Outcome: How to achieve them
00:58:40: Question: As SJW’s expand concepts like ‘rape’ to wider and wider things, what goal do such activities avance/achieve?
1:02:44: Question: How to untangle the concepts of ‘sexualization’ and ‘objectification’ as applied to women according to feminists?
1:08:59-1:10:25: Commercial Break
1:10:26: Effects of Social Justice on life: Title IX, Trigger Warnings, and Free Speech
1:19:33: Social Justice and Emotions: The end game
1:33:33: Positive Recommendation: Sex
Air Date: June 8, 2015
00:03:32: What motivates producers and consumers
00:09:30: Isn’t the greatest ruiner of capitalism a corrupt capitalist?
00:10:58-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:14:44: Peter Schwartz on In Defense of Selfishness; defining ‘selfishness’, examples of selfishness, government paternalism, source of the hostility to selfishness, why people like Social Security.
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:55: Peter Schwartz on In Defense of Selfishness: What Altruism is, Altruism in Business, Businessmen and Altruism, Lobbying and Businessmen.
00:36:58-00:40:07: Commercial Break
00:41:30: Summarizing the argument for Selfishness
00:44:40: Question: Isn’t it true that governmental policies hinder and not help those they purport to help?
00:46:46-00:49:17: Commercial Break
00:49:18: Challenging everything one has been taught
Air Date: June 15, 2015
00:01:20: A new education program in Nevada
00:20:35-00:22:52: commercial Break
00:22:53: Government and Education and poor people
00:26:15: The Beautiful Tree, how private education interacts with poor people
00:28:47: Funding private schools in a free market for education
00:30:20: Question: What about the poor under laissez-faire capitalism?
00:36:47: Recapping education: current vs. ideal
00:40:40-00:43:31: Commercial Break
00:43:45: Evaluating the Nevada education plan
00:44:46: Question: Why do people believe themselves to be ‘dumb’?
00:47:57: More information about Educational Savings Accounts
00:51:05: Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trade, Tariffs, Competition, and the former-economist Krugman
1:01:05-1:02:45: Commercial Break
1:03:37: TPP: the Left is against it and the Right is undecided
1:08:57: Evaluating the TPP
1:11:30: Who is against the TPP
1:19:29-1:21:42: Commercial Break
1:23:49: The Right and the TPP: what’s the deal
1:26:35: China, the TPP, and the international and national politics
1:31:40: A common objection to free trade: what about those individuals who lose their jobs?
1:38:38-1:42:05: Commercial Break
1:43:20: How to evaluate public policy, what’s the principle
1:48:43: Hillary Clinton plays leftist politics
1:51:02: Positive Recommendation: Other People’s Money, Working Girl, Shame
Air Date: June 15, 2015
00:1:00: Everything you wanted to know about TPP and Trade
00:11:00-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:15:20: Question: People need to work, but doesn’t TPP kill jobs?
00:22:44: Trade: Win-Win or Win-Lose?
00:24:55-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:31:00: Whose business is it what an individual buys?
00:32:13: What are Tariffs?
00:35:10: Question: Don’t 3rd world countries also benefit from free trade?
00:36:36-00:39:50: Commercial Break
00:40:18: Question: Isn’t it true that regulations are just back-hand taxes?
00:45:21: Question: Free Trade creates American jobs, not destroys, right?
Air Date: June 22, 2015
00:00:59: The government and raisins
00:04:00: Charleston Shooting: Racism in full Force
00:15:40: Republican struggles: Racism, Religion and the Confederacy
00:20:50-00:23:09: Commercial Break
00:23:10: Forgiveness: What it is and an Egoistic vs. Altruistic approach to it
00:31:52: Question: How does self-forgiveness work?
00:34:34: Question: What relevance does the concept ‘hate’ have to the actual crime?
00:36:33: Question: What about the phrase “Forgive and Forget”?
00:39:00-00:41:24: Commercial Break
00:41:25: Analyzing some quotes on Forgiveness
00:44:00: Question: Is revenge moral?
00:46:52: The Death Penalty
00:50:24: Pope Francis: A Consistent and Christian Pope
00:58:41-1:01:04: Commercial Break
1:01:05: Keith Lockitch on: The Pope and Global Warming
1:18:36-1:21:21: Commercial Break
1:21:30: Keith Lockitch on: GMO’s, Global Warming, Green Energy, and morality
1:42:41-1:44:11: Commercial Break
1:44:15: Positive Recommendations: Ayn Rand on the $10?, Watch Rand’s speeches on YouTube, technology
Air Date: June 22, 2015
00:01:45: What Collectivism is and its various manifestations
00:10:55-00:14:38: Commercial Break
00:16:21: Racism explained
00:22:47: Question: Aren’t the evils of racism exacerbated when Charleston victim’s families call for forgiveness?
00:24:55-00:30:45:Commercial break
00:31:20: Forgiveness & Racism
00:34:33: Racism in America
00:36:53-00:40:08: Commercial Break
00:41:43: The Antidote to Racism is...
00:46:57-00:49:14: Commercial Break
00:49:15: Rejecting Racism at the political level requires...
Air Date: June 29, 2015
00:01:40: Greece, the whole story; pt. 1
00:16:00-00:18:50: Commercial Break
00:19:05: Greece, the whole story; pt. 2
00:32:45: Greece’s impact on everyone else
00:37:53: Joseph Stiglitz, former economist, on Greece
00:45:53: Yaron’s solution for Greece
00:50:20-00:52:29: Commercial Break
00:52:50: Question: Isn’t the Greece situation an example of ‘reap what you sow’?
00:56:34: Steve Simpson on Supreme Court: Housing and ACA
1:15:54: Question: Why do Republican and Democratic Supreme Court nominees still do so bad at their job?
1:19:35: Steve Simpson on Supreme Court: Gay Marriage, underlying ideologies, a new Constitution?, and the erosion of Reason
1:39:20-1:42:09: Commercial Break
1:42:10: Connecting the dots between Greece and the Supreme Court rulings
1:44:14-1:47:55: Yaron’s call to Arms, framing the battle [till 1:49:45 for fundraising pitch]
1:49:45: Positive Recommendations: Inherit the Wind, 12 Angry Men, Judgment at Nuremburg
Air Date: June 29, 2015
00:00:30: Setting up the situation in Chicago
00:03:38: Pension plans, Taxes, and Chicago
00:10:56-00:14:38: Commercial Break
00:15:21: Question: Aren’t Pension plans just a giant government fraud?
00:19:20: The only ‘solution’ is...
00:22:05: Question: How 401k’s work
00:24:55-00:30:46: Commercial Break
00:31:03: Question: Isn’t the pension problem caused by hyperinflation?
00:35:30: The problem with pensions is
00:36:58-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:10: What Yaron would do to fix the pension problem
00:46:58-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:50:00: Applying Free Market Revolution to Chicago and America
00:51:45: One principle
Air Date: July 5, 2015
00:01:15: What OCON is
00:05:30: Supreme Court, ObamaCare, and “Exchanges”
00:19:38-00:21:19: Commercial Break
00:21:00: Peter Schwartz on In Defense of Selfishness: ‘The moral high ground’, defining and concretizing ‘sacrifice’, and evaluating foreign policy
00:36:08: Question: What is ‘pathological altruism’?
00:39:30: Outlining In Defense of Selfishness
00:43:44: Question: What is the difference between In Defense of Selfishness and The Virtue of Selfishness
00:45:15: Spreading the word about Selfishness
00:47:45-00:50:04: Commercial Break
00:50:05: Introducing OCON and Greg Salmeri
00:52:30: Greg Salmeri on: Self-Interest, shaping ‘self’, Meta-selfishness, concretizing selfishness, dealing with ‘conflicts’, and some of the most difficult concepts within Objectivism
1:08:20-1:10:12: Commercial Break
1:10:30: Greg Salmeri on: Social Media, Racism & Confederate Flag, and some recommendations
1:21:26-1:23:49: Commercial Break
1:24:30: Keeping an eye on Greece’s Referendum
1:33:10: Peter LaPort on: LaPort Academy, and Education
1:46:10-1:47:49: Commercial Break
1:48:03: Positive Recommendation: LaPort Academy, 4th of July & Declaration of Independance
Air Date: July 5, 2015
00:03:30: Identifying and explaining the moral principle behind America
00:10:52-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:15:00: Defining and concretizing what a right is
00:24:53-00:30:46: Commercial Break
00:31:27: Contrasting 21st c. America with Dec. of Indp.
00:36:58-00:40:11: Commercial Break
00:41:00: Government’s role in an individual’s life
00:44:30: Why is modern America so far removed from its founding principles
00:46:58-00:49:17: Commercial Break
00:49:30: How to Return America back to and beyond its founding
Air Date: July 12, 2015
00:01:00: Why the pope angers Yaron
00:05:05: Where the Papacy’s authority comes from
00:10:48-00:14:45: Commercial Break
00:16:17: Question: How has language been corrupted by religion?
00:18:40: Morality, the Pope, and You
00:24:52-00:30:44: Commercial break
00:31:07: Question: When the Pope comments on non-Christian topics, doesn’t this still hurt his credibility and ability to ‘combat’ Islam?
00:36:48-00:40:00: Commercial Break
00:40:05: “What about the poor”
00:44:53: Question: Shouldn’t people care about the conditions the poor are in and how to get them out of that situation?
00:46:38-00:49:08: Commercial Break
00:49:09: Solving the ‘poverty’ problem
Air Date: July 19, 2015
00:00:30: Donald Trump leading the polls
00:04:00-00:05:20: Commercial break for technical difficulties
00:05:40: Why Trump is appealing
00:18:24: Contrasting Trump with the field; plus, Religion & GOP
00:28:14-00:31:14: Commercial Break
00:31:15: Salon.com on Ayn Rand
00:39:30: Why the Left thinks they are losing
00:44:17-00:46:54: Commercial Break
00:47:00: Why the Left is winning and why they won’t admit it
00:55:15: America is ready for Socialism, according to Salon.com & Polls
1:19:25-1:21:37: Commercial Break
1:21:38: America, drifting towards the Left
1:28:35: Challenging the Inequality debate Equal Is Unfair
1:39:01-1:42:00: Commercial Break
1:42:00: Question: Why do some corporations cooperate with regimes like Venezuela?
1:46:03: Iran
1:54:18: Positive Recommendation: The Great McGinty
Air Date: July 19, 2015
00:01:50: Chicago public schools vs. Catholic or Charter schools, by the numbers
00:10:57-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:14:44: Double Whammy: Taxes and Catholic tuition
00:19:37: Marva Collins
00:24:57-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:32:35: Question: How would private schools handle students with disabilities?
00:36:57-00:40:30: Commercial Break
00:40:31: Educational savings accounts & free market schooling
00:43:58: Question: Isn’t public education similar to lines @ DMV?
00:46:54-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:16: Why public schooling needs to go
Air Date: July 25, 2015
00:03:39: What Uber is
00:09:00: Uber drivers are NOT employees
00:10:52: Uber, Ebay, and Airbnb, what’s the link?
00:19:20-00:22:07: Commercial Break
00:22:08: Why the Left hates Uber
00:28:30-00:30:10: Bike lanes are terrible
00:30:11: Traffic congestion, Taxis, regulations, and Uber
00:34:38: Clinton, Warren, Krugman, and the Regressives all hate Uber
00:40:52-00:43:05: Commercial Break
00:43:06: The root of the Left’s hatred of Uber
00:56:11: Uber as a test case for resisting Statism
Air Date: July 30, 2015
00:00:55: Youth employment numbers in Chicago
00:02:45: Value of being employed
00:09:11: Identifying barriers to youth employment
00:10:55-00:14:39: Commercial Break
00:16:20: Causes of youth unemployment
00:21:21: Question: Why is it that schools seem to resist kids from working?
00:24:56-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:31:34: Question: Isn’t there NO empirical evidence that minimum wage increase does not increase unemployment?
00:36:54-00:40:08: Commercial Break
00:40:10: Minimum Wage and Inflation
00:41:39: Question: Doesn’t minimum wage cause inflation?
00:45:13: Question: Why does Yaron call pride a virtue?
00:46:49-00:49:16: Commercial Break
00:49:17: Unemployment, immigration, and Free Trade are unrelated
Air Date: August 1, 2015
00:01:00: ECON 101: Minimum Wage, Supply and Demand, Employment statistics
00:11:48: Determining ‘just’ wage for an employee via supply and demand
00:17:47: Exploring the market for wages, supply and demand in action
00:22:07-00:23:54: Commercial Break
00:25:00: A ‘market failure’ for employment
00:40:07-00:42:36: Commercial Break
00:44:42: Question: Why is unemployment highest amongst blacks and Latino/a’s?
00:45:35: Productivity, a Cardinal Virtue on the decline
1:01:51-1:03:53: Commercial Break
1:06:12: Planned Parenthood and Cecile the Lion
1:21:49-1:22:37: Commercial break
1:22:38: Positive Recommendation: Barbarian Invasions
Air Date: August 1, 2015
00:01:00: Unemployment, Minimum Wage, Underemployment, and Licensing laws
00:10:52-0014:43: Commercial Break
00:15:20: More Classified ads than skills to fill them, why?
00:24:56-00:30:47: Commercial Break
00:32:33: Licensing laws
00:36:57-00:40:15: commercial Break
00:40:58: Question: If Yaron was President, would he get rid of minimum wage ASAP?
00:45:30: Expeditors in Chicago
00:46:57-00:49:14: Commercial Break
00:49:30: How to get the economy growing
Air Date: August 8, 2015
00:05:35: 1st Presidential debate was...
00:11:15: Yaron’s 1st Question: “What is your political philosophy?”
00:15:00: Yaron’s 2nd Question: “What are ‘individual rights’ and how does the government protect them, as contrasted with the Left’s presentation of rights?”
00:21:04-00:24:50: Commercial Break
00:25:45: Question: Would President Yaron pardon Edward Snowden?
00:28:50: Question: Who should serve on the Supreme Court?
00:32:34: Question: What about retention elections for Supreme Court Justices?
00:34:52: Question: Would President Yaron grant amnesty to illegal immigrants already in USA?
00:38:55: Question: Attack on Free Speech and Net Neutrality, what to be done about them?
00:46:27: Immigration
00:51:53: Yaron’s 3rd Question: “What role would religion play in gov’t?”
00:54:54: Yaron’s 4th Question: “What is position on Abortion?”
00:56:12: Yaron’s 5th Question: “Gay Marriage?”
00:57:30-1:01:02: Commercial Break
1:03:22: Question: Should there be a separation between state and economics?
1:07:04: Question: What about fractional reserve banking?
1:09:30: Question: Mandatory vaccination & education?
1:15:39: Question: What about State rights?
1:18:48-1:20:52: Commercial Break
1:21:30: Rapid fire questions: Health care, financial crisis & banks, foreign policy principles, Iran deal, ISIS, and Ukraine/NATO
1:26:30: Final Question: “Do you hear ‘God’s voice’?”
Air Date: August 8, 2015
00:01:00: Recapping the 1st GOP Presidential Debate
00:07:58: Question: Wasn’t the 1st ‘debate’ just a bunch of ‘gotcha’ questions?
00:11:00-00:14:39: Commercial Break
00:15:50: the Enlightenment and America
00:20:52: Question: Why was the debate so unprincipled?
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:46: What really needs to be debated is...
00:36:58-00:40:50: Commercial Break
00:41:05: What politicians need to be talking about
00:46:59-00:49:13: Commercial Break
00:49:14: Religion and Politics
Air Date: August 15, 2015
00:01:05: Yaron loves his Apple Watch; the value of technology to human life
00:19:15-00:23:02: commercial break
00:23:10: It is a great time to be alive
00:24:40: Where does technology come from?
00:31:13: Under what condition can human flourishing occur?
00:35:32: Question: Isn’t net neutrality a terrible regulation over the internet?
00:40:01-00:43:32: Commercial Break
00:43:50: Two philosophical limitations to innovation
00:57:10: John Cochrane “The grumpy economist”
00:59:37-1:03:17: commercial break
1:03:20: What regulations do to human life
1:09:33: Regulations and Cronyism
1:20:31-1:23:39: Commercial Break
1:23:40: Positive Recommendation: Classical music; Edvard Greek
Air Date: August 15, 2015
00:04:17: Some guiding principles to the Presidency
00:06:45: respecting individual rights, what it means
00:08:58: Question: Isn’t Bernie Sanders similar to L'Ron Howard?
00:10:53-00:14:41: Commercial Break
00:14:30: Don Watkins on Inequality
00:25:00-00:33:23: Commercial Break & technical difficulties
00:33:57: Don Watkins on the source of egalitarianism
00:36:57-00:40:09: commercial break
00:40:30: Don Watkins on Equal is Unfair
00:46:54-00:49:15: commercial break
00:49:30: Question: The 1950’s was a good time for America, right?
Air Date: August 22, 2015
00:04:40: What’s up with the world economy
00:23:03-00:26:49: Commercial Break
00:28:14: Don Watkins on Equal is Unfair: Answering Bernie, refuting bad economic studies, Sweden, Argument from envy, why ‘rich’ individuals are scared
00:41:00-00:44:31: Commercial Break
00:45:13: Don Watkins on Equal is Unfair: source of Egalitarianism and how to combat it
1:03:41-1:07:20: Commercial Break
1:07:57: Education & Egalitarianism
1:21:58-1:25:01: Commercial Break
1:25:25: Positive recommendation: The Big Country
Air Date: August 22, 2015
00:01:15: Iran, Objectivism, and Foreign Policy
00:04:25: Iran & Syria, a brief history
00:10:58-00:14:50: Commercial Break
00:15:30: Is Iran an enemy of America?
00:24:57-00:30:44: commercial break
00:31:12: Question: Isn’t it true that a deal with a theocracy cannot work?
00:36:54-00:40:09: Commercial break
00:40:10: Can a deal with Iran last/work?
00:42:52: Question: What role does multiculturalism play in international relations?
00:46:54-00:49:14: Commercial Break
00:50:19: What to do about Iran
Air Date: August 29, 2015
00:01:30: Tim Cook gets in trouble
00:11:00: SEC and non-Objective Law
00:20:09-00:23:52: Commercial Break
00:24:24: Question: Net Neutrality
00:26:30: John Cochran “Tyranny of Regulation”, making a political argument
00:34:30: Regulations and Plato and Philosopher-Kings
00:39:28-00:42:38: Commercial Break
00:43:10: Question: Doesn’t every individual bake their own pie?
00:45:25: Metaphors are dangerous
00:47:25: Non-Objective, Tyrannical, and dangerous regulations
00:56:05: Question: Rule of law in China?
1:01:10-1:04:42: Commercial break
1:06:00: Market Turmoil, The Fed, and Regulations
1:14:50: Question: Hong Kong doesn’t have many regulations?
1:17:15: Question: Why not just bribe regulators?
1:21:26-1:25:10: commercial break
1:25:11: Positive Recommendation: Other People’s Money, Executive Suite
Air Date: September 1, 2015
00:02:00: What happened with the stock market via China?
00:08:18: Question: What about the movie Margin Call?
00:10:56-00:14:39: Commercial Break
00:14:40: China tries to fix its problem; America or China, who is a currency manipulator?
00:24:54-00:30:44: commercial break
00:30:45: Evaluating China
00:36:51-00:40:08: Commercial break
00:40:09: China, Tariffs, Hacking, and American foreign policy
00:46:53-00:49:14: Commercial Break
00:49:30: Question: Why is it that Chinese contractors only hire Chinese people?
00:51:47: What the world is missing is...
Air Date: September 5, 2015
00:00:45: Insanity in UCLA’s ‘speech code’
00:03:45: Defining Microaggressions and safe-zones
00:12:30: Presidents of Universities claim words are physical violence
00:20:06-00:23:52: commercial break
00:23:53: Professors afraid of students
00:26:34: Cannot say ‘he’ or ‘she’
00:30:43: Rape Law in Law schools
00:33:28: Question: Is the equating of words and physical force related to second handedness, collectivism, and the primacy of consciousness?
00:40:00-00:43:35: Commercial break
00:44:00: The elevation of feeling above thought
00:49:00: Question: Is it better to be in a society where laws are not respected and law is rotten or where laws are passed and business is done via bribery and black markets?
00:53:35: Institutionalization of Microaggressions and safe-spaces via Subjectivism
1:00:06-1:03:45: commercial Break
1:04:00: Cannot blame the victim, ever
1:07:30: D.O.E. expansion of ‘harassment’; enshrinement of emotions
1:13:45: Where did this ‘Age of Emotion’ come from and how to end it?
1:20:24-1:24:07: commercial break
1:24:08: Positive Recommendation: Between 5 to 7, Shop Around the Corner, all things by Ernst Lubitsch
Air Date: September 12, 2015
00:02:30: Determining what economic growth is
00:05:58: Question: Shouldn’t government spend more to get the economy going again?
00:10:58-00:14:42: commercial break
00:14:43: entrepreneurs, self-interest, and profit
00:15:55: Question: Isn’t the government the only Robber Baron?
00:19:43: Production before consumption
00:21:30: Where entrepreneurs come from
00:24:55-00:30:44: Commercial break
00:31:00: Education & Entrepreneurs
00:36:57-00:40:10: commercial Break
00:40:11: Causes of economic growth
00:43:50: Question: If market is a reflection of reality, then how does independence relate to actions taken in a free market vs. a government market visa-vis second handedness?
00:46:56-00:49:15: commercial break
00:49:16: Causes of economic decline
Air Date: September 12, 2015
00:01:00: 14 years after 9/11
00:05:45: One of the hidden military issues after 9/11 via American Sniper
00:12:00: Just War theory and Lone Survivor
00:16:50: A study of military psyche and Just War theory
00:20:00: Challenging the moral principle behind Iraq & Afghanistan wars
00:26:06-00:26:58: commercial break
00:27:00: Being Objective about any President’s foreign policy
00:35:00: Judging arguments about foreign policy, setting the context
00:40:50: Objectively evaluating Obama’s 3 foreign policy goals
00:42:46: 1) Making Amends to Muslim Community for America’s actions
00:51:19: 2) Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
1:02:53: 3) Iran, reconciliation, and Nukes
1:26:00: Are you smarter than Donald Trump?
Air Date: September 19, 2015
00:01:20: Socialism, UK, and Margaret Thatcher
00:07:54: Challenging Thatcher’s legacy, Jeremy Corbin
00:10:30: Why Bernie is ‘winning’
00:19:38-00:23:23: commercial break
00:24:57: Question: What’s the connection between emotionalism and socialism?
00:28:13: Question: Isn’t socialism’s resurgence due to the distorted capitalism we have now?
00:34:28: Question: How to get to fundamentals between Objectivism and Socialism?
00:39:01-00:42:33: Commercial Break
00:42:50: Philosophical premises of Socialism
00:49:33: Question: What is Yaron’s recommendation for everyone, broadly speaking
00:54:27: Question: What is the link between socialism and pretext?
00:59:14-1:02:19: commercial break
1:03:30: European Immigration crisis and Socialism
1:19:27-1:23:09: Commercial Break
1:23:10: Principles of Immigration
1:29:30: Positive Recommendation: “Don’t give up on your life just because the world sucks”
Air Date: September 26, 2015
00:00:30: Yaron and the Pope, in NYC
00:08:30: The Pope, Capitalism, and Evasion
00:20:23-00:24:05: Commercial Break
00:25:00: The Pope and ‘the Common Good’
00:31:25: Question: Did you know that the Pope wrote on the topic of ‘Social Justice’?
00:36:15: Question: Is there a parallel between the Pope and Soviet dictators?
00:43:00-00:46:06: commercial Break
00:47:17: The Pope’s address to Congress
00:52:25: Question: Is it just to morally assess/condemn one’s friends based upon their reaction to the Pope?
00:56:55: Question: Isn’t ‘Love’ the solution via the Pope’s philosophy?
1:01:00-1:04:35: Commercial break
1:05:15: Religion and Capitalism
1:21:20-1:25:04: commercial break
1:25:05: Positive Recommendation: Opera
Air Date: September 26, 2015
00:04:00: theory and practice of drug pricing
00:10:50-00:14:42: commercial break
00:14:43: The practical benefits of drugs
00:16:30: Plans and theories about drug prices
00:18:40: what it takes to cure a disease
00:21:54: Question: Why is it that drug prices are lower in other countries?
00:24:59-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:32:10: Question: Shouldn’t companies not be allowed to hire immigrants?
00:36:57-00:40:15: commercial Break
00:40:16: Drug companies and finding cures
00:46:58-00:49:13: Commercial break
00:49:14: The practical and moral value of drug companies
Air Date: October 3, 2015
00:04:30: Why Volkswagen cheated; the purpose of Diesel vehicles
00:20:20-00:24:06: Commercial Break
00:24:07: Volkswagen and Government regulations
00:35:32: Free speech and climate-change skeptics
00:42:57-00:47:05: commercial break
00:47:06: STRIVE’s CEO on: definition, goal, and future plans
1:01:13-1:04:16: commercial break
1:05:00: Question: Cuban Embargo and China trade policy, what is the evaluation?
1:10:20: Question: how to untangle cronyism from capitalism?
1:17:15: Question: What about tontine?
1:19:03-1:22:43: Commercial Break
1:22:44: Positive Recommendation: Othello, Leonard Piekoff’s art courses
Air Date: October 10, 2015
00:01:30: Hillary Clinton’s new Wall Street plan
00:11:00: Why people hate finance
00:21:45-00:25:24: commercial break
00:25:52: Question: How to make the moral case for Capitalism
00:32:20: Question: Is there any example of a mixed economy that collapses into tyranny?
00:41:03-00:44:33: Commercial Break
00:44:34: Connecting Wall Street and Main Street
1:03:10-1:06:50: commercial break
1:07:10: Steven Hawkings incites fear about robots and capitalism
1:13:20: Question: Is there a hero in the finance sector?
1:16:50: Question: What about derivatives and credit default swaps?
1:20:50: Question: How does one benefit from reading great literature with bad philosophy?
1:25:49: Positive Recommendation: Borgan
Air Date: October 17, 2015
00:02:17: Why Immigration is such a big issue, both in Society and in Objectivism
00:07:45: The purpose of a border and how to handle immigrants
00:12:30: A ‘right’ to emigrate/immigrate
00:16:07: Screening, a rights violation?
00:19:50: Ideological screening, education, and self-esteem
00:35:45: A civil war on the border, what’s the government’s job
00:38:20: Using Mulligan’s Valley as a model for government
00:40:43-00:44:42: commercial break
00:45:00: Differentiating between a citizen and an immigrant in any society
00:50:45: In a mixed economy, how to approach ‘good’ laws and moving towards laissez-faire
00:54:44: Question: Military equipment for police doesn’t necessarily mean police adopt military mentality?
00:56:10: Question: How does shutting down immigration give government more power?
00:57:57: In a mixed economy, how should a country ‘preserve’ its culture via immigration?
1:00:30: When immigrants come to America they just advocate for socialist policies
1:13:30: Democrats conspiracy to open borders to get more votes
1:17:25: Illegal Immigrants
1:19:52: Muslim immigrants to America
1:25:00: Immigration and crime
1:30:00: Pro-immigration is benevolent
Air Date: October 24, 2015
00:03:00: Sweden, a historical analysis
00:12:22: Sweden, from Capitalist to Socialist
00:21:15-00:25:04: commercial Break
00:25:05: Consequences of Socialism in Sweden
00:34:12: Comparing culture in Sweden and America
00:37:20: How did Capitalism survive for ~100 years in Sweden, given egalitarian culture?
00:41:43-00:45:05: Commercial break
00:45:25: Free Speech in Sweden
00:48:15: Sweden and Multiculturalism
00:52:45: Rape in Sweden
00:53:50: Welfare State and Swedes
00:58:12-1:01:58: Commercial Break
1:02:00: Summarizing Sweden
1:04:28: Question: What about Canada is causing its economy to fail?
1:08:20: Canada: European or American?
1:12:12: Silicon Valley: Entrepreneurship and Energy
1:22:20: Positive recommendation: The Martian
Air Date: October 31, 2015
00:03:00: A rational approach to evaluating candidates, by the issues pt. 1: Government spending, Foreign Policy, individual rights protection, and economic ‘rights’
00:21:26-00:25:16: commercial Break
00:26:12: Evaluating by the issues pt. 2: health care
00:27:52: Question: How would privatizing medical care influence drug prices?
00:28:50: Evaluating by the issues pt. 3: separation of church and state
00:34:32: Question: Concerns about Ben Carson’s religion?
00:44:19-00:47:55: Commercial break
00:48:00: Commenting on the Chat
00:54:05: Question: Isn’t the world manipulated by “intelligence groups”?
00:56:34: Question: Isn’t Donald Trump the ‘worst’ candidate?
1:03:14-1:06:22: commercial break
1:07:09: More on Donald Trump
1:10:00: Evaluating by the issues pt. 4: Free Speech, Supreme Court nominations, and economic freedom
1:16:53: Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand
1:20:16-1:21:55: Commercial break
1:21:56: Recognition before acceptance of Objectivism and Ayn Rand
1:25:29: Positive Recommendation: Flight of the Phoenix (1965)
Air Date: October 31, 2015
00:01:20: Inequality, America’s #1 problem according to Bernie
00:10:58-00:14:43: commercial Break
00:15:00: ‘soak the rich’, by what moral standard?
00:24:58-00:30:46: Commercial Break
00:30:47: Need as the standard
00:36:52-00:40:11: Commercial break
00:40:12: The source of the inequality argument and fighting against it
00:46:55-00:49:17: commercial break
00:49:18: Chicago & ‘soaking the rich’
Air Date: November 7, 2015
00:02:00: Amesh Adalja on: all things vaccines
00:18:50-00:22:38: commercial break
00:23:39: Amesh Adalja on: vaccine policy
00:44:22-00:47:59: Commercial Break
00:48:00: Amesh Adalja’s tips to addressing vaccines, health care, and evaluating medical news
00:54:25-00:58:10: commercial Break
00:58:15: Analyzing the anti-vaccine movement
1:03:00: Supporting the spread of good ideas
1:06:50: Identifying an actual expert
1:12:33-1:15:40: Commercial break
1:15:45: Positive Recommendations: The Value of Believing in Yourself: The Story of Louis Pasteur
Air Date: November 7, 2015
00:01:30: Inequality & Poverty
00:10:55-00:14:42: commercial Break
00:14:43: Why absolute poverty has been eradicated, yet no one knows
00:24:53-00:30:44: commercial break
00:30:45: A Dirty ‘Little’ Secret: Capitalism and Poverty
00:36:52-00:40:17: Commercial Break
00:40:18: Intellectuals and Capitalism
00:46:00-00:49:10: Commercial break
00:49:11: Life doesn’t suck, contra modern intellectuals
Air Date: November 14, 2015
00:00:45: setting the stage with Ritu
00:05:18-00:08:01: commercial Break
00:08:10: Drug Prices on the Rise, why: concretes and principles to drug pricing
00:37:42-00:40:10: commercial break
00:40:11: The Left and Drug Prices and Regulations
1:06:57-1:10:42: Commercial Break
1:10:43: Positive Recommendation: The Holiday Season
Air Date: November 15, 2015
00:00:30: the West’s weakness
00:03:00: Europe’s Welfare and Muslim immigration
00:05:30: non-Assimilation, Muslim crime, and Multiculturalism
00:07:45: European Suicide
00:11:30: Europe’s Radicalization and the EU
Air Date: November 17, 2015
00:01:30: Capitalism, Morality, and Trade
00:10:50-00:14:44: commercial break
00:14:45: Ethical Education
00:24:53-00:30:42: Commercial Break
00:30:43: Big Pharma, Morality, and the Government
00:36:56-00:41:17: Commercial break
00:41:18: Altruism, Microsoft, and Pharma
00:46:58-00:49:11: commercial break
00:49:12: Human Life and Altruism
Air Date: November 21, 2015
00:01:00: Recapping events at Mizzou and Yale
00:05:43: Analyzing what is going on
00:07:05: ‘Safe Spaces’, ‘Microaggressions’, and identifying what Free-Speech is
00:15:51-00:19:41: commercial Break
00:19:42: Racism, discrimination, and oppression on Campus
00:27:30: Differentiating between political and economic power
00:39:34-00:43:10: Commercial Break
00:43:11: Privilege, Parenting, and Education
00:46:30: ‘free’ education
00:54:00: Responses to student ‘activists’ by admin, student body, and intellectuals
00:59:11-1:03:00: Commercial break
1:03:07: Don answers some questions
1:03:30: Question: Connecting Rawls & Rousseau with the current events on campus?
1:07:10: Question: Why is Rand’s Art Philosophy so little mentioned by Objectivists?
1:10:50: Question: Who is most interesting non-Objectivist individual?
1:14:30: Question: Should ARI’s focus be on separation of education and state?
1:16:40: Question: How should one use one’s money given the state of the country?
1:18:30: Question: When does Don think the government will be laissez-faire?
1:19:49-1:22:55: commercial break
1:22:56: Positive Recommendation: Don tells a story
Air Date: November 21, 2015
00:01:30: Living for others and Capitalism
00:10:53-00:14:45: commercial break
00:14:50: Defending Selfishness against emotionalism
00:24:57-00:30:42:Commercial Break
00:30:43: Selfishness, Rationality, and Virtues
00:36:53-00:40:16: Commercial break
00:40:17: Productiveness and Self-Esteem
00:46:55-00:49:10: commercial Break
00:50:00: Lying & Cheating vs. Selfishness
Air Date: November 28, 2015
00:02:33: Reviewing the terrorist attack in Paris and the West’s response to Islamists
00:09:47: Russia, Syria, and Iran: a match made in hell
00:19:50-00:22:00: Technical difficulty
00:22:00: Saudi Arabia’s role with respect to the Islamists
00:36:45: Philosophy’s role in foreign policy
00:48:20: Quoting Bush & Obama
00:56:00: Differentiating America from Islam
1:03:30: Long-term solution to islamists
1:14:25: Positive Recommendations: Patton Shenandoah
1:28:20: Yaron’s closing remarks
Air Date: November 28, 2015
00:01:30: Police shootings and statistics
00:07:45: Question: Don’t these protesters have a right to protest?
00:10:58-00:14:42: commercial break
00:14:43: Why Protesters were on Michigan Ave.
00:19:52: Question: Weren’t the protesters mistaken to target Capitalism?
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:46: Question: Isn’t it true that the merchants on MI ave. had nothing to do with the police?
00:33:40: Question: The protest is, partially, due to the Left flying in paid protesters who hate America?
00:36:54-00:40:11: Commercial break
00:40:12: Question: Doesn’t inequality play a role because the poor aren’t able to advance out of poverty?
00:46:56-00:49:17: commercial Break
00:49:18: Question: How did America come to embrace emotionalism?
Air Date: December 5, 2015
00:01:00: More terrorism, San Bernardino
00:13:43: Question: Is Obama’s ‘plan’ to play friendly and then crush the Islamists?
00:21:55-00:25:42: Commercial Break
00:25:43: Radicalization, ‘Progressivism’, and the Common Cold
00:44:04-00:47:40: commercial break
00:47:41: Question: How does one differentiate between Wahabi Islamists and ‘moderate’ Islamists?
00:54:12: Question: Why not just flatten Saudi Arabia and Iran with bombs without sending in ground troops?
1:00:53-1:04:38: Commercial Break
1:04:39: Question: Isn’t Capitalism great
1:07:07: Mark Zuckerberg's letter to his daughter
1:11:00: A new skyscraper!
1:20:40: Positive Recommendation: Travel and visit art museums
Air Date: December 5, 2015
00:01:30: More on the La’Quon police shooting in the context of government’s role
00:07:20: Question: Isn’t part of the problem that rule of law is breaking down in America?
00:10:55-00:14:41: commercial Break
00:14:42: Consequences of Too much trust in government
00:24:50-00:30:47: Commercial break
00:30:48: Question: How much regulation/oversight does law enforcement have?
00:35:50: Crime rates down in past 20+ years
00:36:57-00:40:09: commercial break
00:40:10: Question: private schools have advantage in ‘rich’ students, public schools have poor students with bad home situations
00:46:53-00:49:18: Commercial Break
00:49:19: Question: Should Police Union be disbanded?
00:50:10: Question: Why didn’t La’Quon drop the knife?
Air Date: December 12, 2015
00:02:50: Morality, Rationality, and the Trader Principle
00:16:30: Justice as a standard for interpersonal interactions
00:19:22: question: should one reject “wishful thinking”?
00:20:42-00:23:50: commercial break
00:23:51: conventional charity
00:34:30: charity & Egoism
00:40:07-00:43:52: Commercial break
00:43:53: Summarizing charity & supporting ARI
00:45:44: The Giving Pledge
00:57:45: Question: Why should I give to charity?
1:02:56-1:06:40: commercial Break
1:06:41: Question: What about the Texas oil tycoon who gave 100k raises to all his employees?
1:12:45: Analyzing Zuckerberg's letter
1:22:50: Positive Recommendation: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Frank Sinatra
Air Date: December 12, 2015
00:02:30: America vs. Radical Islam, what to do
00:07:44: Question: Why can’t the government admit what the problem is?
00:10:57-00:14:42: Commercial Break
00:14:43: Question: Isn’t everything between Iran and America a result of 1953 coup?
00:24:53-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:30:47: Ideological origins of modern Middle East and modern West
00:34:27: Steps to dealing with Islamic terrorism
00:36:54-00:40:11: commercial Break
00:40:12: More steps
00:46:53-00:49:14: Commercial Break
00:49:15: A proper path forward
Air Date: December 19, 2015
00:01:00: This is going to be complicated
00:06:15: A brief history American banks
00:21:40-00:24:45: Commercial Break
00:27:00: The aftermath of 1907, The Fed
00:33:47: Question: Is the term ‘printing money’ a valid term and is that all the Fed does?
00:41:26-00:45:11: commercial break
00:45:12: the Fed’s record: Great Depression, stagflation, SNL crisis, Dot-Com bubble, Housing bubble, Great Recession, and slow economic growth
00:50:18: The Fed: Private, Public, or what
00:53:38: Question: Isn’t the Fed 100% independent from the Government?
00:59:22: Question: Isn’t the Fed keeping interest rates at 0 is good for the economy?
1:02:33-1:06:24: Commercial break
1:06:25: How the Fed does what it does via interest rates
1:25:50: Positive Recommendation: High Noon, My Darling, Clementine, Planesman, Shanesmen, Tin Star, The Unforgiven
Air Date: December 19, 2015
00:01:30: Central planning, immoral and impractical
00:05:54: Question: Aren’t modern Republicans Fabian Socialists?
00:10:57-00:14:40: commercial Break
00:14:41: THE central planner is the Fed
00:20:18: Why Yaron hates the Fed
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:46: Why the Fed matters
00:36:52-00:40:09: commercial break
00:40:10: Alternative to the Fed
00:46:52-00:49:15: Commercial break
00:49:16: Wake Up America!
Air Date: December 26, 2015
00:02:35: Christmas: Christian, Pagan, or commercialized holiday?
00:21:22-00:25:12: commercial break
00:25:13: Origins of Santa Claus
00:30:15: Question: How does a parent deal with Santa w.r.t. their kids?
00:31:38: Question: How could someone hate Santa?
00:40:33: Question: Is it proper to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to others?
00:42:02-00:45:47: Commercial Break
00:45:48: About Hanukkah
00:46:48: Christmas Movies: It Is a Wonderful Life
00:59:49: More Christmas Movies: A Christmas Carol
1:07:03-1:10:39: Commercial break
1:10:40: Yaron’s donation pitch
1:12:55: Rapid Fire Christmas Movies: Jingle All the Way, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually, White Christmas,
1:20:00: Positive Recommendation: Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Shop Around the Corner,
Air Date: December 26, 2015
00:01:00: A Christmas History
00:10:57-00:14:41: commercial Break
00:14:42: Myths and Truths of Christmas
00:24:53-00:30:44: Commercial Break
00:30:45: Tis the season for Trading
00:36:55-00:40:15: Commercial break
00:40:16: A Christmas Carol
00:46:55-00:49:09: commercial break
00:49:10: Tiny Tim, Scrooge, and It’s A Wonderful Life
Air Date: January 2, 2016
00:01:00: Setting the stage, 2015 was rough
00:03:41: Comment: Immigration and resulting economic growth were positives in my area
00:09:40: A big and disturbing trend of 2015: decline of Western Civilization via Free Speech
00:20:26: Theme of 2015: Rise of Emotionalism
00:22:25-00:26:15: commercial break
00:26:16: Causes of 2015’s woes
00:32:32: Rise of ‘local’ terrorism & the West’s response
00:41:28-00:45:02: Commercial Break
00:45:03: Iran deal
00:48:25: World Economy: low growth, Paris deal, trade, and China
00:56:35: Socio-political: Rise of populism, police shootings, Civil Asset Fortifiers, BLM
1:03:05-1:06:09: commercial Break
1:06:10: Positive in 2015: didn’t fall off an economic cliff
1:08:46: Comment: Logical Leap and one-on-one improvement
1:14:14: Comment: Mozart in the Jungle and Man in the High Castle
1:15:07: Positive in 2015: legal same-sex marriage, legal pot, Latin America, decreased violence, drones, Alexa, C-SPIR gene modification, new class of antibiotics, desalination, expanded nuclear power plant in TN, ARI accepts BitCoin, Objectivism went global!
Air Date: January 2, 2016
00:03:20: What Populism is
00:07:45: Question: Isn’t populism another form of tyranny?
00:10:56-00:14:40: Commercial break
00:14:41: Power, emotion, politics, and populism
00:16:45: Question: Isn’t populism another form of pragmatism?
00:18:55: Question: Isn’t Trump’s campaign better because it is nationalistic as compared to everyone else’s?
00:24:56-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:30:46: The problem with populism
00:36:49-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:10: appealing to the positive
00:42:57: Question: Isn’t Trump ignoring real problems in America and attacking a straw man?
00:46:52-00:49:25: commercial break
00:49:26: Why Americans are attracted to Trump
Air Date: January 9, 2016
00:07:00: Silicon Valley by the numbers
00:21:36-00:25:14: commercial break
00:26:00: Question: Why young people are pro-’big’ government?
00:27:50: Why Silicon Valley is anti-GOP
00:36:20: unpacking the package deals within Silicon Valley
00:40:55: Don Watkins on: Inequality, Pull-peddling, elitism, collectivism, and how to better promote Objectivism
1:05:05-1:08:50: Commercial Break
1:08:51: Silicon Valley’s positives
1:12:23: Question: Isn’t a concern is the goal in Silicon Valley is to make life just like college?
1:14:15: Rise of egalitarianism in college and Silicon Valley
1:21:32: Positive Recommendation: Technology and innovation, Silicon Valley on HBO
Air Date: January 9, 2016
00:01:30: Paul Graham's article on inequality
00:10:56-00:14:40: Commercial break
00:14:41: Question: Shouldn’t we be focused more on fighting the powerful rich people and helping the small guy?
00:24:30-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:30:46: changing the mental narrative
00:35:00: Question: Why is it fair for a safety net to exist?
00:36:57-00:40:09: commercial break
00:40:10: Issues in America
00:43:50: Question: Isn’t the most important thing a government can have is a progressive tax?
00:47:00-00:49:30: Commercial Break
00:50:30: Question: What political party would Rand support in 2016?
Air Date: January 16, 2016
00:01:00: Historical hatred against financiers
00:12:30: The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare, and bankers
00:17:30: 16th c. economists finally get finance
00:20:47-00:24:37: commercial Break
00:24:38: the connection between politics and banking
00:39:17-00:42:50: Commercial Break
00:42:51: Question: Why is ARI so great, yet so small?
00:44:57: Question: How much of the source of the hatred for bankers stems from a nihilistic source as compared to a place of ignorance?
00:50:30: Question: Why are Canada and Sweden more Capitalist than America given the American sense of life?
1:05:05: Banking and Finance are complex
1:14:14: Question: Is there a more evil title than ‘hedge-fund manager’?
1:17:31: Question: How is selling-short productive?
1:25:34: Positive Recommendation: The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare, Leonard Peikoff's “8 great plays”, Fragile by Design, Joy
Air Date: January 16, 2016
00:00:30: Iran’s international sanctions are gone, what that means
00:07:10: Question: Aren’t we funding our own demise by helping Iran?
00:10:53-00:14:45: Commercial Break
00:14:46: Evaluating government policy via Reason
00:24:56-00:30:45: commercial break
00:30:06: Sanders & Populism
00:36:57-00:40:11: commercial Break
00:40:12: A conversation with a Bernie supporter
00:46:54-00:49:16: Commercial break
00:49:17: Question: All about ‘frigging’
Air Date: January 23, 2016
00:02:50: Difficulties in living by a philosophy
00:03:33: Treating Objectivism as a hobby vs. a way to benefit one’s life
00:08:18: Alex’s introduction to Objectivism
00:13:58: Using Objectivism as a tool for ‘winning’ arguments
00:18:48: Escaping the ‘straightjacket’ mentality of Objectivism
00:26:50: How philosophy is useful to business
00:33:43: Goal Achievement via Objectivism
00:41:00: Reacting to ‘bad’ philosophical ideas
00:45:20: Judging others via Objectivism
00:50:50: Moral Perfection, is it a standard?
00:57:19: Learning more about Alex Epstein and his work
00:58:19-1:02:08: Commercial Break
1:02:39: Question: From a psychological perspective, what is it like to apply Objectivism to one’s own life?
1:08:22: Question: What is ‘psycho-epistemology’?
1:13:22-1:17:00: commercial break
1:17:01: Don’s motivation towards human excellence
1:21:27: Positive Recommendation: Sara Bareilles
Air Date: January 23, 2016
00:02:30: Don Watkins on ‘Rigging the System’
00:10:57-00:14:43: Commercial break
00:14:44: Don Watkins on beneficiaries of a rigged-system
00:17:45: Don answering why business and government shouldn’t mix
00:22:30: Don on ‘the common good’
00:24:58-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:30:46: Don tackles ‘solutions’ to the rigged-system
00:36:49-00:40:22: Commercial Break
00:40:23: Don on ending cronyism
00:46:55-00:49:13: commercial break
00:49:14: Inequality problems and solutions
Air Date: January 30, 2016
00:00:45: Asian and American Stock markets
00:04:12: Connecting Asia and Iowa
00:06:45: Question: What about organ harvesting in China?
00:11:30: Free Speech in China
00:14:06: Japan
00:17:09: The big problem in Asia
00:21:20-00:24:26: Commercial Break
00:24:27: Japan’s collectivism
00:29:26: How the concept of individualism in a culture grow/thrive
00:36:41: Ultimately the source of individualism is
00:40:50-00:44:35: commercial Break
00:44:36: characteristics of individualism in a country
00:51:47: Question: Did Asian people react positively or negatively to Yaron’s ‘whiteness’?
00:54:00: Yaron’s lecture series in Beijing
1:02:30: Intellectual freedom in China
1:08:00: Altruism: West vs. East
1:10:11: Question: Is Organ harvesting actually happening in China?
1:13:50: Objectivist opportunities within China
1:20:13: “Positive” Recommendation: Mr. Robot
1:28:15: Positive Recommendation: Mozart in the Jungle
Air Date: January 30, 2016
00:01:30: Economic Freedom Index and Chinese Currency manipulation
00:10:57-00:14:44: Commercial Break
00:14:45: price inflation/deflation, xenophobia, and real estate prices
00:24:57-00:30:44: commercial break
00:30:45: setting the proper mindset to engage with Existence
00:36:56-00:40:10: Commercial break
00:40:11: Question: What about Flint, MI crisis?
00:43:49: Economic Freedom Index
00:46:54-00:49:15: commercial Break
00:49:16: Decline of rule of law in America since 2000
Air Date: February 6, 2016
00:01:00: explaining the results of Iowa
00:09:37: Question: Why does Socialism survive?
00:16:50: Question: isn’t Bernie popular because he’s an idealist and an anti-establishment candidate?
00:18:30: Bernie’s appeal summed up
00:30:52-00:33:59: commercial break
00:34:00: the Left’s version of History
00:35:45: Democratic Socialism, history, and a zero-sum economic system
00:48:19: Question: Bernie’s rise is correlated with erosion of American sense of life?
00:54:00: Bernie cashing in on actual problems in America
00:59:05-1:02:49: commercial Break
1:02:50: Summarizing Bernie’s appeal to youngsters
1:10:50: Question: Is China an opportunity for Objectivism?
1:14:50: Question: How to combat Bernie’s education support?
1:17:17: Question: What about Billion?
1:23:05: Positive Recommendation: Billion
Air Date: Feburary 6, 2016
00:01:30: Cronyism, an unholy union of government and business
00:10:57-00:14:39: Commercial break
00:14:40: Microsoft, Anti-Trust, and Cronyism
00:24:56-00:30:45: commercial break
00:30:46: Bailouts, who’s against them?
00:36:50-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:10: Equal is Unfair
00:43:38: Question: Wasn’t TARP unconstitutional and against Capitalism’s principles?
00:46:30-00:49:15: commercial Break
00:49:16: Cronyism is NOT capitalism
Air Date: February 13, 2016
00:01:00: Setting the stage
00:06:18: Trump’s ‘attractiveness’
00:17:18: Trump’s anti-PC mentality
00:19:30: Trump’s speeches on Iranian Nuclear inspections, Libya, and Iraq
00:27:45: Trump’s Emotionalism and Pragmatic nature
00:29:45-00:33:30: commercial break
00:33:30: Trump’s ‘principles’
00:37:40: Trump’s wealth
00:40:50: Question: Doesn’t Trump’s popularity arise from his straightforwardness?
00:42:59: Trump’s deadly flaw
00:46:00: Trump and China and Trade
00:53:47: Question: What is Trump’s position on Eminent Domain?
00:57:14: Trump is a Pragmatist
1:03:53: Trump’s authoritarian and fascist urges
1:10:58: Free Speech, Emotionalism, and Trump
1:15:07-1:18:43: Commercial Break
1:18:44: Summing Up from an Objective perspective
1:24:44: Positive Recommendation: Sicario
Air Date: February 13, 2016
00:01:30: American values
00:06:15: Question: Aren’t the American values being subverted and corrupted?
00:10:57-00:14:44: commercial break
00:14:45: Intellectuals are stealing the American ideal
00:16:14: Question: Isn’t what America is going through just a retreat to rebuild?
00:18:25: Question: Wasn’t the founding of America done by people who recognized the risk of too big a government?
00:22:48: Question: Hasn’t the government been infiltrated by perverse liberals that are distorting the government?
00:24:57-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:30:47: American ideal corrupted
00:36:58-00:40:12: commercial Break
00:40:13: American individualism vs. American politicians
00:46:58-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:16: Decline of American independence
Air Date: February 20, 2016
00:03:48: Question: Are video games a good hobby to have?
00:07:14: Question: Does Yaron think his message is ‘getting through’ to his audiences?
00:14:38: Question: What is the timeframe ARI has to change the culture?
00:20:02: Question: Are SJWs evil or misguided?
00:22:22: Question: How do I get ARI experts to visit my campus?
00:26:12: Question: Should nutrition be a component of Objectivism?
00:31:05: Question: Is ‘gender’ determined by biology or society?
00:33:43: Question: What is Yaron’s opinion about high suicide rate among trans people?
00:35:52: Question: How do people go through life without being exposed or accepting of Objectivism?
00:46:19: Question: What can one do about attacks on Free Speech?
00:47:29: Question: Does rap music have any Objective value/quality to it?
00:49:28: Question: Is it possible to maintain a monopoly by a corporation in a free-market?
00:51:00: Question: How do I be Purposeful according to Objectivism within my life?
00:57:44: Question: What is Yaron’s favorite music and what modern music would Rand like?
1:03:24: Question: How did Yaron meet his wife and how did Yaron raise his kids?
1:06:30: Question: What is the proper relationship between government military and outsourcing to private companies like Blackwater?
1:10:29: Question: Yaron’s thoughts on Apple vs. FBI
1:14:30: Question: Are there any ethical problems with the creation/use of sex robots?
1:15:57: Question: Can one be a consistent Objectivist while still having sex with numerous people?
1:19:57: Question: How does a moral individual survive in a coercive society?
1:26:32: Question: How does one spread Objectivism via the ‘Blockchain’?
1:28:02: Question: Is ARI ever going to have a fiction writing contest?
Air Date: February 20, 2016
00:01:30: Apple vs. US government
00:07:12: Question: Isn’t this case just another form of fascism?
00:10:57-00:14:44: commercial break
00:14:45: Yaron’s events for Equal is Unfair in Chicago area
00:17:46: the context for the Apple case
00:25:00-00:30:44: Commercial Break
00:30:45: Privacy, Power, Politics, and Apple
00:36:57-00:40:10: commercial Break
00:40:11: Question: Isn’t Apple a traitor for not helping the government?
00:47:00-00:49:17: Commercial break
00:49:17: Right to Privacy
Air Date: February 27, 2016
00:01:30: Tara Smith talks about political, moral, and legal philosophies
00:04:28: Tara Smith on different legal philosophies and exemplars of them
00:11:52: Tara Smith discusses Objectivism’ defense of objectivity
00:16:20: Tara Smith on applying objectivity to the law in a legal system
00:22:22: Tara Smith concretizes objectivity as applied to Supreme Court cases
00:31:21: Tara Smith on Antonin Scalia
00:38:24: Tara Smith on a ‘good’ Supreme Court nominee
00:45:46-00:49:36: commercial break
00:50:05: Ted Cruz and religion
1:10:31-1:14:40: Commercial Break
1:14:41: Yaron’s candidacy
1:23:42: Positive Recommendation: A Physician
Air Date: February 27, 2016
00:01:30: challenging the inequality narrative
00:10:52-00:14:43: commercial break
00:14:44: Inequality, good or bad
00:24:58-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:30:47: economic equality vs. political equality
00:36:30-00:40:16: commercial Break
00:40:17: What fairness is
00:46:57-00:49:10: Commercial Break
00:49:11: Real problems in America
Air Date: March 5, 2016
00:01:10: the Election and the American sense of life
00:08:45: the Tea Party, the American Sense of life, and Trump/Sanders
00:26:13-00:29:53: Commercial Break
00:29:54: Who is responsible for America’s decline
00:36:00: Left and Right: Betrayers of America
00:37:48: Faith + Altruism= Emotion
00:45:00: Why RNC hates Trump
00:50:00-00:54:08: commercial break
00:54:09: the Tea Party: too religious, too altruistic, and too anti-intellectual
00:55:05: Question: What about the movie Hadim al Amus? [listen to actually know the title!]
00:57:15: Question: Isn’t Trump succeeding because he doesn’t back down when challenged?
1:04:20: Question: Is there more room for optimism that Yaron presents?
1:10:34: Question: Is bombing the enemy’s family a war crime and should it be done?
1:15:40: Question: How well could a 3rd party candidate do in this election?
1:19:15: Question: What about Muslim immigration and immigration?
1:28:20: Positive Recommendation: Romantic piano concertos by: Brahms, Grieves, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov,
Air Date: March 5, 2016
00:01:30: Free Speech as vehicle for change
00:07:51: Question: Aren’t Americans ‘blessed’ because the Founders did the hard work for us in founding America?
00:10:54-00:14:44: commercial Break
00:14:45: Question: Doesn’t the government determine the truth?
00:22:20: Question: What about a debate at Lelolia university?
00:24:57-00:30:44: Commercial break
00:30:45: Inequality and Free speech
00:33:30: Question: Is buying land and establishing a private country feasible?
00:36:56-00:40:15: commercial break
00:40:16: free speeches’ origin and Donald Trump’s approach to 1st amendment
00:46:59-00:49:30: Commercial Break
00:49:30: Free speech on campuses
Air Date: March 12, 2016
00:01:20: dissecting two arguments made by inequality critics: Luck and Sacrifice
00:08:20: Success as outside one’s control
00:12:15: determining what success is
00:16:44-00:20:36: commercial break
00:20:37: 3 Factors for a successful career
00:35:00: Concretizing Success
00:46:58-00:50:38: Commercial break
00:50:39: Free Will and Success
00:53:20: Keith Lockitch on ARI’s upcoming events
Air Date: March 12, 2016
00:00:30: fewer agriculture and manufacturing jobs, a problem or a blessing
00:10:47-00:14:44: commercial Break
00:14:45: Technology, innovation, and trade are good
00:24:58-00:30:42: Commercial break
00:30:43: Freedom, bad economics, and the Trade deficit
00:36:56-00:40:18: commercial break
00:40:19: Dollars in China, investment in America
00:46:51-00:49:11: Commercial Break
00:49:12: Inverse relationship between US economy and trade deficit
Air Date: March 19, 2016
00:02:49: Trade and the Zika Virus
00:07:48: Objectivism and trade: individualism applied to economics
00:21:57: Question: How to pay off government debt with a budget deficit?
00:24:00: Question: Trump and others have claimed it is not ‘fair’ for America to compete with China, but what about the way China treats its citizens?
00:32:45: Question: What about countries that pay workers less than $1 a day?
00:34:17: Question: What about countries that provide export subsidies?
00:38:56: Question: What about central banks that provide low-interest loans to companies?
00:40:19: Question: Trump wants to selectively penalize companies that outsource jobs, bad?
00:42:57: Question: Doesn’t China manipulate its currency?
00:48:07-00:51:56: commercial break
00:51:57: pre-order Equal is Unfair
00:54:17: Amesh Adalja on all things Zika virus
1:06:55: Zika infections as case for abortion; the arguments against and for abortion
1:15:22-1:19:10: Commercial Break
1:19:11: Upcoming events for Equal is Unfair
1:22:05: Positive Recommendation: Other People’s Money, Labyrinth of Lies, Race
Air Date: March 19, 2016
00:01:30: Origins of American Dream, Inequality, and Yaron’s American dream
00:10:56-00:14:42: commercial Break
00:14:43: The American dream in the current political atmosphere
00:21:05: Question: Aren’t the immigration laws and regulations killing the American dream?
00:24:55-00:30:44: Commercial break
00:30:45: American dream is dying
00:36:56-00:40:12: Commercial Break
00:40:13: Question: Trump doesn’t mind totalitarianism, right?
00:46:59-00:49:15: commercial break
00:49:15: Question: Doesn’t America need to coalesce around Trump to block Clinton?
Air Date: March 26, 2016
00:02:00: The importance of Equal Is Unfair
00:08:15: an individual’s attitude towards terrorism vs. government’s attitude towards terrorism
00:14:47: Question: Isn’t it true that Obama and the Left don’t care about Americans?
00:21:00: Obama’s foreign policy and the philosophy behind it
00:28:56-00:33:06: Commercial break
00:33:07: Don Watkins on Equal Is Unfair, events, promotions, and endgame
1:00:24-1:04:10: commercial Break
1:04:55: Question: With Obama visiting Cuba, won’t that have similar results in Cuba as what happened in China when Nixon visited China?
1:23:59: Positive Recommendation: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [both book and Swedish movie]
Air Date: March 26, 2016
00:00:30: The greatest moral, political, and economic problem is...
00:10:58-00:14:42: commercial break
00:14:43: Question: How can equality be achieved without an agreed upon outcome?
00:19:58: Question: In capitalism, don’t people vote with their feet?
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:46: Question: What do ‘fair’, ‘right’, and ‘equal’ mean?
00:36:57-00:40:13: commercial Break
00:40:14: Defining what rights are
00:41:48: Question: Why isn’t Yaron/Objectivists on TV?
00:46:54-00:49:13: Commercial break
00:49:14: Income Inequality
Air Date: April 2, 2016
00:00:30: Equal is Unfair has been released!
00:11:00: Question: Where does Yaron get his news/sources?
00:14:30: 3 inequality stories
00:34:50: Question: What is Yaron’s favorite curse word?
00:35:58: Question: Has Yaron ever met Krugman and what would he do?
00:36:44: Question: Who’s Yaron’s favorite non-Rand author?
00:37:40: Question: What is the one trait a person must have to be a friend?
00:38:30: Question: What would President Yaron’s military policy be?
00:42:20: Question: What is Yaron’s favorite sport?
00:46:10: Question: What is Yaron’s views on concussions in football?
00:47:30: Question: Does Equal is Unfair delve into Dewey and Progressive education?
00:50:44: Question: Don’t negative interest rates discourage savings and encourage savings?
00:53:15: Question: What should Israel do to combat rising tide of Islamists?
00:58:17: Question: What is an Objectivist approach to investing?
1:02:10: Question: What about the efficient market hypothesis?
1:04:00: Question: Yaron’s upcoming event in Portland at Lewis Clark Law School
1:07:15: Question: What is Objectivist Movement 2.0?
1:14:12: Question: How does Fractional Reserve banking work with property rights?
1:22:15: Positive Recommendation: from The Atlantic: “A Century in the Skies”, Antonin Dvorak
Air Date: April 2, 2016
00:00:30: Equal is Unfair has been published!
00:03:05: ChicagoBusiness.com article on income inequality
00:10:55-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:43: Giving money to Universities
00:17:22: Question: One of the bad things about the Left is that they cloak their actions in virtue?
00:24:56-00:30:44: commercial Break
00:30:45: Inequality and minimum wage
00:36:54-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:10: raising the minimum wage and the economy
00:46:58-00:49:17: commercial break
00:49:18: Challenging Inequality and its ideological roots
Air Date: April 9, 2016
00:02:25: Sterilization and Selfishness
00:12:30: Defending Selfishness
00:19:50: Selfishness and having children or not
00:27:00-00:30:55: commercial break
00:30:56: Selfishness, Benevolence, and Morality
00:38:35: evaluating selfishness and altruism objectively
00:40:00: differentiating between sacrifice and investment
00:44:00-00:47:05: Commercial Break
00:47:05: Environmentalism and Reproducing
00:58:55: Don Watkins weighs in on Selfishness of having children
1:01:15: Don Watkins discusses the connection between environmentalism and inequality
1:19:43-1:23:37: commercial Break
1:23:38: Positive Recommendation: Fracking
Air Date: April 9, 2016
00:00:30: total inequality, a new term in the debate
00:10:55-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:43: unequal is fair
00:24:54-00:30:43: commercial Break
00:30:44: Increasing opportunities for the poor
00:36:57-00:40:19: Commercial Break
00:40:20: Inequality, freedom, and the government
00:46:54-00:49:14: commercial break
00:49:14: Political rights, inequality, and creating opportunities
Air Date: April 16, 2016
00:01:30: Promoting Equal is Unfair
00:03:35: Analyzing the Panama papers
00:06:55: Delving into the facts of wealthy people and taxes
00:24:33: Ripping apart the premises behind wealthy people paying their fair share
00:26:10-00:29:46: Commercial Break
00:29:47: Taxation is Theft meme; a moral analysis of taxation
00:41:30: Rand’s take on government funding
00:45:20: The most outrageous tax is...
00:52:22: The big idea behind taxes is focusing on government’s proper role
00:54:16-00:58:00: commercial break
00:58:01: Don’s recent events for Equal is Unfair
1:02:30: STRIVE club: what it is and some events
1:08:37-1:12:45: Commercial break
1:12:45: Positive Recommendation: Alex Epstein makes moral case to Senate on Fossil fuels
1:15:09: Josh Windham on STRIVE
Air Date: April 16, 2016
00:00:30: Ayn Rand’s political ideas
00:10:56-00:14:41: commercial Break
00:14:42: Rand’s life story
00:24:56-00:30:46: commercial break
00:30:46: Rand living the American Dream; success with The Fountainhead
00:36:55-00:40:18: Commercial break
00:40:19: Rand published Atlas Shrugged and sparks a philosophical revolution
00:46:57-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:15: Key ideas within Objectivism
Air Date: April 23, 2016
00:02:05: Scariest threat to free speech in a long time: Exxonmobil investigation
00:09:55: Fraud and Free Speech: the crucial difference
00:14:05: Sam Kazmin talks about the new Inquisition into CEI
00:29:29-00:33:23: commercial break
00:33:23: Climate Change and Religion
00:44:58: Alex Epstein on government’s role in Free speech and business; setting the proper context for climate change discussion
1:01:35-1:05:20: Commercial Break
1:05:20: Questioning Climate Change, Fraud or Free Speech?
1:15:40: Walter Olson on: legal and intellectual implications of investigation
1:32:10: The need to defend free speech
Air Date: April 23, 2016
00:01:30: Political and economic problems in America and the World
00:10:55-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:42: the world in 1776 vs. world in 2016
00:24:54-00:30:44: commercial Break
00:30:44: Environmentalism, the Founders, and Fossil Fuels
00:36:55-00:40:20: commercial break
00:40:20: Undercutting of Reason and Enshrinement of Faith and Emotions
00:47:00-00:49:11: Commercial Break
00:49:11: Fixing the World
Air Date: April 30, 2016
00:00:30: Recapping Yaron’s S.A. trip
00:07:11: evaluating the state of affairs in Brazil
00:22:15: State of Affairs in Colombia
00:26:31: Question: Part of the problem in America is American’s ignorance about the evils of altruism, collectivism, and statism as compared to places like Africa, E. Europe, etc.
00:32:57-00:36:48: commercial Break
00:36:48: Equal is Unfair; Yaron’s Twitter and Facebook following by country
00:40:00: the Trump phenomena according to David Brooks
00:53:40: Alienated Americans: the epistemological, metaphysical, and psychological roots
1:17:43: Question: Objectivism changed my life
1:25:15: Positive Recommendations: Beethoven, iTunes, The Paradise
Air Date: April 30, 2016
00:00:30: the American dream, collectivism vs. individualism
00:10:56-00:14:44: Commercial break
00:14:44: Emotionalism corrupting American dream
00:23:10: Question: Isn’t the language of the founding documents collectivistic ‘We the People’?
00:24:59-00:30:47: commercial Break
00:30:47: the false alternative: collectivistic ‘we the people’ vs. whim-worshipping individual
00:33:30: Question: Don’t people fear failure and thus accept a safety-net?
00:36:57-00:40:12: Commercial Break
00:40:12: the Constitution and Individualism
00:46:54-00:49:16: commercial break
00:49:16: Change America by Thinking
Air Date: May 7, 2016
00:02:30: Yaron’s appearance on The Rubin Report
00:12:25: Question: How should one think on and evaluate inherited wealth?
00:22:22: Summing up The Rubin Report and Dave’s audience
00:24:07-00:27:58: Commercial break
00:28:45: Question: Aren’t tariffs against China good because they don’t respect property rights?
00:38:45: Economic ignorance in America
00:51:29-00:55:05: commercial Break
00:55:05: Economics is complex
1:09:05: Trumpenomics
1:17:50: Question: Doesn’t the current system negate thinking about economics?
1:19:58: Insurance, Roads, Poor people, and the individual under laissez-faire
1:25:08: Question: Wouldn’t private roads help with traffic?
1:26:27: Question: What is the value of roads given railroads and airplanes?
Air Date: May 7, 2016
00:00:30: The point of Free Speech
00:10:52-00:14:39: commercial Break
00:15:31: Question: Isn’t a big problem with this is that people won’t identify who the enemy is?
00:21:05: A history of cowardice before Islamist threats: 11/4/1979 & Salman Rushdie
00:24:54-00:30:45: Commercial break
00:30:45: the candidate’s views on free speech
00:32:00: Question: Shouldn’t fair trade be important too?
00:36:58-00:40:11: commercial break
00:40:11: Trade and Individual Responsibility and Trump
00:46:56-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:15: Garland, Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Rushdie, and Danish Cartoons; what they represent
Air Date: May 14, 2016
00:04:05: previewing OCON 2016
00:13:37: “elites”: arguments for and against them
00:27:48: figuring out what elites are and the positive and negative connotations of them
00:47:35-00:51:30: commercial break
00:51:30: breaking down the elite package deal
00:59:28: Atlas Shrugged Revolution Dinner event in Chicago
1:01:35: Understanding ‘democratizing’ the Middle East and its effects
1:22:40: Elan’s tentative new book
1:29:30-1:33:09: Commercial Break
1:32:09: Positive Recommendation: A Companion to Ayn Rand
Air Date: May 14, 2016
00:00:30: background on the climate change debate and establishing an orthodoxy
00:10:54-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:42: CEI, Exxon, and the government
00:24:58-00:30:43: commercial Break
00:30:43: Free Speech, Civilization, and the individual
00:36:52-00:40:20: commercial break
00:40:18: IRS investigation and its implications
00:46:58-00:49:13: Commercial Break
00:49:13: America under assault
Air Date: May 21, 2016
00:02:10: How to change the world
00:08:10: Keith Lockitch discusses OAC and its role in changing society
00:31:13: How to advertise and apply for/to OAC
00:32:25-00:36:21: commercial break
00:36:21: terrorism, ‘radicalization’, and how to deal with them
1:02:02-1:05:43: Commercial Break
1:05:43: Living in the Future: the world of 2016 vs. the world of 1916
1:24:02-1:27:48: commercial Break
1:27:48: OCON 2016
1:33:28: Ayn Rand: Philosopher or Propagandist?
1:35:53: Free Speech, what’s the big deal?
1:38:23: A new contest
Air Date: May 21, 2016
00:00:00: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”
00:10:50-00:14:43: Commercial break
00:14:43: What the government should do; America, the land of the free
00:24:55-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:30:45: America and Immigrants: A love story
00:36:58-00:40:19: Commercial Break
00:40:19: the secret to America’s success and ‘the Public Good’
00:46:57-00:49:12: commercial break
00:49:12: challenging the ‘Public Good’
Air Date: May 28, 2016
00:01:30: Steven Kaine’s The Atlantic article on Free Will
00:20:52: Rand’s view on Free Will
00:25:11-00:29:44: Commercial break
00:29:44: Rand’s argument for Free Will
00:44:04: Sam Harris and Free Will contra Rand
00:49:00: Connecting Free Will to Egalitarianism and Inequality
00:55:45-00:59:54: commercial Break
00:59:54: Inequality, Individual Choice, and morality
1:13:35: summarizing the Free Will debate and Objectivist resources about it
1:17:50-1:22:44: commercial break
1:22:44: Why Don loves We the Living
Air Date: May 28, 2016
00:00:30: Collectivism, Authoritarianism, and Ethics
00:10:56-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:14:43: Loving work, being selfish, and achieving human success
00:24:57-00:30:44: commercial Break
00:30:44: Emotions, thinking, and education
00:36:58-00:40:30: Commercial break
00:40:30: Values and Virtues to living life
00:46:55-00:49:11: commercial break
00:49:11: more virtues and values
Air Date: June 4, 2016
00:02:20: Charles Murray, Hayek, and Friedman on Guaranteed Income
00:06:33: Examining the current American welfare state
00:25:25-00:29:45: Commercial Break
00:29:45: Basic Guaranteed Income replaces current welfare system
00:32:37: Question: Does Universal Minimum Income actually replace Welfare system?
00:34:42: Economic arguments for Universal minimum income
00:58:54-1:04:11: Commercial break
1:04:11: Moral arguments for Basic Guaranteed Income
1:13:40: the Argument FOR Basic Guaranteed Income
1:15:25: the Argument AGAINST Basic Guaranteed Income
1:18:38: Yaron’s final take on Basic Guaranteed Income
1:23:05: Positive Recommendation: The Night Manager, Blackadder
Air Date: June 4, 2016
00:00:30: the Intolerant Left on campus
00:10:55-00:14:40: commercial Break
00:15:30: Question: Shouldn’t parents use their financial power to steer their kids away from universities?
00:18:50: Examining when the Left devours its own
00:24:56-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:30:46: promoting Objectivism on Campus
00:34:34: Question: What about K-12 education that is bad and what is the role of parents?
00:36:54-00:40:08: Commercial Break
00:40:08: The message for non-Left students interested in academia
00:43:58: Question: Shouldn’t everyone have empathy for teaching gender to young kids?
00:46:54-00:49:16: commercial break
00:49:16: Some scary statistics
00:50:30: Question: Isn’t teaching little kids about gender child abuse and not the state’s job?
Air Date: June 11, 2016
00:00:30: Who built what: GPS, iPhone, and roads.
00:09:55: the fallacies behind government inventions
00:15:15: 3 areas of government that ‘succeed’ in financing inventions
00:25:45-00:30:35: Commercial Break
00:30:35: government research vs. private research: human genome and music
00:43:10: Question: What about the public works projects done by government like roads?
00:51:00: death of a great hero, Tom Perkins
00:55:39-1:00:10: commercial Break
1:00:10: the greatness and importance of venture capitalists
1:02:00: Question: How would water rights work?
1:05:25: Brexit and the EU: what they are
1:18:44-1:23:00: Commercial break
1:23:00: Positive Recommendation: Tucker, The Train, To Have or Have not, Executive Suite
Air Date: June 11, 2016
00:00:30: Poverty Inc. and the effect of poverty on the receivers of it
00:10:58-00:14:42: commercial break
00:14:42: Charity, poverty, and environmentalism
00:19:14: Question: The government shouldn’t be engaged in charity and foreign aid?
00:24:56-00:30:46: Commercial break
00:30:46: institutionalizing poverty, causes of poverty, and getting out of poverty
00:36:56-00:40:11: commercial Break
00:40:11: freedom and business increase standard of living
00:46:54-00:49:16: Commercial Break
00:49:16: Charity and morality
Air Date: June 18, 2016
00:01:00: Background on Orlando nightclub shooting
00:09:10: the shooter’s life and motivation
00:19:39: Question: While Islam needs to be criticized, doesn’t that need to be done in an intellectual way?
00:27:55-00:31:44: Commercial Break
00:31:44: Remember that all current political candidates are objectively bad
00:38:17: Question: Isn’t all the anti-Trump stuff just a bunch of Rationalizations?
00:46:46-00:47:30: technical difficulty
00:47:30: Why Trump is authoritarian
00:52:16: Question: How is Trump a racist?
00:56:00: Question: What about gun rights, who can buy what and in what situations?
1:08:55-1:12:43: commercial break
1:12:43: Objectivist solutions to domestic terror and gun violence
Air Date: June 18, 2016
00:00:30: the Left, the Right, the Libertarian, and the Objectivist perspective on Orlando
00:10:56-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:42: Evaluating the facts of terrorism and its ideology
00:24:56-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:31:27: Question: Isn’t true that politics rewards failure and violations of rights?
00:34:20: the government’s proper role
00:36:54-00:40:10: commercial break
00:40:10: Crushing the enemy
00:46:57-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:15: the Uniqueness of the Objectivist viewpoint on terrorism
Air Date: June 25, 2016
00:00:30: Brexit, it happened
00:08:30: Yaron’s guilty pleasure via Brexit
00:14:05: Question: Isn’t the Brexit good only for its rebuking of the elites?
00:24:19: Question: Why is the political election in America so covered in the UK?
00:28:43: Question: Shouldn’t we give Brexit 2 cheers, not 1?
00:30:10: the pros for Brexit
00:53:26: the cons against Brexit
1:02:30: Question: Will Brexit trigger a dissolution of the EU?
1:09:53: ARI UK? [A great fundraising pitch by Yaron!!!]
1:13:50: Linking Brexit to more statism
1:14:25: Brexit and Immigration
1:20:26: Question: Does the EU facilitate wealth transfer between the member countries via welfare?
1:23:00: Summarizing Brexit pros and cons
1:25:05: Positive Recommendation: Amtad
Air Date: June 25, 2016
00:00:30: Calling Brexit: the good and the bad
00:10:49-00:14:40: commercial break
00:14:40: EU: good and bad
00:24:52-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:30:45: Brexit humiliates the elites
00:36:58-00:40:09: Commercial break
00:40:43: Question: Why are Free Trade and open borders good?
00:46:58-00:49:15: Commercial Break
00:49:15: a free trade thought experiment
Air Date: July 2, 2016
00:00:30: Live from OCON!
00:03:00: Celebrating 4th of July with Jonathan Hoenig [Yaron tells lots of stories!]
00:31:00: Rand on America and Americanism
00:36:50: Americanism vs. Nationalism
00:54:00: Question: Why does Jonathan unfollow anyone who follows Ann Coulter?
00:59:30: Question: What is the sense of life in Israel and is there an Israeli dream?
1:02:28: Steve Simpson’s new book Defending Free Speech
1:14:28: connecting collectivism to anti-free speech
1:23:55: Positive Recommendation: Daniel Chester French, John Adams miniseries, Hamilton
Air Date: July 2, 2016
00:00:30: American Independence vs. Brexit: the crucial difference
00:10:52-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:14:43: that which made America special
00:24:57-00:30:44: Commercial break
00:30:44: the decline of freedom and liberty in the West
00:36:55-00:40:18: commercial break
00:40:18: Independence, Rights, and Freedom
00:46:56-00:49:11: commercial Break
00:49:11: the American Dream, Immigrants, and Xenophobia
Air Date: July 9, 2016
00:00:30: Dallas police shootings
00:06:35: some crime facts
00:18:02: Question: What about the Minnesota shooting?
00:28:33: Question: What is non-lethal force?
00:33:05: Question: What about the hypothesis that legal abortion decreases crime?
00:39:00: Question: Aren’t most police true professionals?
00:46:45: Racism in America
00:57:10: Question: Affirmative Action in policing is not the case?
1:07:00: Race in America
1:11:44: Question: Police relations with the black community
1:15:15: Race and Racism is uncomfortable to discuss
1:16:45: Question: Isn’t Affirmative Action good?
1:24:30: Positive Recommendations: Free State of Jones
Air Date: July 9, 2016
00:00:30: Race should be irrelevant
00:10:58-00:14:43: Commercial Break
00:14:43: Violent Crime and Policing in America
00:19:30: Question: Why do people choose to ignore Racism in America, past and present?
00:24:57-00:30:45: Commercial break
00:31:10: Question: What about Black Lives Matter?
00:34:23: Question: Isn’t the decrease in murder partially due to increases in medical science?
00:36:56-00:40:15: commercial Break
00:40:15: Question: Isn’t the most dangerous place for a black person to be is a fetus?
00:46:56-00:49:14: commercial break
00:49:14: Question: Shouldn’t abortion be legal with both genetic contributors aware of it?
00:51:40: War on Drugs and Police and the Dallas Police Chief
Air Date: July 16, 2016
00:03:15: terrorism in France, Radicalization in the West, and the West’s failure
00:11:50: Question: When is it proper to not be a student of Objectivism but to be an Objectivist?
00:15:23-00:19:15: commercial Break
00:19:15: Question: Is there any genetic basis for terrorism?
00:25:18: Question: Does Yaron still think America is the best place to live in and which state?
00:34:10: Question: Why is the education so bad amongst the people?
00:39:05: Turkey Coup and Pessimism or Optimism: what’s the objective view of the world?
00:49:49: Question: What about the claims that the Dark Ages are a conspiracy?
00:56:00: Question: Is it possible to get a History of the Middle east by an Objectivist?
00:58:50: Question: Why would military action be effective against Iran?
1:06:45: Israel is not hypocritical by having closed borders
1:10:14: abrupt ending
Air Date: July 16, 2016
00:00:30: Life from FreedomFest!; discussing The Climate Hussle
00:10:56-00:14:43: commercial Break
00:16:00: Question: Is environmentalism similar to religion?
00:24:58-00:30:45: commercial break
00:30:45: clearing up the confusion about global warming
00:37:05-00:40:17: Commercial break
00:40:17: the essential view of environmentalism
00:43:40: Question: Why humans are prone to apocalyptic fears?
00:46:59-00:49:19: Commercial Break
00:49:19: Breaking free of the climate scam
Air Date: July 23, 2016
00:00:50: Trump & Pence, what now
00:07:50: the primary theme of the RNC
00:18:40: Question: Why is Peter Teel supporting Trump?
00:28:21-00:32:10: commercial break
00:32:10: a highlight of the RNC
00:35:53: Question: Since Free Speech is so important, shouldn’t I vote for Trump because Clinton is terrible on this topic?
00:46:18: Question: What about an alternative candidate?
00:55:15: Question: Shouldn’t someone abstain from voting in 2016?
00:59:43: Immigration, Terrorism, the Wall, and the authoritarian Trump
1:15:15: Illegal vs. Legal Immigration; Hysterical vs. Passionate
1:20:00: Positive Recommendation: In the Heat of the Night, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Anything with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn
Air Date: July 23, 2016
00:00:30: the ‘Law and Order’ Candidate
00:10:51-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:42: America is in trouble
00:19:19: Question: Shouldn’t we give a businessman a chance to get America out of debt?
00:24:55-00:30:45: commercial Break
00:31:10: Question: Why shouldn’t Trump re-negotiate trade deals?
00:36:56-00:40:10: Commercial Break
00:40:10: Question: should proper governments be involved in making trade deals?
00:43:25: Question: Doesn’t Trump support the 1st and 2nd amendments?
00:46:55-00:49:16: commercial break
00:49:16: Question: What is the ideal of an individual to promote the best ideas via the professors?
Air Date: July 30, 2016
00:00:30: 13 Hours as representing current political situation
00:05:53: 13 Hours: a summary and dealing with the questions it raises
00:27:25-00:31:16: commercial Break
00:32:00: Question: What about Rand’s article discussing a female president?
00:36:45: Question: How does one get young people excited about Reason?
00:43:00: Question: Is there a difference between ‘big lies’ and ‘small lies’?
00:50:30: analyzing the DNC
1:07:40: Question: Where does the Democrat’s optimism come from?
1:12:20: Question: What would it actually take to bring up treason charges against Bush and Clinton?
1:14:18: some of the similarities between DNC & RNC
1:16:26: the aftermath of Brexit
1:23:30: Appealing to youngsters and Reason and their positive values
Air Date: July 30, 2016
00:00:30: source of America’s prosperity
00:10:52-00:14:40: Commercial Break
00:14:40: Native Americans and Property rights
00:24:56-00:30:45: Commercial break
00:30:45: the case for property rights
00:33:40: Question: Current ‘property rights’ don’t exist
00:36:59-00:40:12: commercial break
00:40:12: Reservations and how to improve them
00:46:58-00:49:20: commercial Break
00:49:20: Poverty in Rio and how to fix it
Air Date: August 6, 2016
00:01:00: the Resurgence of the Left
00:15:50: Venezuela, Sanders, and the Left
00:34:20: Question: Isn’t the mixed economy best?
00:45:30: Why no one learns from the failures of history
1:00:25: Question: What is the standard of value under altruism?
1:04:25: Question: Isn’t force the problem, not altruism?
1:13:20: Question: Why so many young people support Bernie and why Tea Party failed?
1:23:15: Positive Recommendation: the Olympics
Air Date: August 6, 2016
00:00:30: the appeal of altruism and socialism
00:10:55-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:16:40: Question: Why is this country going so far down the drain?
00:18:00: the motivation of the Left’s elites
00:24:57-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:45: Power lust and initiating force
00:32:43: Question: Why do people burn the flag?
00:34:38: Question: Aren’t Marx, Keynes, and Obama all intellectually linked?
00:36:55-00:43:12: commercial Break
00:43:12: FreedomFest!
00:45:13: Question: Aren’t most businesses cronies?
00:46:59-00:49:18: commercial break
00:49:18: the Objectivist perspective on power and power lusters
Air Date: August 13, 2016
00:01:00: What happened in Panama; a leak or something else?
00:17:45: Corruption inherent in politics as exposed by the papers
00:21:07: rich people trying to avoid taxes
00:22:08: Question: Is it ethical for a rich person to go beyond the law to hide their money from taxes?
00:27:24: Question: How does antitrust apply to taxes?
00:37:44: Question: Will there be a sequel to Equal Is Unfair highlighting Panama Papers?
00:40:55: Question: Isn’t Brexit good because EU cannot go after tax dodgers?
00:47:59-00:52:30: commercial Break
00:52:35: Taxes and ethics
1:00:55: Question: In order for someone to get asylum, is it moral to lie to gain asylum?
1:07:23: Summing up the Panama Papers
1:09:00: Question: Is Stiglitz Ellsworth Toohey?
1:11:11: The Olympics, Corruption, and Collectivism
Air Date: August 13, 2016
00:00:30: Olympic athletes are rationally selfish
00:06:45: Question: Are predators selfish according to Objectivism?
00:10:59-00:14:43: Commercial break
00:14:43: Self-Esteem, Selfishness, Cheating, and athletes
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial Break
00:30:45: the philosophical roots of selfishness
00:33:58: Question: What about the poor?
00:37:00-00:40:15: commercial Break
00:40:15: Selfish or Self-destructive
00:42:22: Question: Why is it selfish to care for one’s wife/husband?
00:43:25: Love: selfless or selfish
00:46:56-00:49:15: commercial break
00:49:15: selfishness and value pursuit
Air Date: August 20, 2016
00:00:45: Logistical
00:05:30: Question: How does Yaron write by himself and how does Yaron write with a co-author?
00:09:19: Question: Does Yaron ever talk about Pop music with Don?
00:15:50: Question: What about Alaskan Native Americans?
00:22:55: Question: Is it immoral to use information gotten by violating someone’s rights?
00:27:10: Question: What is a good first Rand book for someone to read?
00:33:50: Question: Does studying philosophy/Objectivism help with mental illness?
00:41:25: Question: Yaron’s advice to other Objectivist podcasters?
00:44:23: Money Changes screenings
00:48:05: Question: What about pricing goods in gold?
00:51:10: Question: What about using gold to measure inflation?
00:59:35: Question: Is ‘youth’ inherently attractive and why?
1:06:21-1:10:32: commercial Break
1:10:32: Money Changes screenings
1:12:05: Question: In an election cycle, how should Objectivists approach discussing the political field in relation to Objectivism?
1:17:20: Analyzing Game of Thrones
1:27:02: Positive Recommendation: The Bureau, The Unforgiven,
Air Date: August 20, 2016
00:00:30: climate trauma and the ethics behind it
00:10:58-00:14:41: Commercial Break
00:14:41: catastrophic climate change hysteria explained
00:19:45: Question: Shouldn’t there be a carbon tax to deal with the long term cost of using carbon fuel?
00:24:58-00:30:45: Commercial break
00:30:45: climate change and having kids
00:33:35: Question: Aren’t catalytic converters good even though they are mandated?
00:36:59-00:40:11: commercial break
00:40:11: the moral standard behind climate change
00:46:58-00:49:16: commercial Break
00:49:16: summarizing the climate change argument
00:51:40: Question: how can art be used to counter the climate change narrative?
Air Date: August 27, 2016
00:00:00: Introduction
00:03:00: Question: How does the Culture get changed?
00:09:18: Question: Are there any bright spots in the Culture?
00:13:28: Question: What’s the deal with all the superheroes in the movies?
00:21:20: Question: Addressing the claim that Founding Fathers had Christian values
00:25:43: Question: In surveys, a growing number are ‘other’ in religious identification, is this good?
00:29:05: Question: Differentiating between atheists and agnostics?
00:31:00: Question: When changing the culture, does one have to address religion and religious leaders?
00:37:18: Question: What are some key battles in the war for Objectivism?
00:42:00: Question: Historically, who are good philosophers?
00:51:05: Question: Did Yaron watch the Atlas Shrugged trilogy?
00:59:40: Question: Why is there such a disregard for Reason in the culture?
1:03:30: Question: Has the culture’s rejection of reason and experts a prime reason for Trump’s ascension?
1:05:11: Question: How did Yaron get into Harry Potter?
1:12:14: Question: Comparing ARI’s positions to the mainstream’s positions on issues
1:20:00: Question: Why is the “Left vs. Right” political spectrum is ineffectual, and who are some ‘good’ individuals in the culture?
1:31:00: Question: What is the best way to live and promote Objectivist ideas in one’s life?
Air Date: August 27, 2016
00:00:30: Inequality via the Olympics
00:10:58-00:14:42: Commercial break
00:14:42: hatred of achievement in the Olympics and in business
00:24:55-00:30:46: Commercial Break
00:30:46: the dark side of the Olympics
00:36:58-00:40:25: commercial Break
00:40:25: corruption, competition, collectivism, and individual in the Olympics
00:46:57-00:49:10: commercial break
00:49:10: the Olympics: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Air Date: September 3, 2016
00:01:30: Introducing Adam Mossoff
00:05:20: Intellectual Property Rights: What they are and how they work
00:14:33: Question: What fact of reality dictates when someone truly owns property?
00:17:38: Question: What is a patent?
00:22:50: Governments don’t grant property, they protect it
00:25:00: Question: How do disputes between similar patents get resolved?
00:27:15: Question: How does one deal with ‘unfair use’ online?
00:30:30: Dealing with China and non-respect for IP
00:40:50: Question: What’s the argument against Boldren?
00:47:20: Question: How to deal with prices of patented products like EpiPen?
00:52:35: Question: What about those people who ‘steal’ cable by capturing the signal?
00:56:08: Question: What about potential property vs. actual property and the government’s force in upholding the actual property?
1:03:30: Question: What is an objective standard and defense for length of patents?
1:08:30-1:12:00: Commercial Break
1:12:00: Positive Recommendation: Atlas Shrugged documentary, The MoneyChangers
Air Date: September 3, 2016
00:00:30: Amesh Adalja discusses Zika
00:10:57-00:14:35: Commercial break
00:14:35: Amesh Adalja on the Zika threat in America and how to fight Zika
00:24:59-00:30:48: commercial break
00:30:48: Amesh Adalja on the current government efforts against Zika
00:36:58-00:40:12: commercial Break
00:40:12: Fighting Zika: a case of Science vs. Emotion
00:46:57-00:49:15: commercial break
00:49:15: Science, Reason, and Human survival
Air Date: September 10, 2016
00:00:45: Remembering 9/11
00:04:44: Elan Journo on: ARI’s work on foreign policy, Islamic Totalitarianism’s ideology, and dealing with the threat of Islamic Authoritarianism
00:22:00-00:26:50: commercial Break
00:26:50: Elan Journo on: benefits of war with Iran and Saudi Arabia
00:34:34: Question: When Hussein was in power, did he keep some radical groups in check?
00:38:59: Question: Why not just destroy Islamic holy sites and why not just subdivide various countries in the middle east?
00:47:44: Question: Aren’t Al-Qaeda and ISIS just criminals and war isn’t necessary?
00:57:18: Question: Why do Libertarians make so many odd cases about this topic, and how does immigration factor into dealing with war in Middle East?
1:07:54: Making the case for Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism and Winning the Unwinnable War
1:09:58-1:13:45: commercial Break
1:13:45: We the Living reading in NYC
1:20:00: Eye in the Sky and American Foreign Policy
Air Date: September 10, 2016
00:00:30: applying principle of individual rights to foreign affairs
00:06:50: Question: Shouldn’t the government be so much cheaper and smaller?
00:10:57-00:11:02: Commercial Break
00:11:02: Trump’s foreign policy
00:12:35: Question: Doesn’t Trump know way more about foreign policy and he’ll lead through power?
00:21:28-00:24:14: Commercial break
00:24:14: Question: Won’t Trump just let the military do its thing in foreign affairs?
00:30:30-00:31:39: commercial break
00:31:39: Trump’s ‘experts’ and ‘principles’
00:34:35: Question: Shouldn’t America be the world’s police person?
00:38:30-00:39:47: commercial Break
00:39:47: the role of America in the world
Air Date: September 17, 2016
00:01:00: Analyzing “the Flight 93 election” article from Claremont.org
00:51:45: Conservatives defending and attacking the article
1:01:37: Rand’s take on the conservatives, from 1967
1:13:05: Question: Isn’t there hope for a 3rd party because the Left only has 50% of the population given all the things the Left controls?
1:16:40: Yaron agrees to run for Governor of CA!!!
1:20:35: Question: Aren’t the Libertarians also split on the issue of immigration?
1:23:10: Question: Is it possible to create an Objectivist island?
1:25:35: Question: Does Trump appeal to an rotten psycho-epistemology?
1:27:40: Question: Isn’t the support for Trump due to anti-Left just thinking by non-essentials?
1:29:15: Yaron’s call to arms [another great donating pitch!]
Air Date: September 24, 2016
00:00:45: Introducing George Selgin
00:03:30: A brief monetary history of America pre 1914
00:09:00: the problems with prohibiting bank branching
00:11:00: consequences of old banks backing funds with government bonds
00:17:30: What free-banking means under a fiat system
00:20:15: Arguments against fractional reserve banking
00:32:25: Why and How the Fed came to be
00:42:00: the things the Fed does
00:48:40: Where the Fed is now, post-2008 recession
00:54:24: Paths forward towards monetary freedom and advice to beginners
1:01:53-1:04:41: Commercial Break
1:04:41: Final Thoughts
1:09:10: Positive Recommendation: Robert Green’s Mastery
Air Date: October 1, 2016
00:01:00: Voting in a laissez-faire society
00:04:30: Voting with an objectively evil candidate running
00:12:17: Voting with an objectively good candidate running
00:17:32: Voting with two evil candidates
00:20:48: Question: Is it an emotional and irrational indulgence to vote for one of the main candidates just because one hates the other so much?
00:30:18: Question: Isn’t voting for Johnson good?
00:47:57: Question: Doesn’t Johnson stand for something much better than either other candidate?
00:57:45: Question: Isn’t Johnson just a waste vote?
1:01:45-1:05:35: commercial break
1:05:35: Principles to vote on
1:14:25: Question: Isn’t there too much anti-Semitism on the Alt-Right and Left?
1:20:50: Question: Does voting in non-American countries matter and why?
1:27:37: Positive Recommendation: Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky Piano Trios
Air Date: October 8, 2016
00:01:00: Yaron’s introduction to Alt-Rightism
00:11:11: Defining the Alt-Right
00:38:00: Who the Alt-Right is
00:44:40: Question: Why is there so much anti-Reason and support in/for Alt-Right?
00:50:40: Why the Alt-Right exists via DIM
1:00:10: Libertarians and the Alt-Right
1:02:00: Question: Doesn’t Objectivism need to denounce Alt-Right, and isn’t Alt-Right anti-capitalist?
1:06:00: Question: A possible link between Objectivism and Alt-Right is their stances on Islam?
1:08:02: Genetic Determinism lending credibility to Racism and Alt-Rightism
1:12:30: Question: Aren’t atheistic and anti-welfare state youths drawn to alt-right?
1:19:05: Question: Is Yaron afraid?
1:29:36: What the rise of the alt-Right says
Air Date: October 8, 2016
00:00:30: Trump’s vulgarity and Clinton’s incompetence
00:10:57-00:12:10: commercial break
00:14:43: Trump as a rebellion against the Left
00:17:13: Question: Isn’t Trump a fraud?
00:22:15-00:24:33: Commercial break
00:24:33: Yaron’s preferred candidate
00:30:51-00:32:05: Commercial Break
00:32:05: Question: Why is it that businesses get so regulated and the candidates are so bad?
00:38:53-00:40:11: commercial Break
00:40:11: Rand represents America and its ideal
Air Date: October 15, 2016
00:00:40: Introducing the show
00:05:08: Yaron’s adventures in Europe [again!]
00:24:54: Yaron’s impressions of Athens
00:29:25: Question: Bad ideas lead to bad outcomes
00:32:50-00:37:33: Commercial break
00:37:33: the fallout from the previous show
00:44:33: the IQ tests
00:48:30: Historical path of Aristotelian ideas
1:05:00: Philosophy in the Middle East
1:12:30: Moral Character, IQ, and Free Will
1:17:56-1:20:00: Commercial break
1:20:00: Positive Recommendation: Fury
Air Date: October 18, 2016
00:03:27: why free speech is under attack
00:11:48: All about Campaign finance laws
00:22:20: 2 rationales for campaign finance laws
00:25:20: A case study for campaign finance laws
00:31:00: the logic of campaign finance laws
00:38:28-00:40:34: commercial break
00:41:52: student reactions/views on free speech
00:48:11: Microaggressions
00:50:50: what FIRE is and what it does
00:56:00: distinguishing between private and public institutions
1:00:17: Some cases of free speech: microaggressions and trigger-warnings
1:12:09: Title IX: what it is and how it is being used
1:19:59-1:23:51: commercial Break
1:24:51: Question: What are libel laws?
1:33:15: Question: Is ‘Hate Speech’ as much an anti-concept as ‘Hate Crimes’?
1:42:00: some announcements
1:45:55: Fighting for Free Speech
Air Date: October 23, 2016
00:02:10: Yaron’s impressions of Europe
00:41:57-00:45:04: Commercial Break
00:45:04: the fundamental challenge facing humanity
1:07:44: Question: How do religious people also advocate for freedom?
1:11:10: Question: How does an Objectivist not be depressed?
1:23:55: Positive Recommendation: Our Kind of Traitor
Air Date: October 25, 2016
00:01:36: Swedish memes on Facebook
00:04:33: Carl Schaumburg discusses Sweden
00:08:00: addressing the current state of affairs in Sweden
00:10:20: Socialism: theory and practice in Sweden and history
00:19:25: Sweden in the 20th century
00:27:25: “Free” Health Care
00:34:34: the ethics of socialism
00:42:10: how Sweden survives with such high taxes
00:48:10: taking care of people before and after the welfare state in Sweden
00:52:33: the ‘popularity’ of the Swedish government
00:56:30: the ‘6’ hour work week in Sweden
1:01:26: J.K. Rowling and Astrid Lindgren: a story of two authors
1:09:42: Social Justice in Sweden
1:10:41-1:14:00: Commercial break
1:15:40: Positive Recommendation: Science and Flowers
Air Date: October 29, 2016
00:01:40: discussing the VP debate
00:04:10: the value of the VP and their debates
00:06:35: Question: what influence do globalism and free trade have on this election?
00:11:55: Question: How to use emotion in the life of an Objectivist, especially in policy talks?
00:18:18: Question: Is it proper for an Objectivist to enter into politics?
00:21:27: Question: What about Paul Ryan and Rand Paul?
00:27:19: Question: What is the role of politics in Objectivism?
00:34:07: Question: How to uphold the Constitution and keep government out of economics?
00:39:25: Question: What about the perversion of the concept of rights?
00:45:56: Question: What is the source of rights and how does the N.A.P. apply?
00:50:12: Question: Is taking heroin a rational value and what’s the government’s role here?
00:53:50: Question: why does the new Left argue against the police yet clamor for more government power?
00:58:10: Question: Why are politicians so corrupt?
1:03:56: Question: What about Sanders’ wife college controversy?
1:06:50: Question: What about free education?
1:18:50: Question: What about the claim that knowledge can only be gained aposteriori?
1:22:29: Question: Why do subjectivists argue for central planners?
1:27:27: Positive Recommendation: Greece
Air Date: October 29, 2016
00:00:30: President Yaron’s governing principle
00:06:15: First Bill: End Cronyism forever
00:10:53-00:13:10: Commercial break
00:13:10: President Yaron’s Big 3 Domestic Bills
00:23:20-00:24:46: Commercial Break
00:24:46: Reforming and eliminating entitlements and the Fed
00:30:54-00:31:16: commercial Break
00:31:16: President Yaron’s Domestic policy
00:37:50-00:39:08: commercial break
00:39:08: President Yaron’s Foreign Policy and Supreme Court nominees
Air Date: November 5, 2016
00:00:45: the election is almost over
00:04:20: Yaron’s recent event at Exeter on Free Speech
00:12:15: Freedom Summit
00:28:30: scary similarities between Left and Right
00:34:43-00:36:47: commercial Break
00:36:47: Question: Don’t H1B visas cause problems too?
00:39:36: Question: After the election, what is the correct way to move forward with policy and discourse?
00:45:40: Question: Is 2016 similar to 1920’s?
00:52:30: Question: How does trade influence the election?
1:00:23: Question: How to contact Yaron for an event?
1:02:15-1:06:05: Commercial Break
1:06:05: Free Will and socio-political topics
1:15:40: Question: Can epistemology be damaged?
1:24:40: Positive Recommendations: Chariots of Fire, Cyrano de Bergerac,
Air Date: November 5, 2016
00:00:30: Freedom Summit, Free Speech, and Immigration
00:11:00-00:12:16: Commercial break
00:12:16: the Fundamental issue to vote on
00:22:22-00:25:17: Commercial Break
00:25:17: Collectivism in the Left and Right
00:29:07: Question: Isn’t Collectivism vs. Individualism an oversimplification?
00:31:34-00:32:49: Commercial break
00:32:49: ideological sources of individualism and collectivism
00:35:45: Question: How can individuals change the direction of the country?
00:39:26-00:40:46: commercial break
00:40:46: Question: Aren’t blacks in Chicago losing jobs due to immigration?
Air Date: November 12, 2016
00:00:45: Using Facebook Live!
00:02:00: General thoughts on Trump’s victory
00:11:38: Concerns about Trump and the electorate
00:16:40: Trump’s campaign rhetoric and supporters vs. reality
00:35:30: Minimizing the damage done to the electorate
00:40:48-00:44:39: Commercial break
00:44:39: Fundamental causes of Trump’s election
1:07:40: What America needs
1:11:48: Question: Why are people not interested in facts and so emotionalistic?
1:14:05: Question: Why do people dislike Silicon Valley?
1:19:26: Question: Isn’t the pro-Trump yet anti-PC approach to him bad?
1:21:58: Question: Is there anything potentially positive in Trump’s election?
Air Date: November 12, 2016
00:00:30: Trump’s victory, protests, and the American electoral system
00:10:55-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Question: What will the market be like under Trump and what will monetary policy be?
00:19:40: Question: Won’t the GOP get blamed for everything regardless of what Trump does?
00:22:30-00:24:43: commercial break
00:24:43: Question: Won’t Trump’s pragmatic approach to evaluating trade deals be good?
00:28:45: Question: It is disturbing that the Right is so enamored with authoritarianism?
00:30:53-00:33:10: Commercial break
00:33:10: Free speech under Trump
00:39:56-00:41:14: Commercial Break
00:41:14: Trump, Free Speech, and Islam
Air Date: November 19, 2016
00:00:45: Some comments on Facebook Live
00:04:25: Addressing the backlash
00:07:15: Characteristics of Alt-Right
00:14:55: Elitist Yaron strikes back!
00:26:59: Question: Why is Yaron not a fan of Trump supporters?
00:28:35: Question: Why does Yaron tolerate the alt-righters in the chat?
00:31:38: Question: What about the WSJ article “You can Love Ayn Rand and God”?
00:33:02: Question: What about Bannon’s comments about disliking Silicon Valley?
00:36:45: Silicon Valley’s value
1:03:14: Some bad things within Objectivism
1:15:50: Silicon Valley’s dislike of Trump & Right
1:17:58: Silicon Valley’s individualism
1:24:30: Positive Recommendation: Silicon Valley, Tucker
Air Date: November 19, 2016
00:00:30: Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon
00:10:58-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Steve Bannon’s economic nationalism and immigration
00:16:38: Question: Trump isn’t against immigration?
00:20:00: Question: Voting for Trump is better than voting for Clinton?
00:22:28-00:24:44: commercial break
00:24:44: Summarizing Bannon
00:28:09: Question: What’s wrong with putting America first?
00:30:51-00:31:39: Commercial break
00:31:39: Question: Isn’t Trump fascist?
00:34:48: Question: How does free trade create American jobs?
00:38:26-00:39:43: Commercial Break
00:39:43: Question: What would an Objectivist president look like?
Air Date: November 26, 2016
00:01:30: Fidel Castro’s death
00:09:30: examining the media’s reaction to Castro’s death
00:22:00: Question: Wasn’t Castro’s existence actually hell?
00:26:20: Mainstream media: its value
00:42:44: Question: Why did certain states vote the way the did?
00:50:38: Nate Silver and illegal immigration
1:02:49: Objectivity on currency manipulation
1:07:21-1:10:25: Commercial break
1:10:25: Responding to “Can You Love God and Ayn Rand” in WSJ
Air Date: November 26, 2016
00:00:30: Evaluating Flynn and McFarland in the Trump Administration
00:10:55-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Mike Pompeii and Nikki Haley
00:15:07: A radical suggestion to drain the swamp
00:22:23-00:24:40: commercial break
00:24:40: Question: What’s wrong with millennials?
00:28:30: solving the foreign policy problems of America and Europe
00:30:49-00:32:05: Commercial break
00:32:05: Question: What about John Allison as treasury secretary?
00:38:53-00:40:15: Commercial Break
00:40:15: a radical American foreign policy
Air Date: December 3, 2016
00:01:40: Arnold Kling discusses Specialization and Trade: A reintroduction to Economics
00:03:40-00:06:43: commercial break
00:06:43: the reason to write Specialization and Trade: A reintroduction to Economics
00:09:15: Proceeding rationally through economics
00:11:45: challenging the MIT approach to economics
00:15:05: Institutions that support/facilitate specialization and trade
00:17:35: Economic metaphors gone awry
00:20:35: Innovation’s role in economic growth
00:22:28: Competition and reputation vs. regulation
00:23:45: Sustainable innovation
00:25:44: market calculations in environmental, medical, and transportation areas
00:34:10: the role of finance in an economy
00:37:30: Financial institutions, booms and busts, and monetary policy
00:42:20: the power of trust in an economy
00:44:28: addressing Canadian and Scottish banking systems
00:48:12: analyzing the financial crisis
00:52:33-00:56:47: Commercial break
00:56:47: Positive Recommendation: Blackwell’s A Companion to Ayn Rand
Air Date: December 3, 2016
00:00:30: the rigged system, Trump, Sanders, Clinton, and pay to play
00:10:53-00:12:12: commercial Break
00:12:12: Causes of cronyism
00:22:23-00:24:42: commercial break
00:24:42: A case study of cronyism
00:30:53-00:32:16: Commercial break
00:32:16: unrigging the system
00:38:51-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:09: putting the government in its proper place
Air Date: December 11, 2016
00:00:45: Yaron’s Europe travels and events
00:36:08-00:40:27: Commercial break
00:40:27: Question: Should ARI operate its own news service like NBC and what’s Yaron’s take on royalty?
00:50:05: Question: Wasn’t America founded on a principle of openness and globalism?
00:53:15: Globalism, One-World, and Free Trade
1:04:00: Americanism
1:08:29-1:12:45: commercial break
1:12:45: Package deals and Cronyism
1:20:17: Combating Fake News
1:28:00: Positive Recommendation: Mars, Pure Genius
Air Date: December 10, 2016
00:00:30: benefits of trade as explained via TV’s
00:10:53-00:12:12: commercial Break
00:12:12: trade, quality of life, and competition
00:22:25-00:24:43: Commercial Break
00:24:43: debunking trade myths
00:30:55-00:32:15: commercial break
00:32:15: the real problems in America
00:38:57-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:09: imports, exports, and politics
Air Date: December 18, 2016
00:04:30: Ayn Rand in the media
00:13:00: Rand’s influence on Trump’s administration
00:24:10: Christian Objectivists
00:26:17-00:30:09: commercial Break
00:30:09: Question: What about a package deal between Objectivism and Trump?
00:32:37: Question: What’s the view on the Atlas Society?
00:36:05: Question: How well do conservatives understand Rand?
00:42:30: Question: What is ARI’s position on Nathaniel Branden?
00:48:00: Rand and Never-Trump
1:06:00-1:10:20: commercial break
1:10:20: Conservative response to Rand
1:21:05: Trump and accidental good things
1:22:49: Russian hacking
Air Date: December 17, 2016
00:00:30: Facts and myths on: Trade, Production, and Service industry
00:10:55-00:12:12: Commercial break
00:12:12: Strengths and weaknesses of American production
00:22:25-00:24:42: commercial break
00:24:42: Why Iphone is made in China
00:30:55-00:32:15: commercial Break
00:32:15: Consequences of protectionist policies
00:38:54-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:09: the complexity of the global trade network
Air Date: December 24, 2016
00:02:40: Dealing with Terrorism
00:13:57: Question: What about ideological screening and Muslim immigration?
00:20:17: Question: Why is Germany so pro-Muslim Immigration?
00:23:20: Question: Why does Yaron like hostile calls/audiences?
00:29:43-00:33:57: Commercial break
00:33:57: Netanyahu reading Nothing Less than Victory
00:37:07: Question: What about some of Trump’s recent appointments?
00:44:53: Yaron’s advice to Trump
1:07:56: Meaning of Christmas
1:19:00: Yaron’s Christmas message
1:19:45: Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 25 Christmas movies
Air Date: December 24, 2016
00:00:30: Commercial Christmas
00:10:56-00:12:12: commercial Break
00:12:12: Trade is Win-Win
00:22:25-00:24:42: Commercial break
00:24:42: Consequences of hating trade
00:30:55-00:32:16: commercial break
00:32:16: Terrorism and its source
00:38:55-00:40:09: Commercial Break
00:40:09: America and Americanism
Air Date: December 24, 2016
00:00:24: Realistic advice for Trump
00:01:34: Drain the Swamp/Ending Cronyism
00:11:58: Tax Reform
00:14:00: Entitlement Reform
00:15:45: Defense
00:17:45: Education
00:19:32: Health Care
Air Date: December 31, 2016
00:05:30: biggest trend in 2016
00:12:18: Free speech on campus
00:17:17: Alienation from mainstream
00:22:20: Question: How to differentiate between Left and Right?
00:24:53: impotence of the West
00:28:23: American foreign policy impotence
00:44:00: European impotence
00:47:42: Question: Aren’t there some good things in 2016 like CRISP?
00:49:50: Question: What would be Yaron’s fake news headline?
00:53:43: Europe’s failures
1:00:47: American cultural bankruptcy
1:10:33: Economic stagnation
1:20:20: American sense of life on the decline
1:29:45: Trump and the American Dream
1:31:18: Positives in 2016
1:38:58: hopes for 2017
Air Date: December 31, 2016
00:00:30: three things to do in 2017
00:10:58-00:12:12: commercial break
00:12:12: Rediscovering America
00:22:25-00:24:45: commercial Break
00:24:45: Living the best life possible
00:30:00-00:32:19: Commercial break
00:32:19: Freedom and Competition
00:38:57-00:40:11: Commercial Break
00:40:11: Moving towards more Freedom
Air Date: January 6, 2017
00:01:18: CA Drought
00:11:52: evaluating Russia
00:26:10: Putin’s record and ambition
00:34:10: Assange and WikiLeaks
00:41:48: Question: Is Putin a danger even though he is not ideologically driven?
00:48:52: Question: Don’t supporters for Putin/Trump reveal their concrete-boundness? 00:55:10-00:59:27: commercial break
00:59:27: a practical and moral defense of trade
1:07:07: Question: Isn’t Trump applying his private business techniques to his politics?
1:10:50: 2 years after Charlie Hebdo attack
1:23:33: Positive Recommendation: Hidden Figures
Air Date: January 6, 2017
00:01:35: setting the stage
00:05:00: Southern Poverty Law Center article on “anti-Muslim extremism”
00:27:20-00:31:12: commercial break
00:31:12: Philosophic detecting within this article
00:38:23: Taking ideas personally: Cuba & East Germany
00:53:08: Taking ideas personally: Poland
1:03:16-1:07:23: Commercial break
1:07:23: Reviewing AynRand Con 2016
1:11:02: Elan’s upcoming book
1:15:30: Positive Recommendation: Paradise
Air Date: January 14, 2017
00:05:25: Objectively Assessing Obama’s Presidency
00:15:34: Question: Wasn’t Obama overtly focused on his ego and legacy?
00:20:27: Obama’s philosophy
00:30:05: Economy under Obama
00:42:11: Health Care under Obama
00:46:57: Question: Isn’t the racism in America partially created and exploited by the Left?
00:58:30: NSA and Obama and Free Speech
1:10:10: Incompetent foreign policy
1:19:30: Question: What are some of the worst things Obama did?
1:27:17: Final analysis, “You didn’t build that”
1:29:40: Positive Recommendation: The Crown
Air Date: January 14, 2017
00:00:30: first steps to repealing Obamacare
00:10:55-00:12:10: Commercial break
00:12:10: the difficulty in repealing Obamacare
00:17:40: Question: Is the Right’s plan to just kill off poor people?
00:22:24-00:24:40: commercial break
00:24:40: Question: Why do needs constitute a claim on others?
00:30:53-00:32:06: commercial Break
00:32:06: Question: Doesn’t government provided free stuff constitute slavery?
00:38:53-00:40:13: Commercial Break
00:40:13: Question: Shouldn’t Republicans leave the ACA alone?
Air Date: January 21, 2016
00:00:40: President Trump
00:05:33: Positive Responses to Trump’s speech
00:09:37: reading Trump’s inaugural speech
00:40:18: Contrasting Trump with Reagan
00:44:03: Trump’s speech: America First
1:06:15: Making sense of Trump’s inaugural speech
1:11:00: Trump’s Day of Patriotism
1:12:38: Trump is officially president
1:14:20: Question: Isn’t spirituality important?
1:17:20: Question: What about women’s rights and the protests?
1:21:40: Positive Recommendation: Fauda
Air Date: January 21, 2017
00:00:30: Trump’s Patriotism
00:07:14: Question: Isn’t Trump the first president in a long time that cares about America?
00:10:55-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Yaron’s Patriotism
00:15:52: Question: Isn’t Trump just advocating for ‘fair trade’?
00:22:30-00:24:46: commercial break
00:24:46: Question: Doesn’t the Constitution draw people to America?
00:28:02: Question: Aren’t the ideas of individualism and freedom key to America?
00:30:58-00:32:10: Commercial break
00:32:10: legal vs. illegal immigration
00:34:20: Question: Isn’t the current patriotism irrational?
00:38:56-00:40:15: Commercial Break
00:40:15: Question: Why is Saudi Arabia an enemy of America?
Air Date: January 29, 2017
00:00:45: the worst part about Trump’s supporters
00:07:16: Breaking down the immigration ban
00:15:30: the 7 countries on the list
00:26:40: dealing with the refugee crisis
00:28:40: Question: Doesn’t the vetting process need to be better?
00:38:07: Question: Why does the government seem afraid of Saudi Arabia?
00:50:05: Question: Is there evidence that Saudi money is radicalizing people?
00:56:42: Question: Is immigration a zero-sum effect on America?
00:59:09: Question: Doesn’t the ban violate individual rights in a horrific manner?
1:02:30: Question: Don’t immigrants only vote Democratic to get more goodies?
1:05:15: Question: Isn’t the ban a stop-gap measure?
1:16:21: Dealing with Islamist menace
Air Date: January 28, 2017
00:00:30: the ban: good, bad, and ugly
00:07:00: Question: Doesn’t Trump have extra info about Saudi Arabia that we don’t have?
00:10:56-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Question: Isn’t this ban a good thing?
00:20:05: Question: Why shouldn’t government screen for ideology?
00:22:29-00:24:45: commercial break
00:24:45: the Wimpy list
00:30:56-00:32:11: Commercial break
00:32:11: Question: Why is the list wimpy?
00:38:59-00:40:16: Commercial Break
00:40:16: Question: Shouldn’t the federal government shrink by 70+%?
Air Date: February 5, 2017
00:02:30: What America is
00:22:36: Understanding Individualism in an ethical and socio-economic-political context
00:31:50: Question: How to return America to its roots?
00:37:35: Question: in the short-term, what can America realistically do about Islamist threat?
00:45:30: Question: What would be a proper path to achieve the ideal in America?
00:48:00: Question: How should the government vet immigrants?
00:49:30: Question: Isn’t Trump’s identification of the enemy as Islamic terror good?
00:54:25: Question: Has Trump’s tariffs and nationalism always been a part of the Left?
1:00:45: Question: What impact would Trump’s policies have on the country?
1:03:55: the importance of trade and the threat of Bannon
1:06:48: evil of economic nationalism
1:14:13: the Court’s role in the ban
1:20:00: Positives that Trump has done
1:26:45: Question: Why is the Left afraid of repealing Dodd-Frank?
Air Date: February 4, 2017
00:00:30: Trump’s Tweets
00:10:57-00:12:09: commercial Break
00:12:09: Question: Isn’t Trump just trying to protect this country?
00:20:10: Question: Didn’t Obama make it easier for Cubans to enter America?
00:22:29-00:24:44: commercial break
00:24:44: Question: Isn’t it important to hold the President to a high standard?
00:30:57-00:32:10: Commercial break
00:32:10: protester’s rights
00:34:30: Question: Isn’t this a scary time in America due to Trump’s fascism?
00:38:55-00:40:15: Commercial Break
00:40:15: rethinking the political spectrum
Air Date: February 11, 2017
00:00:45: When the West’s decline began
00:05:15: Yaron’s interview with Amy Peikoff on Immigration
00:08:12: Question: If immigrants could assimilate in 19th century America, why not now?
00:12:10: Islamic immigration killing Western Civilization?
00:19:12: Weakness within: Berkeley
00:26:53: Question: Does nihilism require intent?
00:28:50: Question: Why does the Left win?
00:31:30: Question: Shouldn’t one care about civilization and oneself?
00:34:13: Question: What is the role of self-esteem in this decline?
00:36:08: Question: Why is Israel ethnocentric?
00:38:38: read OPAR
00:42:00: “The Duel between Plato and Aristotle”
00:50:10: Kant’s Ultimate Victory: Absolute Nihilism
00:54:44: Question: the definition and celebration of success in the West is killing it too?
00:58:22: the defining characteristic of Western civilization
1:02:15: the death of the West caused by...
1:15:28: the fight is about philosophy
1:19:58: Question: Isn’t the Left dangerous because of its attack on free speech?
1:29:55: Positive Recommendation: The Bureau
Air Date: February 11, 2017
00:00:30: Free Speech’s importance
00:08:44: Question: What’s the purpose of Milo and NYT?
00:10:56-00:12:38: commercial Break
00:12:38: Question: Wasn’t the IRS scandal a form of authoritarianism?
00:16:30: the silencing of speakers
00:22:50-00:25:16: commercial break
00:25:16: free speech and toleration in a free society
00:28:37: A hero of free speech: Flemming Rose
00:31:24-00:32:41: Commercial break
00:32:41: Question: Doesn’t President Trump have a right to point out fake news?
00:39:27-00:40:50: Commercial Break
00:40:50: Hate Speech Laws in Europe
Air Date: February 19, 2017
00:06:48: Morality and Selfishness
00:11:00: Objectivist resources for Selfishness and Politics
00:15:30: Requirements of Objectivism
00:16:35: Objectivism and Ethics
00:25:50: Human life guided by human mind
00:31:40: the case for Moral Principles
00:33:45: how to be selfish
00:36:00: the beauty and significance of Rand’s new morality
00:40:00: the benefits of being a selfish individual
00:40:55: Question: How does radical honesty compare with Objectivist honesty?
00:46:00: Question: Does being honest include talking about one’s views at work?
00:53:35: Question: How does an individual integrate the virtues into one’s life?
1:08:20: Bill Gates fears robots
1:19:30: Fallacies regarding selfishness
1:24:09: Question: Why is altruism so common across the world?
1:33:54: pitching a few events
Air Date: February 18, 2017
00:00:30: proper US foreign policy and Israel
00:10:55-00:12:12: commercial break
00:12:12: Who is an ally of America: Israel or Palestine
00:22:50-00:25:39: commercial Break
00:25:39: a brief history of Israel-Palestine conflict
00:31:50-00:34:11: Commercial break
00:34:11: America's dealings with Israel and Palestine since 1967
00:40:50-00:42:04: Commercial Break
00:42:04: what the Palestinians want
Air Date: February 25, 2017
00:02:10: self-interest and organ donation
00:15:50: Question: what about a market for organs?
00:17:00: Milo
00:31:50: Question: Why is Milo important?
00:39:10: Question: Is the reaction to Milo a good thing or a bad thing?
00:45:05: Milo and the Alt-Right
00:47:38: Milo on Abortion
00:52:15: Milo’s troubles
00:53:36: Question: Is Milo a mis-integrated ally or a disintegrated enemy?
1:03:25: Question: Isn’t Milo mean for his fat-shaming?
1:05:48: Question: Can’t a defense of Milo be made?
1:14:40: How America got to where it is
Air Date: February 25, 2017
00:00:30: the moral dilemma Republicans face
00:10:57-00:12:08: commercial Break
00:12:08: Question: Isn’t Trump actually getting stuff done?
00:16:00: a moral alternative to single-payer health care/ObamaCare
00:22:25-00:25:12: commercial break
00:25:12: Question: Is it fair for pre-existing conditions to not be covered under laissez-faire?
00:31:20-00:33:36: Commercial break
00:33:36: setting laissez-faire as the moral and political goal in health-care
00:40:20-00:41:43: Commercial Break
00:41:43: Question: Shouldn’t government pay its debts and shrink?
Air Date: March 5, 2017
00:02:56: Yaron talks to a bunch of high schoolers
00:13:40: Yaron in Bogota
00:31:20: Ideology vs. anti-ideology: Yaron vs. Milo
00:44:18: anti-ideology in youngsters
00:59:20-1:03:37: Commercial break
1:03:37: Question: Is blackmail force?
1:05:34: Question: Why does Milo hate women?
1:19:00: Positive Recommendation: Taboo, Humans
Air Date: March 4, 2017
00:00:30: morality and politics
00:10:55-00:12:12: commercial Break
00:12:12: the morality behind pre-existing conditions and Medicare
00:22:27-00:25:08: commercial break
00:25:08: America’s enamoration with central planning
00:31:20-00:33:39: Commercial break
00:33:39: a spineless foreign policy post-WWII
00:40:30-00:41:33: Commercial Break
00:41:33: free trade, individual responsibility, and morality
Air Date: March 14, 2017
00:03:29: what happened at Middlebury
00:07:44: background on Charles Murray
00:14:11: the Left’s reaction to Middlebury
00:25:45: Intersectionality, religion, and Original Sin
00:29:29: 10 ways to reject white privilege
00:33:25: Racism is collectivism
00:35:37: Intersectionality and White Supremacists
00:42:38: a secular exorcism
00:46:30: a cultural phenomena: rejection of reason
00:49:13 some courses taught at Middlebury
00:58:05: the philosophical endgame
1:09:30: What is the alternative
1:11:33: thinking beyond dualities
1:13:35: Question: When discussing events with others, what should one stick with?
1:17:00: Question: Isn’t Silicon valley awesome?
1:21:55: Question: How to teach people to think?
1:26:17: Question: Why is anti-Semitism on the rise?
1:30:52: Positive Recommendation: Child 44
Air Date: March 14, 2017
00:00:30: the appeal of socialism
00:10:57-00:12:09: commercial Break
00:12:09: Question: Isn’t the difference between capitalism and socialism is in how they are presented to the public?
00:18:48: the embedded socialist ideals in the West
00:22:25-00:25:14: commercial break
00:25:14: Question: Are countries that are more feminine more socialist?
00:31:25-00:33:37: Commercial break
00:33:37: the morality behind socialism
00:40:25-00:41:42: Commercial Break
00:41:42: Question: Isn’t the appeal of socialism a result of Plato’s philosophy?
Air Date: March 18, 2017
00:09:35: Introducing Robots
00:09:35: Question: Isn’t the hysteria surrounding robots partly about laziness?
00:14:40: Question: Will automatization cost programing jobs?
00:19:30: Comment: [Robot phone call!]
00:22:12: Historical facts about automatization
00:30:00: 19th century vs. 21st century debates on automatization
00:43:50: why the arguments against robots will fail
00:56:00: Question: Isn’t the terrible education going to hamper this trend towards robots?
1:08:15: the fallacies against trade and automatization
1:15:15: the moral and cultural failings of current education
1:17:05: Question: Is it moral to be a janitor who is good, but hasn’t thought about being better?
1:19:00: making the moral case for individual responsibility
1:24:35: Summing Up
1:27:16: Positive Recommendation: Humans
1:29:20: Question: Why have robots always been depicted as something to be feared?
Air Date: March 18, 2017
00:00:30: sharing: good or bad
00:10:58-00:12:09: commercial Break
00:12:09: the difficulty of being a consistent rational egoist
00:17:58: paying for other people’s groceries
00:22:23-00:25:14: commercial break
00:25:14: Individual responsibility, sharing, and pursuing one’s own happiness
00:31:27-00:33:39: Commercial break
00:33:39: China’s actual problems
00:40:30-00:41:47: Commercial Break
00:41:47: achieving happiness and success in one’s life
Air Date: March 25, 2017
00:00:45: Introducing the flurry of events
00:10:55: Yaron’s recent debates
00:15:24: ACA repeal crashes and burns
00:25:44: the intent of ACA
00:30:30: Question: Isn’t the reason why the bill was presented in its form is because of Senate reconciliation rules?
00:38:00: the real Art of the Deal
00:39:27: Question: Aren’t the Republicans acting consistently with their morality?
00:49:55: Trump’s reaction to the failure to repeal and replace
00:54:54-00:59:13: commercial Break
00:59:13: Evil
1:08:20: Question: can an individual be evil and not know it?
1:28:04: Question: Is low self-esteem a component of true evil?
Air Date: March 25, 2017
00:00:30: the pathetic GOP
00:10:55-00:12:07: Commercial break
00:12:07: Colossal betrayal
00:15:05: Question: Didn’t Trump fail his supporters?
00:18:54: Question: Didn’t Trump promise universal health-care?
00:22:28-00:25:16: commercial break
00:25:16: American health care system vs. the World
00:31:27-00:33:39: commercial Break
00:33:39: Question: Aren’t laws written by special interests, not congress people?
00:40:28-00:41:48: Commercial Break
00:41:48: getting to a free-market in health care
Air Date: April 1, 2017
00:04:00: What Evil is
00:09:00: Question: How does evil win from evasion?
00:19:30: what the good requires
00:27:17: the causal factor of value creation
00:30:38: Irrationality, Evil, and Blocks
00:35:17-00:39:52: Commercial break
00:39:52: the success of Evil
00:48:05: Question: Wasn’t the evil of 9/11 possible because of the West?
00:53:38: Question: Isn’t evil’s power the ability to appeal to evil in others?
00:58:45: Question: Isn’t there a downside to progress?
1:04:55: Question: Didn’t slavery allow for Ancient Greece to flourish?
1:07:30: the good’s weakness and evil’s strength
1:20:04: two views of principles
1:25:50: Positive Recommendation: This Land is Mine
Air Date: April 1, 2017
00:00:30: The truth, who cares?
00:06:00: Question: How do religion and truth relate?
00:10:55-00:12:09: commercial Break
00:12:09: Historical views on truth
00:16:45: Question: Don’t governments and banks and businesses manipulate truth?
00:22:26-00:24:16: commercial break
00:25:16: defining and explaining Truth
00:30:26-00:32:40: Commercial break
00:32:40: source of values
00:39:31-00:40:46: Commercial Break
00:40:46: Question: Isn’t the fact of the world is round a good example of truth?
00:42:58: Question: Isn’t it not true that one cannot consume before producing?
Air Date: April 9, 2017
00:07:07: Syria: the various factions and geo-political forces in play
00:20:30: history of Syria
00:27:30: the turning point in Islam’s history
00:31:15: role of psychology in a religion’s success
00:34:20: the fallout from Iranian Revolution
00:40:15: Syrian civil war heats up after Arab Spring
00:51:10: Question: Should America be a signatory to arms control treaties?
00:52:16: Question: Wouldn’t a prolonged civil war generate more refugees?
00:53:15: Question: Why would Assad use chemical weapons?
00:56:52: Trump’s response to Syrian chemical weapon attack
1:06:55: Declaring war on totalitarian Islam
1:11:28: Religions of Peace
1:13:13: Question: Was Rand against WWII?
1:17:40: final analysis of Trump’s response
1:19:44: Question: Who exactly is a nihilist?
Air Date: April 8, 2017
00:00:30: priming the pump
00:10:58-00:12:11: commercial Break
00:12:11: economic problems of stimulus; where the money comes from pt. 1
00:22:28-00:24:16: commercial break
00:24:16: source of stimulus money pt. 2: pros and cons
00:30:33-00:32:53: Commercial break
00:32:53: stimulus money source pt. 3: pros and cons
00:39:33-00:40:47: Commercial Break
00:40:47: the one thing the government should do
Air Date: 4/15/2017
00:01:30: Background: Prager University video, If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong
00:09:25: Morality by Religious Dogma - 'God says so'
00:14:16: Morality from authority as a deliberate negation of reason
00:18:08: Subjectivity of God-sourced morality
00:21:25: Story of Abraham, exemplar of religious morality
00:26:58: Story of Job
00:30:22: Listener Call - Why is God's whim more important than individual whims?
00:33:34: Listener Call - Elaboration of Leonard Peikoff's DIM hypothesis
00:45:05: Listener Call - The spiritual framework around the regret, "how can you be happy without God?"
00:50:17: Listener Call - Religion as a form of intimidation
00:52:22: Listener Call - Dennis Prager's and Sam Harris' evasion of Ayn Rand's ideas
01:01:12: Objectivism is not self-evident; even intelligent people misintegrate
01:06:41: Morality by whim is not objective
01:08:00: Religiousness as a pre-philosophical guide to living
01:13:15: The evil of 'Don’t think, just do it' - enjoining man to not think about morality
01:21:10: Reality as the source of objective, scientific morality
01:26:40: Recommended works regarding objective morality
1. If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong from Prager University, https://www.prageru.com/courses/religionphilosophy/if-there-no-god-murder-isnt-wrong
2. Religion and Morality by Onkar Ghate, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK9o-aG5hnQ
3. The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out by Leonard Peikoff, http://www.peikoff.com/books/the-dim-hypothesis/
4. The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand, https://www.aynrand.org/novels/virtue-of-selfishness
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff, https://www.aynrand.org/novels/opar
5. The Objectivist Ethics by Ayn Rand, https://campus.aynrand.org/works/1961/01/01/the-objectivist-ethics/page1
Air Date: April 15, 2017
00:00:30: Trump’s rhetoric on foreign affairs
00:06:09: brief history of America in Korea
00:10:58-00:12:12: commercial Break
00:12:12: America’s self-interest in Korea
00:16:08: Question: Why shouldn’t America bomb N. Korea immediately?
00:19:00: N. Korea’s path to a nuke
00:22:26-00:24:13: commercial break
00:24:13: Question: Isn’t N. Korea a threat because they can give their nuke to Iran?
00:30:23-00:32:34: Commercial break
00:32:34: Question: How to deal with Iran & Saudi Arabia?
00:39:24-00:40:40: Commercial Break
00:40:40: How America should deal with N. Korea
Air Date: April 22, 2017
00:00:45: Earth Day and its significance
00:10:23: Question: Why are humans, especially Objectivists, so doomsday oriented?
00:22:38: America in 1968 vs. America in 2017: a material perspective
00:29:15: America in 1968 vs. America in 2017: an aesthetic perspective
00:32:33: America in 1968 vs. America in 2017: a political perspective
00:35:14: America in 1968 vs. America in 2017: a campus perspective
00:40:19: Question: Is the Objectivist knowledge of the bad morals in society partially driving the doomsday scenario in the Objectivist community?
00:51:40: Concretizing the role of egoism in life
00:57:07: Question: Why do people dislike all the amazing bio-tech innovations?
1:01:30: America in 1968 vs. America in 2017: a non-white/non-male perspective
1:04:18: Question: Is inevitable death of an individual driving fears over Armageddon?
1:08:10: Question: Is Judaism slightly more compatible with Objectivism?
1:12:00: Enlightenment’s impact on the world
1:14:18: integrating all the bad and all the good to evaluate current events
1:18:31: the world in 1968 vs. the world in 2017
1:24:40: Positive Recommendation: Billions, The Expanse
Air Date: April 22, 2017
00:00:30: the premise behind Earth day
00:07:00: Question: What about the 3 R’s?
00:10:58-00:12:09: commercial Break
00:12:09: Science, politics, and reality
00:14:18: Question: What about the externalities of industrialization?
00:22:29-00:24:14: commercial break
00:24:14: Question: Why cannot everyone be conservative, capitalist, and pro-environment?
00:30:24-00:32:39: Commercial break
00:32:39: Don’t the environmentalists want to increase command and control over people?
00:39:26-00:40:44: Commercial Break
00:40:44: separating science from government
Air Date: April 29, 2017
00:00:45: various topics to be covered
00:03:17: Being Objective about evaluating current affairs
00:11:18: Good Fundraising spiel
00:13:30: a proper 1st 100 days
00:26:40: some of Trump’s 1st 100 days highlights
00:34:05: characterizing Trump’s 1st 100 days
00:43:20: Trump’s self-esteem
00:55:53: Trump’s tax plan
00:59:40: more failures from the GOP and Trump
1:00:50: Question: Don’t Objectivists need to focus on living, not complaining?
1:12:56: Pursuing Values
1:15:06: the Pope and Breitbart
1:28:55: Question: Why does the Pope smirk so much?
1:29:56: Question: What about New Zealand’s socialist history?
1:30:48: Positive Recommendation: Merli
Air Date: April 29, 2017
00:00:30: Your life is yours
00:10:56-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Yaron’s intellectual source
00:22:27-00:24:15: commercial break
00:24:15: the point of life is...
00:30:10-00:32:37: Commercial break
00:32:37: a new ethics
00:39:23-00:40:40: Commercial Break
00:40:40: being a rational egoist
Air Date: May 7, 2017
00:04:55: thoughts on Japan
00:19:44: philosophy & religion
00:35:15: Question: Are Buddhism and Objectivism compatible?
00:53:17-00:57:36: Commercial break
00:57:36: ObamaCare Lite
1:04:13: why Capitalism always fails and Socialism always wins
Air Date: May 12, 2017
00:01:28: Thoughts and impressions of China
00:19:15: Yaron meets a Commie at an event focusing on Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
00:21:05: Chinese academics, economics, and philosophy
00:30:20-00:33:00: Commercial Break
00:31:45: Responses to Rand in America vs. Abroad
00:36:34: Contrasting Korea with China
00:41:30: Differences between China and America
Air Date: May 17, 2017
00:02:40: Yaron goes viral
00:12:00: Thoughts on Mongolia
00:30:00: Ayn Rand in Mongolia
00:43:15: China’s totalitarianism
00:48:40-00:53:15: commercial Break
00:53:15: Altruism: what it is, its package deal, and its motivation
1:05:00: Peter Singer
1:10:00: Answering Singer’s dilemma
1:12:56: Guilt and its socio-political-economic implications
1:20:09: Question: Isn’t Twain a good source to learn about altruism and dont regulations help markets?
Air Date: 5/20/2017
00:00:55: Yaron Brook's "Capitalism Cures Poverty" video goes viral
00:03:12: Hong Kong’s beauty, wealth and success story
00:07:57: Promoting capitalism by re-using Yaron Brook's videos
00:16:06: Source of Hong Kong's egalitarian pressure
00:19:11: "Privileged" - Censoring wealth as an effect of aristocracy or cronyism
00:26:42: Living up to one's wealth
00:30:53: Inequality as a moral agenda
00:32:30: Insight: Ayn Rand's underappreciated psychological aptitude
00:32;30: Recommendation: Rand's essay, Altruism as Appeasement (see notes below)
00:43:27: Altruism's psychological effect
00:46:15: Hong Kong as Asia's America
00:53:49: Bringing Ayn Rand Institute to Hong Kong
00:58:13: Donald Trump as an irresistible psychological specimen for Ayn Rand
01:01:56: Trump Administration’s continuing media dramas
01:03:58: Trump according to Trump's actions
01:08:40: The Presidential Office run by a CEO
01:12:52: Kansas’ Brownback tax cuts
01:22:20: Trump's meeting with President Erdogan
01:23:33: Teaser about new show formats and network changes, starting in mid-June
01:25:58: Promotion: Learn new stuff! New online courses on the ARI Campus web site
1. Capitalism Cures Poverty, https://www.facebook.com/turningpointusa/videos/1302940456421334/
2. Altruism as Appeasement, essay from The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought, http://aynrandlexicon.com/ayn-rand-works/the-voice-of-reason.html
3. ARI Campus course list, https://campus.aynrand.org/campus-courses
Air Date: May 29, 2017
00:06:10: 100 years of increasing statism in USA & Europe
00:09:00: Empirical benefits of free-markets from 1776-1914
00:13:40: Why does Capitalism always get blamed?
00:16:00: The reason is...self-interest!
00:21:00: But self-interest is bad!
00:21:58: Trade is Win-Win
00:22:35: What is a Sacrifice?
00:23:00: Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Moral credit
00:27:20: Giving as Good, Producing as Bad
00:28:51: Socialism/Statism is the System for Selflessness
00:29:40: ‘Their’ definition of selfishness, and its paragon, Bernie Madoff
00:31:02: Why lying is self-destructive NOT self-interested
00:32:20: The biggest con in human history
00:32:57: What regulations are and their ‘successful’ American history
00:36:14: Entitlement state and the enshrinement of need
00:37:19: People DON’T vote their economic interest
00:38:30: Businessmen are immoral, Mother Teresa is moral ideal
00:39:11: What is guilt and its role in history
00:41:18: Ayn Rand’s Rejection of Sacrifice and her new ethics
00:44:10: Human values come from Reason
00:46:35: The connection between Rationality, Selfishness, and Capitalism
00:48:53: Why Capitalism is losing when it should be winning and how to make it win
00:52:36: The Founding of America and what inalienable rights are
Q&A: Note, the audio on the audience members is awful, so I’m guessing on most of them.
00:55:15: Question: To what extent is it moral to cheat on your taxes?
00:57:45: Question: To what extent is it possible to achieve free markets under ‘democracy’?
1:00:56: Question: Doesn’t limited government lead to anarchism?
1:04:05: Question: How does one prevent a minimalist government from expanding?
1:08:13: Question: What is the standard for property rights?
1:09:51: Question: Where do rights come from?
1:11:42: Question: Why is Al Gore a ‘good guy’ and Bill Gates is not?
1:15:23: Question: Isn’t Al Gore just pursuing his self-interest?
1:18:10: Question: What actions promote a good spiritual life?
1:19:36: Question: Short-term morality vs. Long-term morality, why not be a criminal for short-term success?
1:24:00: Question: Why is it moral for Apple to have a 60% profit margin?
1:27:41: Question: Is it a problem that China is buying up so much land for natural resources?
Air Date: June 3, 2017
00:00:00: Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st century
00:02:30: Asking the important question: How to get to ‘top’
00:05:45: why inequality is important
00:07:10: facts of inequality
00:15:52: a different approach to inequality
00:25:25: Society and Democracy are scary
00:29:24: achieving inequality requires violence
00:38:00: moral solutions to inequality
00:42:20-00:42:45: break
00:42:45: Question: Aren't’ Rand’s and Marx’s arguments similar?
00:47:55: Question: What type of government does Objectivism argue for?
00:49:35: Question: Is it just to get out of taxes?
00:51:40: Question: What about maximizing equality of opportunity?
00:54:33: Question: How do natural abilities factor into maximizing opportunities?
00:56:33: Question: What about people who are born with physical/mental defects?
00:59:50: Question: Should there be an inheritance tax?
1:03:25: Question: Isn’t it in wealthy people’s self-interest to have gov’t welfare programs?
1:06:25: Question: What about education for the poor?
1:08:00: Question: How should gov’t reduce its debt?
1:10:00: Question: What about Chinese sweatshops?
Air Date: June 10, 2017
00:00:45: Introducing the show
00:05:22: Yaron in Israel
00:10:30: Trump in Saudi Arabia
00:13:35: a brief history of Saudi Arabia and terrorism
00:17:55: Saudi Arabia and Qatar
00:26:45: Qatar, Pragmatism, and terrorism connections
00:30:45: Trump’s pseudo-self-interest
00:33:34: ganging up on Qatar
00:39:00: Question: Given the US gov’t is impotent to protect us, what can one do?
00:46:36: Question: Historically, why has America been allied with Saudi Arabia?
00:53:00: the new Yaron Brook Show!
1:02:00: the British election
1:14:55: Question: Isn’t part of the problem that young people don’t know true socialism?
1:25:30: Yaron debates on his B-day
1:33:47: Israeli walls and Immigration
Air Date: June 19, 2017
00:00:45: New Yaron Brook Show!
00:15:43: Question: Wasn’t OCON 2017 great?
00:21:30: the essence of Productiveness
00:33:55: Question: What is the government’s role in protecting the environment?
00:44:40: Material and Spiritual application of Productiveness to individual life
00:47:50: virtue of Productiveness to achieve value of Purpose
00:56:50: Silicon Valley and Productiveness and Purpose
00:59:30: rejecting the Mind-Body dichotomy to be a moral and Productive individual
1:09:17: principle behind Purpose and value hierarchy
1:15:10: Central Purpose and Career
1:19:30: Question: if one’s central purpose is a career, then how do other values like family and changing the world fit into one’s value hierarchy?
Air Date: June 18, 2017
00:01:23: Who Is Yaron Brook?
00:11:00-00:12:00: commercial Break
00:12:00: comparing modern America to its founding principles
00:21:05-00:21:40: commercial break
00:21:40: when America stopped being great
00:23:55: Question: Wasn’t the financial crisis caused by too much greed and capitalism?
00:29:20: biggest failure in America’s founding
00:30:30-00:31:02: Commercial break
00:31:02: Resurrecting America
00:33:00: Question: What about repealing ObamaCare and individual rights?
Air Date: June 18, 2017
00:01:20: Question: How to more effectively communicate Rand’s ideas to the culture?
00:05:55: Question: What are some topics covered in this show?
00:11:10-00:12:05: Commercial Break
00:12:05: What Objectivism is
00:14:00: Question: What is the fundamental right of a human being?
00:20:52-00:21:30: commercial Break
00:21:30: Freedom and Reason and Independence
00:23:30: Question: Why has Qatar been thrown under the bus?
00:28:55: Question: Are there any countries trending towards capitalism?
00:30:52-00:31:17: commercial break
00:31:17: Question: What about anarcho-capitalists?
00:35:30: Question: What is the goal of the Progressives?
Air Date: June 25, 2017
00:01:20: Failing to repeal ObamaCare
00:10:00-00:10:54: Commercial break
00:10:54: why Republicans are stuck
00:17:45: Question: Aren’t the Democrats and Republicans basically the same party?
00:20:24-00:21:05: commercial break
00:21:05: the source of the failure to get rid of the ACA
00:30:20-00:30:40: commercial Break
00:30:40: Altruism corrupting America
00:34:40: Question: Isn’t this bill good?
Air Date: June 25, 2017
00:00:24: Helping others in the context of an emergency
00:05:50: benevolence vs. duty in a moral context when making a decision
00:06:30: Question: Is there a place to get good resources to teach actual history?
00:10:05-00:10:52: commercial Break
00:10:52: Needs and claims; phasing out all welfare
00:15:05: Question: Why do the representatives say one thing and do another?
00:20:30-00:20:57: Commercial break
00:20:57: Question: why don’t people understand that government is a gun?
00:25:30: Question: How do Sweden and Germany have robust economies given their high taxes?
00:28:40: Question: Isn’t the real problem statism?
00:30:05-00:30:37: commercial break
00:30:37: Ayaan Hirsi Ali testifies to Congress about Islam, Saudi Arabia, and women’s rights
Air Date: June 28, 2017
00:00:00: Yaron’s background
00:02:50: Immigration
00:10:00: Health Care
Air Date: July 2, 2017
00:00:30: American goodness and its source
00:07:15: the Enlightenment and its ideas
00:15:48-00:16:19: Commercial Break
00:16:19: History and Philosophy of America
00:19:44-00:20:22: Commercial break
00:20:22: Scientific Revolution and America
00:23:40: Enlightenment thinkers and the Founders and Freedoms
00:29:00: Requirements for human survival and flourishing
00:32:10-00:32:25: commercial Break
00:32:35: Lessons from the American Revolution
00:36:33-00:37:09: commercial break
00:37:09: Reason and America and the government
00:41:30: Individual rights: source and destruction of them
00:44:50: Slavery and the Founding of America
00:52:15-00:52:53: Commercial Break
00:52:53: individual rights and Making America Great, again
00:56:30-00:57:05: commercial break
00:57:05: freedom, Robber Barons, and individualism
1:02:58: rise of Progressivism, importation of bad philosophy, and Intersectionality
1:07:46-1:08:22: Commercial break
1:08:22: American individualism on the decline
Air Date: July 7, 2017
00:00:42: technical difficulties
00:06:30: Production and altruism
00:23:25: Question: Isn’t one of the problems is that people use words like ‘altruism’ without fully understanding what that concept means?
00:25:34: Question: Where do values come from and doesn’t altruism negate this?
00:30:35: Question: What role does competition have in one’s drive to succeed?
00:34:34: living altruism via Mother Teresa
00:43:50: Altruism in the culture
00:49:15: hierarchy of values and art
1:01:15: Sex and altruism
1:03:30: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and influence of altruism
1:07:30: Pleasure and altruism
1:15:25: Question: Isn’t it possible that acting altruistically can give one pleasure?
1:28:35: Question: How does Objectivism view Jesus Christ?
1:35:06: Question: A common misconception of sacrifice is how people talk about Olympians?
1:40:05: [crazy caller]
1:41:28: some future Yaron events
Air Date: July 9, 2017
00:01:20: Identifying a proper America first foreign policy
00:06:30: American interests are...
00:10:27-00:11:32: commercial break
00:11:32: Question: What does Trump mean by ‘America first’ and doesn’t Trump align with Bush?
00:20:13-00:20:43: Commercial break
00:20:43: America first means individual rights first
00:24:15: Question: Isn’t Trump’s relationship with Russia good?
00:32:43-00:33:16: commercial Break
00:34:35: Question: Should American foreign policy principle be ‘America Only’?
00:36:22: President Yaron’s allies/enemies list
00:37:09-00:37:32: Commercial Break
00:37:32: Question: What about China and Russia in an America first foreign policy?
00:47:09-00:47:35: commercial Break
00:47:35: Egoism and Foreign Policy
00:56:22-00:56:52: Commercial break
00:56:52: Iran, Saudi Arabia, War, NATO, Korea
1:05:40-1:06:11: commercial break
1:06:11: Question: Is UBI better than what America has now?
Air Date: July 12, 2017
00:00:45: some new tech experiments for YBS
00:16:10: Question: Is there an actual chance to save Western Civilization?
00:24:30: Trump in Poland
00:28:15: excerpts from Trump’s speech in Poland
00:32:48: Islamic terrorism as an existential threat to the West
00:35:40: Trump’s understanding of the importance of the West
00:43:13: Western Values according to Trump
00:47:40: the Right & Left reacts to Trump’s Poland speech
1:00:00: Nietzschean Will in Trump’s speech
1:08:30: the ideas that make the West; Greece and the Enlightenment
1:12:38: summarizing Trump’s speech
1:15:45: the real enemy is...
1:18:12: Question: Is there an easier way to articulate the Objectivist case for society?
1:32:00: Trump’s good quality
1:34:34: Question: Isn’t one of the biggest problems that Left and Right don’t read their philosophical sources, yet they support those ideologies?
1:38:40: Conclusion: Fight for Reality, Reason, and Individualism
Air Date: July 16, 2017
00:04:52: the current welfare state and UBI via Charles Murray
00:11:19-00:11:50: commercial Break
00:11:50: Murray’s proposal on UBI
00:19:57-00:20:25: Commercial break
00:20:25: Silicon Valley and UBI
00:27:08: Question: What about minimum wage increase in CA and Seattle?
00:29:17-00:29:50: commercial break
00:29:50: pros of Murray’s UBI
00:36:50-00:37:10: Commercial Break
00:37:10: cons of Murray’s UBI
00:47:12-00:47:45: commercial Break
00:47:45: Question: wouldn’t UBI eliminate discrimination caused by welfare?
00:53:50: Question: Isn’t the fear over automation overblown?
00:56:30-00:57:00: Commercial break
00:57:00: Summarizing UBI: good, bad, and ugly
1:07:51-1:08:18: commercial Break
1:08:18: rejecting the morality behind the welfare state
Air Date: July 18, 2017
00:03:25: Yaron’s quick assessment of Peterson: positive and negative pt. 1
00:05:07: Question: How should an Objectivist evaluate one’s friends?
00:13:20: Yaron’s assessment of Peterson: religiosity, philosophy, and prolific
00:18:30: Peterson’s rise to fame: transgenderism and free speech
00:27:40: Peterson’s courageous stand against Canadian SJW’s
00:29:18: Question: Why does Peterson think individuals require the threat of heaven or hell to adhere to the religious morality?
00:36:20: Peterson on measuring human well-being
00:41:44: Question: Is there a relationship between religion and racism?
00:47:38: Question: Don’t individuals adopt God to have moral standing?
00:57:53: Question: Isn’t Peterson’s ability to articulate the mis-integration (M1) of religion and science a reason why he is so popular?
1:08:50: Question: What about Steven Hick’s book and Peterson’s approval of it?
1:18:30: Question: Isn’t Peterson a traditionalist?
1:28:38: psychological authenticity and Objectivists
Air Date: June 10, 2017
00:00:00: Trump’s wall vs. Israel’s walls
00:00:54: Israel’s northern wall
00:02:38: Israel’s Golan heights wall
00:03:40: Israel’s West Bank wall and its effectiveness
00:08:00: Israel’s Sinai wall
00:10:00: Immigration and Israel
Air Date: July 23, 2017
00:00:30: introducing the show
00:03:30: Amazon: good or bad
00:11:19-00:11:50: commercial Break
00:12:30: Question: how do mergers work under antitrust?
00:16:00: A history of antitrust
00:19:36-00:20:00: Commercial Break
00:20:00: examples of monopolies in American history
00:30:01-00:30:29: Commercial break
00:30:29: viciousness of antitrust
00:36:15-00:36:55: commercial break
00:36:55: Question: what about the Mar-Bell monopoly?
00:40:37: the true nature of government
00:43:45: Question: Didn’t the Microsoft case destroy Gate’s human capital?
00:46:38-00:47:08: Commercial break
00:47:08: hating Amazon
00:56:35-00:56:45: commercial break
00:56:45: Amazon & Sears
00:58:10: Charlie Gard & the moral choice
1:07:16-1:07:43: commercial Break
1:07:43: fighting socialized medicine
Air Date: July 25, 2017
00:05:20: Daniel Hannan's editorial in IBT: Engles or Hitler
00:12:40: who is guiltier: Hitler or Marx/Engels?
00:19:19: Question: aren’t the preachers/saints of religion also evil?
00:21:55: Back to basics: proper moral evaluations/judgments
00:31:38: Question: Isn’t blaming an author for the actions others took in their name moral relativism?
00:51:47: Question: How do ideas kill?
1:00:10-1:03:10: Commercial break
1:03:10: Question: Isn’t evil just based on religious definitions, not facts and reality?
1:04:44: Question: Kant wasn’t influential on Mao’s China, so he’s not responsible for that?
1:10:00: the difference between Plato and Kant
1:21:20: condemning Communists
1:24:07: Question: Aren’t all evil people, including philosophers, just mistaken?
1:31:50: Question: Was Confucius to the East as Plato was to the West?
1:34:11: Question: How is it that people hold to seemingly contradictory ideas?
1:36:20: Question: How free market is Singapore?
1:40:00: Recommendations: Fact and Value, OPAR, Ominous Parallels, For the New Intellectual
Air Date: July 23, 2017
00:00:00: background on Charlie Gard
00:03:00: harm of socialized medicine
00:05:20: influence of altruism on Charlie Gard’s case
00:07:00: Political reactions to Charlie Gard’s case
00:08:50-00:09:39: commercial break
00:09:39: the symbol to attack socialized medicine
00:11:40: making a moral choice about Charlie Gard
00:14:00: Terri Schiavo and Charlie Gard
Air Date: July 30, 2017
00:00:40: Yaron’s first business meeting with Scaramucci
00:04:30: Scaramucci and Trump: two peas in a pod
00:11:25-00:12:00: commercial Break
00:12:00: Crazy Trump Administration
00:19:49-00:20:25: commercial break
00:20:25: Trump’s responses to North Korea & America’s history with N. Korea
00:27:58: Trump and Trade and incompetence
00:29:28-00:29:57: Commercial break
00:29:57: dealing with North Korea
00:33:43: Question: Isn’t the Congress also impotent by not getting stuff done?
00:36:41-00:37:05: Commercial Break
00:37:05: Trump, GOP, religion, and leadership
00:42:22: Question: While President Reagan got stuff done with the Dems, weren’t those Dems different from 2017 Democrats?
00:47:32-00:48:02: commercial Break
00:48:02: the Democrats’ “A Better Deal” economic plan
00:56:24-00:56:55: commercial break
00:56:55: creeping totalitarianism; hatred of free speech
00:59:10: Question: can/does hate inspire/motivate individuals to do something?
1:01:12: Question: Are people really going to support the Dem’s ‘A better deal’ program?
1:03:15: CRISPR
1:07:36-1:08:00: Commercial break
1:08:00: the New Optimists
Air Date: May 26, 2017
00:01:55: Rational Self-Interest and Rand’s early history
00:06:50: a new philosophy for living on earth and for Man the Hero
00:10:30: Rand’s literary success
00:14:55: Virtues and Values in Objectivism
00:20:00: Atlas Shrugged and the birth of Objectivism
00:23:40: Rand’s nonfiction and cultural commentary
00:25:50: Making decisions as an Objectivist
00:30:50: Objectivism and Capitalism
00:33:30: legalizing drugs and socialized medicine
00:38:18: Self-defense under laissez-faire
00:42:20: connection between Rand, Judaism, and Aristotle
00:47:00: Rand’s literary genius
00:48:20: Rand’s legacy and failure
00:54:30: Social media sources
Air Date: August 3, 2017
00:00:45: introduction
00:06:27: Liberalism: a brief history
00:12:30: Highway robbery: liberalism in modern America
00:14:50: Origin of Classical Liberalism
00:18:00: Libertarianism and anarchy
00:19:30: differentiating between anarcho-libertarians and classical liberals
00:22:09-00:23:00: commercial Break
00:23:00: characteristics of Classical Liberalism
00:26:55: greatest tragedy of 20th century
00:31:30: Question: Would a famous celebrity promoting Rand/Objectivism be good?
00:33:00: Question: why is Objectivism a closed system?
00:38:30: Question: what about anarcho-capitalists?
00:43:20: Question: Are all happy acts selfish acts?
00:49:40: Question: shouldn’t the state take care of people who are born with defects?
00:54:58-00:55:40: Commercial Break
00:55:40: Objectivism vs. Classical Liberalism
1:01:24: Question: How to have a conversation with leftist-Socialists?
1:03:30: Question: Who does Yaron trust in the media and what about Trump?
1:07:14: Question: How do I determine which university I should go to for my interests?
1:09:15-1:09:53: Commercial break
1:09:53: emotions and Objectivism: what’s the link?
1:15:50: Emotions: what are they and how they work
1:24:20: understanding Objectivism rationally vs. emotionally
1:28:24: modern ideas behind emotion
1:29:45: passion & living life
1:33:15-1:34:26: commercial break
1:34:26: Question: How are movies and photography similar and different as art?
1:38:14: Traditional photography
1:39:30: Modern Photography qua Art/Aesthetics
1:43:09-1:44:03: Commercial break
1:44:03: Positive Recommendation: Dunkirk
1:56:05: Introducing the Atlas Project
Air Date: July 30, 2017
00:00:10: CRISPR success in America
00:02:27: Benefits and concerns with gene editing
00:04:10: transition point
00:04:11: the New Optimists and massive good things in the world
00:07:00: least violent time ever
00:08:27: rise and fall of Enlightenment values across the Earth
Air Date: July 30, 2017
00:00:13: Yaron meets Scaramucci
00:03:03: Scaramucci & Trump administration
00:06:30: saving grace of Trump’s administration
00:07:14: Failure of leadership: Trump, Republicans, and repealing ACA
00:10:49-00:11:25: commercial break
00:11:25: Trump & Attorney General Sessions
00:14:27: contrasting Trump and Obama presidencies
00:15:30: evil and unConstitutional CFPB
Air Date: July 30, 2017
00:00:11: Chuck Schumer and Democrat “A better deal” economic plan
00:04:00: Free Speech, Regressive left, and a new survey
00:08:28-00:09:00: commercial break
00:09:00: destruction of free speech equals destruction of Western civilization
Air Date: July 30, 2017
00:00:13: failure of Trump & America to deal with North Korea
00:03:00: intervening in North Korea
00:06:40: immigration and other bad stuff under Trump
00:08:45-00:09:10: commercial break
00:09:10: Morality to invade authoritarian countries & American self-interest
Air Date: August 6, 2017
00:00:20: Venezuela, Fake News/Bias Media, and tragedy
00:11:00-00:11:38: Commercial break
00:11:38: Socialism in modern Venezuela; the poor, redistribution of wealth, and free markets
00:19:53-00:20:30: Commercial Break
00:20:30: media responses to authoritarianism on the Left and Right; getting away with murder
00:29:04-00:29:40: commercial Break
00:29:40: Question: Hasn’t the Left gained the moral high ground?
00:36:55-00:37:30: commercial break
00:37:30: morality of altruism: Left and Right
00:41:12: Question: Isn’t a problem that young people don’t recognize how similar Nazism is to Communism?
00:47:12: A message to the Venezuelan people
00:48:20-00:48:57: Commercial break
00:48:57: a new immigration ‘reform’ plan from Trump administration
00:56:45-00:57:25: Commercial Break
00:57:25: an Objectivist approach to immigration reform
1:05:10: immigration and bad ideologies
1:06:22-1:07:00: commercial Break
1:07:00: Immigration problems vs. actual problems in America
1:09:25: Steve Bannon’s economic ideas
Air Date: August 10, 2017
00:02:05: women in the population vs. women in tech
00:06:15: Danofore’s memo on women and achieving gender equity in tech
00:10:00: Google’s response to the memo
00:12:00: responses to Google’s response: Left and Right
00:15:18: Google’s rights and Free Speech
00:20:52-00:21:35: Commercial break
00:21:35: ideological discrimination on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon
00:30:15: Question: Why was Rand against a female president?
00:42:50-00:43:30: commercial break
00:43:30: Question: What is the source of the hostility towards and corruption of free speech?
00:49:22: Question: Why is there this push for men and women to be absolutely equal?
1:02:13: Question: Isn’t the lack of females in tech due to lack of females in STEM grad programs?
1:12:35: AirBnb’s discriminatory policies
1:14:25-1:15:00: Commercial Break
1:15:00: government’s role in hiring and proper hiring standards; see-saw collectivism
1:17:40: Jordan Peterson and the Google memo
1:18:25: Comment: As a women in tech with a background in Econ and Psychology, here are my thoughts...
1:25:55: Comment: as a women in tech in N. Carolina with a degree in C.S., here is my experience in tech
1:32:00: Danofore’s memo: collectivistic elements yearning for individualism
1:35:00-1:36:05: Commercial break
1:36:05: Addressing the alleged gender pay gap
1:39:12: Question: Why do so many people believe in this diversity nonsense?
1:51:43: James Danafore’s memo: good and bad
1:54:50: alt-Right and alt-Left: a vicious cycle
Air Date: August 3, 2017
00:00:00: history of Dunkirk in WWII
00:04:40: critiquing the aesthetic qualities of Dunkirk: film, plot, and mood/setting
Air Date: August 3, 2017
00:00:00: modern photography vs. traditional photography as art
Air Date: August 3, 2017
00:07:52: Classical Liberalism defined and explained
00:17:10: Mont Pelerin society and modern Libertarians
00:23:34-00:24:24: Commercial Break
00:24:24: classical liberalism characteristics: intellectual, free-market, big-tent, and pro-liberty
00:28:30: Ayn Rand/Objectivism and classical liberals: a tragedy
00:32:55: Question: Would a major celebrity advocating for Rand/Objectivism be shunned and ignored or embraced?
00:34:05: Question: Why is Objectivism a ‘closed system’?
00:39:13: Question: what about Helpe? [anarchist, racist]
00:42:58: Objectivism vs. Classical Liberalism
Air Date: August 3, 2017
00:00:00: Star Trek, Objectivism, and emotions
00:03:13: value of emotions
00:06:00: Emotions qua Objectivism
00:09:15: emotional integration, evaluating emotions, and introspection
00:12:20: source of emotions and undoing emotions
Air Date: August 13, 2017
00:00:30: racism in Portland and Charlottesville
00:03:43: stepping up to the evilness of Right and Left
00:05:00: alt-Right: racism, anti-Semitism, and vicious evil
00:06:44: Charlottesville and Confederate statues
00:10:00: free speech and the Charlottesville protesters
00:12:12-00:12:41: commercial Break
00:12:41: fascists unite across America; AntiFa & alt-right
00:16:40: Question: Didn’t antiFa provoke the riot in Charlottesville?
00:19:40-00:20:06: commercial break
00:20:06: collectivists vs. collectivists in Charlottesville: racists vs. antiFa
00:28:00: a story about racism and free speech
00:30:36-00:31:05: Commercial break
00:31:05: the ‘soft’ rightists and ‘soft’ leftists
00:32:46: Question: Isn’t the situation in Charlottesville similar to 1920’s Germany?
00:36:30-00:37:10: Commercial Break
00:37:10: Question: Isn’t there an importance of having statues of bad people?
00:44:45: Question: Wasn’t there a lack of condemnation of both alt-Right and AntiFa?
00:47:12-00:47:41: commercial Break
00:50:40: Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville
00:56:21-00:56:50: commercial break
00:56:50: media coverage of Alt-Right vs. media coverage of Anti-Fa/BLM/alt-Left
1:01:20: Question: Won’t the alt-Right ‘win’ because it can explain its ideology in a manner than the alt-Left to the American people?
1:07:20-1:07:50: Commercial break
1:07:50: responding to the nihilistic, collectivistic, anti-American alt-Left: the Alt-Right
Air Date: August 16, 2017
00:01:00: Yaron, technology, and programming: a story of tough love
00:07:00: blowback from Google memo & Charlottesville
00:11:30: political violence: antiFa & BLM vs. Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, & Alt-Right
00:17:30: Question: How does one assign guilt in this chaotic situation in Charlotteville?
00:23:00: Question: why does the violent, regressive left always get a pass in the press?
00:28:45: Question: Isn’t a scary threat to Americans the lackluster police response in Charlottesville and the suppression of free speech in the social and corporate realms?
00:34:05: Question: Isn’t the failure to thoroughly condemn the violence going to embolden it and when can the government preemptively step in to stop the violence?
00:38:34: answering the regressive left and alt-right; collectivism vs. individualism
00:41:05-00:41:45: Commercial Break
00:41:45: the need to fight against the creeping collectivism and authoritarianism
00:42:30: Question: Isn’t this situation similar to Red v Brown in Weimar Germany?
00:47:00: Question: Does individualism have a chance to win?
00:50:47: Question: isn’t part of the problem with the police not stepping in is the concern about the bad rep the police have gotten?
00:54:12: Question: How big is the alt-Right?
1:00:10-1:00:48: commercial Break
1:00:48: Trump’s pathetic responses to Charlottesville and statues
1:09:50-1:11:05: commercial break
1:11:05: Yaron on Ben Shapiro
1:14:12: digging into Trump’s responses
1:19:10: Question: what about the altruistic in the left and right?
1:20:50: identifying the enemy as the enemy
1:23:00: Question: why fight to preserve concept of ‘selfishness’ and not for ‘right’?
1:27:27-1:28:17: Commercial break
1:29:20: Kurt Schlichter's op-ed “Conservatives must regulate Google...”
1:40:12-1:40:53: Commercial Break
1:40:53: Peikoff’s 8 great plays course
1:45:00: classical music’s value
1:47:45: Positive Recommendation: Beethoven as perfect for a dark, depressed hostile mood, Rachmaninov piano concertos 2 & 3, Tchaikovsky piano concertos 1 & 2, The Bureau
Air Date: August 20, 2017
00:00:25: explaining the incompetent terrorism in Barcelona
00:06:28: 2017 Europe vs. 1970’s Europe
00:11:00-00:11:40: Commercial break
00:11:40: growing up in 1960’s/70’s Israel
00:19:45-00:20:10: commercial break
00:20:10: American failings: Bush to Obama to Trump
00:24:50: supporting terrorism: financially and ideological
00:29:00-00:29:35: commercial Break
00:29:35: a non-strategy against terrorism in Afghanistan: Bush, Obama, Trump
00:34:55: a proper strategy for victory against terrorists
00:36:36-00:37:10: Commercial Break
00:37:10: Identifying the political enemy: Islam, Iran, Saudi Arabia
00:46:30-00:47:00: Commercial break
00:47:00: Dealing with the enemy: crushing Iran & intimidating Saudi Arabia
00:56:20-00:56:50: commercial break
00:56:50: source of American weakness
1:06:25-1:07:00: commercial Break
1:07:00: Saving America via philosophical revolution
1:11:00: ouster of Steve Bannon
1:11:50: death of Jerry Lewis
Air Date: August 22, 2017
00:01:30: a brief introduction to Yaron and his ideology
00:07:30: how philosophical ideas influence individuals and events
00:10:48-00:11:11: Commercial break
00:11:11: Yaron comes to America; a broken immigration system
00:19:00-00:19:40: Commercial Break
00:19:40: Question: What does capitalism mean as compared to Paul Ryan/Ted Cruz
00:28:30: the end
Air Date: August 22, 2017
00:00:15: Question: Wouldn’t an open immigration policy be a net positive for America?
00:07:15-00:07:45: commercial Break
00:07:45: Question: How long until WWIII?
00:11:45: Figuring out what America is; the case for hating one’s enemies
00:19:16-00:21:23: commercial break
00:21:23: Republican hypocrisy from FDR through Trump
00:27:15-00:27:45: Commercial break
00:27:45: Why the Left keeps winning and the Right keeps losing
00:30:36: Question: how does one deal with the issue of ‘globalism’?
00:33:30: the Left holds the ideological high ground
00:37:44-00:38:17: Commercial Break
00:38:17: the American founding: enshrining reason and individualism
Air Date: August 22, 2017
00:00:25: Trump’s speech on Afghanistan: good yet so terrible; losing the war on Islamic terror
00:10:42-00:11:13: commercial Break
00:11:13: moral leadership: identifying the enemy and American self-interest
00:13:55: Question: Isn’t staying in Afghanistan counterproductive to protecting America?
00:18:00-00:18:48: commercial break
00:18:48: Question: Doesn’t the Middle East/Muslims hate America b/c foreign policy?
00:27:50-00:28:25: Commercial break
00:28:25: bad ideas dominate in a vacuum
00:30:55: Comment: “Heil Hitler, he didn’t do anything wrong” [ugh!]
00:32:25: Question: How is ARI fighting the good fight?
Air Date: August 23, 2017
00:00:30: Trump, the gift that keeps on giving
00:03:30: Trump’s response to Charlottesville according to the media
00:06:00: Media response to Trump and Google memo
00:08:30: NPR and other media sources bias and adjusting for the bias
00:11:58-00:12:15: Commercial break
00:12:15: mainstream media vs. non-mainstream media
00:15:30: Trump and Fox News and Objectivity
00:18:57: Obama’s reactions to events: IRS, BLM, cop-killings, and terrorism
00:21:10-00:21:25: commercial break
00:21:25: fringe media: Breitbart, Alex Jones, Salon.com, and the like
00:25:55: finding ‘actual’ news
00:28:05-00:28:15: commercial Break
00:28:15: disregarding facts, truth, reality, and Objectivity
00:33:49: destroying America: an educational and philosophical failing
00:36:50: the 60’s: the beginning of the end for America
00:39:13: end
Air Date: August 23, 2017
00:00:40: Kurt Andersen's How America Lost Its Mind in The Atlantic; America’s woes explained
00:02:15: Truth according to the Regressives and the Religionists
00:06:55-00:07:30: Commercial Break
00:07:30: where post-truth leads
00:09:24: Truth according to Rand via Atlas Shrugged
00:18:10-00:18:45: commercial Break
00:18:45: Truth and Reason; resolving disagreements between individuals via a standard
00:23:50: the end
Air Date: August 23, 2017
00:00:50: Alex Epstein on Al Gore’s new documentary An Inconvenient Truth
00:09:45-00:10:17: Commercial break
00:10:17: Question: Is Al Gore just lying or what is he doing?
00:13:00: Question: What about Miami being flooded due to rising sea levels?
00:14:48: Question: Doesn’t loving fossil fuels mean one is against progress and solar energy?
00:15:10: more about Alex Epstein, CIP, and environmentalism
00:19:30-00:20:15: commercial break
00:20:15: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and the Truth
00:23:10: Question: Is it appropriate to call environmentalism a new religion?
00:28:20-00:28:55: commercial Break
00:28:55: Question: Don’t humans rely on the Earth to survive?
00:31:05: Question: Isn’t part of the problem with the rise of environmentalism and post-truth is that individuals don’t have the training and practice of being truthful?
Air Date: August 24, 2017
00:02:30: the standard for good: 1990 vs. 2017
00:04:30: the most important story in the past 30 years
00:07:10: causes of decreasing global poverty
00:15:15: learning from history, respecting property rights generates economic growth
00:18:10: life in 1990 vs. life in 2017
00:19:55-00:20:20: Commercial Break
00:20:20: more good news: advancements in medicine and declining child mortality, declining airfare costs
00:28:37-00:28:52: commercial Break
00:28:52: air travel and declining crime rates
00:35:03: the end
Air Date: August 24, 2017
00:00:50: positives in 21st century: technology, longer life expectancy
00:09:30: Commercial Break
00:09:30: originator of human progress and success
00:14:15: how humans fail and succeed
00:19:35-00:20:10: commercial Break
00:20:10: Question: Isn’t a major positive in 21st century the massive decline in infant and mother mortality rates during childbirth or by age 5-10?
00:25:05: Question: Isn’t the internet another good thing to connect people and educate people?
00:28:28-00:28:55: commercial break
00:28:55: prerequisite for individual success and freedom and capitalism
Air Date: August 24, 2017
00:00:30: Reason vs. Emotions as source of knowledge
00:10:33-00:10:47: commercial break
00:10:47: combating the entitlement mentality festering in America
00:17:20-00:17:55: Commercial Break
00:17:55: enemy of reason and truth
00:26:35-00:27:10: commercial Break
00:27:10: Advocating for capitalism, selfishness, and reason requires education overhaul
Air Date: August 22, 2017
00:00:00: Question: Isn’t encouraging a world brain drain to America a good thing?
Air Date: August 22, 2017
00:00:10: free will vs. determinism; revealed truth vs. intrinsic/subjective truth
Air Date: August 23, 2017
00:00:00: Hate can be good
Air Date: August 23, 2017
00:00:00: achieving victory according to a rationally self-interested foreign policy
Air Date: August 24, 2017
00:00:00: analyzing mainstream media vs. non-mainstream media
Air Date: August 24, 2017
00:00:00: The Atlantic’s “How America Lost Its Mind”; Truth’s source and validating Truth
Air Date: August 27, 2017
00:00:30: Galveston, TX hurricane disaster vs. Houston, TX hurricane disaster
00:10:38-00:11:13: commercial Break
00:11:13: Humans vs. Nature
00:19:42-00:20:14: Commercial Break
00:20:14: Hurricanes and Climate Change/Global Warming
00:23:20: Question: How do the ancient records of rainfall exist for TX?
00:29:35-00:30:10: Commercial break
00:30:10: Question: What is a proper ethical response to natural disaster?
Air Date: August 27, 2017
00:00:30: Noah’s Ark and Hurricane Harvey
00:03:45: Question: In Yaron’s hierarchy of gov’t agencies to eliminate, where does FEMA fall?
00:06:55: Flood Insurance and the government
00:10:35-00:11:12: commercial break
00:11:12: History of flood insurance: a bad incentive and massive redistribution of wealth
00:19:37-00:20:15: commercial Break
00:20:15: Blaming the voters for creating FEMA; altruism in full action
00:24:20: Opposing privatizing flood insurance
00:25:58: Question: Do government authorities have the right to force an individual to evacuate and do emergency officials then have the obligation to come rescue said individual?
00:28:20-00:28:53: Commercial Break
00:28:53: Bankruptcy of FEMA, the States, and the Federal government
00:31:10: Private individuals helping with disaster relief: San Fran in 1906
00:35:50: Altruism driving Big Government
Air Date: August 28, 2017
00:01:30: Houston flooding and individual benevolence
00:07:04: Question: What is the government’s role in disaster clean-up?
00:12:12: Question: Is the primary motivator for the rescuers duty or benevolence?
00:14:22: Question: How should police handle individuals returning to a disaster zone?
Air Date: August 28, 2017
00:01:30: Applying IQ to the individual: the scientific data
00:06:30: IQ and Determinism vs. Free Will as applied to IQ
00:08:20: Race & IQ & Genetics
00:13:44: Question: Don’t most people don’t even use their full potential?
00:17:24: gender differences, sexuality, free will, and evolutionary psychology
00:25:50: genetic influences on human individuals; determinism
00:30:15: application of evolutionary psych to various fields; dangers of statistics in evaluation
00:35:20: Stefan Molyneux and evolutionary psychology and pseudoscience
00:37:00: Evolutionary psychology and trade
00:40:15: Question: Do psychological traits have anything to do with genetics?
00:43:20: Tabula Rasa and genetics; evolution and free will
Air Date: August 28, 2017
00:00:00: Differentiating between action and speech
00:12:10: Question: Is it ‘okay’ to believe in a higher power; how to reconcile one’s childhood upbringing with Objectivism?
00:15:20: Question: How should one deal with evil people in a context that one enjoys?
00:17:30: Question: Is it just to use force to prevent individuals from committing suicide?
00:19:15: Question: Is academia a good first career for young and ambitious students?
00:21:35: Question: Should war be declared on white-nationalists?
00:23:35: Question: How to deal with censorship on the internet and Google/YouTube controls?
00:27:00: Question: Why is Anthem not as promoted as compared to Atlas or Fountainhead?
00:27:57: Question: What is the proper demarcation between philosophy and science?
00:29:05: Positive Recommendations: Twelve Angry Men, The Miracle Worker, Brahms
Air Date: September 3, 2017
00:00:00: Yaron goes to Europe; media coverage of N. Korea and military options
00:10:37-00:11:20: commercial Break
00:11:20: North Korea and South Korea: a historical analysis; consequences of military action
00:19:30-00:20:15: commercial break
00:20:15: Resolving North Korean solution, undoing treaties, and military options in N. Korea 00:30:18-00:30:50: Commercial break
00:30:50: A rational path forward in Korea; How America got in the Korean mess
00:36:40-00:37:15: Commercial Break
00:37:35: American military’s role, failing to win wars, and connecting North Korea and Iran
00:42:40: the end
Air Date: September 3, 2017
00:00:18: Antifa: a backstory
00:06:30: arguing against Antifa and the alt-Left; arguing for Free Speech
00:10:40: the Right’s anti-Free Speech agenda
00:13:14-00:14:00: commercial Break
00:14:00: the essential case for Free Speech
00:19:00: Antifa’s problem; expanding the definitions of fascist and racist
00:23:05-00:23:37: commercial break
00:23:37: Antifa’s end goal: blood in the streets & nihilism
00:28:15: A great tragedy: the media’s culpability in the violent Left
Air Date: September 7, 2017
00:02:10: Rise and Fall of Free Speech in America
00:05:30: hate speech in Europe
00:09:12: Yaron, Exeter University, and free speech on campuses
00:12:12: Free Speech vs. Hate Speech
00:16:40: Age of Reason and determining objective Truth
00:22:10: Assault on Free Speech: President Trump and the Media
00:24:00: Offending people is a right
00:27:00: Foundational ideas of Western Civilization: Reason & Individualism; banning force
00:30:45: Greatness of the West
00:35:00: Question: How to deal with ‘offensive’ monuments?
00:37:50: Question: What about Rawls's egalitarianism, isn’t he right?
00:42:30: Question: What’s the difference between political and economic equality?
00:48:14: Question: Why is free speech under attack?
00:53:10: Question: How to deal with lies in “Post-Truth” era?
00:55:00: Question: what about preventative laws/actions that stop an event?
00:58:58: Question: Isn’t freedom a contradiction?
1:03:00: Question: Isn’t the identity politics/political correctness a direct assault on individualism?
1:05:10: Question: Isn’t public education a cure to the problems in the world?
1:08:50: Question: What’s wrong with Trump expressing his opinion?
1:11:11: Question: How does one stand-up for one’s ideals?
Air Date: September 4, 2017
00:00:00: Youth support for Socialism in Britain
00:03:30: Philosophical core of Socialism
00:17:00: Sweden’s ‘socialism
00:21:30: Socialism’s failures throughout history; excusing slaughter and failure
00:25:25: evaluating good and evil: a proper moral standard
00:39:00: socialized medicine
00:42:00: Question: why has socialism gained popularity?
00:47:47: Question: What is ARI doing to promote Objectivism in Europe?
00:58:18: Question: What’s a path forward to eliminating socialism?
1:03:00: Question: How should one think about taxes and government functions?
1:04:30: Question: Isn’t the argument that ‘government is force’ weak?
1:10:25: Question: didn’t students vote for Corbyn because he promised them free tuition?
1:12:28: Question: what is the similarity and difference between fascism and socialism?
1:15:30: Question: How to deal with immigration into a country?
1:26:50: Question: How does free market medicine health care work?
Air Date: September 10, 2017
00:00:40: America’s economy vs. the rest of the world
00:11:17-00:11:50: Commercial break
00:11:50: a history of Georgia and Azerbaijan
00:19:37-00:20:10: Commercial Break
00:20:10: How governments and politicians become corrupt: taxes & regulations
00:29:30-00:30:15: commercial Break
00:30:15: Azerbaijan’s population, economics, and politics
00:34:00: Resource curse and key to becoming a rich country
Air Date: September 10, 2017
00:00:40: Hurricanes, natural disasters, and climate change
00:07:00: Flood insurance and the government; dismantling FEMA
00:11:05-00:11:39: commercial Break
00:11:39: Florida: A case study of humans conquering nature
00:17:58: returning to individual responsibility, voluntary charity in the face of disaster
00:19:33-00:20:13: commercial break
00:20:13: Ultimate goal of the environmentalists
00:27:20: A different standard: individual human flourishing
00:28:49-00:29:21: Commercial break
00:29:21: Florida, Disney, and protecting the Everglades
Air Date: OCON Summer 2002
00:00:10: ‘modern’ Middle East vs. ancient Middle East: similarities and differences
00:08:00: the Middle east pre-Islam: the birthplace of human civilization
00:12:40: birth of Mohammed and Islam
00:23:30: Mohammed, Islam, pure theocracy, and warfare
00:27:40: Islam and Judaism
00:32:30: Islam gaining power: Medina vs. Mecca; Mohammed triumphant
00:36:00: Islam on the move
00:38:25: disputes within Islam
00:39:30: theological tenets of Islam
00:44:35: Islam’s meaning: Submission and Peace
00:46:45: 5 pillars of Islam and Jihad
00:50:50: Free Will and Collectivism in Islam
00:53:00: religious hierarchy in Islam
00:54:25: women in Islam
Air Date: OCON Summer 2002
00:00:05: contrasting Islam and Christianity and Judaism
00:09:52: the “Rightly guided caliphs” after Muhammad
00:13:00: the Importance of Ali: birth of Shiite & Sunni Islam
00:18:50: Islam empire on the rise: the Umayyad dynasty
00:27:00: socio-religious features under early Islam
00:30:45: Umayyad dynasty falls; Abbasids rise
00:32:00: Abbasid dynasty, Islamic Golden Age, and Baghdad
00:42:30: Reason’s ascent and descent in Abbasid empire
00:54:11: el Ghazali: murderer of Islamic Golden Age
Air Date: OCON Summer 2002
00:00:55: One final chance: Muslims in Al Andalus [Spain], Muslim Golden Age
00:05:10: Saving the West: Spanish Muslims influence on Europe
00:08:05: deterioration of Abbasid empire: Mamluks, Seljuks and other power groups in court
00:14:00: European Crusades
00:15:18: Assasin Shiite in Persia
00:18:00: rise of madrasas in Islam
00:19:30: Mongol horde and the rise of pure mysticism in Islamic culture
00:29:30: the rise of the Ottoman Empire
00:33:50: Question: why didn’t local populations provide their own children to Turkish military?
00:36:20: implementation of Sharia in Ottoman empire
00:37:52: economic, military, and technological woes beginning in 16th century Ottoman empire
00:52:18: Reasons for Muslim failure, according to Muslims
Air Date: September 15, 2017
00:00:00: Yaron’s ideal podcast set-up
00:02:45: Yaron in Georgia and Azerbaijan
00:11:05: Yaron in France
00:22:10: Death of Europe and Muslim Immigration; Douglas Murray’s book
00:40:25: the actual Foundation of European civilization
00:44:48: European history over the past 250 years; the life and death of Enlightenment ideals
00:54:40: filling the void: immigrants and multiculturalism
00:58:10: Enlightenment as a rejection of Christianity
1:07:40: Christianity killing the West via altruism
1:10:43: Completing & Defending the Enlightenment: Ayn Rand and Objectivism
1:19:35: disastrous contemporary philosophies of 20th century; failing to change the world
Air Date: September 17, 2017
00:00:40: Yaron in Switzerland; Free Speech event with Flemming Rose
00:07:30: WSJ article: declining American mobility
00:10:07-00:10:27: commercial Break
00:10:27: consequences of economic freedom in America
00:16:33: economic immobility in rural America
00:19:25-00:19:45: Commercial Break
00:19:45: statism causing economic immobility in rural America
00:29:16-00:29:32: Commercial break
00:29:32: Pursuit of Happiness and moving to find new opportunities
00:35:55-00:36:17: commercial break
00:36:17: Question/comment: a moving story about moving to find a job
00:40:37: government restricting mobility: zoning laws, licensing laws, etc.
00:48:42-00:49:01: commercial Break
00:49:01: generational differences in work ethic and trust
00:55:23-00:55:45: Commercial break
00:55:45: the Welfare state and a mentality of Victimhood/Entitlement
1:00:30: Question: Isn’t moving as a part of the military a good thing?
1:02:38: Question: Isn’t the migration out of states like CA a problem because they bring their bad ideas with them?
1:05:04-1:05:21: Commercial Break
1:05:21: Making America Great: Freedom, Individual rights, and economic mobility
Air Date: September 13, 2017
00:01:00: completing the Western civilization project: Ayn Rand
00:03:00: Western Civilization’s key idea: the Efficacy and Supremacy of Reason
00:10:50: the individual vs. the collective; American Revolution vs. French Revolution
00:15:53: attacking Reason & the Individual; Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice
00:18:44: the West’s contradiction: the moral standard of sacrifice or altruism vs. eudaimonia
00:21:15: completing the Enlightenment: Ayn Rand & Objectivism
00:29:10: Objectivism vs Libertarianism; France’s need for Rand
00:31:40: Question: What about the biography of Rand?
00:37:30: Question: Isn’t it good to be an atheist?
00:41:30: Question: what about Richard Dawkin’s views on religion?
00:43:00: Question: How to convince others that Scandinavia isn’t real socialism?
00:47:04: Question: what is the status of Nathaniel Branden in Objectivism?
00:51:55: Question: Isn’t the rise of democracy and mysticism a consequence of anti-Reason?
00:57:42: Question: According to Rand, what is the moral?
1:00:14: Question: Is Trump influenced by Rand?
1:07:30: Question: What makes individuals as they are?
1:12:50: Question: What about Free Will?
Air Date: OCON 2002
00:00:05: Explaining the fall of Islamic Golden Age & Empire
00:04:00: Differences between West & Muslims in 17th century
00:06:10: Ottomans learning and importing from the West
00:19:33: technological changes in Middle East
00:21:55: reversing cause and effect: the Ottoman’s failure to change; Western colonization
00:26:03: weak colonial powers in the Middle east
00:31:30: rise of nationalism in the 19th century
00:33:54: Al-Afghani and Arab/Muslim nationalism
00:39:30: Question: wasn’t Islam’s universalism in conflict with Nationalism?
00:42:40: WWI and collapse of Ottomans
00:46:12: Question: what about the Balfour declaration?
00:49:02: the end of the Ottoman Empire and rise of nationalist Turkey
00:53:53: Arab Nationalism, fascism, and National-Socialism
Air Date: OCON 2002
00:00:05: WWII and Arab Nationalism
00:04:56: end of Colonialism; Suez Canal crisis
00:08:13: nationalist leaders: Egypt, Iraq, and Syria
00:14:19: Nasser and the 6-day War
00:17:49: Arab-Muslim reaction to humiliation in 6-day war
00:27:50: rise of Islamic fundamentalism in late 20th century
00:30:58: Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia and fundamentalist/totalitarian Islam
00:51:20: Shi’ism in Iran and fundamentalism/totalitarian Islam
Air Date: September 22, 2017
00:00:00: Yaron in Ukraine
00:06:00: Europe’s history under Christianity
00:15:00: European Balkanization
00:18:30: Muslim Immigration into Europe
00:22:58: European Tribalism, mixed economy, and racism
00:36:40: the end of Europe: concentration camps and mass-murder
00:48:10: Individualism & Reason vs. Emotionalism & collectivism
00:51:00: Poland
00:52:25: Multiculturalism & statues
1:00:10: Objectivism and Muslims and Racism
1:07:35: Positive Recommendation: Glyptotek in Amsterdam
Air Date: September 24, 2017
00:00:15: the historical and modern treat
00:09:31-00:10:06: commercial Break
00:10:06: “In Pursuit of Wealth: The Moral Case for Finance”; banking, mortgages, and debt
00:19:35-00:20:08: commercial break
00:20:08: individual benefits and long-term gains from finance: invest and save; rational, long-term self-interest in finance
00:28:37-00:29:13: Commercial break
00:29:13: origins of banking; morality of profit
00:36:17-00:36:55: Commercial Break
00:36:55: Interrelationship between financial market and economy; Sarbanes-Oxley
00:46:30-00:47:01: commercial Break
00:47:01: Financial markets and human flourishing; American financial success in late 20th c.
00:56:10-00:56:47: commercial break
00:56:47: dealing with risk in finance and financial tools like derivatives
1:04:40-1:05:17: Commercial break
1:05:17: Financiers and Financial Markets as value-creators; Great Depression & 2008 crisis
Air Date: September 26, 2017
00:01:20: Atlas Shrugged and Rand’s impact on Yaron
00:03:40: Morality and Finance and wealth; cause of all financial crisis
00:05:50: Question: What about Bernie Madoff?
00:07:20: Question: What about ‘the general welfare’ and regulations?
Air Date: OCON 2006
00:00:05: opening statement and disclaimer
00:02:04: aftermath of September 11, 2001 in America
00:04:20: rise of islamic terrorist attacks across the world; Sharia in the world
00:13:10: defining Islamic Totalitarianism
00:14:33: standard explanations to increasing Islamic totalitarianism
00:21:00: terms and organizations covered by Islamist ideology
00:22:10: Question: Is there such a thing as ‘moderate’ Islam?
00:24:48: Question: Are there Muslims that advocate against imposing Sharia?
00:26:18: History behind totalitarian Islam: Muslim Brotherhood
00:34:30: Al-Ghazali and the destruction of Reason in Islam
00:37:20: Egypt & Islam in early 20th century
00:42:58: 19th century Muslim thinkers’ influence on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
00:48:59: intellectual ideas behind Muslim Brotherhood’s founding and activities in Egypt
00:54:04: rapid growth of the Muslim Brotherhood; core ideas of Islamic Law
1:00:35: Muslim Brotherhood on the expanse; rise of PLO and Hamas
1:04:10: Muslim Brotherhood, the Nazis, and the Communists in WWII
1:09:00: Increasing size, aggressiveness, and power of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
1:15:11: Egyptian Revolution in 1952: Muslim Brotherhood ceases power under Nassar
1:20:27: death of Muslim Brotherhood and rise of Arab Nationalism in 1950’s
1:27:45: Question: what is the short-term goal of Islamists?
1:28:38: Question: what is the connection b/w Islamists and Plato?
Air Date: OCON 2006
00:01:48: Muslim Brotherhood’s views of Islamic history, proper society, and ideal government
00:27:00: Question: Is Mohammed the perfect man according to Islam?
00:30:00: Question: Is there a parallel between Muslim Brotherhood and Martin Luther?
00:32:30: Question: Is the hatred of the Jews by Muslims due to Israel or something more?
00:35:48: Question: Don’t suicide bombers actually have something to gain via suicide?
00:37:30: Egypt under Nasser
00:42:22: Rise of Nationalism and Socialism across Middle East
00:45:20: Muslim Brotherhood in prison and Saudi Arabia’s influence
00:50:00: Said Kumud's new Muslim Brotherhood; ideal Muslim society
1:10:55: Muslim Brotherhood’s exodus from Egypt in 1960’s to Saudi Arabia; end of Nationalism
1:17:45: Question: Didn’t America help Israel in 1967/why only 6 days to victory?
1:21:20: Question: What was the rationale for losing the 6 day war in the Arab nations?
1:22:44: Egypt under Sadat
1:28:05: Question: What is a Fatwa?
Air Date: OCON 2006
00:01:50: 4 enemies of ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood
00:12:22: Kumud's influence on Muslim Brotherhood
00:13:52: America supporting Muslim Brotherhood
00:17:55: Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, and Muslim Brotherhood
00:27:37: Question: Who is the ‘real’ enemy?
00:31:30: Question: What about Martin Kramer’s book?
00:36:45: Persian & Iranian Revolution
00:44:35: Sunni vs. Shiite origins
1:01:05: Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power in Iran
1:14:20: Question: How did Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations deal with Sunni/Shiite split?
1:16:33: Question: How did American foreign policy help Ayatollah Khomeini?
1:17:57: Question: What did the Hostage Crisis tell the world about America?
1:19:13: Consequences of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iranian Revolution
Air Date: September 30, 2017
00:00:00: Technical difficulties & Yom Kippur
00:09:30: Yaron’s travels
00:15:05: Question: Why does Yaron dislike Elon Musk?
00:22:24: Question: How many of Musk’s ideas are distorted by gov’t subsidies?
00:24:58: Question: Is there an objective message of a work of art regardless of the artist’s intent?
00:34:23-00:35:32: Commercial break
00:35:47: Question: What about an artist who intentionally creates an art without meaning?
00:39:05: Yaron Brook and Don Watkins’ new book: In Pursuit of Wealth: The Moral Case for Finance
00:54:50-00:55:44: commercial Break
00:55:44: Reviewing “In Pursuit of Wealth: The Moral Case for Finance”
00:59:25: Question: What about John Allison being in the Fed?
1:04:53: Question: What about the psychological profile of Islamic terrorists?
1:24:58: Question: What should the proper titles of Leftists and Rightists be?
1:35:17: Question: How can Objectivism really succeed?
Air Date: October 1, 2017
00:00:20: ugly news, uglier government, and ugliest ideas: Cronyism on the up & up
00:09:57-00:11:35: commercial Break
00:11:35: value of NYC; In Defense of Finance; NFL and hitting
00:19:35-00:20:10: commercial break
00:20:10: Taking a knee, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the NFL
00:29:45-00:30:21: Commercial break
00:30:21: Politics, sports, and the media: what the National Anthem/America stands for
00:36:23-00:36:53: Commercial Break
00:36:53: Trump on: NFL, Puerto Rico, and FEMA
00:42:50: Question: Don’t Puerto Ricans have to pay taxes too?
00:48:14-00:48:50: commercial Break
00:48:50: Trump, Tillerson, and negotiating with North Korea
00:56:14-00:56:50: commercial break
00:56:50: Roy Moore and the state of American politics
1:05:12-1:05:43: Commercial break
1:05:43: Question: What is the difference between freedom and liberty?
1:09:18: rise of tribalism & emotionalism in America
Air Date: OCON 2006
00:00:12: Reviewing Causes and Effects of Iranian Revolution
00:05:50: Mubarak's gov’t in Egypt and ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood
00:10:43: Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda
00:13:47: Saudi Arabia after Iranian Revolution
00:21:00: Muslim Brotherhood in Syria
00:26:08: Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan & Afghanistan w/ Bin-Ladin
00:36:15: Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria
00:42:30: Hezboallah
00:52:27: Question: Is there a parallel between the Sunni/Shiite split and Catholic/Protestant split?
00:55:58: Question: What does it mean to be a Muslim Brother?
00:57:30: Question: What is the ideological source of the Muslim Brotherhood?
00:58:57: Question: How did the Saudi’s get the oil money?
1:00:00: Question: Where is the support for these groups coming from?
1:04:23: Question: What is the history of women’s rights in Islamic countries?
1:05:30: Question: What is the data on money from the West going to Islamist groups?
1:07:50: Al-Qaeda
1:19:30: the Middle East’s Future
1:21:20: 5 Pillars of Totalitarian Islam: Religion, Radicalized, Saudi Money/spirit, Iranian Model, and Western Weakness
1:26:58: Question: Would humiliating the Islamists via technological superiority be effective?
Air Date: OCON 2000
00:00:00: Brief Israeli History
00:05:08: Why Care about Israel
00:07:00: Founding of Israel, & Jewish Persecution throughout history, and Zionism
00:18:55: Israel Founded, Zionism, and a New Intellectual movement
00:25:30: Israeli Politics: Zionist Left, Secular Right, and Religious Right
00:28:40: Jewish Intellectuals: Post-Modernists, Multiculturalists, and Pragmatists
00:44:30: America and Israel’s decline
00:58:22: Israel’s fundamental ideas
1:01:07: Question: Why are there so many Objectivists in Israel?
1:03:45: Question: Why was Netanyahu such a bad leader?
1:06:15: Question: What should Israel do about Arafat and the PLO?
1:08:17: Question: What weight should Jewishness play in the life of individual Israelis?
1:09:17: Question: What is the likely outcome of the Camp David Accords?
1:12:00: Question: How is the PLO organized?
1:13:45: Question: What is the cultural-political status of Arabs in Israel?
1:16:26: Question: What about Madeleine Albright?
1:17:46: Question: Why doesn’t Israel have a Constitution?
1:19:50: Question: How are the kibbutz run?
1:23:30: Question: How is the Holocaust remembered in America and Israel?
1:25:27: Question: Is Objectivism making progress in Israel?
1:26:13: Question: Why do Jewish intellectuals lean Left?
1:28:17: Question: what level does Nietzsche influence Israel?
1:29:00: Question: Is Israel experiencing a brain drain?
Air Date: September 27, 2017
I will not provide a breakdown for this debate; rather I advise to listen to the entire debate and search this index for more information.
Air Date: August 18, 2017
00:01:15: Charlottesville
00:04:00: Campus Violence and Free Speech
00:10:55: Post-Truth era
00:12:32: Objectivism
00:14:30-00:15:40: Commercial Break
00:15:40: Purpose & Goal of In Pursuit of Wealth: A Moral Defense of Finance
Air Date: October 7, 2017
00:00:15: Trump’s Tweets and a Health-Care deal
00:06:30: Trump’s Tweets on Late-Night Comedy shows; fairness doctrine
00:11:12-00:11:56: commercial break
00:11:56: ObamaCare, Contraceptives & Separation of Church and State
00:19:36-00:20:17: Commercial break
00:20:17: Raffle and Employer mandates under ACA
00:30:02-00:30:36: Commercial Break
00:30:36: Religious and non-Religious mandates and insurance regulations under Trump
00:36:25-00:37:07: commercial Break
00:37:07: Jeff Session’s 25 page Insurance memo
00:44:45-00:45:15: commercial break
00:45:15: Religious Liberty and Government protection of individual rights
00:47:13: Question: How did Japan’s modern government and economy come about?
00:52:15: Question: How does one define happiness?
00:56:33-00:57:02: Commercial break
00:57:02: Question: What is the source of morality?
1:01:32: Taxes & Liberty
1:06:38-1:07:03: Commercial Break
1:07:03: Taxes, Government Spending, and federal debt
Air Date: October 9, 2017
00:00:00: Submission and it’s author representing Europe
00:06:34: background on Submission; published on same day as Charlie Hebdo
00:08:30: Muslim immigration in America vs. Muslim immigration in Europe and assimilation
00:14:02: Thesis of Submission; Sex in the novel
00:24:00: French politics
00:30:00: Christianity, Productiveness, and Integration in Submission
00:36:10: Submission and Europe’s future
00:44:14: Truth & Pragmatic Kantianism in Submission and Europe; Islam qua Religion
00:53:00: Alternatives facing Europe: Christianity, Islam, Postmodernism, or Fascism
1:00:50: Question: What is the historical relationship between Christianity and Islam?
1:03:15: Question: How to explain contradictions in the Bible?
1:07:13: Question: Won’t all religions fail because they are disconnected from reality?
1:09:30: Solving the problem: rediscovering truth and the Enlightenment via Rand & Objectivism
1:13:50: ARI’s job: Save the Enlightenment via Rand & Objectivism
1:17:00: combating the threat
Air Date: OCON 2001
00:00:00: historical views on money lenders via: literature, religion, and politics
00:05:00: Usury, Christianity and the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages
00:15:00: Aristotle and Usury
00:21:00: Aquinas, Usury, Reason, and Economics
00:24:27: Usury and Interest and the Catholic church
00:27:45: Punishing Usury under Catholic & Reformationist dogma
00:37:54: Great Britain, Interest, colonization, and Bacon
00:51:00: Adam Smith, Regulation, Interest, and Free Markets
00:53:00: Capitalism in the 18th century; Kant & Hegel’s altruistic philosophy
00:57:15: Marx, Keynes and modern ‘capitalism’
1:06:38: Objectivism and a philosophical revolution for usury
1:08:50: Question: What role does Justice have in the vilification of money-lenders?
1:10:25: Question: Why was the demand for money-lending so high?
1:11:38: Question: Anti-Semitism and money-lending
1:14:22: Question: Why are some Libertarians against usury?
1:15:09: Question: Where did the Jews get the money to lend?
1:16:24: Question: What is the moral and legal legitimacy of giving and collecting loans?
1:22:50: Question: Is there a correlation between usury and bankruptcy laws?
1:24:38: Question: What about lenders who lend while anticipating a default?
1:26:05: Question: Why has the attacks on money lenders not gone away?
Air Date: October 13, 2017
00:05:10: Question: What about Matt Walsh’s video on Self-Esteem?
00:12:45: Question: What about Gavin McGuiness?
00:15:40: Question: Will Yaron ever write fiction?
00:18:25: Question: What is the problem with privilege?
00:24:34: Question: Is there a fetish for manual labor in the attack on Capitalism?
00:31:40: Question: Why do the Left & Libertarians distort Muslim history towards their ends?
00:47:24: Question: What about Jordan Peterson’s views on Suffering?
00:57:11: Question: What is the proper place of protest in free speech and what about libel?
1:06:57: Question: What about conscious capitalism?
1:10:40: Question: Isn’t the source of conscious capitalism pragmatism and altruism?
1:19:20: Question: How does one rationally and objectively evaluate when to suicide?
1:26:10: Question: What is the Objectivist view on death and dying?
1:29:30: Question: How to unpackage the package-deal of selfishness and narcissism?
1:37:00: Question: Is there any value in learning about Rand as an individual human?
1:41:35: Question: Why didn’t Aristotle have as much of a following in ancient Greece?
Air Date: October 14, 2017
00:00:45: the moral righteousness of personal responsibility
00:11:55-00:12:10: commercial Break
00:12:10: Trump’s executive orders on ObamaCare; owning one’s life
00:23:25-00:23:50: commercial break
00:23:50: ending insurance company subsidies
00:33:25-00:33:37: Commercial break
00:33:37: Principles of a Free Market health system
00:43:37-00:44:17: Commercial Break
00:44:17: Question: How to make the practical case that the theory of free market health care works?
00:50:35: Question: How does Objectivist Epistemology deal with Reason as only means of gaining knowledge as compared to other alleged means of knowledge acquisition?
00:53:36-00:53:55: commercial Break
00:53:55: Harvey Weinstein & Personal Responsibility
1:07:27-1:07:53: commercial break
1:07:53: Self-Esteem and Sex
1:17:30-1:17:41: Commercial break
1:17:41: Question: Didn’t the Vegas shooter have Self-Esteem because he had a ‘good’ life?
1:20:27: Question: What’s the link between Nihilism and Self-Esteem?
1:21:47: Question: do politicians have Self-Esteem?
1:23:38: Question: What is the relationship b/w Reason, Reality, and emotions?
Air Date: OCON 2007
00:00:00: CEO pay, CEO tyrants, and attacking big corporations
00:08:20: Ralph Nader, corporate democracy, and destroying the corporation
00:09:50: liberals, conservatives, and libertarians hatred of corporations
00:17:30: background on the productivity and gradual destruction of the corporation
00:20:45: Question: How does the DOW compare to other countries success?
00:23:05: Question: what are factors that account for American market success?
00:24:48: Question: what does gdp represent?
00:25:50: defining corporations and self-proprietorships and partnerships
00:41:50: Question: how liable is a company for the actions of those under its employ?
00:44:30: Question: differentiation between criminal and limited liability for a corporation?
00:45:00: Corporations as separate legal entities
00:50:30: Corporate lifespans
00:55:55: Question: what about public vs. private corporations?
00:59:00: Corporate Free Speech
1:01:40: Question: How does bankruptcy work and is it legitimate?
1:06:30: Corporations as government creations: 16th century Britain and early 19th century USA
1:13:40: A new chapter: capitalist corporation laws in mid 19th century
1:16:24: Question: what caused the new laws about corporations in 1836 America?
1:21:40: fundamental attack against corporations is the state influence over them
1:23:10: Question: what is the government’s proper role in litigating corporations?
1:25:49: Question: Do companies have the right to change the type of business they do?
Air Date: OCON 2007
00:00:00: recap of part 1
00:06:24: Question: what is the source of the anti-corporation argument?
00:12:00: Corporate Social Responsibility, altruism and practicality
00:20:50: Question: Dealing with companies in an anti-profit environment
00:24:10: Question: What about companies standing up to bad government policies?
00:26:50: Question: Compensating management teams in this environment?
00:30:00: Corporations and profits and charity
00:33:33: Question: why are these corporations capitulating to their enemies?
00:35:45: Question: what about anti-trust and competitors?
00:39:00: regulations and influencing management via politics
00:40:54: separation of ownership and control in the corporation; Berle’s and Means book
00:48:40: two fallacies about CEO management
1:03:05: Ideal Boards of Directors
1:07:00: American regulations and Boards of Directors
1:13:55: Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds and Boards of Directors
1:22:58: Question: What is a good principle to have while arguing for capitalism?
1:26:48: Question: What about a duty to stand on self-interest as a principle?
1:28:00: Question: What could/should a good business do to be principled?
Air Date: OCON 2007
00:00:00: brief recap and self-interest in managing companies
00:17:10: hostile takeovers & stock options
00:38:35: separation of ownership and control
00:39:15: Stock Market Bubbles and other bubbles
00:51:50: Question: Under laissez-faire, would bubbles occur and what about insider trading?
00:55:40: CEO reimbursement options
1:06:50: Empirical evidence on CEO pay
1:17:00: Private equity and buyouts and being a public company under Sarbanes-Oxley
1:24:00: the future under the status quo vs. Objectivism future
Air Date: October 21, 2017
00:00:17: American Troops in Africa; tragedy in Niger
00:12:40-00:13:07: Commercial Break
00:13:07: American military forces across the world
00:23:37-00:24:00: Commercial break
00:24:00: Whack-a-Mole American military strategy and Iran
00:35:50-00:36:14: commercial Break
00:36:14: a proper foreign policy contra Trump, Obama, and Bush
00:44:40-00:45:40: commercial break
00:45:40: crushing Iran and Saudi Arabia instead of Whack-a-Mole
00:48:24: Question: Isn’t there a strategy for America in Africa?
00:55:50-00:56:20: Commercial Break
00:56:20: Question: Wouldn’t it be better to fortify the border by building walls?
1:03:40: the Fed’s potential new Chairman
1:08:53-1:09:24: Commercial break
1:09:24: the Taylor Rule for the Fed; evils and problems of the Fed
1:16:55: Question: what’s the difference between a Depression and a Recession?
1:20:17-1:20:45: commercial Break
1:20:45: Question: what about the ‘Whack-A-Mole’ foreign policy?
1:23:55: Question: what about the opioid epidemic?
Air Date: October 26, 2017
00:03:00: Aeon article “Kids? Just Say No”
00:30:33: Question: How does philosophy and morality help humans?
00:32:24: Question: Is there ‘absolute universal knowledge’ and who determines it?
00:35:00: Question: How does one judge music in comparison to universal or objective knowledge?
00:43:07: Question: Is life the standard for survival or flourishing?
00:47:22: Question: Why do many religious communities appear to be healthier than other communities?
00:51:59-00:52:54: commercial break
00:52:54: atheism as a derivative concept or secondary consequence of Reason
00:53:55: Question: Isn’t the Aeon article derived from St. Augustine’s works?
00:5:30: Question: Galt’s Gulch as a model for society?
1:07:57: Question: What is Objectivism’s meaning of life?
1:11:55: Question: How does one compare Rand’s life with her philosophy?
1:18:27-1:19:07: Commercial break
1:19:07: Question: What if people die due to lack of charity under laissez-faire medicine?
1:23:27: Question: What about Mises’ grounding of economics in praxeology and what is a proper grounding of economics?
1:25:15: Question: What is Objectivism’s view of death and dying?
1:26:52: Question: Would Yaron debate Stefan Molyneux?
1:29:02: Question: How does one deal with being objective in a tribalistic society?
1:30:45: Question: What about the disabled people under laissez-faire?
1:32:44: Question: What is Objectivism’s position on sacrifice?
1:40:50: Question: What is a proper measure of a society's’ value and virtue?
1:43:59: Question: How does one compare nationalism’s threat vs. Islam’s threat?
1:51:27: Question: Differentiate between the person who seeks love and seeking to be loved?
1:52:50: Music Recommendation: Tchaikovsky’s Trio
Air Date: October 27, 2017
00:01:10: Free Will in Objectivism
00:02:30: The Case for Free Will’s existence
00:03:45: Determinism in Religion
00:05:00: Determinism in the culture: Sam Harris
00:07:25: Determinism’s contradiction
00:08:27: Free Will as an Axiom
00:10:20: Free Will and Causality
00:11:35: Metaphysical views: Idealism vs. Materialism
00:16:55: Breaking the false dichotomy: Objectivism and Free Will
00:22:50: Kant’s influence on modern Materialists
00:31:10: Combating the Randomness argument from Quantum Materialists
00:34:34: Argumentation as validation of free will
00:35:05: A scientific explanation/investigation of free will
00:42:55: connecting Free Will to morality and politics
00:50:40: Allies in the Free Will argument
00:54:38: Free will as an epistemological and ethical issue
Air Date: October 28, 2017
00:02:30: Government spending and its source
00:08:00: American government spending over 150 years
00:12:49-00:13:15: Commercial break
00:13:15: growing national debt
00:16:35: cutting spending to generate economic growth
00:17:00: Question: what does ‘freedom’ mean and what about the death penalty?
00:20:33: Question: what is government?
00:23:40-00:24:20: Commercial Break
00:24:20: Question: Since America spent so much money on other countries post WWII, shouldn’t America spend money on itself in the form of welfare and the like?
00:34:34-00:35:00: commercial Break
00:35:00: Essential characteristic of government is force
00:45:49-00:46:07: Commercial break
00:46:07: Question: What about taxes being used for social engineering?
00:51:19: cutting taxes; simplifying the tax code
00:58:51-00:59:24: commercial break
00:59:24: Question: Isn’t saving or investing like a fishing pole?
1:04:48: Amazon’s 2nd HQ and government subsidies
1:09:27-1:10:05: commercial Break
1:10:05: ‘affordable housing’, government inefficiencies
1:21:46-1:22:10: Commercial break
1:22:10: Question: How effective are embargos?
1:27:41: Question: How proper is it to have a ‘greatest’ of something and a ‘most favorite’ of something?
Air Date: November 4, 2017
00:00:30: insanity in 2-party politics; need for a 3rd party in politics
00:05:43: Tax Bill, Corporate taxes, and abandonment of principles
00:12:10-00:12:37: Commercial Break
00:12:37: a proper tax reform
00:17:10: taxes and government spending and trade
00:23:42-00:24:20: commercial Break
00:24:20: Trump’s Fed appointment and the Fed’s nature
00:30:40: Reed College sit-in by Reedies
00:35:54-00:36:20: Commercial break
00:36:20: Reed’s Western Civ course and Reedies
00:45:44-00:46:20: commercial break
00:46:20: Reedies’ tactics and cultural appropriation
00:59:43-1:00:00: Commercial break
1:00:00: Department of Human Health and Human Services 5 year plan and abortion
1:09:39-1:10:00: commercial Break
1:10:00: craziness of the Religious Right, ‘lit’, LED lights in Canada, and overpopulation
1:22:30-1:22:56: Commercial Break
1:22:56: Question: what is the fundamental difference between music and literature?
1:26:55: Question: where does the Constitution separate church and state and what is the origin of man’s rights and liberties?
Air Date: November 11, 2017
00:03:00: Roy Moore’s contempt for SCOTUS
00:13:25-00:13:55: Commercial Break
00:13:55: deteriorating respect for the Law in America
00:18:35: Saudi Government troubles
00:23:34-00:24:13: commercial Break
00:24:13: Question: What about the other courts that are not following Trump’s executive orders?
00:31:21-00:31:44: Commercial break
00:31:44: Question: What about Hillary Clinton?
00:45:37-00:46:07: commercial break
00:46:07: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Middle East Intrigue
1:00:50-1:01:22: commercial Break
1:01:22: At&T, Time Warner, CNN, and President Trump
1:09:23-1:10:10: Commercial Break
1:10:10: Question: Does Laissez-Faire deal with business cartels?
1:22:45-1:23:15: Commercial break
1:23:15: Question: What about insider trading?
Air Date: November 14, 2017
00:00:00: brief historical background on AI and automation in the UK
00:03:48: Roundtable interview begins
Air Date: SR 1996
00:00:05: hatred of financiers throughout history
00:06:32: the attack against financial markets in aesthetics
00:18:40: portrayal of financiers and CEOs in media
00:23:43: J.P. Morgan and the Great Depression
00:33:44: the productive nature of financial instruments
00:47:47: Question: How does capital get allocated in a free-market?
00:53:17: being an entrepreneur and a manager
00:55:15: Question: Aren’t middle class individuals important for capital-allocation?
00:56:00: Men of the Mind
00:58:34: Question: How does product quality improve over time given regulations and attacks?
1:00:30: Question: How do financiers know where to invest capital?
Air Date: November 19, 2017
00:05:45: Question: If America ‘falls’, then would the rest of the world follow?
00:15:33: Question: Why advocate for war in the Middle East?
00:20:33: Question: Isn’t evil impotent?
00:27:35: Poland, Catholicism, and Freedom
00:32:04-00:32:48: Commercial Break
00:32:48: conventional thinking vs. Objective and Independent Thinking
00:47:44-00:48:44: Commercial break
00:48:44: Question: What about females being in combat in the military?
00:52:55: independent thinking and Objectivism
1:03:55: Question: What about OCD and other anxiety disorders and the validity of the senses?
1:09:30: Question: What about the electric universe and independent thinking?
1:16:20: Question: Isn’t the existence of the USA a deterrent for the rise of a new Dark Age?
1:18:15: Question: Did Rand love her writing the way Roark loved architecture?
1:21:17: Independence, doing research, and ‘experts’
1:32:00: Confusion and an Active Mind
1:37:22-1:37:56: commercial Break
1:37:56: Yaron/Objectivist intellectuals vs. ‘mainstream’ academics: Moral Judgement
1:43:00: Question: Do humans have instincts?
1:47:00: Independent thinkers and Reality
Air Date: November 18, 2017
00:00:25: Poland and Freedom
00:11:30-00:12:00: commercial break
00:12:00: Poland, Religion, and Nationalism
00:23:46-00:24:10: Commercial Break
00:24:10: ignoring the value of free trade
00:27:05: Question: what about Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and trade?
00:35:02-00:35:30: commercial Break
00:35:27: defining and explaining the package deal of globalism
00:42:50: Comment: The Story of a Secret State by Jan Karski; “such a great book”
00:45:46-00:46:15: Commercial break
00:46:15: Question: Isn’t a problem in American education that the system crushes the thirst for freedom amongst its students, both citizens and immigrants?
00:52:14: Global citizenship
00:54:39: Question: As a rational egoist, what is the purpose for fighting for Objectivism and how does one do that?
00:59:15-00:59:57: commercial break
00:59:57: Zimbabwe: a history and its coup
1:09:40-1:10:22: Commercial Break
1:10:22: Tribalistic reaction to sexual harassment scandals
1:23:13-1:23:52: commercial Break
1:23:52: Institute for Justice Report about licensing
Air Date: November 26, 2017
00:01:30: American Football and show logistics
00:12:00: Government schools as violators of individual rights
00:24:04: Question: How moral are bankruptcy laws, especially with regard to student loans?
00:30:28: Question: What about financing education for poor children?
00:36:10-00:36:44: Commercial Break
00:36:44: Question: Why the emphasis on small businesses?
00:39:27: Question: Why are so many people willing to give up principles when dealing with issues like education and net neutrality?
00:45:30-00:46:19: commercial Break
00:46:19: Question: Don’t small businesses get special favors and penalties?
00:47:40: Question: Why do the male sexual harassers do what they do and not just get a prostitute?
00:48:50: Question: Why are public school budgets so big?
00:51:40: Question: As a concerned taxpayer, what are good source(s) to reveal how inefficient government spending is?
00:57:17-00:58:33: Commercial break
00:58:33: Openthebooks.com as government spending watchdog
00:59:30: understanding, defining and explaining Sexual Harassment
1:05:20: Views on women and sex as causing sexual harassment/assault
1:11:18: Conservatives views on Sex and sexual harassment; Ben Shapiro’s article
1:29:10-1:30:04: commercial break
1:30:04: Question: Is there such a thing as ‘classy’ erotic art as compared to porn?
1:38:50: Objectivism and Sex
1:51:10: the Sexual revolution, the Left and the Right
Air Date: November 25, 2017
00:00:25: origins of Thanksgiving; producers and Amazon
00:12:17-00:12:55: commercial Break
00:12:55: the myth of the Robber Barons
00:16:44: Question: How appropriate is it to give thanks to menial laborers?
00:21:00: Question: Why is money not power in the political sense?
00:23:46-00:24:25: Commercial break
00:24:25: being thankful to the financial industry and workers
00:28:38: Question: When joining the military, what is a rational motivation to do so?
00:34:22-00:34:56: Commercial Break
00:34:56: Question: Shouldn’t one be thankful to one’s productive parents?
00:38:24: Question: Isn’t Qunet Coldair Art Gallery a prime example of good art?
00:41:44: Question: Why do socialists claim that those who’ve become wealthy have done so at others expense?
00:45:48-00:46:18: commercial break
00:46:18: Net Neutrality explained
1:00:10-1:00:50: commercial Break
1:00:50: Net Neutrality and the government
1:06:52: Antitrust and Net Neutrality
1:09:50-1:10:24: Commercial break
1:10:24: general welfare
1:16:55: Egyptian terrorist attack, Kurds, Israel-Palestine conflict, and Turks
1:25:25-1:25:46: Commercial Break
1:25:46: Question: How to properly analyze political candidates in Brazil?
Air Date: December 2, 2017
00:00:25: Yaron’s back surgery and recovery
00:14:40-00:15:20: commercial break
00:15:20: taxes and the proper role of government
00:23:52-00:24:28: Commercial Break
00:24:28: shrinking government, regulations, and tax revenue
00:35:50-00:36:25: commercial Break
00:36:25: Understanding individual rights and de-regulating and cut spending
00:45:52-00:46:20: Commercial break
00:46:20: Question: what is the relationship between Congress and the Judiciary?
00:56:26-00:57:06: commercial break
00:57:06: analyzing the tax bill: media coverage, Left and Right reactions, starving the government, and corporate taxes
1:09:41-1:10:20: Commercial Break
1:10:20: A limit on bill length; simplifying and reforming taxes properly
1:18:14-1:18:47: commercial Break
1:18:47: Question: Who owes the money on the debt, who is the money owed too, and why not default on the debt via refusal to pay via military threats?
1:27:10: Question: shouldn’t education reform focus on the youngest ages?
Air Date: December 4, 2017
00:00:10: millenials and socialism
00:11:21: comprehending true capitalism
00:23:04-00:23:40: commercial break
00:23:40: Question: Aren’t some millenials more open to radical ideas than others?
00:27:15: education, epistemology, and growing support for socialism
00:42:28: the anti-conceptual mentality
00:44:52-00:45:49: commercial Break
00:45:49: Question: How does causality influence Free Will contra Rand and Sam Harris?
00:58:10: Question: How does one deal with the disappointment when one’s acquaintances/friends don’t accept/understand Objectivism?
1:07:15-1:08:25: Commercial break
1:08:25: Atlas Project and Objectivists
1:11:19: Question: What are some good strategies to raise rational children?
1:17:10: the perceptual and materialistic mentality vs. the conceptual mentality
1:25:08-1:26:04: Commercial Break
1:26:04: Question: What about bitcoin?
1:37:30: Question: Won’t blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI enable us to bypass government?
Air Date: December 6, 2017
00:01:50: Introducing the new news program
00:06:42: Religious freedom, Free Speech, Property Rights, and baking a cake for gays
00:24:55: Individual Rights
00:25:20: Question: what about Aristotle's Unmoved Mover?
00:31:38: Question: How should the concept of judicial activism be dealt with?
00:36:00: Starbucks and Teavana
00:39:50: President Trump moves American embassy to Jerusalem
Air Date: December 7, 2017
00:02:57: American embassy in Jerusalem
00:14:25: Trump’s regulatory appointments vs. Trump’s Treasury and central planners
00:23:43: ChowHound, Apple, and Cronyism
00:26:15: Tax Reform and the Left
00:29:33: Question: How do corporate taxes influence the economy?
Air Date: December 8, 2017
00:02:25: Al Franken resigns
00:06:58: spending bill, Paul Ryan and GOP timidity
00:12:00: Civil war in Yemen and America’s involvement
00:16:28: Homelessness on the rise in LA
00:19:45: BitCoin on the skyrocketing
00:21:30: bizarre occurances in Argentina
00:29:30: Question: what about the new Concealed Weapons permit law in Congress?
00:32:50: BOOM making strides for supersonic flight
00:33:57: Question: Will there be regulations on Bitcoin?
Air Date: December 9, 2017
00:00:25: America in Jerusalem
00:06:00: Israel’s founding
00:09:57-00:10:33: commercial break
00:10:33: Israel and Palestine, a history of violence
00:23:45-00:24:21: Commercial Break
00:24:21: Question: Is the United Nations necessary?
00:36:38-00:37:14: commercial Break
00:37:14: Question: How did Palestine form?
00:41:40: Question: why do people deny the Jewish state, since they’ve been there too?
00:45:48-00:46:15: Commercial break
00:46:15: Israel, the 6 day war, Jerusalem, and a war for Survival
00:57:29-00:58:10: commercial break
00:58:10: resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; proper vs. improper foreign policy
1:09:47-1:10:12: Commercial Break
1:10:12: Causes of the growing US economy
1:21:51-1:22:26: commercial Break
1:22:26: Risks with growing US economy
1:25:33: Question: Why is Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem meaningless and isn’t America supposed to militarily protect Jerusalem?
Air date: December 11, 2017
00:02:40: Defining Objectivism
00:04:26: Objectivism and the Truth
00:09:35: Objectivism: Open System or Closed System
00:14:07-00:14:52: Commercial Break
00:14:52: Question: How can an idea be property?
00:19:35: Being an Objectivist and evaluating others
00:28:44: Question: Is it possible for a “right-wing Libertarian” party to succeed in politics?
00:36:15-00:37:15: commercial Break
00:37:15: Question: What do ‘right-wing’ parties stand for?
00:40:52: Question: How should Objectivists approach the philosophy?
00:47:20: Question: Does questioning authority require Self-Esteem?
00:48:58: Question: At what age does it become impossible to change one's mind on ideas?
00:50:40: Question: What about voluntary government funding and policing and crime?
00:56:50-00:57:27: Commercial break
00:57:27: Question: Is there a difference between selfishness and self-centeredness?
1:03:00: Heroes, evaluating Heroes, and Hero-Worshipping
1:13:03-1:14:12: commercial break
1:14:12: Heroes and Altruism
1:17:35: Question: What about when businesses collude with another?
1:22:18: Question: What role has cynicism played in shaping current and future politics?
1:28:18-1:28:53: Commercial Break
1:28:53: Question: Why like Beethoven given his malevolence?
1:34:22: Question: Doesn’t one have to take what value one can from one’s friends?
1:39:30: Question: What does the concept of ‘freedom’ entail?
1:43:02-1:43:38: commercial Break
1:43:38: Positive Recommendation: Coupling
1:47:30: Doctor Who and Yaron
Air Date: December 12, 2017
00:00:35: introduction
00:02:23: Causes of the increasing stock market and Trump’s role; Presidential ranking
00:15:24: value of Free trade and Trump’s Trade policies; Boeing protectionism
00:26:25: Tax Reform
00:33:43: Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate election
Air Date: December 13, 2017
00:00:30: Measuring Presidents based off of Stock Market performance
00:10:53: Question: Didn’t Roy Moore lose because he was a terrible candidate?
00:16:20: Question: what is/are a good economic measure of a presidency/economy?
00:25:50: Question: Should abortion be legal or not & Debate Ben Shapiro?
00:33:00: Proper research methods into a topic
Air Date: December 14, 2017
00:02:58: Vladimir Putin running for President, again; Syria, Russia, Iran, and Israel
00:13:35: Question: Isn’t repealing Net Neutrality a good thing?
00:22:50: deregulation back to 1960
00:29:18-00:29:52: commercial Break
00:29:52: Objectivism through Induction
00:32:00: increasing interest rates
00:40:14: Question: Will the Fed and the gov’t ever admit that they will create a crash?
00:43:14: Leonard Peikoff
00:44:08: Question: What about the ‘end the Fed’ campaign?
00:48:18: Question: How does one identify how the Fed is distorting the economy?
Air Date: December 16, 2017
00:00:30: proper government, individual rights, budget/spending, revenue/taxes, and GOP
00:11:25-00:11:57: commercial Break
00:11:57: Germany vs. America; corporate taxes and business subsidies
00:19:46-00:20:20: Commercial break
00:20:20: Business taxes, investment taxes, and morality taxes
00:24:13: Question: Why cannot corporations be forced to invest in jobs?
00:30:30-00:31:04: commercial break
00:31:04: state and local tax deductions; deductions and subsidies and tax brackets
00:41:36-00:42:15: Commercial Break
00:42:15: a principled tax system
00:45:06: Question: How long would it take and what is required to reach a 0% tax rate?
00:46:54: Question: What about the White House’s voodoo economic forecasts?
00:52:29-00:53:09: commercial Break
00:53:09: Question: Why have a child tax credit?
00:59:06: Question: What about FHA loans?
1:05:27-1:06:15: Commercial break
1:06:15: Question: Will these tax changes trigger a economic depression?
1:15:39-1:16:17: commercial break
1:16:17: Housing prices
1:20:52: Question: What is Bitcoin and will it have an impact on government policies?
Air Date: December 18, 2017
00:02:13: Question: Do the rich owe society anything and what about tax havens visa vis Apple?
00:09:39: Question: Why is modifying capitalism wrong?
00:18:26-00:18:58: Commercial Break
00:18:58: Question: Yaron’s IQ, Debate Jordan Peterson, and Debate Stefan Molyneux?
00:31:10-00:31:52: commercial Break
00:31:52: Question: Would funding private charity now help Objectivists argue for capitalism?
00:43:00-00:43:47: Commercial break
00:43:47: Question: what is the difference between induction and deduction?
00:53:25: Question: Why do Leftists and Feminists support Islam?
1:03:39-1:04:15: commercial break
1:04:15: Question: What is the military-industrial complex and why is it a myth?
1:11:11: Question: Is Race a social-construct?
1:20:11-1:20:49: Commercial Break
1:20:49: Question: What about Ray Dalio’s new book?
1:24:27: Question: Is the act of secession treason?
1:26:12: Question: Why should America support Israel?
1:35:14: Question: Is Nazism a nihilistic ideology?
1:46:14-1:46:58: commercial Break
1:46:58: Question: How does one challenge the SJW art?
Air Date: December 19, 2017
00:01:14: Republican Tax Reform Passes
00:02:50: Democracy in Chile; History of Chile; Capitalism and Poverty; Venezuela’s Woe
00:14:10: Question: Are statistics, specifically government statistics, reliable?
Unemployment, Crime, Immigration
00:35:44: Question: What would be one thing to cut in spending?
00:37:10: Question: Shouldn’t lying about gov’t bills be illegal?
00:42:19: Question: Why are taxes immoral?
00:53:12: Question: What is the difference between constructive criticism of other cultures and actual racism?
Air Date: December 20, 2017
00:00:30: Catholic Child Abuser, Cardinal Law, dies; evils of Catholicism
00:07:15: Mass Slaughter in Venezuela by police/military; Liberation Theology; Left’s hypocrisy
00:18:50: Boeing, Bombardier, Tariffs, Trump, Ex-Im Bank, and Draining the Swamp
00:24:25: UN resolution against America for Jerusalem move
00:28:51: Opioid epidemic, workplace deaths, and misleading statistics
00:30:53: Yaron’s hair stylist and tax cuts
Air Date: December 21, 2017
00:01:30: Boeing cronyism
00:06:28: UN condemnation of US/Israel; reaction to the vote
00:12:42: Politico story, Mainstream media, proper journalism, & DEA investigationing Hezbollah
00:27:13: Insurance companies and Private Firefighters
00:30:40: Question: Should US withdraw from the UN?
Air Date: December 23, 2017
00:00:30: Commercialization of Christmas; Trader Principle; Fun Christmas
00:10:48-00:11:23: commercial Break
00:11:23: Origin and meaning of modern Christmas; Charity during Christmas
00:17:57: Question: What about the movie “The Christmas Story”?
00:23:40-00:24:17: Commercial break
00:24:17: Question: What about the “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” cartoon?
00:27:19: Question: Isn’t “It’s a Wonderful Life” a good movie?
00:31:49: Charity, Community Service, and Causes of America’s growth from 1776-1914
00:35:46-00:36:23: commercial break
00:36:23: “Christmas Carol”, Scrooge, and proper selfishness
00:38:34: Question: Why is Christmas a selfish holiday?
00:41:55: Scrooge and Tax Breaks and the Left and Trickle Down Economics
00:45:32-00:46:02: Commercial Break
00:46:02: Question: Why is there a duty premise involved in celebrating Christmas; especially for companies that force workers to take Christmas day off of work?
00:54:00-00:54:31: commercial Break
00:54:31: Isaac Newton’s Birthday and Trickle-Down Economics
1:06:50: Question: Does Trickle-Down apply to imported goods too?
1:09:14-1:09:45: Commercial break
1:10:02: Question: Why has America’s economy changed from manufacturing to retailing?
1:20:54-1:21:33: commercial break
1:21:33: Stock buybacks
Air Date: December 26, 2017
00:00:00: Housekeeping
00:08:00: Egoism, Romantic Relationships, and Love
00:17:00: Question: Why are there lots misunderstandings about Objectivism and relationships?
00:24:58: Question: Is Polyamory compatible with Objectivism?
00:33:03-00:33:46: Commercial Break
00:33:46: Private Roads, Free-Riders, and Government funding under Laissez-Faire
00:46:59-00:48:08: commercial Break
00:48:08: Articles of Confederation vs. Objectivist Laissez-Faire Government
00:54:46: Question: What about the term ‘minarchism’?
00:59:57: Question: How does an individual convince others about Objectivism?
1:06:12: Question: Aren’t Marxism and Anarchism Reason and Reality based?
1:13:56-1:14:53: Commercial break
1:14:53: Passion and Productivity; Finding a proper career/job
1:22:54: Question: How does Objectivism handle the ‘Trolley scenario’?
1:25:10: Question: How do individuals discover a career they are passionate about?
1:30:28: Question: What does it mean for something to be metaphysical?
1:34:24: Question: Why is Trade with China good?
1:38:07: Question: How does one talk with academic philosophers?
1:42:10: Question: Is Artificial Intelligence conscious, in the Objectivist sense?
1:47:45: Question: How to survive in an Econ class when the prof is a Marxist?
1:51:28: Question: What is ‘good’ music and Why is that music good?
Air Date: December 27, 2017
00:01:30: Decreasing Crime Rates in America and Causes of them
00:13:57: Question: Isn’t the decrease in crime due to Trump?
00:16:45: Question: Isn’t it immoral for a system to penalize ‘natives’ over immigrants?
00:23:00: Question: Does the broken windows theory contribute to lower crime rate?
00:27:48: Question: Why is Life the standard of value in Objectivism contra evolution?
00:32:52: Question: Why do individuals gain value, emotional & otherwise, by being around other like-minded individuals?
00:38:55: Question: Can tax-cuts pay for themselves?
00:44:31: Question: What is ‘good’ about Dostoevsky's works?
00:46:50: Question: Who is the most influential/inspiring economist, ever?
Air Date: December 28, 2017
00:03:37: Decreasing Life Expectancy in America due to Opioid ‘epidemic’
00:14:48: legalizing heroin; Alienation & Entitlement & laziness & Self-Esteem
00:19:02: Systematic Racism in America via Crack Epidemic vs. Opioid Epidemic
00:23:35: Question: Isn’t Crack-Cocaine and Meth and Cocaine used equally by all races?
00:26:48: Question: What about the argument about drug addiction and neurochemical levels?
00:29:21: Question: Is addiction a disease?
00:31:45: Vladimir Putin running for ‘President’ of Russia, again
00:33:55: Trump & Republican Infrastructure spending plan
Air Date: December 30, 2017
00:01:00: judging America and its culture in 2017 according to its founding principles/standard
00:13:19-00:13:56: Commercial break
00:13:56: good things in 2017: politically, economically, technologically, and culturally
00:23:40-00:24:23: commercial Break
00:24:23: bad things in 2017: Trump’s Presidency, Postmodernism and Post-Truth
00:35:55-00:36:33: Commercial Break
00:36:33: Era of Mindlessness, Lying, and Fake News
00:45:44-00:46:14: commercial break
00:46:14: Trump’s: anti-Intellectuality, anti-Trade, anti-Immigration, anti-rule of law, and vulgarity
00:57:18-00:57:55: Commercial break
00:57:55: Normalization of the Irrational; Globalization’s Package Deal
1:02:17: Question: Isn’t the rise of Trump due to the hatred of politics as such?
1:09:32-1:10:11: commercial Break
1:10:11: Illegal Immigration, Increasing Tribalism, and Racism
1:19:17-1:19:56: Commercial Break
1:19:56: America First Foreign Policy: UN, NATO, S. Korea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Saudis
1:25:18: Looking Ahead to 2018: Concerns and Hopes
Air Date: December 29, 2017
00:00:00: Introducing Tara Smith
00:01:18: Defining and Explaining Happiness
00:05:38: Identifying Happiness in oneself and in others
00:08:28: Happiness, Objectivism, Aristotle, and Psychology
00:13:23: Happiness & modern ‘self-help’ & Objectivism qua Philosophy
00:17:21: Happiness in an altruist-collectivist culture contra Objectivists
00:23:00: Achieving Happiness according to Objectivism
00:27:07: Money, Purpose, Productiveness, and Happiness
00:29:34: Methods to achieve happiness: introspection, virtues, and focus
00:31:45: Money and Happiness
00:36:52: Happiness and Relationships and Career
00:40:00: Self-Esteem and Happiness
00:43:04: Achieving Happiness via Philosophy and Psychology
00:47:08: Free Will and attaining Happiness
00:50:09: Objectivist Virtues, Being an Objectivist, and being happy
00:54:30: New Year’s Resolutions
Air Date: January 3, 2018
00:00:00: Yaron in Puerto Rico
00:09:00: Iran and Saudi Arabia
00:14:30: Iranian protests and proper American response to it; moral certainty
00:19:43: ISIS and Sunni vs. Shiite Islam and terrorism and Jihadist inspiration
00:20:50: American World Policing or Crushing Iran’s theocratic regime
00:26:47: President Bush and losing Iraq and American military leadership and Obama
00:28:18: Question: Wouldn’t eliminating Iran create a power vacuum?
00:30:49: Question: Why is the UN useless with regard to terrorism?
00:34:20: Question: How is NATO different from the UN?
00:37:45: Question: Do criminals, like Charles Manson, deserve human rights?
00:38:40: Question: What about Trump and USPS and Amazon?
00:40:50: Question: What about foreign aid, especially to Israel?
00:41:50: Question: What about the Trump and Steve Bannon fight?
Air Date: January 4, 2017
00:01:40: Puerto Rico and Hurricanes
00:04:00: Crack vs. Opioid epidemics and Racism
00:08:23: Moral Responsibility and Opioid crisis; legalizing drugs both practically and morally
00:18:21: Jeff Sessions’ War on Marijuana; Federalism & 10th Amendment
00:27:30: Ben Shapiro and Objectivism
00:28:37: Question: What about increasing Taxes in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Recovery?
00:31:14: “Fire and Fury” and Trump vs. Bannon
00:34:01: Free Speech, Defamation/Libel, and “Fire and Fury” and Birtherism
00:40:41: Governor Yaron Brook of Puerto Rico
00:41:28: Question: Does the GOP tax reform actually destroy ObamaCare?
Air Date: December 15, 2017
00:01:10: Net Neutrality, ISPs, and the government
00:10:50: de-regulating and free-markets
00:13:00: unions and free-markets
00:18:13: purpose of businesses
Air Date: January 6, 2018
00:00:18: Yaron moves to Puerto Rico
00:05:50: America in 1968: Civil Rights, Student & Political Riots, Vietnam protests, new feminism, Nixon wins, Silent Majority
00:13:11-00:13:46: Commercial break
00:13:46: Vietnam War vs. War on Terror; Communism vs. Islamic Totalitarianism
00:23:38-00:24:17: commercial Break
00:24:17: America First Foreign Policy
00:33:20-00:33:50: Commercial Break
00:33:50: Question: Will Oil prices increase in 2018?
00:39:50: College/University-Student Rebellion on Campuses
00:45:41-00:46:10: commercial break
00:46:10: War, Assassinations, and Crime
00:56:55-00:57:28: Commercial break
00:57:28: Culture Wars, Emotionalism, Rise of Religion, and Postmodernism
1:09:26-1:10:10: commercial Break
1:10:10: Death of the Old Left, Birth of the New Left; Alt-Right; Ascendence of Nihilism
1:14:42: Question: Won’t Housing Bubbles in Australia & Canada pop?
1:19:20: Technological, Cultural, Economic, Political, and Intellectual changes since 1968
1:21:15-1:21:51: Commercial Break
1:21:51: Question: What about Thomas Sowell’s views on Racism and Culture?
Air Date: January 8, 2018
00:02:53: Ben Shapiro’s Bio, Skills, and Resume
00:13:44: Shapiro’s Religion vs. Objectivism
00:23:53: Shapiro’s views on Capitalism qua “forced altruism” w/ rebuttal
00:29:17: Shapiro’s views on Objectivism & Relationships w/ rebuttal
00:37:35: Question: Why does Shapiro claim a contradiction between his faith and Reason?
00:42:00: Question: Is there a way to Communicate Objectivism with minimal resistance?
00:45:44: Question: Shapiro’s denial of self-interest negates Man’s nature qua rational being?
00:48:47: Question: Is it the case that Shapiro promotes an anti-hero view of humanity?
00:52:58: Question: Isn’t a relationship a 2-way affair that Shapiro ignores?
00:55:54: Question: How can Shapiro rationalize everything he’s read with what he supports?
1:01:05: Opera’s Golden Globes speech
1:09:10: Power Outage
Air Date: January 9, 2018
00:00:00: Power outages in Puerto Rico
00:02:55: Iranian demonstrations and blaming America
00:11:00: Bannon’s firing from Breitbart; dangers of economic nationalism
00:16:00: Question: what is the purpose of art and can it have a political message?
00:25:22: Question: What is trickle-down economics and how does one argue about it?
00:32:30: Question: Where did the modern Christmas come from?
00:37:52-00:38:45: commercial break
00:38:45: Trump’s Immigration Meeting: DACA, Wall, and earmarks
00:51:37: Question: How do the producers receive their material and spiritual payment?
00:57:00: Question: What about this rent-payment scheme in Denver?
Air Date: January 10, 2018
00:01:10: German social media law, Europe’s self-destruction, and failure of government
00:17:40: South African history and Thomas Piketty’s economic advice
00:35:00-00:36:00: Commercial Break
00:36:00: Question: Does race affect how successful an individual is?
00:39:23: Question: Is Donald Trump a white supremacist?
00:44:07: Question: How does one debate against the morality of socialism?
00:48:18: Question: What are other Objectivist books aside from Rand’s fiction?
00:50:55: Question: Isn’t there an element of racism in the crack or opioid epidemic?
Air Date: January 11, 2018
00:01:52: Trump on North Korea and FISA bill
00:12:05: Yaron visits the NSA
00:19:20: Trump & shithole countries & immigrants
00:21:14-00:21:52: Commercial break
00:21:52: foreign automakers outcompete American automakers; power of free trade
00:32:32: Question: What about Gary Cohn’s affiliation with Goldman Sachs?
00:39:47: Question: Is solar power or renewable energy a good investment?
00:43:59: Question: What is the morality of tipping?
Air Date: January 13, 2018
00:00:25: American Exceptionalism, American Founding Principles, and Individual Rights
00:11:31-00:12:07: Commercial break
00:12:07: American Slavery, Immigration Laws, Collectivism vs. Individualism, and Racism
00:23:40-00:24:25: commercial Break
00:24:25: Collectivism in America, Immigration Quota system, and President Johnson’s Immigration Reform in 1965, and Chain Migration
00:36:10-00:36:47: Commercial Break
00:36:47: anti-immigration mentalities, immigration reform, H1B visas, and lottery system
00:45:42-00:46:19: commercial break
00:46:19: Racist immigration history in America; a proper immigration policy under laissez-faire
00:57:50-00:58:24: Commercial break
00:58:24: Immigration policy under mixed-economy; illegal immigrants
1:09:45-1:10:20: commercial Break
1:10:20: Question: Why is immigration from Scandinavia a ‘good’ thing?
1:14:05: Question: How do exceptions to the rule work?
1:18:00: Restrictions on Immigrants
1:22:00-1:22:40: Commercial Break
1:22:40: Question: Is it right for an immigrant to enter and take a job for less pay than me?
1:24:14: Question: Aren’t there a lot of benefits for immigration?
1:26:38: Question: Is the end result of capitalism a bunch of robots doing all the work?
Air Date: January 15, 2018
00:05:20: the Future of YBS beyond the Blaze
00:12:35-00:13:15: commercial Break
00:13:15: Question: Did Trump miss an opportunity to criticize s-hole countries’ political system?
00:17:55: Question: How would immigration work under laissez-faire?
00:29:20: Question: Isn’t immigration an individual right?
00:39:23: Question: Aren’t Israel’s walls useless for both anti-immigration and anti-terrorist use?
00:43:06: Question: How is the right to immigrate different from the right to free speech?
00:58:29: Question: What is the difference between a citizen and a property holder qua country?
1:00:50-1:01:35: Commercial break
1:01:35: Question: What rights do immigrants have when immigrating to a new country?
1:05:13: Question: How would the physical property at the border be delegated to the government?
1:07:50: Question: Why can people just ‘walk into’ America?
1:11:45: Question: What about Galt’s Gulch?
1:13:47-1:14:44: commercial break
1:14:44: Question: does immigration drive down wages?
Air Date: January 21, 2018
00:03:00: government shutdown
00:11:50-00:12:25: Commercial Break
00:12:25: Blackrock & Larry Fink’s power and influence
00:23:43-00:24:27: commercial Break
00:24:27: Larry Fink’s letter on corporate social responsibility
00:35:03-00:35:38: Commercial break
00:35:38: corporate decision making ala Right and Left Social Responsibility theory
00:45:50-00:46:19: commercial break
00:46:19: moral and practical value of shareholder wealth maximization
00:57:04-00:57:37: Commercial Break
00:57:37: making profit; the Individual vs. the Society
1:09:39-1:10:18: commercial Break
1:10:18: shareholder activism corrupting companies; TJ Rodgers’ moral stand
1:23:29-1:24:06: Commercial break
1:24:06: Question: Isn’t the profit motive moral?
1:28:30: Question: Isn’t the Walton business school the first Progressive school?
Air Date: January 22, 2018
00:06:40: moral code of egoism; moral standard of oneself;
00:15:20: objective vs. subjective vs. intrinsic moral theories; the good qua Man’s life;
00:20:33: altruism vs. egoism
00:26:00: Question: What about the term ‘selffulness’?
00:30:35: Question: don’t the Left and Right advocate altruism?
00:37:34: Question: Isn’t Jesus an abstract ideal?
00:41:04: Question: Do Ideals have a nature?
00:44:58: Question: which is worst government education or government health-care?
00:46:40-00:47:30: Commercial Break
00:47:30: morality & compassion
00:50:49: Question: what is the morality of organ donations?
00:55:58: Question: why are altruism and selflessness so dominant in the culture?
1:06:33: Question: what does the phrase ‘people over profits’ mean?
1:12:13: the package-deal surrounding selfishness
1:24:00: definitions and concept-formation
1:25:23: Question: why was Rand not religious?
1:31:31: Question: how does sacrifice apply to unpaid internships and delayed-gratification?
1:43:30: true meaning of selfishness
1:46:47: Question: Isn’t the content of the word ‘selfish’ what individuals rebel against?
Air Date: January 23, 2018
00:04:28: all things regulations
00:18:50: regulation under Trump
00:22:35: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
00:32:22: Question: How does one understand and fight and eliminate regulations?
00:36:31: Question: Don’t regulations have a social engineering components to them?
00:40:05: Question: what about firearms regulations like bump stocks?
00:43:04: Question: How do regulations affect the tech industry?
00:48:28: Question: where do ‘we’ go from here?
00:54:22: regulations and trade and tariffs
Air Date: January 24, 2018
00:01:37: The Atlantic’s article “Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People?”; environmentalism
00:12:46-00:13:25: commercial break
00:13:25: apocalyptic environmentalism vs. techno-optimistic environmentalism; source of food
00:20:40: the FEAR motivation in humans and its cause/source
00:32:07-00:33:16: Commercial Break
00:34:20: Question: Don’t some Leftists like technology, but link tax spending to its success?
00:39:52: Question: Doesn’t the world need more Rational & Free individuals?
00:42:35: Question: Is concern about CO2 and legit pollution a package-deal?
00:45:01: Question: Is a ‘weak’ dollar a good thing?
00:49:47: Question: How dishonest are the intellectuals?
Air Date: January 25, 2018
00:02:00: Trump’s immigration deal
00:07:06: Question: Why legalize Dreamers? Won’t they vote Democratic?
00:12:16: Trump’s tariffs on solar panels and washing machines
00:17:05: Question: What about individuals running small businesses off the books?
00:18:15: Question: Is the dollar going to collapse according to Peter Schiff?
00:22:39: Question: Why should 2nd generation immigrants become citizens?
00:24:03: Question: How corrupt is Trump’s Wall?
00:25:50: 10 years after the Great Recession; Freddie and Fannie
00:30:50: Question: How to fight against regulations?
00:35:11: Question: Would Yaron speak at the Mises institute?
00:37:37: Ludwig Von Mises and the Austrian Economists
00:38:30: Question: Why boycott certain individuals/groups instead of debate them?
00:41:19: Question: what is the difference between Chicago and Austrian economics?
Air Date: January 26, 2018
00:02:00: Source and Cause of Conspiracy theories
00:17:00: Soros, Alex Jones, Islamism, and Integration
00:21:38: theories of history; unthinking masses and the rise of tribalism
00:26:57: George Soros: history, ideas, financial success, and philosophy
00:44:25: applying Objectivism to conspiracy theories ala Soros and Koch
00:47:00: the assault on big tech companies
00:51:25: Yaron’s biggest frustration
00:57:56-00:58:50: Commercial break
00:58:50: Question: Isn’t Trump trying to recreate the 19th century economy in modern USA?
1:09:10: Question: What truth is there in any of the Soros or Koch conspiracies?
1:12:58: Question: Is there a link between racism and being rich and non-white rich people?
1:15:25: Question: What about aliens and welfare state and voting?
1:20:46: Question: Why is Gail Wynand not happy for pursuing financial gain and power?
1:29:58: Question: Will Religion purge the Left as it takes over?
1:34:04: Question: What about Stefan Molyneux and UPB?
1:41:13: Question: How does economics apply to families?
1:45:30: Question: Is the word ‘selfful’ a legitimate replacement for ‘selfish’?
1:47:04: Question: Why was Gene Epstein so focused on the literal definition of ‘selfishness’?
Air Date: January 27, 2018
00:04:50: Question: How does one remain passionate about one’s job/career given the state of the individuals and culture around oneself?
00:17:43-00:18:27: commercial Break
00:19:45: Question: What are Yaron’s future plans post-Blaze?
00:30:26: Question: What is Yaron’s role at ARI?
00:33:06: Question: How does an individual, especially young, discover what they want to do?
00:41:01-00:42:01: Commercial break
00:44:13: Question: Legally and Morally, at what point is a child able to be independent? Teenage pregnancies, abortion, and emancipation
00:53:50: Question: What about circumcision?
00:55:12: Question: Is there a conflict of self-interest between getting a divorce and the kids?
1:02:02: Question: Shouldn’t parents encourage their children to work?
1:02:35: Question: What about the word ‘eudaimonia’?
1:03:15: Question: MGTOW and mens rights?
1:06:03: Question: Should women wait to have children until after having a career? THE clock
1:08:33: Question: Is it rational/proper for children to be paid for doing their academic work?
1:10:10: Question: Should college athletes be paid?
1:11:04: Question: Should men and women be close in age to date?
1:12:16: Question: What is feminism?
1:13:13: Question: What is Rand’s view on women ala “the Rape” scene in The Fountainhead?
1:20:30: Question: Yaron’s long-term relationship advice, how to make them work including sex?
1:30:13: Question: How should costs be covered on a first date?
1:36:32: Question: How to make school fun and enjoyable so kids enjoy it and get good grades?
1:41:30: Question: Is Yaron’s wife an Objectivist?
1:43:20: Question: How to teach the value of work and saving to children from a young age?
1:46:40: Yaron’s Hedge Fund
1:47:25: Question: Is romantic love possible?
Air Date: January 26, 2018
00:01:45: key themes: dedication to Reason, Individualism & rights, proper government
00:07:00: applying Reason and Individual rights to Free Trade and Trump in Davos
00:14:16-00:14:50: commercial break
00:14:50: Individualist approach to free trade
00:23:45-00:24:27: Commercial Break
00:24:27: Trade deficits
00:31:17: Question: what about monopolies and dealing with copyright infringers like China?
00:35:47-00:36:23: commercial Break
00:36:23: proper restrictions on trade
00:40:58: Question: Aren’t tariffs and Smoot-Harley examples of anti-free trade?
00:42:45: Government intervention in trade
00:45:48-00:46:25: Commercial break
00:46:25: value of free trade, subsidies, boycotts, and government’s role in trade
00:54:10-00:54:49: commercial Break
00:54:49: Investing in America requires free trade; consuming is good
00:58:37: Common Objections to Free Trade
1:04:38: Question: Isn’t Rand’s ethics pro-free trade?
1:09:35-1:10:23: Commercial Break
1:10:23: Mexico-America Immigration facts; proper allocation of capital; the Wall
1:16:45-1:17:32: commercial break
1:17:32: death of the GOP over immigration
1:20:00: Question: What about the “race to the bottom” argument?
1:24:05: Question: Is there any value in measuring ‘black’ unemployment?
Air Date: January 30, 2018
[audio issues for first 3 minutes]
00:04:25: Question: What is the difference between Objectivism politics and Rothbard’s politics?
00:13:54: Question: Why is Rubin not talking about Rand and Objectivism?
00:18:45: Question: What is the difference between Objectivism and Libertarianism?
00:22:35: Question: Why do individuals choose to not maximize their potential?
00:30:49: Question: how did Kant corrupt America?
00:32:16: Question: Why is there not more pop culture not Objectivist influenced?
00:34:44: Question: Are there similarities between Rand and Nietzsche's philosophies?
00:35:54: Question: How did Kantianism spread throughout the culture?
00:38:56: Question: What is the relationship between anarcho capitalism and Objectivism?
00:41:50: Question: What parts of Objectivism will be shown true in the future with evidence?
00:42:25: Question: what are some of the variants within Libertarianism?
00:43:20: Question: Is economics a collectivist field?
00:44:20: Question: Is capitalism about the strong crushing the weak?
00:45:15: Question: Why is Objectivism less attractive to women?
00:48:16: Question: What does Objectivism say about achieving a minimal government?
00:49:22: Question: What influence does Plato have on Marxism and the Left?
00:54:28: Question: Are individuals ‘happy’ when taken care of by the State?
00:55:37: Question: Why doesn’t the Left support the anti-Iranian regime protests?
00:58:16: Question: What in human history gave rise to the morality of altruism?
1:04:09: Question: who decides who owns land under laissez-faire?
1:04:46: Question: What is Locke’s property rights theory in relationship to Objectivism?
1:06:16: Question: What is the power of Amazon, is it monopolistic?
1:08:30: Question: what role do rituals have in religion and philosophy?
1:09:20: Question: What about public parks?
1:09:56: Question: Can “the public” own land under laissez-faire?
1:10:32: Question: Does religion have any philosophical value?
1:11:00-end: future AMA logistics
Air Date: January 2018
00:01:25: Yaron’s background
00:02:30: The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged and their influence on the culture
00:05:50: Rand & Aristotle: similarities and differences
00:07:38: Rise of Emotionalism vs. Supremacy of Reason
00:09:10: Rational Self-interest, morality of egoism, selfishness
00:10:43: Question: which Rand work should an individual start with?; additional resources on Rand
00:12:10: Impact of lectures and OCON; hard work to be selfish
00:16:13: Role of public education in creating obedient workers
00:16:55: Question: Isn’t Trump pursuing his self-interest?; who determines one’s self-interest
00:21:30: Achieving Happiness is the individual’s responsibility
00:23:55: How Billionaires are ‘created’
Air Date: January 2018
00:01:20: the necessity for Equal Is Unfair; inequality arguments; Rand’s inspiration to write
00:06:00: American Government and political equality
00:09:45: the value and rarity of Billionaires
00:13:00: “you didn’t build that” & Envy; victimization & luck
00:15:55: state of American campuses; blaming them; laziness
00:18:50: Welfare and dependency
00:22:43: Universal Basic Income and robotics
00:24:55: Yaron’s other books
Air Date: February 3, 2018
00:01:30: Traveling and Yaron at Clemson; having cake and eating it too; accessibility
00:08:48: Rationality & Reality: commitment to thinking to be selfish
00:12:29: Virtue of Honesty: definition, integration, and application; damage of lying & unreality
00:22:00: Honesty & an active mind
00:24:42: Reality, Values, Truth, and Honesty
00:26:50: Question: Is honesty dependent on the short and long term consequences?
00:30:56: Honesty & introspection; pretense & wishes; Honesty’s self-focus
00:35:03: Honesty contra Bernie Madoff
00:40:22-00:41:17: Commercial Break
00:41:17: “morality ends where a gun begins”; ethics, emergencies, and freedom
00:43:17: Honesty and telling the truth to others
00:44:55: Lying and achieving or maintaining values; commitment to truth, reality, & one’s values
00:48:00: vicious cycle of lying
00:59:22: Question: Is it rational for a wife to forgive a lying, cheating husband?
1:03:22-1:04:00: commercial break
1:04:00: dishonesty destroys independence
1:05:10: Question: Why do Harris, Peterson, and Shapiro all espouse Honesty but revile Rand?
1:12:07: Question: What are the benefits of living in Puerto Rico?
1:13:02: Question: Why is Bernie Madoff happier in jail?
1:15:17: Question: Why do parents raise children to ‘never’ lie but consider others feelings?
1:17:29: Question: What about Daniel Dennett’s philosophical views on faith and believing?
1:25:48: Question: Is it dishonest to ignore an individual's’ pathological tendencies?
1:28:58: Question: Is ARI ‘soft-selling’ Objectivism and ignoring metaphysics and epistemology?
1:33:23: Question: Is the government a necessary evil?; does ethics drive people’s politics?
1:37:00: Question: What is the link between Self-Esteem and Honesty?
Air Date: February 6, 2018
00:01:57: causes of stock market volatility; Peter Schiff and investment principles
00:29:03: FISA and Russia and political corruption and memos
00:34:13: Free Speech in Poland
00:40:08: televangelist and flu season
Air Date: July 4, 2005
00:03:50: Pearl Harbor & Japanese designs on Midway & the Pacific
00:10:10: Ensuring America’s victory at Midway: HIPPO and Code Breaking
00:15:10: Setting a trap for the Japanese at Midway; American battle preparations
00:20:03: Japanese military preparations
00:23:30: the surprise attack against Japan at Midway: challenges, risks, disasters, and success
00:29:04: launching planes against the Japanese navy
00:35:45: American victory at Midway
00:39:46: Admiral Spurenz victory at Midway
00:41:22: Consequences of America’s victory at Midway
00:44:26: American battle virtues vs. Japanese battle vices
00:52:30: Question: How did Japan react to their defeat at Midway?
00:55:13: Question: When is it right for a military person to disobey an order?
00:57:15: Question: Isn’t Midway heavily documented in films?
00:58:18: Question: How did the Navy misdirect the Japanese nany to gain the upper hand?
00:59:04: Question: Are there movies made about Midway?
00:59:42: Question: Was code breaking going on during the battle of Midway?
Air Date: February 10, 2018
00:04:38: explaining why the Moral is the Practical according to Objectivism
00:14:20: Practicality vs. Pragmatism; long-term perspective
00:19:37-00:20:48: Commercial Break
00:22:00: the Right’s assault on big tech via regulations and antitrust
00:29:30: the Left’s BAADD attack on big tech, Amazon vs. Apple
00:41:40: the myth of AT&T’s monopoly
00:52:10: market value of: Apple, Google, and Amazon
00:55:30: Google as 21st century God; Apple is the heart; Amazon is the Gut
1:04:27: Big tech’s sins against Society/Government
1:13:28: Big Tech & the economy
1:17:25: Silicon Valley’s ‘bias’ against conservatives as cause to regulate them; free speech
1:29:11: Conservatism’s pragmatic argument against Big Tech; principle of private property right
1:35:00: naked power grab
1:36:33: the Left’s dominance in Silicon Valley; Objectivism applied to big tech’s quandary
Air Date: February 13, 2018
00:00:57: winter olympics, talent, and athlete money; North Korea’s Olympic team and politics
00:11:00: Mainstream Media’s obsession with North Korea & Communism & anti-Trump
00:24:32-00:25:08: commercial break
00:25:08: Israel airstrike, Iranian drone, Syria-Russia anti-aircraft; Iran & Fertile Crescent
00:41:56-00:42:42: commercial Break
00:42:42: Russian interference in elections, fake news, and propaganda
00:46:38: Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now
00:53:45: Question: What about Tom Woods?
Air Date: February 14, 2018
00:07:20: Parkland, FL Shooting; guns, nihilism, emotionalism, irrationality; failure of schools
00:24:26: Trump’s 53 page infrastructure plan
00:33:35: Online sales tax
00:36:17: prison sentencing reform & Session’s opposition
00:40:03: inequality numbers
00:47:27: PC Leftist Silicon Valley and Peter Thiel part ways
00:50:02: Yaron in the UK and Safe spaces
Air Date: February 16, 2018
00:05:48: Jordan Peterson’s new book & Suffering
00:07:45: Parkland shooting & Gun Control
00:15:30: Failure of Education & nihilism and mental disease; Parental discipline
00:21:00: psychology and lack of objectivity in kids and emotionalism; blaming God
00:33:47: Guns
00:35:10: Russia investigation & Trump Jr.; Paul Manafort, Hillary Clinton, and Syria
00:52:55: MSM and reliability and the Olympics and Evolutionary Psychology
1:11:30: Campus debate, Free Speech, and professors under fire; saving the Enlightenment
1:26:15: the tyranny of convenience
Air Date: February 17, 2018
00:01:22: Question: What is the weather like in Puerto Rico?
00:02:40: Question: How to convince people that guns are not the cause of mass shootings?
00:09:13: Question: In a theoretical revolution, wouldn’t the military be splintered?
00:13:45: Question: what is the solution in Venezuela?
00:14:06: Question: Can companies undermine self-esteem of employees by rules?
00:15:18: Question: How can gun violence be reduced?
00:17:29: Question: Where are Yaron’s Lectures?
00:19:44: Question: is breaking an irrational law immoral?
00:20:45: Question: Should owners of under-developed land allow public access?
00:21:38: Question: To what extent should the government act preemptively to protect rights?
00:25:15: Question: What is ‘the sanction of the victim’?
00:30:45: Question: What is the government’s role in marriage?
00:32:40: Question: How does one discuss environmentalist issues within Objectivism?
00:37:53: Question: Are humans ‘separate’ from Nature and the environment?
00:43:35: Question: Since Iran is a sponsor of terrorism, why are the Mullahs not targeted?
00:41:00: Question: Should children be able to exercise their individual rights as children?
00:42:58: Question: Why doesn’t multiculturalism work?
00:43:49: Question: How does one deal with Pragmatists?
00:44:23: Question: What about Stoicism and Buddhism?
00:45:00: Question: Is Europe more violent than America?
00:46:19: Question: Under laissez-faire, how is consumer protection guaranteed?
00:51:08: Question: What about Pinker’s new book?
00:52:30: Question: Is life-extending technology a good weapon against religion?
00:53:22: Question: What about George Riesman’s book on Capitalism?
00:56:27: Question: Where does Yaron disagree with some Austrian economists?
00:58:57: Question: How does Rothbard rewrite history?
1:00:40: Question: Should abortion be legal? Is it moral?
1:04:45: Question: How to transition out of the liberal welfare state?
1:07:00: Question: What about Existentialism?
1:08:07: Question: should private citizens have the same guns as the police?
1:09:44: Question: Is it okay to watch ‘trashy’ TV?
1:11:26: Question: Should minimum wage be removed ASAP? What about taxes?
1:11:59: Question: Are there any ‘good’ arguments against Objectivism?
1:12:35: Question: Would there be any regulations under laissez-faire?
1:13:14: Question: What is a proper relationship between the government and arms makers?
1:16:14: Question: Under laissez-faire, how would the military be funded?
1:17:43: Question: Which is more moral: default on debt or print money?
1:18:31: Question: Did Marx do anything positive for the workers or for philosophy?
1:19:53: Question: What about the 2nd amendment and the Constitution?
1:20:54: Question: What are the consequences of the increasing national debt?
1:21:58: Question: Is monarchism good?
1:22:45: Question: How does one deal with non-Objectivists, especially family members?
1:23:27: Question: What about Hans-Herbert?
1:23:51: Question: How would primary research be done under laissez-faire?
1:26:22: Question: How to deal with ‘needy’ relatives?
1:28:14: Question: What is the problem with anarcho-capitalism?
1:28:46: Question: What about the Hoover Institute?
1:28:56: Question: Should the man always lead in every aspect of a romantic relationship?
1:30:33: Question: What about the Wonder Women film?
1:33:48: Question: Is there a ‘line’ on what guns a citizen can and cannot own?
1:37:00: Question: To what extent is Objectivism compatible with Libertarianism?
Air Date: February 20, 2018
00:01:37: Inequality charity Oxfam sex scandal in Haiti with prostitutes
00:08:44: Richard Spencer vs. Jordan Peterson
00:12:53: Trump & Republican health-care failure; a new plan
00:18:30: American government pursues nuclear sale to Saudi; proliferation
00:25:00: future show logistics & schedule
00:32:35: value and disvalue of Brexit; xenophobia, nationalism, EU, free trade, and altruism
00:43:51: Elizabeth Warren, Native Americans, Pocahontas, affirmative action & racism; ableism
00:56:53: Chinese ban on strippers at funerals
Air Date: February 21, 2018
00:03:24: GE, a history; Objectivist Virtues in a CEO; cronyism in CEO’s & business;
00:37:37: Biohacking and CRISPR
00:47:00: gasoline tax and infrastructure
00:48:40: a history of Turkey; NATO, Iran, and foreign policy
Air Date: February 22, 2018
00:04:22: Significance & Causes of School Shootings
00:08:45: preventing school shootings
00:12:00: why teenage boys are attacking government schools with bombs and guns
00:21:00: Progressive Education & Dewey: history and impact on America
00:34:05: connection between Progressive Education and school shootings ala reading wars
00:43:00: ADD & ADHD and Ritalin; school shooters and medication
00:48:00: moral relativism and anti-judgment, anti-Reason in progressive schools, K-12;
00:58:00: private school shootings vs. public school shootings; prison-like schools
1:01:14: Solving school shootings via Abolition
1:05:30: Arming Teachers and fragmenting government monopoly over education
1:07:35: Thompson’s articles “Our Killing Schools”; “New Abolitionism”; “Free Market Education”
1:15:00: Clemson University & Studying Capitalism & Lyceum Scholars program
Air Date: February 25, 2018
00:03:50: universal vs. individual values
00:07:30: difference between an objective value and a whim
00:15:38: Identifying one’s personal values
Air Date: March 1, 2018
00:00:00: the Brits and bad weather
00:03:30: the schools & Yaron & altruism & Keynesianism economics
00:14:18: Stand-out students
00:16:35: Question: Should Ayn Rand be taught in High schools?
00:17:17: Question: why are non-American teachers more receptive to Rand than USA ones?
00:19:34: Question: does Yaron advocate for privatization of NHS when in UK?
00:21:30: Changing the UK over the past 15 years
00:26:42: Brexit favorability or not?
SUPPORT YBS & ARI; Bigger gains in the UK requires bigger bucks!!
Air Date: March 2, 2018
00:00:00: Yaron’s high school talks and London School of Economics & Radley
00:13:00: Oscars & Trump’s Trade War
00:31:37: GOP & FOX criticizing Trump on: Guns & Immigration
00:35:00: Delta & NRA; Georgia state government cronyism
00:37:30: Qualcomm & Broadcom, 5G cellular service, and antitrust
00:43:00: Putin & Russia’s saber rattling
Air Date: March 3, 2018
00:01:30: facts about Chinese Steel & Aluminium production, imports and exports w/ USA
00:13:46: Question: What facts cause Israel to be condemned by the UN and others?
00:29:12: Question: Why did Nixon close the Gold window? All things Gold
00:45:40: how a gold standard works
Air Date: March 4, 2018
00:01:00: analyzing London: culture, food, and classical music; making one’s life
00:16:45: taxing subsidized imports; taking a philosophical, not economic, approach to issues
00:30:18: “Empire Buildings” by Robert Folsom
00:33:00: China and IP
00:37:57: Yaron & Sargon of Akkad; protests and safe space marshalls
00:51:07: Racism and the term race realism
Air Date: March 5, 2018
Free Speech; campus administrators, nihilists, Antifa, Pro-Palestinian, Sargon of Akkad
Air Date: March 11, 2018
00:03:40: Question: Is there a connection between failing schools, unaccompanied minors laws, and emotionalism?
00:06:57: Question: What does Objectivism mean by ‘spiritual’ & ‘spiritual values’?
00:11:08: Question: Morality & legality of late-term abortions
00:16:12: Question: When does a human acquire free will? Does an adult have ‘more’ free will than a child?
00:20:15: Question: Is it the proper role of government to have a mental health requirement for gun purchasing and gun ownership?
00:24:25: Question: What about the Parkland survivors becoming anti-gun activists?
00:27:57: Question: Are there Objectivist resources about Education?
00:31:00: Question: Why did Yaron stop teaching?
00:35:05: Question: what is the best strategy to combat the tariffs and hatred of free markets?
00:48:13: Question: Are OAC grads becoming K-12 teachers?
00:49:29: Question: Is America facing a steel shortage?
00:55:15: Question: Why did Sargon dislike rational self-interest?
Air Date: March 13, 2018
00:01:00: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
00:04:17: Survey of college students and their views of Free Speech; Free Speech under attack
00:20:13-00:20:54: Commercial Break
00:20:54: The New York Times & Intellectual awareness
00:24:02: Fake News’s impact on Twitter and social media; objectivity in the news & MSM
00:39:17-00:39:52: commercial break
00:39:52: Russia & Putin; China & Xi; American & Trump; Tillerson’s firing
00:48:34: Broadcom & Qualcomm merger blocked by Trump; national security & 5G networks
00:56:35: Question: Is it possible to create a university based on Objectivism?
Air Date: March 15, 2018
00:01:00: Yaron interviews on “the Fountainhead”; American Architecture & aesthetics
00:24:24-00:24:58: commercial Break
00:24:58: Blockchain conference in Puerto Rico
00:42:35-00:43:35: Commercial break
00:43:35: Chemical weapon poisoning in UK by Russia
00:48:25: Larry Kudlow as Trump Economic Advisor; Yaron as a speaker
Air Date: March 18, 2018
00:01:07: Introducing Greg Salmeri
00:03:27: defining and explaining self-interest; talking to others about it; barriers to selfishness
00:07:00: how the ideas of selfishness an Objectivism radical
00:11:00: why capitalism requires a moral defense
00:14:50: connection between success and self-interested acting; implicit moral codes
00:21:20: self-interest/selfishness as the human default
00:27:20: long term rational self-interest vs. short term irrationality
00:39:54: altruism in the individual and in the society
00:45:42-00:46:55: Commercial Break
00:46:55: defining and explaining sacrifice
00:55:25: meaning of life: Jordan Peterson vs. Objectivism
1:02:55: Rand usage of the word ‘selfishness’ and determining the validity of dictionary definition; concept formation and definition
1:15:54: Question: what role does skepticism have in the difficulty of talking about selfishness?
1:19:10: being rationally optimistic about the world one lives in
1:29:13: The Atlas Project
Air Date: Summer 2009
00:00:30: resources to read; course outline
00:13:55: defining and explaining interest rates
00:44:40: Question: How is the American culture so consumeristic?
00:51:00: Question: What is fractional reserve banking?
1:00:00: the Fed policy on interest rates
1:14:11: inflation measures by the Fed
1:19:45: Question: why do people defend the Fed?
1:26:00: Question: Even the best Fed chairman is doomed to fail?
Air Date: Summer 2009
00:00:30: importance of interest rates; Alan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke at the Fed
00:30:00: Supply & Demand in home prices and the Austrian Business Cycle
00:41:15: government intervention in housing
1:04:35: Question: How much fraud mal-investment was and is going on in housing markets?
1:07:12: Tax and other government policies since 1914
1:14:00: Freddie and Fannie
1:19:00: Subprime loans by Fannie and Freddie under Bush
1:26:03: Question: How much lobbying is done by lending firms?
Air Date: Summer 2009
00:00:30: investing strategies, debt ratios, regulations, hedge funds, and capital
00:12:00: Community reinvestment
00:23:55: Question: What would Keynesian economics say about the 2008 financial crisis?
00:28:10: Question: Is there any Rationality in the Fed’s policies?
00:33:00: leverage and investment banking
00:38:30: Securitization
00:52:40: Why Wall Street got bamboozled; rating agencies and other government activities
1:03:58: mathematical models and human decision making and judgment
1:10:10: history of American banking; especially under FDIC
1:14:00: Question: How much a factor does moral hazard play across the globe?
1:20:00: Uniform Principle: Introduction of Force destroys rationality
Air Date: March 24, 2018
00:02:50: why the title: “What Justice Demands”
00:05:20: the relevance of the historical background surrounding the conflict
00:08:16: Why anyone should care about Israel vs. Palestine
00:18:40: hatred of Israel; life in Israel vs. Life under Palestinian authority
00:27:27: Israel and alleged land thievery
00:50:56: generalizations about Islamists, Arabs, Palestinians, etc.
00:59:03: why anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, the influence of altruism and self-sacrifice
1:13:42: America’s past role in Israel and the Middle east vs. what it ought to be
1:21:41: dealing with war in Middle east and proper war against America’s enemies
Air Date: March 29, 2018
00:03:19: Question: What about recent changes at ARI?
00:06:05: Question: What about Walter Williams?
00:07:30: Question: to what extent does ARI utilize data analysis to better market itself?
00:09:50: Question: How do inflation and rising wages connect?
00:19:38: Question: why is it that unattractive people with bad bodies should cover up?
00:24:04: Question: Yaron and Dave Rubin, more events?
00:28:33: Question: How are the sales of Atlas Shrugged?
00:29:25: Question: Why is Trump attacking Amazon?
00:37:40: Question: What is courage?
00:42:48: Question: Is part of the appeal of tribalism linked to evolutionary psychology?
00:52:44: Question: How do new ideas become dominant in a culture?
1:05:03: Question: What role does intuition play within Objectivism?
1:16:26: Question: Would dollarizing the Venezuelan economy help?
1:19:03: Question: What about the show Billions?
1:20:10: Question: Future Yaron debates?
1:20:52: Question: Yaron going to Australia?
1:21:21: Question: Does Yaron watch Silicon Valley?
1:22:00: Question: Will there be an Atlas TV series?
1:22:25: Question: How long will it take to transform Puerto Rico into Hong Kong?
1:24:22: Question: what about campaign finance laws?
1:24:52: Question: Have people lost the ability to make generalizations?
1:25:35: Question: Can a crowdfunding platform replace government?
1:26:47: Question: Can a movie adaptation of Atlas be made?
1:27:47: Question: Term limits?
1:27:55: Question: yaron at Berkeley?
1:28:10: Question: Rand’s new biography?
1:28:22: Question: Should tariffs against China be done?
1:29:37: Question: What about Jordan Peterson’s suffering as meaning of life approach to life?
1:31:00: Tariffs and economics
1:33:47: Question: why has free trade been abandoned since the 1990’s?
1:35:38: Question: will OCON return to Las Vegas?
1:36:00: Question: Is there a moral component to the anti-free trade argument?
Air Date: March 30, 2018
00:03:35: confiscation of land of white farmers in South Africa; Constitutions and property rights
00:17:23: white genocide in South Africa
00:22:10: water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa
00:28:23-00:28:55: commercial break
00:29:00: Ben Shapiro, Christianity & logic/reason, Selfishness & trade, children, altruism, moral judgment, objectivity vs. subjectivity, relationships & sex
00:53:44-00:54:54: Commercial Break
00:54:54: Robert Reich on CEO pay, Trump & Rand, Republicans & Rand; Common Good
Air Date: April 1, 2018
00:02:40: Question: How does one fight pragmatism and the short-term emotionalistic thinking?
00:12:49: Question: What is Leonard Peikoff’s view on free trade and Trump?
00:20:20: Question: Why do principles work? Moral principles; scientific principles;
00:44:40: Question: Is Free Will about choice?
00:48:38: Question: Why are Greek works and classical aesthetic works relevant to modern life?
00:54:00: Yaron’s future speaking schedule in Latin America
00:59:50: Question: What is the Objectivist view on funerals, births, and wedding ceremonies?
Air Date: April 6, 2018
00:01:44: Yaron in Argentina; debates on inequality, capitalism, and morality
00:09:08: Impressions of Argentina: cemetery architecture, fascism, and statist policies; Trump, Tariffs and Trade
00:24:44: Question: Isn’t steel important for military purposes; hence a tariff?; China and Trade and Economics; Conspiracy theories and international communists
00:40:50: similarities between America and Argentina
00:42:15: Question: should someone start with The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged?
00:43:43: Yaron in Brazil; corruption investigations and Justice; events; supporting Yaron
1:01:00: Yaron Brook Show and hiring Yaron to do an event
Air Date: April 12, 2018
00:04:50: thoughts on Brazil; events, talks, and state of Brazilian culture
00:12:42: Zuckerberg testifying before Congress; the principles; regulating the internet
00:28:42: US deficit numbers
00:37:45: FBI shuts down Backpage; prostitution; sex trafficking
00:45:10: Trump and Syria and missiles; attacking the enemy; American self-interest; Israel
00:50:44: Question: Is there actual change occuring in Saudi Arabia?
00:52:54: Question: What should the US military do in the Middle East?
00:54:47: Gaza and Israel
Air Date: April 2018
00:00:00: impeaching Brazil’s president; politicians; true crime; evil of statism and force initiation
00:06:30: rejecting control; rejecting collectivism; embracing individualism and laissez-faire
00:14:35: keeping the commitment to liberty; setting free the individual.
00:19:18-00:19:22: applause
00:19:22: collectivism in Brazil and across the Earth
00:23:50: focus on individualism, not politics; study and teach and live proper ideas
Air Date: April 18, 2018
00:03:00: Why ARI and Yaron spend so much time outside of America
00:28:12: Question: What are the similarities and differences between Sam Harris’s morality and Ayn Rand’s?
00:40:35: Question: Has Rand’s hypothesis about music been supported or debunked?
00:42:20: Question: Will Yaron speak with Sargon soon?
00:46:28: Question: Why is Yaron more concerned about nationalists and less about leftist collectivists?
1:00:20: Question: Is it true that the ‘conservatives’ are more damaging to Capitalism than ‘liberals’ like Rand said?
Air Date: April 23, 2018
00:02:35: overview of Yaron’s trip
00:07:00: truck terrorism in Toronto; combatting and crushing terrorism
00:23:35: Question: If America falls, does the rest of the West fall?
00:30:20: North Korea’s nuclear program and Trump; principles of foreign policy
00:34:02: Google’s profits
00:35:40: Mike Pompeo wins nomination in Senate
00:38:08: Question: Is the Iran deal good because it slows down their nuclear program?
00:40:25: Bernie Sanders’ plan for universal employment
Air Date: April 25, 2018
00:05:55: involuntary celibacy: purpose & self-esteem; education & nihilism; Jordan Peterson & religion
00:26:00: Islam & Sex & Polygamy & War
00:32:10: Finland and UBI
00:36:20: Question: Can curated museums promote a sense of life like a singular artwork does?
00:38:20: Question: Is it proper to describe businessman as ‘ruthless’?
00:42:07: Question: Yaron’s top 3 books on Objectivism
00:45:52: EPA deregulation and publishing scientific data used by EPA
00:50:30: Supreme Court cases and Neil Gorsuch
Air Date: April 26, 2018
00:03:55: Question: Is raising bilingual children valuable for them?
00:09:35: Question: Should the government provide a lawyer to a defendant?
00:14:15: Question: How should an Objectivist approach funerals, weddings, etc. in the culture?
00:23:20: Question: Where is the line between treason and free speech?
00:26:20: Question: When a person is dying, is it okay to lie to them about heaven?
00:31:06: Question: Is Scientology worse than Christianity?
00:35:35: Question: What is the future of Italy like post 5-star?
00:43:35: Question: American Farm Policy, GMO’s, subsidies, etc.
00:51:22: Question: Is there anything good or proper about imposing tariffs?
00:53:50: Question: What are ‘Arabs’?
00:56:32: Question: How does one select a ‘good’ post-secondary institution?
00:58:14: Question: What about Rucka Rucka Ali’s stuff on Objectivism?
1:01:37: Question: If an Objectivist is dying, should they [magically] cure cancer by dying sooner?
1:05:15: Question: Why is it, allegedly, morally superior to adopt a sheltered dog?
Air Date: April 27, 2018
Air Date: April 30, 2018
00:06:00: Question: Is deceptive marketing wrong, both morally and legally?
00:26:00: Question: Why has sacrifice always been apart of human history and existence?
00:47:00-00:48:00: technical difficulties
00:49:00: Question: Why are there certification laws/requirements? What about accreditation?
00:59:54: Question: What prevents lawmakers from being ‘bought’ under laissez-faire?
Air Date: May 7, 2018
00:02:00: Karl Marx’s impact on history and modern intellectuals; capitalism vs. communism
00:28:48: Question: Isn’t the libertarian movement partial to Marx due to their materialism?
00:32:00: More Marxist predictions
00:47:18: Question: Didn’t Rand die on welfare?
00:49:03: Principle behind the Welfare State
1:00:50: Kanye West challenging ‘the system’
1:04:00: Comedy, Rucka Rucka Ali, Objectivism, and profanity; Movies and Humor
Air Date: May 11, 2018
00:03:00: Thoughts on Jordan Peterson and his popularity
00:12:45: Analyzing Jordan Peterson’s Q&A video on psychological egoism and altruism
1:08:00: Peterson’s confusion, Primacy of Consciousness, and mixed premises
1:11:27: Question: How does one make decisions about one’s future?
Air Date: May 13, 2018
00:01:00: Background info
00:04:17: the relationship(s) between philosophy and several fields of psychology
00:12:10: philosophy and mental health and psychology
00:13:32: Genetics, epistemology, and cognitive therapy
00:19:02: psychology’s influence on ideas
00:22:20: combating determinism in psychology; nature vs. nurture
00:25:18: Free Will in psychology; methodology and evidence
00:36:09: Ariely’s “The Honest Truth about Dishonesty” and bonuses to CEOs
00:42:40: IQ and Intelligence
00:50:42: Question: Is an Objectivist therapist in a better position to morally evaluate a patient than the Objectivists in the patient’s life?
00:53:15: Question: Do humans have Free Will? How is that established?
00:58:02: Question: Does ‘Tabula Rasa’ position contradict evolutionary psychology?
1:03:50: Envy and Emotions and Determinism
1:08:52: Chemical imbalances, medicine, fight or flight responses, and psychological ‘cures’
1:14:30: Self-Esteem and cognitive psychology
1:21:08: Question: When should one go see a therapist?
Air Date: May 26, 2018
00:01:33: show start & support YBS
00:07:00: Monaco and Tax Havens
00:09:12: Yaron in Israel; changing people’s lives
00:25:00: OCON 2018 & being Rationally Optimistic
00:27:05: Democratic Socialism, Scandinavia, Materialism, and Inequality
00:41:14: Socialism, Communism, Nihilism, civility and convincing others
00:56:02: Question: What is nihilism and how can it be fought?
1:03:23: Question: What about Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase? Christopher Hitchens?
1:06:28: Question: Tommy Robinson’s arrest, good or bad?
1:09:41: Question: What is Christianity about?
1:11:48: Question: What about forced monogamy?
Air Date: May 30, 2018
00:00:00: 10k Subscribers!!!
00:05:43: Question: What European countries has Yaron not visited?
00:07:23: Question: What is the root cause of poverty in black and hispanic communities?
00:29:35: Question: What are anti-concepts and what are the ‘worst’ ones used in the media?
00:50:11: Question: How would an Objectivist political candidate run? Is it ‘good’ to run now?
1:02:44: Question: Why is ARI having financial difficulties?
1:05:46: Question: Are non-compete contracts valid?
Air Date: May 31, 2018
00:02:00: Question: What are the psychological differences, and implications, b/w men and women?
00:18:55: Question: How is Leonard Peikoff?
00:29:00: Question: What is the value of creating art, even as a hobby?
00:39:45: Question: Why is Trump’s raising tariffs so popular?
00:48:55: Question: Is having a volunteer army a good check on the government’s power?
00:55:13: Question: Thoughts on Zac Snyder and The Fountainhead
1:02:37: Question: Is statism a religion?
1:03:54: Question: Is Leonard Peikoff coming to OCON 2018?
1:04:25: Question: Are ADD and ADHD real?
1:13:53: Question: What about red lining done by government and banks?
1:19:48: Question: Is it proper to end a friendship with a white supremacist?
1:21:10: Question: How will the increasing national debt influence daily life in America?
1:24:30: Question: How should private banking be done?
1:28:32: Question: How do friendships with Objectivists compare with collectivists/leftists?
1:32:40: Question: Can an Objectivist-Palestinian leave Gaza?
1:34:50: Question: Will Yaron be on Joe Rogan’s podcast?
1:35:47: Question: Is Jordan Peterson’s success a threat to the culture?
1:37:55: Question: Is using an electric vehicle, using one, similar to accepting a scholarship?
Air Date: June 1, 2018
00:02:30: Roseanne’s racist tweet
00:11:05: Trump’s new Tariffs against Canadian steel; Left’s response; economic atmosphere
00:22:45: Trade deficit, production, employment, investment and infrastructure
00:30:15: North Korean summit with Trump
00:38:13: Trump’s Energy Department subsidizes coal and nuclear power plants
00:40:55: Fauda recommendation
00:46:36: China’s anti-pollution campaign, garbage importation and recycling
00:53:53: Question: What is the proper assessment of the term ‘humanism’?
00:56:35: Question: What about Steven Andrew’s show?
00:57:27: Question: Should Sex-Ed be taught in schools?
1:00:25: Loosening regulations on Space Exploration
1:02:52: Right to try bill
1:05:14: Question: Is it actually possible to leave Gaza?
1:09:23: Question: Who is in charge of the Atlas Society?
Air Date: June 4, 2018
00:02:33: unprincipled SCOTUS ruling; individual liberty; protecting the rule of law
00:15:52: Question: Who has Yaron killed and why?
00:20:55: Trump Pardons himself; criticizing the President; importance of character and morality
00:33:30: Mueller investigation; creeps and cronyism
00:35:58-00:37:32: commercial break
00:38:39: Monsanto bought out by Bayer
00:44:30: Question: Why are Europeans scared of GMO’s?
00:46:00: Question: What is the best way to learn/study Objectivism to spread the message?
00:48:46: Question: How can one argue for property rights in CA?
00:54:17: Remembering Tiananmen Square
1:03:24: Question: Is Elon Musk a crony or a decent businessman?
1:07:38: Question: Is it harder for altruists to demonize tech business as compared to other businesses?
1:11:05: Tommy Robinson
1:14:31: Women drivers in Saudi Arabia
1:17:37: Question: Thoughts about protests in Jordan?
Air Date: June 6, 2018
00:00:00: Similarities between Yaron and Gad
00:03:00: Free Speech, academic freedom, political freedom, and role of government
00:19:00: the achievement of Reason; danger of bad ideas to humans; combating Islam
00:30:28: Tommy Robinson
00:34:15: Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson, and morality
00:46:45: Free Will, Genetics, Evolutionary Psychology, Determinism, Sam Harris, Mysticism
1:06:48: Social Prestige, Reason, Proximal and Ultimate causes; Honesty
1:23:47: Moral Principles and Concepts across languages
1:31:57: virtue of Pride
1:36:45: Morality of Advertising and human psychology; Darwin; Choice
Air Date: June 11, 2018
00:03:52: Impressions of Spain
00:11:25: Trade wars
00:18:15: Question: Is airport security the government’s job or the airport’s?
00:21:46: Question: Why does China sell so much stuff to America?
00:22:55: Question: How much influence did Aristotle have on Islam’s Golden Age?
00:36:33: Question: What should the income tax be replaced with?
00:37:11: Question: What about insurance companies that deal with pre-existing conditions?
00:40:40: Question: Is Islam more violent, as a religion, than Judeo-Christian religions?
00:50:58: Question: Is there a point in which automation threatens human jobs?
00:57:20: Question: Is it possible to transform communities, economically, without relocation?
1:02:00: Question: Why is crime increasing in London?
Air Date: June 14, 2018
00:03:55: Trump meets with Kim Jong Un; good and evil and compromise; foreign policy principles
00:20:22: a different path for North Korea; dealing with a bully
00:28:15: meeting with Stalin/USSR & Mao/China
00:36:00: Rand on Communist China under Mao; responses to Trump’s meeting
00:39:22: Obama to Cuba vs. Trump to North Korea; Press Conference
00:41:00: Question: Isn’t Trump meeting with Un similar to Reagan meeting with Gorbachev?
00:43:30: categorizing countries around the world
00:49:22: Question: Was it legitimate for America to have trade sanctions against Apartheid South Africa?
00:51:39: Question: Thoughts on At&T’s successful merger case against DOJ?
00:53:30: Question: Should Trump continue to ‘butter-up’ Kim Jong Un?
00:55:18: Question: Wouldn’t supporting an internal rebellion be good to help N. Korea?
00:55:48: Question: What impact does the Fed’s raising of interest rates has on ‘the bubble’?
00:57:36: Question: What was Dennis Rodman doing in North Korea?
Air Date: June 18, 2018
00:01:30: economics/finance degree vs. business economics degree; proper education
00:09:03: Rajshree’s journey to Objectivism
00:13:23: Op Eds and academic works on: Economics, Trade, Immigration, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Morality
00:19:26: Question: What about Michael Shermer’s objections to Rand’s views on human nature, selfishness, happiness, and competitiveness?
00:34:26: happiness, resolving contradictions, and being an Objectivist
00:36:15: perceptions of business and Bernie Madoff and selfishness
00:41:56: Question: Should a manager fire an employee who offends other employees?
00:46:40: Teamwork & Self-Interest; Independence vs. Dependence; Leadership
1:00:00: Genius and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
1:07:50: Ed Snyder and Ayn Rand; Founding ARI with Leonard Peikoff
Air Date: June 20, 2018
00:02:00: new background for Yaron; event schedule
00:06:30: Question: What about the movie “There Will be Blood”?
00:08:00: Peter Singer etal’s article on Population Control in Washington Post; Ehrlich's “Population Bomb”; minorities & sterilization; Africa and Capitalism and Natural Resources
00:27:45: Black Panther, Natural Resources, Climate Change, Wealth Production
00:34:05: Question: Is Somalia Capitalist?; anarcho-capitalism
00:37:40: Question: Do immigrants drive down wages in certain jobs?
00:43:42: Question: Are the staffing problems at the NHS due to Brexit?
00:47:07: Question: Is Islam a problem in Somalia?
00:49:00: Question: Should Texas leave America?
00:50:47: Question: What about Peter Schiff?
00:52:02: growth of the middle class over 40+ years
00:59:15: Question: Why did Rand like Aristotle’s philosophy?
Air Date: June 21, 2018
00:01:15: Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson at OCON
00:18:20: the source of Jordan Peterson’s popularity
00:33:20: Question: What is Peterson’s view on happiness and is he happy?
00:40:25-00:42:00: commercial break
00:42:00: Question: Why is Leonard Peikoff not at OCON?
00:43:00: Objectivist Self-Help contra Jordan Peterson
00:47:10: Question: Would Yaron interview Leonard Peikoff?
00:47:40: Objectivist Self-Help contra Jordan Peterson
00:54:39: Question: What is the relationship between Dostoevsky and Objectivism?
00:56:34: Question: Is direct-primary care insurance good?
Air Date: June 24, 2018
00:03:50: Question: What significance is it that failure exists?
00:06:45: Question: Why didn’t Rand engage in more philosophical debates?
00:13:13: Question: Why would Peterson, or others, dismiss Objectivism?
00:24:00: Question: Why has mysogniy been prevalent throughout human history?
00:29:35: Question: Why would some people want more money back in 1978?
00:44:07: Question: What about the Libertarian party?
00:47:57: Question: What philosophy/philosopher sets America up for Trump?
00:53:33: Question: What should adults do about kids bullying other kids?
00:57:35: Question: What about the new EU internet laws?
00:59:46: Question: Who is Yaron’s favorite non-Objectivist intellectual/author/etc.?
1:04:00: Question: Yaron’s favorite boxer?
1:07:17: Question: How did Auguste Comte’s work lead to Marx?
1:10:20: Question: How good is Fauda season 2?
Air Date: June 26, 2018
00:04:33: Question: Thoughts on proposal to split California into 3 states?
00:11:34: Question: What will the OCON schedule be?
00:13:05: Question: Is it good to pay $1000 for sex?
00:13:43: Question: When making/forming judgments of others, by what standard does one judge them?
00:25:07: Question: Is it better for America to be comprised of smaller states?
00:27:33: Question: In micro-economics classes, students are taught that certain good must be publicly funded. Is this proper?
00:32:46: Question: Why shouldn’t government own property/land?
00:38:00: Question: How should one evaluate news stories?
00:47:47: Question: Is Tesla approaching bankruptcy?
00:50:44: Question: Is constant news coverage of stock markets useful?
00:53:27: Question: How, if at all, should companies deal with maternity leave?
00:55:06: Question: Is the Treasury Bond Yield a good tool to predict recession?
00:56:40: Question: Is technical analysis useful for investment?
00:57:36: Question: Is it better to describe humans as volitional animals?
00:58:58: Question: How can Objectivists organize politically?
1:00:35: Question: What are the implications of Alexander Dugan’s philosophy?
1:02:30: Question: Given the rise of political violence on both left and right, what are the short and long term consequences of said violence?
1:07:15: Question: Is a risk of manipulating interest rates too much of a concern to invest?
Air Date: June 30, 2018
00:02:35: Objectivism and Optimism; projecting the future; global knowledge explosion
00:18:15: American and DIM vs. global perspective and global energy
00:19:35: Iran and Islamic threat; nuclear weapons; immigration into Europe
00:30:33: demographic and statistical analysis on birth rates
00:38:00: China; Immigration; economic/technological development
00:42:38: Question: Is there an optimistic outcome for American education?
Air Date: June 30, 2018
00:00:22: privatizing education; minimum wage;
00:05:02: Question: Is Yaron found of Ridley Scott films like Aliens?
00:09:45: Question: What about AI?; Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss
00:16:07: Question: What about the problems that business progress creates?
00:21:48: Question: What is the difference between economic and political power?
00:25:45: Question: Could the world of Atlas Shrugged actually exist in this world?
00:30:36: Question: How do ideas disseminate and influence a culture?
Air Date: July 9, 2018
00:06:30: plastic armageddon according to NPR and Seattle
00:13:35: “Too many of America’s ‘Smartest’ waste their talents”; egalitarianism; education; discrimination; central planning & bureaucracy; teaching
00:32:15: Question: Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens?
00:38:15: Question: How collectivistic are Japanese schools?
00:41:25: Question: Thoughts on Jordan Peterson?
00:45:40: Child Separation, Justice and the Law, increased illegal immigration, Trump on stopping illegal immigration; crime statistics, lying, and extrapolation
1:07:46: Question: What should happen to immigrants who illegally cross the border, with or without children?; War on Drugs
1:11:25: Question: What are some ‘good’ sites for statistics on various topics?
1:14:43: Kananaugh as SCOTUS nominee
1:18:25: Question: Should ICE be abolished?; government ID and paperwork
Air Date: July 10, 2018
00:02:00: Thoughts on the Peterson discussion
00:10:30: Objectivist perspective on Free Will vs. Peterson’s perspective
00:28:55: Question: What is Peterson’s view on Reason and what was the ‘game-plan’ for the talk?; Fact and Value: Objectivism vs. Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris
00:41:10: solving the Is-Ought gap: Objectivism vs. Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris
00:50:15: Ethics and Happiness
00:56:40: Chairs, Epistemology, Concept-Formation
1:08:30: Question: Is understanding fact and value relevant to free will; is this why Sam Harris is a determinist?
1:21:45: Evolutionary Psychology and Science
1:31:13: differences between men and women, a philosophical and scientific approach
1:44:55: Question: Is bio-centric psychology or evolutionary psychology legitimate and/or compatible with Objectivism?
1:46:07: Question: Does Peterson believe in a literal God or what?
1:52:45: Question: Is Peterson, in metaphysics, a primary of consciousness type?
Air Date: July 12, 2018
00:02:30: recapping recent shows & new videos on YouTube
00:05:10: Understanding Self-Interest as applied to Sex & Relationships
00:24:50: Question: Could the Founders seen beyond their moral theories in the 1800’s?
00:28:37: Question: What about gay/bisexual individuals and masculine/feminine roles?
00:30:20: Question: Is it okay for private prisons to profit from capturing criminals and keeping them or rehabilitating them?
00:32:36: Question: Should women be allowed to serve on the frontlines?
00:34:13: Question: Would Yaron still support Silicon Valley if they held Alt-Right views?
00:41:36: Question: What is the difference between kindness and altruism?
00:46:37: Question: Is the profit motive in private prisons evil?
00:48:13: Question: How does one objectively evaluate an individual’s character?
00:53:11: Shakespeare on Evil & Goodness
00:58:37: Question: Is the reason that intellectuals misrepresent Objectivism their own failure to understand it or is it the truth of it is beyond their ability to accept?
Air Date: July 15, 2018
00:02:37: Jason Hill’s backstory: Jamaica, gay, communist family and discovering Ayn Rand
00:18:05: Coming to America and Black Intellectual Leaders, race relations
00:25:32: Racism in America; Civil Rights Act and Starbucks
00:34:20: Black on Black Crime, Poverty in Black communities, and government
00:38:00: Black Lives Matter and the Police ala Tanahassee Quotaes
00:48:07: Question: How is public education in Chicago bad and/or corrupt?
00:52:50: Death of the American Dream?; Immigrants and Welfarism
1:00:47: the next book: Left Wing Ideologies on College Campuses and leftist Professors
1:08:38: Question: Are some blacks discouraged by other blacks to not succeed?
Air Date: July 22, 2018
00:01:17: CVS pharmacist and Transgender and legality; sex education
00:10:00: difference between personal evaluation of art and objective evaluation of art
00:21:48: Question: Is it moral/normal to fantasize about old romances?
00:24:08: Question: Is the failure to understand ‘win-win’ in economics due to sports?
00:29:15: status of the Euro and the European Central Bank and Inflation
00:33:45: Question: Is it zero-sum to think that only Trump or Hillary could’ve been elected?
00:48:10: Question: Thoughts on the EU’s fine against Google?
00:53:30: Question: Thoughts on psychiatric drugs?
00:57:15: Question: Is there a difference between human emotion and animal emotion?
00:59:30: Question: How many flight miles did Yaron accrue in 2017?
1:02:00: Question: Thoughts on ‘famous’ entrepreneurs beating the index?
1:05:10: Question: Is there a difference between Hillary or Trump?
Air Date: July 23, 2018
00:00:00: Introducing Paul Beard; background, resume, and Objectivist growth
00:05:35: Objectivism, Property rights, Judges, and the Law
00:09:45: Pacific Legal Foundation, A History and the Supreme Court
00:13:05: California Coastal Commission, a synopsis
00:22:07: assessing California’s present and future
00:26:17: Making progress in CA and around America; Trump Federal Court Nominees
00:29:26: Environmental regulations and business owners and legal battles; regulatory agencies
00:37:33: Private Law Practice in CA with Paul Beard
00:40:48: Question: Are all beaches in CA public property like in Hawaii?
00:45:03: Applying property rights to beaches and ocean front property under laissez-faire
00:47:20: Endangered Species; Spotted Owls and Environmentalists’ lists
00:51:40: ObamaCare
00:59:00: Property rights, Institute of Justice, and School Choice in Puerto Rico
1:00:57: Question: How does a law student get involved in litigating pro-liberty cases?
Air Date: July 24, 2018
00:04:10: Question: What is the status of laws governing individual actions that don’t harm themselves, but have externalities like pollution?
00:23:50: Question: What caused massive poverty in 1890-1910 in Immigrant population, especially in NYC?
00:48:48: Question: What are the minimum requirements to be called an ‘Objectivist’?
00:56:58: Question: Opinion of Ray Kroc in The Founder?
00:59:55: Question: Aside from Brian Lawson, who are other good artists?
1:03:35: Question: How should Israel deal with Hamas?
1:07:08: Question: Thoughts on Charles Tew?
1:14:33: Question: Thoughts on Israel’s Nation State Law?
1:16:30: Question: Trump administration subsidizing farmers due to tariffs?
1:18:48: Question: Are there good economics textbooks or books in general?
1:20:07: Question: Thoughts on Crimson Tide?
1:23:05: Question: How should America handle IP theft; especially from China?
1:24:48: Question: How would an Objectivist Culture of the future be different from previous ones?
Air Date: July 30, 2018
00:00:50: introducing Dale Stevens and his background; human brain similarities
00:16:30: explaining and defining Neuroscience
00:24:45: Current Neuroscience research; memory and concept formation
00:33:00: Question: Is it possible to trick an individual to have false memories?
00:36:00: differences between memory in humans
00:49:00: Developing new treatments for depression with neuroscience
00:58:28: Neuroscience, depression, neurochemicals, Free Will vs. chemical Determinism
1:09:00: Studies to explain Free Will and Focus
1:12:40: Sam Harris, Neuroscience, and Determinism
1:26:10: Question: What is Deja-Vu?; Tip-of-the-Tongue
1:30:43: Question: Method of Loci?; Hypnosis
1:33:48: connecting Neuroscience and Concepts
Air Date: August 5, 2018
00:02:25: Defining and Explaining Economic Growth; GDP
00:08:40: Causes of Economic Growth; productivity, technology, freedom
00:21:37: Question: Why would an individual choose to produce if they cannot keep it?; Trade and War
00:28:33: Suppressing Economic Growth
00:34:30: Question: How is Liberty a right whereas Education and health care aren’t?
00:41:57: Question: Do bail-outs encourage stagnation?
00:44:05: Question: How does one deal with a bad trade?
00:48:30: State of America’s Economy; regulations, taxes, trade, Trump, and the future
1:12:30: Chinese tariffs, WTO tariffs, and recessions
1:16:00: Question: Under ideal Objectivist society, would an entity like the EU exist?
1:17:25: Equalizer II; Justice and Free Will
1:30:10: Korean TV on Netflix, Mr. Sunshine
1:35:50: Question: Should one have empathy towards irrational individuals?
Air Date: August 6, 2018
00:01:07: Introducing Alex and CIP
00:16:05: Question: Did Alex like Ellis Wyatt in Atlas Shrugged?
00:18:22: Objectivism, CIP, Self-interest, and pro-energy
00:23:40: Alex at ARI and promoting business & energy; creating Center for Industrial Progress
00:30:05: Value of working at ARI and being an intellectual
00:36:47: Question: Thoughts on Jordan Peterson and attacking green movement?
00:40:54: Question: Has Objectivism influenced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
00:43:58: Question: Is cold fusion possible?
00:47:00: Question: Thoughts on Alex’s Google talk?; Silicon Valley’s value
00:51:27: A new approach to human flourishing, in general and in energy
1:06:48: Question: Why is Norman Borlaug not praised more?; nuclear power
1:12:33: Assessing the influence/progress made in energy by CIP
1:20:50: Current issues in energy-business
1:29:25: Alex’s new podcast
Air Date: August 13, 2018
00:03:52: Savings, Investment, Spending, and Debt; asking and answering key questions
00:08:48: Yaron’s Financial Journey
00:20:47: Question: What about getting health insurance as a young student?
00:27:27: Question: When did Yaron learn how to be money conscious and to manage money?
00:36:13: Question: Is it good to save for retirement in one’s 20’s and then live life in retirement?
00:42:15: Question: Is it possible for people to hold wealth redistribution as a good while poor to change their mind when they begin to earn more money?
00:44:20: Question: Is the market to buy a house good in America?
00:49:18: Question: When should one avoid debt?
00:52:10: Question: Should debt be paid off before beginning to save ala Dave Ramsey?
00:54:10: Question: What should 65+ year-old retirees do with their home equity?
00:56:23: Question: how should one evaluate various personal finance advisers?
00:58:21: Question: Is bankruptcy a good debt financing option?
00:59:47: Investment Advice; self, own-business, and in the market
1:04:05: Question: Is investing in a 401k and an HSA a good idea?
1:09:40: Question: is there value in taking a college course on personal finance?
1:11:45: Question: What is a 401k?
1:16:58: Question: Will the next recession be as bad as the last?
1:19:30: Question: thoughts on Trump’s Turkey tariffs?
1:22:15: Question: How should one invest one’s money?
1:25:00: Integrating personal values and one’s life goals
Air Date: August 14, 2018
00:02:30: Cause and Effect of Turkey’s economic crisis
00:12:00: Bailing out Turkey; hedging; growth of authoritarianism
00:25:40: Question: Is there an instance in which tariffs are good?
00:28:40: Question: How similar is Turkey to Greece?
00:33:27: Question: Will there be more QE before the recession hits?
00:36:36: Catholic sex abuse, English rape gangs, and government involvement
00:43:43: Question: As individuals, what can be done to prevent Turkey’s collapse from happening in America and how to protect oneself, financially, from the coming economic crisis?
00:49:49: Alex Jones, Facebook, Libel law, platforms, Media, and property rights
1:01:00: Question: Thoughts on Men’s Rights Activists?
Air Date: August 15, 2018
00:01:30: Discovering Ayn Rand and Art
00:06:00: aesthetics as a human need and as a branch of philosophy
00:14:50: sculpture and NYC
00:19:05: defining and explaining what Art is
00:30:00: artist entrepreneurs
00:34:31: Question: thoughts on ‘Sunday Afternoon’?; Metaphysical and Value judgements in Art
00:50:05: Art recommendations
Air Date: August 17, 2018
00:00:00: setting the context for discussing Islam
00:09:05: Question: Thoughts on James Valliant’s book ‘Creating Christ’?
00:09:50: addressing common misconceptions about Islam and its impact on the West
00:22:16: What a Religion Is; What Islam Is; What it means to be a Muslim and Judging
00:33:00: Muslim immigrants in America, Surveys, and holding the context
00:42:00: Islam at War with the West; defining Islam; winning a proper war
00:54:40: Immigration bans and vetting immigrants
1:04:00: Catholic priests, England Rape Gangs, and Judaism's sex slaves
1:15:50: Question: What is an argument against Deism?; history of Islam and Islamism
1:28:38: Question: Why should Muslims be banned?; Japanese racism & Elizabeth Warren
1:38:00: Douglas Murray and Yaron in London: “Who Killed Western Civilization?”
Air Date: August 19, 2018
00:01:38: Question: is the promotion of ‘all-natural’ products a type of anti-human mentality?
00:06:40: Question: Thoughts on the Philadelphia Art Museum vs. Warhol Art Museum
00:13:50: Question: Thoughts on eating ‘good’ food like pound cake?
00:16:20: Question: Is there an opportunity to make a big impact in American politics?
00:20:50: Question: Who is Yaron’s favorite rock-band and/or favorite song?
00:27:10: Question: How would ARI be involved in political activism?
00:34:22: Question: What is the difference between ‘inherent’ and ‘intrinsic’?
00:38:58: Question: What is Yaron’s favorite car?
00:40:55: Question: How does one integrate one’s personal values with Objectivism?
00:45:38: Question: Is the idea of a ‘multi-verse’ as arbitrary as the idea of a ‘Prime Mover’?
00:48:16: Question: Thoughts on forced parity and salary caps in sports?
00:50:35: Question: Is doing something that can lessen one’s lifespan a rational value?
00:53:27: Question: Are there audio clips of Rand that ARI hasn’t yet released?
00:56:00: Question: Isn’t the forced parity in sports a way for better managers/owners to rise?
00:59:23: Question: What is the morality of divorce?
1:03:30: Question: how to pursue a career in economics or finance?
1:09:38: Question: If African art was more romantic, would that help Africa develop?
1:12:40: Question: Thoughts on cognitive stratification in society?
1:18:00: Question: Why are intellectuals and universities and professors Leftists?
1:22:20: Question: Thoughts on debt financing?
1:28:40: Question: Why did Rand not have children?
1:32:30: Question: Are movies that dramatize historical events good?
1:32:55: Question: In an Objectivist society, would elections still matter?
1:35:00: Question: Thoughts on how businesses and platforms should interact with their customers?
1:37:00: Question: How does one fix Chicago?
1:38:20: Question: Thoughts on Steve Ditko
1:40:27: Question: Yaron’s event with Douglas Murray
1:43:40: Question: Should in-group preferences be fought against and transcended?
1:46:16: Question: Is saving for an early retirement a good idea?
1:51:20: Question: How does private education actually help?
Air Date: August 27, 2018
00:01:20: Yaron’s talks in Brazil; businessmen, ideas, reading Atlas Shrugged; translating Rand’s works;
00:13:07: Trump, Mexico, Trade, new NAFTA, tariffs, and true free trade
00:18:45: Question: How can American workers compete with Mexican workers?
00:24:30: Question: What is Redistributionism?
00:26:25: Finding new Objectivists; promoting laissez-faire free markets, Left vs. Right converts
00:29:30: the Tea Party, Religion, Medicare, and intellectuality; Trump and authoritarianism
00:40:02: Trump and Google; Social Media and Free Speech; criticizing the President
Air Date: September 7, 2018
00:07:25: Question: How has the world gotten richer in the past 40 years?; military power; freedom; free trade; China & Russia
00:32:47: Question: Will Peikoff’s History of Philosophy course pt.2 be on ARI Campus?
00:35:00: Question: Are conspiracy theories ever good or useful or true?
00:35:50: Question: Is there a movie with a good aspect or portrayal of Objectivism?
00:37:40: Question: What is insider trading?
00:38:03: Question: Why did Rand like Von Mises and not Friedman?
00:40:52: Question: Where is OCON 2019?
00:43:45: Question: What is the source and counter to the claim ‘if it is not regulated, then it is not safe’?
1:05:14: Question: Would Islam be better for capitalism than other religions?
1:09:00: Question: Thoughts on “The Great American Writers”?; Twain, Poe, etc.
1:12:40: Question: Isn’t Trump trying to establish free trade and help with all his antics?
Air Date: September 8, 2018
00:02:10: Question: Is there a cognitive dissonance ala Trump in Brazil due to Venezuela’s collapse?; Immigration under laissez-faire; welfare-state; proper government; border security
00:11:55: Question: Is Mexico moving towards freedom or no due to its recent elections?
00:15:57: Question: Thoughts on Candice Owens?; Eric and Bret Weinstein
00:23:17: Question: Thoughts on Baumol’s cost disease and supposed threat of robots taking jobs?
00:47:13: Question: Will Crypto currencies, Bitcoin Ethereum, etc., replace fiat currencies?
00:52:21: Question: What is Insider-Trading and how does it relate to individual rights and free trade?
Air Date: September 9, 2018
00:02:33: #Metoo’s history, fighting against sexual violence; Harvey Weinstein
00:09:55: Rape, physical violence, and harassment
00:24:35: travesty of #Metoo; navigating male/female relationships
00:27:43: Question: How should young individuals, Objectivists, approach romantic relationships in the context of #Metoo?
00:33:30: Question: How should one deal with false accusations of rape/harassment?
00:38:22: Question: Can a prostitute be an Objectivist?
00:39:50: Question: What is the difference in attitude towards sex in Catholic countries vs. non-Catholic countries? Religious attitudes towards sex
00:50:44: Question: Thoughts on Miss USA foregoing swimsuit competitions?
00:54:40: Question: At what point is armed revolution against the government proper?
00:57:16: Question: Should the sale of human organs be legalized?
00:59:04: Question: thoughts on Disney Land?
00:59:54: Question: Does Yaron have pets?
1:01:54: Question: Is having sex to have children good?
1:02:45: Question: What is the difference between a right and a privilege?
1:04:25: Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy; villains in modern movies/shows; ideas move the world
1:09:45: Starbucks moves to Italy; coffee and businessman; Italian culture and politics
1:18:54: Question: Thoughts on Rand’s opinion on a women president?
Air Date: September 10, 2018
00:00:00: Government Response and Economic/Political Results of Great Recession
00:08:38: the lead-up to Lehman Bankruptcy; bankruptcy proceedings;
00:18:28: government bailouts; rule of law
00:23:44: why Lehman didn’t get a bailout; causes of Great Recession; Paulson and Bernanke; economic crisis and authoritarianism; rule of men; dictatorship
00:36:03: Dodd-Frank and other financial regulations; long-term consequences
00:39:52: Question: What is the short-term problem from the 2008 bailout?
00:47:45: true lessons learned post-2008 economic crisis
00:49:45: Question: Is Poverty in US increasing and why is it so?; government education
00:53:05: Question: Isn’t fascism, ala China, better than capitalism qua economic system?
00:57:08: Question: Isn’t Trump already bailing out industries via Farm Bill and Tariffs?
00:59:58: Question: Is there any Objectivist political party?
1:02:17: Question: How do Objectivists deal with contradictions like government and rights?
1:03:30: Question: Thoughts on current US trade deficit?
1:12:14: US health market and medical costs
Air Date: September 13, 2018
00:01:55: Ben’s early bio and discovering Rand and Objectivism
00:09:16: philosophy and conspiracy theories
00:14:30: basic premises and conspiracy theories and History; 9/11
00:19:00: attractiveness of conspiracy theories; ‘power’ of evil;
00:23:30: communist conspiracy theories and Islamist conspiracy theories; Rand’s analysis
00:29:18: Cultural Marxism conspiracy’s and Frankfurt school; Tribalism
00:36:44: Catholic Church Conspiracies, Sex, Death Penalty and Moral authority
00:50:20: Question: Do conspiracy theories apply to Islam and other religions?
00:52:20: Question: Why should one be moral if there is no God or moral authority?
00:58:30: Abortion, Science, and individual rights; Utilitarianism and animal rights and pain
1:10:35: Question: Is there something unique about how conspiracy theories and religionists rationalize their arguments/beliefs?
1:13:29: Question: At what point does a fetus gain rights?
1:20:16: Question: Has the internet compounded the popularity of conspiracy theories?
1:23:55: Question: Are millenials Left because they have been coddled all their lives?
Air Date: September 16, 2019
00:04:00: Question: What is the difference between ‘Faith’ and ‘Trust’?
00:10:58: Countering arguments for the existence of God
00:20:30: Question: Does one ‘start’ one’s life after rejecting religion?; conspiracy and arbitrary
00:30:42: Question: Thoughts on ancient aliens conspiracy?
00:33:20: Question: Is there evidence to argue for the primacy of existence?
00:37:32: Question: What about Pinker’s humanism ideas in his book?
00:44:50: Question: What is the sales status of Rand’s books?
00:49:45: Question: What are some good financial investments to make now?
00:58:26: Question: At what point should communication between individuals cease?
1:00:12: Question: Is verbal bullying free speech?
1:07:47: Question: What does a CEO do?
1:12:40: Question: In ITOE, what content is Objectivism and what is in a general epistemology book?
1:17:54: Question: What would Yaron do if he was going to die in 1 year?
1:22:10: Question: What are the best countries to immigrate to for the long-term?
1:25:49: Question: Is anarchism compatible with Objectivism?
1:30:00: Question: Is veganism compatible with Objectivism? Why kill animals?
Air Date: September 17, 2018
00:01:58: Larry’s path to Objectivism and the Law
00:10:18: Institute of Justice and Pacific Legal Foundation pro-liberty legal cases; civil asset forfeiture; objective law vs. non-objective law; property rights;
00:16:55: connection between RICO and civil asset forfeiture
00:23:47: land use laws
00:27:14: direction of public interest law; more freedom or less in America; economic liberty judges; evaluating lawyers, judges, and laws
00:40:00: rise of Progressivism in the Law; Judicial Review; fact-value dichotomy;
1:00:16: understanding economic rights and personal rights; overcoming fact-value & subjectivism
1:11:11: Question: Concealed Carry reciprocity is signed, can/will states look to subvert it?
1:16:34: Question: Why is Kavanaugh bad?
Air Date: September 22, 2018
00:05:30: Kavanaugh and legal philosophy; state of the culture; judicial review & activism; sexual harassment/assault allegations
00:19:56: Question: How does one legally deal with false accusations?
00:21:43: Question: Should people be critical of Google for cooperating with China?
00:27:40: Question: Should US government intervene in Google’s Chinese operations?
00:31:48: Question: What about tariffs and real war anytime soon?
00:35:05: Question: What is the Objectivist rationale for abortion?
00:40:55: Question: Why should abortions be legal after the fetus is viable?
00:43:38: Question: Is insurance a scam?
00:47:34: Douglas Murray and Western Civ.; Islamic Immigration; Christianity and the West; Rand and the Enlightenment
1:02:20: Question: Why aren’t rights natural?
Air Date: September 23, 2018
00:01:30: Western Art, pre-Renaissance era through 20th century art; Western History & civilization; spiritual values; evaluating art for beginners
00:19:33: pre-Renaissance art through 19th century art as representative of Western civilization; sex and nudity; Michelangelo's David, Secularism, Greek, nudity
00:48:00: northern Europe influence on Italian art post-Renaissance; globalization; philosophy
00:56:53: 18th century art in France;
1:01:34: 19th century art, sculpture, painters; Industrial Revolution art; Wright of Derby
1:05:20: Question: Thoughts on Michelangelo's Adam painting?; Impressionist Art
1:08:40: Modern Art and disintegration of Art, Reality, and Reason; Rise and Fall of Western civ.
1:14:36: Question: What is the best argument against regulating social media due to election interference claims? What about data collection?
1:16:58: Question: What about the poor/disabled under laissez-faire?
Air Date: September 27, 2018
00:00:00: Kavanaugh & Ford testimony; sex; legal philosophy;
00:14:08: Question: Aren’t these accusations arbitrary?
00:19:28: Question: Is Linux-gate a thing?
00:19:55: Question: Thoughts on criticism and banning people due to criticism on social media?
00:23:40: Question: Is neoliberalism a pejorative term?
00:29:00: new rankings for international economic freedom
00:36:30: Question: What is Sarbanes-Oxley?
00:38:02: Question: Why do Republicans in Congress act differently towards a D. President?
00:40:58: Question: How did America become more free under Obama?
00:43:27: Question: Was there a way for America to win Vietnam?
00:46:20: other highly economically free countries; historical perspective on ARI’s work
Air Date: October 5, 2018
00:02:17: Kavanaugh’s confirmation to Supreme Court; state of American politics; the future
00:13:17: Facebook and Kavanaugh; Joe Caplan; tech lobbyists; Snowflakes and offense
00:22:30: emotions above reason; New Left and Truth; tribalism
00:29:30: Amazon and Minimum Wage
Air Date: October 8, 2018
00:03:30: Question: At what age is it morally permissible to condemn an individual for advocating bad/evil ideas?
00:07:10: Question: Why are many Leftists harsh on Christianity but soft on Islam?
00:10:30: Question: Did Yaron’s view on sculpture change due to new changes in the field?
00:14:50: Question: Would it be proper for US government to reclaim seized oil in Mid East?
00:18:27: Question: What American historical sites are important and ones that Yaron likes?
00:22:01: Question: Should ARI rewrite the Constitution for the future?
00:25:02: Question: Has Trump done anything worthwhile?
00:29:53: Question: Should a 25 y/o Israeli look to immigrate to America?
00:33:45: Question: Is career change more common and is it in conflict with Rand’s ideal hero?
00:44:55: Question: Would assassinating Islamic intellectuals be better than all-out war?
00:48:03: Question: Why has productivity slowed in America?
00:52:07: Question: What is the principle behind keeping shipping lanes open?
00:57:40: Columbus Day
1:05:02: Question: Does Jefferson and other Founders get a pass?
Air Date: October 9, 2018
00:01:00: Inflation rates in Venezuela; IMF; appeasing Venezuela’s socialism
00:08:21: Scott Kelly’s tweet & Winston Churchill; nationalism and political correctness
00:16:00: Millennials infatuation with Socialism; Denmark socialism; disintegration of concepts
00:28:12: Question: Thoughts on Charles Tu?
00:33:23: Exxon’s investment into national carbon tax
00:37:34: Nobel Prize Economics prizes; carbon tax; climate models; economic models
00:53:02: Question: Isn’t Friedman right about open immigration being bad due to welfare state?
00:55:29: Question: Is the Austrian school of economics compatible with Objectivism?
00:56:31: Ethanol regulations in gasoline from Trump; farm subsidies; trade war
00:59:50: Question: Thoughts on Nikki Haley’s resignation from UN?
1:04:40: New Textbook of Americanism
Air Date: October 14, 2018
00:00:30: conversation with Eric Weinstein
00:06:35: Objectivism and children; individual rights and Rationality; parental responsibility
00:20:30: Question: thoughts on Unschooling
00:25:19: Question: Is there an age at which a child is able to select a purpose?
00:26:45: Question: Thoughts on spanking children?
00:29:47: Question: What about government intervention for emotional abuse?
00:30:33: Question: How to help children find their purpose?
00:33:22: Question: Is telling others not to care about what others think of you psychopathic?; independent thinking
00:36:50: Individualism and Objectivism
00:46:24: Question: Thoughts on impact of Amazon’s push for $15 minimum wage
Air Date: October 20, 2018
00:00:00: bankruptcy of Left and Right in response to Khashoggi’s killing; Pragmatism
00:04:35: History and Facts about Saudi Arabia and its governance
00:12:05: Islam in Saudi Arabia; Saud family and Wahhabi clergy; Saudi Oil and the West
00:22:40: Saudi Arabia and Islamic Terrorism; Sunni; Radicalization; 9/11 and Iran
00:31:37: Arab Spring and Muslim Brotherhood
00:34:20-00:36:15: video difficulty [continues throughout]
00:37:46: Khashoggi’s history and murder; proper response and foreign policy
00:51:30: Saudi emboldenment and American weakness & Pragmatism
Air Date: October 23, 2018
00:01:00: Objectivity and the Kavanaugh/Ford event; Justice
00:05:30: Objectivity and Racial Relations, Racism and Police; Justice and Due Process
00:09:00: Truth and Falsehood according to postmodern, intersectional Left; transgender
00:14:00: Identity politics and altruism; Emotions above Reason
00:16:35: Pragmatism on the Right; Emotionalism
00:27:00: Question: Jane Elliott's’ Blue and Brown eyes experiment?
00:27:30: Question: is it appropriate for the government to have studies on rape?
00:29:38: Question: Has a redefinition of what it means to ‘suffer’ occured in the West?
00:34:16: standards of Truth and Reason as opposed to Emotionalism and Intersectionality
00:36:50: safe spaces, Emotions, Silencing by force
00:37:30: Question: How do emotions relate with Reason; especially in Children?; integrating emotions and Reason; Fear, Tribalism, Totalitarianism, and Civilization
00:45:55: Question: Are there appropriate and inappropriate emotions?
Air Date: October 28, 2018
00:03:00: Trump’s nationalism
00:05:10: Nationalism and Israeli philosopher
00:08:45: origin of concept of nationalism; 19th century and countries and capitalism; Marx
00:18:00: Nationalism in 19th century Garibaldi Italy and Bismarck Germany; statism
00:23:30: Conservatives and Nationalism and Trump; collectivism, nationalism and immigration
00:32:00: Nationalism vs. Individualism; Capitalism vs. Statism; Religion, collectivism
00:35:10: alternative uses of Nationalism & Patriotism; Nationalism & Individualism
00:48:35: Proper Americanism; combating collectivism & nihilism; America’s founding principle
00:58:07: Nationalism and Europe; E.U.;
1:07:00: Question: Is there a link between conservatism and nationalism?
1:07:34: Question: How does one preserve American values against the Left & Rights attacks?
1:12:55: Question: What considerations should one have about enlisting in the military?
1:16:08: Question: How good is the AFD party in Germany?
1:19:50: Question: Can the Libertarian party be used to move America to more freedom?
1:21:10: Question: thoughts on Jonathan Haidt?
Air Date: October 29, 2018
00:01:44: Question: What are the implications of the Walk-Away movement?
00:11:44: Question: What is the difference between a stolen-concept and a package-deal?
00:18:38: Question: What standards should be thought about when considering externalities?
00:24:08: Question: Was America’s foreign policy during WWII proper?
00:30:50: Question: Is perfection the enemy of the good?
00:39:20: Question: How can someone in Finance use Labor data to make good investments?
00:51:24: Question: What about Tesla?
00:58:30: Question: Is legalizing marijuana good?; disagreements between Rand & Yaron?
1:06:00: Question: Is there such a thing as innate talent?
1:12:00: Question: Why is Giuliani a bad guy?
1:17:06: Question: Thoughts on crypto-currency?
1:18:33: Question: Objectivism and Free Will
Air Date: October 31, 2018
00:03:22: Question: What is the best way to change education in America?
00:11:40: Question: Thoughts on Walt Disney’s Epoch project?
00:14:08: Question: What is the difference between an emotionalist and an emotional person?
00:21:10: Question: Shapiro debate?
00:22:48: Question: should an individual invest given massive debt in America?
00:28:26: Question: thoughts on 60’s black nationalist movement?
00:33:12: Question: thoughts on using concept ‘flourishing’ in Objectivism?
00:36:55: Question: How to combat tribalism in a tribalist society?
00:40:00: Question: Thoughts on men going own way movement?
00:44:19: Question: thoughts on American Obesity?
00:47:40: Question: When did corporate America lose freedom of Speech? Musk’s tweets as fraud?
00:51:28: Question: Thoughts on Douglas Murray’s claim Jordan Peterson is a new prophet?
00:53:38: Question: If economic collapse is coming, should government print money faster?
00:55:23: Question: Is it ignorant to refer to Asian sweatshop workers as slaves?
00:55:54: Question: Thoughts on the death penalty?
Air Date: November 5, 2018
00:05:00: explaining differences between political left and political right
00:19:16: Question: Wasn’t Trump better than Clinton due to his Supreme Court Justice appointments?
00:25:57: Question: What is the state of Left and Right in Britain?
00:31:37: Question: Is rehabilitation or punishment better for society?
00:35:23: Question: Is Trump the Right-Wing response to Post-Modern Left?
00:41:12: Question: Would Yaron vote Libertarian?
00:42:20: Question: Should one vote for the most evil candidate in order to achieve a better future?
00:47:20: Question: Should one vote for the party that promotes lower taxes?
00:49:45: Question: Are Left and Right non-philosophical or philosophically evil?
00:53:10: Question: What is Trump Derangement Syndrome & does Yaron have it?
00:56:40: Question: Can America benefit from immigration or should the caravan be stopped?
1:08:45: Question: Is Jordan Peterson a mis-integration or a disintegration, and does he set the stage for dictatorship?
1:12:00: Question: From the middle-of-the-roaders, who has more to apologize for Left or Right?
1:16:00: Question: How much of a problem is democracy in America?
1:18:45: Question: In a social-democratic country, who should one vote for?
1:19:18: Question: Which is easier to fix in America: Left or Right?
1:21:10: Question: Is it the nature of political parties to encourage collectivism?
1:24:30: Question: Given the badness of both sides, isn’t the most entertaining choice the best?
1:27:20: Question: What is the minimum age for voting?
1:29:29: Question: Is Trump a good representation of Postmodernism?
Air Date: November 8, 2018
00:01:00: wins and losses for Right and Left politicians; Ballot initiatives; increasing Executive power
00:30:38: Question: Are Nazis and Communists Nihilist?
00:42:48: Question: Thoughts on Rand Paul?
00:46:56: Question: What are ways to reduce Government spending?
00:56:25: Question: Thoughts on Martin Scareli? How would free market deal with drug prices?
1:04:57: Question: What if other countries stop buying US bonds/dollars?
Air Date: November 11, 2018
00:06:05: Navarro’s trade agenda for America under Trump; bankers and financiers; free trade & trade deficits; tariffs & individual rights;
00:25:17: defending Intellectual Property
00:30:20: Question: how do I explain what a hedge fund manager does? other finance concepts
00:33:00: Question: Is a One-World government that is Objectivist based good?
00:39:38: Tribalism & collectivism in economic discourse; individual choice in economics
00:52:39: Individualist approach to economics & taxes & governments
1:02:05: Question: Does American IP law extend to companies operating internationally?
Air Date: November 17, 2018
00:02:20: Yaron’s European travels
00:10:51: Theresa May’s Brexit deal; Brexit and the EU; nationalism & trade;
00:37:50: Question: Ben Shapiro’s view on Nationalism, is it right or wrong?
00:49:50: Question: Should there be one world government?
Air Date: November 29, 2018
00:04:10: Question: How did Rand’s influence end the military draft?
00:10:20: Question: Should Supreme Court Justices serve for life?
00:13:00: Question: How to respond to environmentalists claims about climate change?
00:19:05: Question: Thoughts on parents telling kids Santa is real?
00:20:55: Question: What works the best to promote ideas & products?
00:22:50: Question: Is it valuable to describe oneself as ‘Right’ or ‘Left’?
00:27:27: Question: Is it in an actors rational self-interest to perform stunts for their work?
00:28:53: Question: Is it moral to eat pork?
00:32:15: Question: Is a Dark Ages required before Objectivism wins out?
00:37:48: Question: What is the cause of the ‘don’t judge me’ mentality amongst the young and why is judging so important?
00:45:12: Question: Thoughts on trophy hunting?
00:47:45: Question: Where would Yaron like to be invited to that he’s never been to?
00:52:28: Question: Could America beat both Russia and China in a ground war?
00:53:10: Question: How does one introduce individualism to a child?
00:54:16: Question: Why do brilliant scientists not get compensated for their discoveries?
1:03:13: Question: Thoughts on new Solo movie?
1:05:26: Question: Why is Obama a nihilist?
1:11:20: Question: Doesn’t an argument about Immigration require a moral component?
1:14:40: Question: Is harsh punishment proof of the deterrent effect for crimes?
1:18:18: Question: is the existence of a place like ‘Bury the Hatchet’ a sign of affluence?
1:20:00: Question: Why should government provide security services?
1:24:24: Question: Is Texas freer than California?
Air Date: December 1, 2018
00:00:15: American approach to charity; altruism and benevolence; wealthy Americans
00:07:10: Hating Jeff Bezos, Left & Trump; philanthropy for homeless & poor; education
00:19:42: producers and economic progress; American Universities; unearned money
00:26:40: Stanford university Robert Reich’s 5 reasons to hate philanthropy
00:41:00: moral heroes and Productivity
00:46:02: Question: Doesn’t freedom create wealth because it attracts ambitious people to those areas?
00:51:37: Question: Are politicians/cronys/intellectuals envious of true producers?
00:52:55: Question: Is selling of user data dishonest?
00:55:50: Question: How do economists measure and distinguish between growth and inflation?
00:58:15: Question: Did the Federal Reserve end the bank runs in the 19th and 20th century?
Air Date: December 3, 2018
00:03:00: thoughts on President George H.W. Bush;
00:11:05: Question: How to move the NHS towards full private medical care & insurance?
00:18:20: Question: Was Bill Clinton successful due to Newt Gingrich?
00:20:49: Question: What about Iran Contra?
00:22:30: China, CRISPR, gene splicing, and medical ethics
00:38:52: Cease-fire in Chinese trade war; John Choceren op-ed; Trump & responsibility
00:52:58: Question: Yaron’s top 10 economics books for beginners
00:58:22: Question: Is the growth of government necessary and going to continue?
Air Date: December 9, 2018
00:01:57: Gas Tax in France; uprising; Western Civilization; responses to climate change
00:15:04: roots of protests; frustration with government and intellectuals; rejecting the center;
00:32:22: Question: What is the purpose of unions? Are unions good or bad?
00:35:10: Question: Are we living in 1920s Germany?
00:38:14: Question: Is it possible for poor people to rise in a mixed economy?
00:39:40: Question: Why a diesel tax in Europe?
00:41:47: Question: How close is Hong Kong to laissez-faire?
00:42:58: Question: Does an individual have a moral obligation to recycle and avoid plastic?
00:44:24: Question: Was Woodrow Wilson a nihilist?
00:46:15: Question: Primary faults in Thomas Sowell?
00:47:35: Question: Is our society able to deal with dangerous, new technology?
00:50:06: Question: Is Hong Kong significantly freer than America & Europe?
00:51:00: combatting the destruction of the center and the Socialists & Fascists
00:58:48: Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad deplatformed from Patreon
1:05:24: legal right vs. moral right of platforms and their users; Necessity of Clarity
1:10:25: debating anarcho-capitalism video on YouTube
1:15:10: Question: Do a show on ancient Greece philosophy?
Air Date: December 10, 2018
00:02:06: French riots & frustration with the Center
00:09:45: Marcon’s ‘solutions’ for France
00:16:26: Question: Why & how was Germany overtaking Britain in early 20th century?
00:19:32: Question: Address the myth of German resurgence post WWII
00:22:54: Question: Isn’t Steven Pinker a mixed economy advocate?
00:24:36: Question: Are involuntary relocations to obtain coal proper?
00:25:51: Question: How influential is Marxism?
00:28:25: Question: If American patriotism is the only proper nationalism, then what should other countries do?
00:31:00: Question: Should everything that emits C02 be banned due to the harm it causes?
00:33:58: Question: Why are YouTube comment sections full of Anti-Semites?
00:35:33: Question: Should there be animal cruelty laws?
00:36:08: Brexit vote in Parliament delayed; potential outcomes; Left’s reaction; influence of Thatcher on England; political spectrum of statism vs. individualism
00:45:24: Question: Thoughts on Peter Schiff’s doomsday predictions?
00:46:37: Question: Is Netanyahu the Thatcher of Israel?
00:47:17: Question: Copenhagen consensus center and connection to Objectivism?
00:49:38: Question: How much does one have to do to land to own it? Cultural landscape?
00:54:18: Question: Will CA turn into Detroit?
00:56:37: volatility in the stock market; trade; Trump; the Fed
1:06:25: Question: better place to live: NYC or CA?
1:06:55: Question: will BitCoin have more value in a recession?
1:08:20: Question: Thoughts on Tim Cook’s recent speech?
1:08:40: Question: Was Rand wrong about Robin Hood?
1:09:30: Question: Will the recession be bad enough to usher in more Socialism in USA?
1:11:11: Question: Why is Jordan Peterson busy and so popular?
1:14:18: Question: Why would Trump voters go support Bernie under a recession?
1:15:51: Question: Isn’t Objectivism both refreshing and demanding?
1:18:02: Free Speech victories on Campuses
1:25:19: Question: Is it really good that Jordan Peterson is spreading his bad ideas?
1:26:58: Question: Rand’s thoughts on Quantum Mechanics?
1:28:15: Question: What is the average individual’s understanding of what culture is?
Air Date: December 12, 2018
00:02:20: Hoenig’s development as an Objectivist
00:10:38: Hoenig’s media appearances
00:11:54: Question: Is there a negative understanding of globalism?
00:17:30: starting the project: A New Textbook of Americanism; uniqueness of America
00:27:50: Question: Why is the ebook pdf not something else?
00:29:00: Question: Is the Enlightenment undefeatable?
00:36:27: Question: Thoughts on Free State project?
00:38:45: Answering Rand’s questions in Hoenig’s chapter
00:48:13: Question: What is the moral status of helping strangers?
00:56:58: Question: Should a business similar to Alex Epstein’s tailored to producers and financiers be made?
00:58:09: Question: Can I get my book signed at OCON 2019?
00:58:52: status of the stock market
1:07:10: Question: How are tech entrepreneurs moral given the existence of back-doors?
1:09:38: Question: Is a bear market coming?
1:12:48: Question: How would voluntary taxation work; how to talk about morality of selfishness
1:20:19: Question: Isn’t Google a world government?
1:23:23: Question: Will Objectivist ideas will manifest in Republican or Democrat or 3rd party?
1:24:45: Question: Are White Nationalists attracted to Objectivism due to its approach to History
Air Date: December 15, 2018
00:02:15: some announcements about YBS
00:07:30: Niall Ferguson’s book & TedTalk on Western Civilization and its prosperity
00:11:30: Western civilization material prosperity post-Enlightenment
00:19:40: quoting Niall’s book; European institutions vs. ideas as causes of prosperity
00:24:40: Niall’s 6 apps or institutions defining, explaining, and causing Western prosperity
00:27:07: Competition
00:39:23: Scientific Revolution
00:45:55: Property Rights; Reason & Individualism
00:54:59: Modern Medicine
1:04:05: Democracy vs. Individual Rights; West vs. East; Reason & Science; Individualism; Immigration
Air Date: December 16, 2018
00:00:30: competing with Patreon; Peterson and Rubin launching a new Patreon
00:13:27: Question: Thoughts on future conservative party leader in UK?
00:14:37: Question: Why is suicide moral in a concentration camp?
00:18:27: Question: When is another Jordan Peterson discussion going to happen?
00:20:10: new sex-education policies in Canada; transgenderism; biology as metaphysical
00:35:33: Question: Are sex-offender registry a violation of rights or objective law?
00:39:29: Question: is one morally obligated to issue a warning before shooting them if they are on your property?
00:43:48: Question: In an Objectivist society, is one free to be naked and have sex in one’s house with the blinds and windows open?
00:52:34: Question: Is there a rational way to cope with the loss of a spouse/child/friend?
00:54:38: Columbia University physics student rant on racism; white privilege; intersectionality
Air Date: December 19, 2018
00:04:52: the Fed and interest rates; central planners; economic forecasting and models
00:11:56: the Fed’s purpose & impact on the economy
00:25:20: Question: what would happen to NYC if all the financial institutions moved away?
00:27:23: Question: why did it take so long for the Fed to be established post 1907?
00:29:38: Question: should one morally condemn social media when they are immoral?
00:31:13: Question: Is ARI open to financing independent philosophers like Charles Tu?
00:32:28: Question: Can you explain why the government is responsible for Jekyll island?
00:35:54: the Fed’s function in the economy, then and now; Gold; CPI and inflation
00:48:12: current Fed interest rate; alleged reasons; Market response and consequences
00:59:48: Question: why do bankers have a choke-hold on the world and how can that be changed?
1:01:34: Question: Why did Alan Greenspan abandon Objectivism?
1:03:53: critiquing Trump’s economy; Paris accord, CO2 emissions, and Poverty rate
1:13:00: Question: How to fix the Fed?
1:14:07: Trump’s economy; tax deductions and cuts; minority employment rates; wages
Air Date: December 21, 2018
00:01:48: origins of attacks on Free Speech & platforms
00:05:30: intellectual and philosophical causes of Free Speech & platform controversies
00:12:30: collectivism and tact in the free speech realm; altruism & values
00:18:10: emotionalism, irrationality, and abandonment of Reason; trigger warnings & microaggressions
00:27:30: standards for using platforms; establishing alternatives to Patreon and social media; choice
00:37:50: social media and Patreon as government utilities
00:46:25: endgame of anti-Free Speech and backlash against Social Media & Platforms
00:54:10: Intellectual Dark Web and defending Free Speech
Air Date: December 22, 2018
00:03:40: the importance of journalism and a free press
00:14:35: problems in modern journalism
00:21:44: danger and threat of Trump Presidency; alleged media conspiracies
00:28:15: media bias and its causes; intellectuals and the Left
00:43:40: Europe’s hate speech laws & rise of fascist authoritarianism
00:45:55: Question: Was Mises miserable?
00:46:41: Question: Is Germany the playground for trying British ideas?
00:49:08: Question: what is Rationalism and is Reason/Rationality subjective?
00:53:07: Question: Why is there a bias towards Plato in formulation of western civ?
00:56:05: Question: Why is taxation theft?
00:58:33: Question: What is the difference between ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Rule Britannia’?
1:01:50: Question: How would ocean property rights work?
1:02:20: Question: Has ARI thought about doing documentaries on the Renaissance?
1:06:20: Trump orders military troops out of Syria; reasons
1:15:45: Question: How should Merkle have dealt with Erdogan's visit?
Air Date: December 26, 2018
00:00:00: Update on YBS crowd-funding
00:05:22: Question: to what extent, if any, does a company’s cronyism impact their property rights?
00:10:38: Question: Are there any contemporary fiction books that have Objectivist heroes?
00:12:49: Question: Thoughts on Bond-Index Funds?
00:15:00: Question: Thoughts on 4% rule for retirement funds?
00:17:50: Question: Are most middle-class jobs today government jobs?
00:18:49: Question: what is Western Civilization?
00:22:57: Question: Are nihilistic intellectuals aware of the causal connection between their ideas and the state of the world?
00:26:48: Question: Thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s proposed legislation on drug prices and competition?
00:31:30: Question: Thoughts on living life early on as frugally as possible due to future uncertainties?
00:36:29: Question: How would congressional representation work under Objectivist society?
00:40:30: Question: As an Israeli-Jew, is Germany hard to visit and are they still anti-Semitic?
00:45:27: Question: how much of the market down-turn is Trump’s fault vs. the Fed’s fault?
00:49:43: Question: What is the free market, how is it created, what does it do, and can it be applied to non-economic matters?
00:52:23: Question: Which modern culture or country has the best attitude towards sex?
00:58:45: Question: Is Oskar Schindler an altruist?
1:10:08: Question: how does Dubai not get attacked by terrorists?
1:10:56: Question: thoughts on magic mushrooms?
1:12:17: Question: regulations on food because of sugar addiction?
1:15:50: Question: When will recession happen and what are its causes?
1:17:07: Question: What are the most economically and socially free countries?
1:20:00: Question: Why are Israelis so obnoxious?
1:21:34: Question: thoughts on guilt-tripping others?
1:22:15: Question: What is the use of the labor-force participation rate?
Air Date: December 30, 2018
00:02:00: background of Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez
00:06:58: Question: is Oscarito-Cortez a Marxist?
00:12:45: Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez’s ideas and programs; Medicare for All; free college tuition; Jobs for all at $15/hr; Green New Deal;
00:26:54: common objection to Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez’s plans;
00:37:00: moral objection to Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez’s plan; ethics beats money; economic justifications for Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez’s plan
00:46:25: the power, appeal, and influence of Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez
00:48:00: Question: Is there anything to read about the morality of making lots of profits?
00:53:43: Question: Why do Europe and Canada have lower crime rates than America?
00:57:23: similarity between Alexandria Oscarito-Cortez/Bernie Sanders & Trump
1:05:53: Question: Any school recommendations for nuclear work?
1:06:20: Question: What if God was viewed as a literary personification of reality with Christ as a hero?
Air Date: January 1, 2019
00:00:00: Yaron’s New year schedule; Patreon alternatives; improving YBS
00:12:53: the value of New Year’s; The Virtue of Selfishness; Objectivist virtues
00:26:33: Question: Why should Objectivist intellectuals go into academia given the culture?
00:46:04: Question: Thoughts on TSA?
00:48:53: Question: Can ITOE and Ominous Parallels be put on Audible?
00:49:25: Question: Thoughts on FEE?; anarchism and academia
00:58:21: Question: Can the government shutdown be used to show how useless government agencies are?
1:00:10: Question: Is life a quagmire unless one is rich or royalty?
1:04:40: Question: How does one challenge the Left’s claim about helping the poor and health care?; morality and debating
1:07:07: Question: Thoughts on mutual or cooperative banks?
1:07:55: Question: Are professors who dismiss Rand evil?
1:09:17: Question: Could Objectivism hijack Christianity like it hijacked Ancient Greece?
1:13:06: Question: Thoughts on effective altruism movement?; charity
1:17:40: Question: Was Jesus an actual person or not?
1:19:02: Question: How did the EU bank system perform during Subprime crisis?
1:22:25: Question: Is is easy to make good documentaries about Renaissance?
Air Date: January 2, 2019
00:00:00: YBS housekeeping
00:05:10: Government Shutdown; causes and solutions; priorities & debt
00:16:50: Question: Why are Scandinavian countries fiscally responsible?
00:26:26: Question: Is there a reason why society need or use money?
00:30:35: Question: Should Brazil and Colombia invade Venezuela?
00:33:07: Question: Show on Elizabeth Warren and her attacks on Capitalism?
00:33:40: Question: Under Objectivism, what would the currency be?
00:35:10: Question: Show on Primacy of Consciousness?
00:36:41: Question: Why is Gold valuable?
00:40:20: Question: Should there be building laws around obstructing ocean views?
00:43:37: Trump & Mitt Romney; Leadership and Character; Presidency;
00:49:43: Question: What is the most harmful to economic growth of a country?
00:54:00: Patreon, credit card companies, government, property and free speech
1:05:00: Question: Thoughts on modern monetary theory?
1:05:43: Question: Hasn’t Chinese air pollution killed many?
1:07:31: Question: Yaron’s 2019 event plans
1:10:00: Question: Why is Yaron so anti-Trump?
Air Date: January 3, 2019
00:03:00: Yaron’s approach to immigration, under laissez-faire and current mixed economy
00:27:53: Question: Thoughts on amnesty?
00:29:10: common objections to Yaron’s position on immigration & Trump
00:36:49: Question: what about those individuals who don’t have jobs?
00:39:20: Question: What about the Native Americans and European settlers?
00:42:17: 14 objections to open immigration
00:50:16: Question: Should immigrants be educated in a certain way?
00:51:37: Question: Should border security be delegated to a private company?
00:55:46: Question: could 1st generation immigrants become citizens?
00:56:08: Question: should an immigrant be able to become President?
00:56:38: Question: Should government provide airport security?
00:58:34: Question: What about arguments against immigration because of IQ scores?
1:00:40: Question: Has discussion of importation of bad ideas been overshadowing discussion of exportation of good ideas?; the Wall
1:09:34: Question: Wouldn’t legalizing drugs help lower crime rates?
1:10:20: Question: How would jobs come to America under open immigration?
1:11:00: Question: Would Germans be allowed to freely immigrate post WWII?
1:11:55: Question: Does Yaron have preferred topics to discuss on YBS?
1:14:10: Question: Could Yaron or Rand have convinced the Founders on Objectivism?
Air Date: January 9, 2019
00:00:00: Thoughts on Beiruit ; motivation and writing characters in TV shows
00:04:39: Question: Thoughts on a Streetcar named Desire?
00:08:17: Question: Has Pellegrino been attacked or blacklisted for being an Objectivist?;
00:13:40: Question: Are there other actors in Hollywood who are Objectivists?
00:16:40: The Fountainhead project in Hollywood
00:18:50: Question: Which Rand character should Mark play?
00:20:38: influence and impact of Objectivism on Pellegrino’s acting
00:23:15: discovering Rand and Objectivism
00:32:12: Question: Does morality dictate how a wallet with money in it should be dealt with?
00:33:15: Question: Thoughts on the Birch Society?
00:33:40: Question: Thoughts on Steve Ditko?
00:36:01: State of Art and Hollywood; portrayal of heroes
00:50:24: Question: Is it hard to get along with co-actors on shows like Supernatural given ideological differences?
00:53:30: Question: How can one leverage Christianity to Objectivism’s advantage?
00:57:40: Question: Thoughts on Jeff Bezos’ divorce?
1:01:50: The American Capitalist Party
1:07:55: evaluating the current state of the world
1:14:10: Question: Thoughts on the Sopranos
1:17:54: Question: Any connection between role as Jacob and Rand hero?
1:21:15: Question: What is the purpose of having heroes or role-models?
1:24:47: Question: Thoughts on movie Whiplash?
1:29:08: Question: Thoughts on Scent of a Women; Robert De Niro overrated?
Air Date: January 13, 2019
00:04:15: Jesse Lee Peterson & the Right; Racism; Immigration;
00:14:00: AOC and Trump; being a Radical; Green New Deal;
00:24:20: Question: Will AOC be more appealing to the young than Bernie Sanders?
00:25:50: Technology and Environmentalism;
00:27:50: Question: Where is AOC according to the DIM Hypothesis?
00:28:20: Taxes; Progressive rates; economics; the Left;
00:33:40: Question: When attacking Trump, should one mention that he is better than the alternatives?
00:36:32: AOC’s Radicalness; fighting socialism; defending Capitalism
00:43:38: Question: What would happen if America lowered all Tariffs to 0?
00:46:52: Question: How long will current government shutdown last?
00:48:16: MGTOW and reactions to it; materialism; sex; values; morality; feminism
1:17:51: Question: Should the US government prevent citizens from trading with Saudi Arabia?
1:18:45: Question: Who should be blamed for the government shut down?
1:20:53: Question: Why do 50% of marriages end in divorce?
1:26:43: Question: According to Objectivism, where do rights come from?
1:29:00: Question: Did JLP ask any good questions or make any good points?
1:30:07: Question: thoughts on China’s social monitoring system?
1:30:58: Question: How can one avoid altruism when having children?
Air Date: January 14, 2019
00:01:17: Objectivism and Selfishness; Subjectivist Selfishness
00:07:40: Discovering Universal Objective Principles for human living and morality
00:10:43: Question: How does one avoid feelings of discouragement when pursuing values?
00:14:27: Emotions and Selfishness;
00:17:25: Objective Values vs. Personal Values;
00:19:23: misunderstandings about Selfishness amongst ‘common’ people
00:29:25: intellectual and philosophical attack on Selfishness
00:31:03: harm of lying to Self-Esteem; moral and practical; rational self-interest long-term
00:34:30: balancing between fulfilling short-term desires and achieving long-term interests
00:37:40: Question: Isn’t the initiation of force bad because it harms others?
00:40:33: virtue of Justice; essential characteristics of Justice; Judging others positively and negatively;
00:55:50: Question: Does one have to be an Objectivist to be happy?
1:02:45: Question: Do Psychopaths truly exist?
1:03:50: Impact or response to the ideas of Happiness and Selfishness
1:07:35: Philosophy of Law and Tara’s work
Air Date: January 19, 2019
00:00:30 Yaron's upcoming events
00:10:20 immorality of taxes
00:11:18 taxes and deficits in America vs. Europe
00:15:00 Question: Why is Objectivism called that and not Individualism?
00:17:37 What Progressive Taxes are and how they came to be in America
00:22:03 History of Taxes in America
00:35:20 myths of taxes and government and innovation told by the Left and Right
00:38:38 Question: Where did all the money go that the Fed printed during the Great Recession?
00:39:38 Question: Is there a difference between a VAT tax and a fair tax?
00:41:00 Question: Why did the Japanese economy tank in 1991? Can that happen in China?
00:44:55 Question: What is the least evil form of taxation?
00:47:25 economic arguments against progressive taxation & capital flow into America
00:55:26 immorality of taxes, especially income/progressive taxes
01:07:20 Question: What is the difference in wealth views between America and Europe? Are there any deeper conclusions to be reached about this?
01:12:23 Question: Thoughts on implicit bias training?
Air Date: January 20, 2019
00:04:50: American exceptionalism; domestic and foreign policies and principles
00:12:37: Question: Are there certain American principles that came from the Magna carta and Common Law and the Enlightenment?
00:15:28: Political and Intellectual efficacy of the Founding Fathers and tragedy of slavery and History of America; nation of immigrants;
00:21:25: Question: Where did the idea of ‘Manifest Destiny’ come from?
00:23:23: Understanding the ideology of the Founding Fathers and application domestic and foreign; American Sense of Life;
00:32:47: Declining American exceptionalism; emulating America economically & politically;
00:37:24: Obama and Trump, anti-American presidents; America First
00:40:56: Question: Does American Exceptionalism mean that rules don’t apply to us?
00:44:20: Question: Where did the American altruism come from and why is it being exported?
00:47:20: Question: Thoughts on the Monroe Doctrine?
00:50:15: Question: How does one justify Reconstruction in post-Civil War America?
00:55:05: American Exceptionalism, Immigration and Sense of Life; Trade; silicon valley
1:05:20: Question: What is Modern Monetary Theory and Policy?
1:07:38: Question: What is the view of modern intellectuals on Ayn Rand?
1:09:07: Question: Did Kant think his ideas would have the impact and longevity that they have had?
Air Date: January 21, 2019
00:01:05: Goal of psychology therapy; defining mental health; Self-Esteem
00:06:18: issues in distrusting oneself and distrusting the world; PTSD and other disorders; treating various mental issues
00:16:57: Question: Why is it difficult to think straight while experiencing an intense emotion?
00:24:40: Question: Is addiction a disease?
00:29:54: Question: Thoughts on Imposters syndrome?
00:42:19: Question: Is sexual orientation a choice? Was Rand wrong about morality of gays?
00:44:41: Question: Update on Epistemic integrity hypothesis?
00:52:07: Question: Is there an ‘ideal’ level of selfishness and why doesn’t that deteriorate into isolation and ostracization? Value of others to oneself?
1:02:00: Question: What is Emotional Intelligence?
1:03:54: Requirements of having and maintaining healthy relationships
1:13:48: morality and psychological health; avoiding moralizing while having strong relationships
Air Date: January 26, 2019
00:03:57: AOC on Billionaires and wealth creation; morality; criticizing the Left
00:12:10: Elizabeth Warren’s new Wealth Tax; standard objections to it; 2008 financial crisis and results of it; inequality and 1% and occupy Wall Street
00:26:55: cashing in on inequality debate: Trump’s rise and the Left’s policies
00:30:36: arguing against the Left and Right; Capitalism vs. Statism
00:35:19: arguing against the Left and Right: inequality and morality
00:55:05: Question: Is Trump sure to lose in 2020?
00:56:57: Question: Will these policies result in violence?; Alt Right, Immigration, and IQ
1:07:24: Question: When is the next recession and how big?
Air Date: January 27, 2019
00:01:29: Question: Which Presidents should be on Mt. Rushmore? Who else?
00:06:06: Question: To what extent is espionage a concern when dealing with China?
00:11:40: Question: To what extent is the individual responsible for trading with China?
00:14:17: Question: Aside from Rand, who else is a ‘once in a millenium’ thinker?
00:15:36: Question: Will anti-Semitism increase in America to the level of Pogroms?
00:17:52: Question: What constitutes inciting violence?
00:20:29: Question: When someone is under attack, should one call the police?
00:22:50: Question: to what extent is privacy concerns a factor in Chinese growth?
00:32:35: Question: Does a country’s obligation to control its border extend to protecting the established culture therin; what about violent criminals and those with diseases?
00:45:03: Question: How does Yaron not get sick all the time due to traveling?
00:46:19: Question: Is the attack on the seller/provider of things due to the fact that they profit?
00:47:57: Question: Thoughts on current Democratic Presidential candidates?
00:57:00: Question: How is the Christian concept of ‘Hope’ different from “Hope you have a good day”?
00:59:48: Question: Is it true that Rand and Gene Roddenberry liked each other’s work?
1:00:30: Question: Should a man be responsible for an unwanted child?
1:02:00: Question: any TV or movie recommendations?
1:07:50: Question: How well has Trump done? How well is the country?
1:13:37: Question: Should one look beyond America for immigration?
1:18:01: Question: When in the military, is it ever right to disobey orders?
1:20:05: Question: Thoughts on behavioral economics; especially in Israel?
1:23:43: Question: If Trump fires the Fed chair, then what happens next?
1:25:57: Question: Why did Roark and Wynand admire each other so much?
1:30:07: Question: Thoughts on Chinese facial recognition tech and it’s usage?
1:35:15: Question: Under Objectivism, is exploiting the poor immoral or illegal?
Air Date: February 2, 2019
00:05:45: Venezuela’s collapse; Socialism’s principles in action; the Left’s response
00:12:00: Venezuela’s oil; Chavez regime's policies and results
00:18:20: Venezuela’s socialism; defining socialism;
00:28:25: Question: Doesn’t Norway and Saudi arabia also have nationalized oil industries?; nationalizations in Venezuela: food, finance, oil, etc.
00:39:36: Question: Are fascists less honest due to their pretending of private property?
00:40:42: Question: Is Canada more socialist or fascist?
00:43:00: Question: What does the Venezuelan government do to prevent emigrants?
00:44:20: current situation in Venezuela; American policy; property rights
00:48:39: what Venezuela should do
00:49:18: Question: Does Corbyn support the Chavez policies?
00:51:11: Question: Were the low interest rates in the 30s, 40s, and 50s causes of a crisis?
00:54:18: Positive countries in Latin America: Columbia, Chile, and Brazil; Chicago Boys
Air Date: February 4, 2019
00:00:10: Yaron’s Yearly UK High school talks
00:09:04: Question: Does Yaron get tired of answering the same question repeatedly?
00:11:00: 2008 crisis and consequences; defending self-interest; Capitalism
00:22:40: Failure to defend Capitalism, conservatives & Libertarians; moving to the Left; rise of Marxism and Socialism, especially amongst Millennials
Air Date: February 18, 2019
00:06:00: Yaron’s trip in Europe: British schools & requiring Rand in politics classes; debates at Eaton and Kent;
00:22:30: Yaron in St. Petersburg for Rand’s anniversary; Douglas Murray in Sweden; Rand Conference in Prague, Tribalism in American culture; growth of Objectivism in Europe
00:34:05: Trump’s emergency declaration; the Wall; Immigration; Constitutionality; Executive Power
00:44:50: Question: Thoughts on Howard Schultz for President?
00:49:56: Question: Should we be worried about Artificial Intelligence?
00:51:53: Question: Thoughts on Video Games?
00:56:47: Question: Good books on science and philosophy of science
Air Date: February 20, 2019
00:04:50: patriotic millionaires; taxes; role of government; charity; nationalism;
00:16:10: Question: If one works for a tech company that does business with government, is that moral?
00:18:07: Question: How good is Hillsdale College given its conservatism and Christianity?
00:19:48: Question: Is the UK proper to revoke citizenship to ISIS brides or fighters?
00:24:23: Question: Has ARI considered doing a lecture course on Romantic Literature? Hugo?
00:25:17: Question: Is the mixed economy more stable than Rand thought or is freedom increasing?
00:31:45: Question: What is the cause of the increase in homelessness in America?
00:39:44: Question: Why are the intellectuals more evil than the general public?
00:47:09: Question: Is Happiness essential to survival?
00:49:42: Question: Concerns about actions of Justice department and FBI investigating Trump?
00:54:36: Question: What is Puerto Rico’s health care like?
00:56:30: Question: Is the deregulation of Trump related to rise of air scooters across America?
00:58:54: SNL vs. Trump; Free Speech; authoritarianism; Fake News
Air Date: February 21, 2019
00:04:15: the Federalist Society
00:10:40: Federalist society event at ASU
00:20:28: Question: Will Objectivist answers to current problems always be theoretical?
00:24:40: Question: Thoughts on manslaughter conviction for encouraging suicide?
00:29:15: Question: what are the results of Finland’s UBI experiment?
00:41:51: Question: Thoughts on recent Fed changes?
00:48:13: Question: What is the Objectivist viewpoint of the concept of ‘intuition’?
00:52:52: Question: Thoughts on New York’s new law on Abortion?
00:54:20: Question: When selecting one’s romantic partner, how important is their agreement with one’s ideas/philosophy to that choice?
00:57:17: Question: Thoughts on Jussie Smollett's staged attack?
00:59:27: Question: How does Puerto Rico have government services given tax laws there?
1:00:50: Question: Why do people appreciate athletes getting paid a lot, but not Apple CEO and products?
1:09:14: Question: How can Objectivist movement challenge status quo ala Civil Rights movement?
1:13:05: Question: If we get to a Star Trek world, then would a UBI and equal outcome be okay?
1:16:10: Question: Would Yaron ever want a self-driving car?
1:17:27: Question: Don’t Patriotic millionaires also want to impose ideology on other millionaires?
1:18:45: Question: During War, is it better to take prisoners than to just kill everyone?
1:20:11: Question: Is there any meaning to a country’s saving rate?
1:22:32: Question: What is the name of a good book on private education?
Air Date: March 2, 2019
00:05:12: Yaron in latin america; Gloria Alvarez & Objectivism;
00:08:50: Issues in Mexico; Socialism; Cuba’s influence; Mexico’s economy; trade & nationalism
00:23:40: Mexican Nationalism & Trump; illegal immigration into America;
00:31:49: Question: Difference between border crossers and visa-overstayers?
00:35:35: Consequences of Mexico turning Socialist
00:38:51: Question: Is the concept of externalities legitimate?
00:46:00: Question: Thoughts on ‘While’ Privilege?
00:52:13: Question: Thoughts on Cohen’s testimony against Trump?
00:53:27: Question: #1 guest on YBS?
00:54:38: Question: Aside from Shapiro, who does Yaron want to debate?
00:58:07: Question: Isn’t the Right’s argument about immigration based on negative externalities?
1:00:02: Question: How have unions been against immigration since 19th century?
1:02:46: Question: Thoughts on Census taking?
1:05:20: Positive Recommendation: Bohemian Rhapsody
Air Date: March 3, 2019
00:05:00: best government compositions from a government spending perspective
00:09:37: expanding Social Security & paying for it; entitlement reform, Republicans & Trump
00:16:55: Medicare for All & its consequences; conventional wisdom and blaming capitalism
00:23:30: the Green New Deal & its details;
00:38:53: paying for the Green New Deal; economic theory of modern monetary theory
00:51:40: Krugman’s counter-argument to modern monetary theory
1:08:53: Question: Thoughts on Trump’s proposed executive order on Free Speech for universities?
1:13:01: Question: Thoughts on Ihan Iman Anti-Semitic remarks?
1:14:23: Question: Thoughts on House Judiciary committee investigating Trump?
1:17:36: Question: Is intersectionality similar to the Butterfly Effect?
1:21:03: Question: Is there something better about European culture than American?
1:24:51: Question: Thoughts on Norway’s current government?
1:27:17: Question: Didn’t Trump cripple ObamaCare and defeat net-neutrality?
1:30:25: Question: Does a capitalist system require a legislative branch?
1:32:10: Question: Who will win 2020, Trump or someone else like Bernie?
1:35:33: Question: When is the state of the economy relevant when it comes to voting?
Air Date: March 4, 2019
00:04:12: trend in Israel elections and implications; growth of Israeli economy
00:09:55: Israeli foreign policy and political Left; Palestine peace;
00:14:05: challenging Netanyahu, General Gantz;
00:19:19: Zehut political party in Israel; pro-capitalist & Objectivism
00:30:15: Question: Thoughts on Rabbi Kheana and his group?
00:32:03: Question: Thoughts on Israeli gun ownership laws?
00:35:51: Question: Why are Americans fake and superficial compared to other Western countries?
00:42:15: Question: Why are people compartmentalized? Why do people evade reality?
00:46:45: Question: To what extent has the moving around affected Yaron’s relationships?
00:50:14: Question: Why are movies getting worse and TV shows getting better?
00:53:00: Question: Are there political parties in Hong Kong?
00:53:28: Question: is there anything positive to happen to come in the next 10 years?
00:56:42: Question: Is Catalonia an example of the efficacy of anarcho-capitalism?
00:57:34: Question: Thoughts on the banning of Tommy Robinson’s books on Amazon?
00:59:20: Question: Would a movement towards classical education be good for America?
1:01:34: Question: Why does happiness require putting Reason above Faith?
1:06:07: Question: Would Yaron consider debating Free Trade and Closed borders?
1:07:42: Comment: Conspiracies are real!
1:10:03: Question: Why are people second-handed or not?
1:12:28: Question: Are most people today stupid and not worth engaging with?
1:15:08: Question: Is there any benefit to redefining ‘compassion’ to be less altruistic and more Buddhistic?
1:16:20: Question: Are sci-fi/fantasy works like Harry Potter art according to Objectivism?
1:18:23: Question: Why is Florida ranked as the freest state?
1:19:21: Question: How does one integrate living life in the short term vs. the long term?
1:21:32: Question: Are late abortions moral?
1:23:18: Defining and Explaining Culture; especially ‘American’ culture
1:24:48: Question: What about the art in yaron’s room/studio?
1:26:00: Loving America; what it takes to change/save America
1:32:33: Question: How much anti-Semitism has Yaron dealt with throughout his life/career?
Air Date: March 19, 2019
00:04:15: analyzing the New Zealand mass shooting & defending Western Civilization
00:16:28: White Genocide, terrorism, and collectivism; White Nationalism and anti-Semitism
00:21:49: White Genocide & White Replacement; David Lane; Culture & Racism
00:31:16: White Suicide & White Extinction in 20th century America; Eugenics
00:38:35: Foundations of Western Civilization
00:42:23: Question: Do mass murders think their actions are for ideological promotion or for the joy of killing others?
00:45:56: Question: Thoughts on Judge Genen’s comments?
00:46:20: Question: What is wrong about white people not wanting to interact with other races?
00:50:25: Question: Does being Jewish or non-Jewish matter?
1:00:24: Question: Is it ever useful to bring up Average racial differences like IQ, especially to combat Leftist notions like inequality?
1:03:15: Question: Didn't the shooter want mass chaos and Civil Racial Wars?; Douglas Murray
Air Date: March 23, 2019
00:04:27: Question: Was Yaron’s event at Berkeley recorded?
00:06:30: Mueller Investigation and report
00:11:59: Question: Is it ever noble or moral to give to others in need or is every altruistic motivation evil?
00:19:26: Question: How can I stop caring about what others think about me?
00:24:55: College Admission Scandal; government higher education; secondhanded-ness
00:40:03: Question: In the market, isn’t the spread and acceptance of ideas dependent on convincing the masses of consumers?
00:45:19: Question: How can risk-taking be in one’s own self-interest?
00:50:23: Question: Does Yaron speak on things Rand got wrong like Intellectual Property?
00:51:40: Question: Is Objectivism compatible with Stoicism?
00:55:40: Question: Were the tyrannies of Ancient Greece necessary for the flourishing of pro-liberty ideas?
00:58:20: Question: What is it like living in Puerto Rico?
00:59:40: Question: How much does Yaron like Bach as a composer?
1:01:10: Question: Is Ghandi an overrated figure?
1:02:08: Question: How does Yaron deal with disagreement/criticism?
1:08:54: Question: How does one introduce one’s pro-Reason friends to Objectivism?
1:09:51: Question: How receptive are Greeks to Objectivism?
1:10:40: Question: Any sector stocks worth following?; South Africa and Racism
1:14:22: North Korea Summits; South Korean defense; sanctioning evil
1:19:00: Question: Thoughts on Bibi Netanyahu?
1:19:49: Question: At this point in time, can technology only help to slow down the advance of bad ideas? Does technology guarantee the success of better ideas?
1:21:17: Question: Thoughts on Juan Carlos and his role in ending fascism in Spain?
1:21:58: Question: How bad would a Biden or Sanders or Rourke Presidency?
1:26:03: Question: Doesn’t Trump ignore the 3rd generation punishment in North Korea?
Air Date: March 24, 2019
00:02:02: Question: What is a better Presidency, Trump or Sanders?
00:05:55: Question: Do people accept altruism because they like the idea of being served by others? Or what other psychological reasons could there be for it?
00:21:38: Question: Is it virtuous to not care what others think of you? How does one ignore worrying about what others think?
00:28:46: Question: What other Objectivist Philosophers are there?
00:29:56: Question: Sometimes you want to make yourself worthy of another's love, because you love them, but that would be selfish, right?
00:31:12: Question: Root or Source of Altruistic philosophy?
00:38:29: Question: Thoughts on Noam Chomsky?
00:39:13: Question: Compare/Contrast Gordon Gekko character against Objectivism?
00:44:12: Question: How to combat Altruistic teachings in everyday life; especially in school?
00:50:49: Question: Thoughts on Entrepreneurship for Social Impact?
00:53:12: Question: Objectivism’s stand on laws preventing or punishing probable injury?
00:55:15: Question: What about taking care of sick elders? Should one help one’s parents? Should parents expect to be cared for by their kids?
00:59:14: Question: To what extent does Warren Buffet and other rich people’s altruistic ideas hamper Yaron’s evaluation of them?
1:01:33: Question: How can America reverse its altruistic policies toward Native American communities?
1:03:00: Combatting Altruism
1:08:00: Question: Doesn’t IP lower economic growth and decrease competition?
1:10:06: Question: What is the best way to convince Norwegians to abandon Welfare State?
Air Date: April 8, 2019
00:05:03: Objectivist in Israeli Parliament; Israeli government & politics;
00:15:45: Question: How can Yaron support Fagelin in Israel but not support Trump?
00:20:15: Question: Is Trump the best President by supporting Israel?
00:24:18: Question: What are Noam Chomsky’s views on Israel?
00:32:05: Question: Why is North Korea more stable than Venezuela?
00:37:17: Question: Would Silicon Valley exist without Ayn Rand?
00:39:35: Question: Were unions a positive force?
00:43:08: Question: Thoughts on Justin Amash?
00:47:28: Question: Shouldn’t Columbia invade Venezuela?
00:49:07: Question: Is there interest in Rand in Spain?
00:50:44: Question: Tucker Carlson and Andrew Young are afraid of automation, is this a legitimate concern?
00:55:38: Question: What did Yaron like about Academia? Dislike?
00:59:18: Question: Should America invade Mexico due to Mexican refugees?
1:06:08: Question: Are there good business schools, especially for entrepreneurship and acquisitions?
1:08:46: Question: Brexit is depressing, what is the best Brexit deal?
1:14:43: Question: Thoughts on Japanese internment camps under FDR? Is that Progressive Nazism?
1:19:19: Question: Is all work rational and productive and worthy of feeling pride?
1:22:22: Question: Thoughts on EU? Is it good or bad?
Air Date: April 9, 2019
00:01:30: Israeli exit poll results
00:04:30: Question: Thoughts on Grievance Studies Hoax?
00:44:27: Question: Is the India-Pakistan conflict similar to the Israel-Palestine conflict?
00:49:32: Question: Thoughts on Anti-Vaccine movement? Are mandatory vaccines in NYC in response to Measles outbreak justified?
00:55:10: Question: Thoughts on Veganism, PETA, and animal rights?
00:58:03: Question: Can the push to abolish electoral college succeed?
00:58:48: Question: Why does Eddie Willers suffer the fate he does?
1:01:40: Question: Thoughts on what government regulation of Facebook would look like?
1:05:59: Question: Thoughts on relationship between SEC and Musk and Martha Stewart?
1:10:19: Question: Is free open source software an act of altruism?
1:12:58: Question: Thoughts on final season of Game of Thrones?
Air Date: April 18, 2019
00:01:30: introducing Ray Dalio; Capitalism, History, and Inequality according to Dalio
00:18:30: Ray Dalio’s story; Collectivism; Economic ‘Pies’; Rawls's egalitarianism
00:38:26: Dalio’s critiques of Capitalism, Inequality, Education; Dalio’s solution(s)
1:02:05: Dalio on Central banks, the Fed; Dalio’s solutions to ‘Capitalism’s’ flaws
1:07:08: Dalio’s tax plans and government solutions
1:10:08: redistributing from savers to spenders; Keynesian economics
1:14:35: Question: Thoughts on UBI?
1:17:45: Question: How to eliminate corruption in Capitalism and its government?
1:19:00: Question: How to find Objectivist intellectuals on social media?
1:19:36: Question: Was Rand the greatest genius ever?
1:20:30: Question: Why is Trump the worst President? Isn’t Obama worse?
1:28:04: Question: Are the events in Atlas Shrugged happening now?
1:29:05: Question: Why is San Francisco so Socialist?
1:32:18: Question: Details on Yaron’s upcoming event in Virginia?
1:33:08: Question: How does one convert one’s socialist friends?
1:34:28: Question: What is Objectivism’s view on licensing laws?
1:35:23: Question: How does one classify, identify, and judge advocates of greater government intervention and redistribution of wealth?
1:39:30: Question: Thoughts on state of economics and property rights in the Caribbean?
1:41:35: Question: Why is Puerto Rico the best place to retire for American citizens?
Air Date: April 20, 2019
00:05:27: Yaron’s response to the Fire at Notre Dame
00:13:55: various reactions, Left & Right, to the burning; Muslim conspiracy
00:19:45: Social Justice Warrior reaction to the burning
00:22:30: Ben Shapiro’s commentary and reactions to it
00:35:18: Question: Thoughts on Ben’s views on the West
00:39:41: philanthropic response to rebuild/repair Notre Dame; reaction to response
00:53:39: Question: Why are the French so mean and nasty?; the Enlightenment
1:04:10: Airplane CEOs letter to President Trump; protectionism & cronyism;
1:15:31: Question: Thoughts on porn ban in UK
1:16:52: Question: How to live a happy life in an irrational world?
1:19:01: Question: Why does modern psychology dismiss the existence of altruism?
1:25:20: Question: What are good sources on the Industrial revolution?
1:26:10: Question: Is it immoral for law enforcement to enforce improper laws?
1:27:19: Question: Should skyscraper light reflection be regulated?
Air Date: April 21, 2019
00:02:00: challenging Ray Dalio on Capitalism
00:03:12: terrorist attack in Sri Lanka
00:05:50: Question: Thoughts on Mueller Report? Should Trump be impeached?; Warren
00:11:39: Question: What causes procrastination? What can be done to overcome it?
00:16:07: Question: Did Rand write about vigilante justice? Thoughts on art depicting/promoting vigilante justice?; objective law, rebellion, Atlas Shrugged & anarchy
00:29:59: Question: Thoughts on Ludwig Von Mises’ student George Risemen’s book where he attempts to improve upon Mises’ praxeology epistemology?
00:33:38: Question: Are there any exceptions to government not owning property?
00:36:50: Question: Do civilians have a right to patrol the border or is that a role of government?
00:40:41: Question: Was Frank Lloyd Wright an influence for the Fountainhead?
00:43:26: Question: How well has Objectivism been received into Asian cultures vs. Western cultures?
00:50:27: Question: Why does Peter Schiff, and other Austrian economists, only make a practical case for laissez-faire while Yaron makes the moral case for laissez-faire?
00:56:14: Question: Thoughts on leading philosophers advocating for human extinction and to not reproduce to save the planet?
1:04:12: Question: Thoughts on language/culture of collectivism & sacrifice in team sports?
1:06:45: Question: Thoughts on the lawlessness at the border?
1:08:30: Question: Thoughts on financiers who claim to be fans of Rand?
1:09:07: Question: Is Society responsible for drug addicts?
1:11:09: DMZ at N. and S. Korea & wildlife
1:13:42: Question: Thoughts on Passover? Is it good to revisit one’s history of being enslaved?
1:18:39: Question: More shows on self-improvement?
1:19:39: Question: Are Yaron and Peter Schiff doing a Free State project in Puerto Rico?
1:22:21: Question: Is insurance a collectivistic or individualistic-Rational endeavour/field?
Air Date: April 22, 2019
00:03:13: analyzing the Capitalism vs. Communism debate; Egalitarianism & Marxism; Peterson’s attack on Marxism & Communism
00:22:47: Zizek’s attack on Capitalism; Peterson’s defense of Capitalism
00:28:25: Question: Thoughts on Jordan Peterson qua intellectual? Is he a net positive or negative force in the culture? When will Yaron debate him again?
00:34:02: Question: Was Karl Marx a genius?
00:38:36: similarities/differences between Peterson and Zizek;
00:44:34: problems in the current world & Capitalism; Happiness; Moral & Practical
00:50:00: summarizing the debate
00:54:06: Question: Why is Shapiro afraid to debate Yaron?
00:56:02: Question: Could Yaron add a list of recommended reads to his site?
00:57:31: Question: What contentions does Yaron have with Austrian economists?
00:59:20: Question: Is Gordon Gekko's breaking up of a company a moral act?
1:02:20: Question: Has Yaron watched Zizek’s video on Ayn Rand?
1:02:38: Question: How does one become an intellectual working for ARI?
1:04:16: Question: Does an individual have a right to an attorney in a free society?
1:05:15: Question: Is climate change causing a contradiction in Objectivism? What is Objectivism’s stand on climate change?
1:11:33: Question: Thoughts on the 3 part Atlas Shrugged movie?
1:12:10: Sri Lanka terrorist attack; Islamic terrorism;
1:15:23: Global Warming, Science, Nuclear Power, and Human life
1:17:29: Elizabeth Warren’s free college plan; wealth tax; Student debt forgiveness
Air Date: April 25, 2019
00:03:12 Question: What economic impact would occur if the current call for a debt jubilee occurs?
00:23:42 Question: Is it bad to wait for marriage or kids?
00:25:12 Appeal of the Left to Young Students/Adults
00:30:40 Elizabeth Warren's 'appealing' wealth tax
00:35:31 Consequences of student debt forgiveness
00:37:16 Solving Student Debt Crisis
00:42:58 Question: Is there a connection between modern debt forgiveness ideas and biblical debt forgiveness?
00:47:48 Question: Is it moral to take government student loans?
00:49:06 Question: Could the US dollar lose its global prominence if debt is forgiven?
00:52:44 Question: Would an immediate return to the gold standard be good for the US economy?
Air Date: Apr 27, 2019
00:04:08 Zizek's popularity & speaking style
00:13:10 Zizek and non-PC
00:15:47 Zizek's appeal & audience vs. Peterson's appeal & audience
00:21:12 Zizek's background & positions & resume
00:28:44 Zizek on Atlas Shrugged
00:37:15 Zizek on environmentalism & ecology
00:40:33 Zizek's worries about Authoritarianism
00:43:33 Zizek's rejection of individualism
00:53:03 Question: What would happen to someone if they bought an island to start a free society?
00:57:22 Question: Thoughts on the claim that Christianity is pro-individualism due to its recognition of the value of individual human soul
01:00:08 Question: What are the similarities & differences between Zizek and Chomsky?
01:04:00 Question: Does Capitalism rely on subjective value?
01:07:57 Question: Is altruism being eroded in the culture?
01:17:43 Question: How do intellectuals avoid the trap of being enamored with their own intelligence?
01:22:55 Question: Why is Cuba the go-to country for socialists?
01:23:45 Question: If Richard Spencer got elected President, then would violent revolution be justified?
01:26:57 Question: Were the Japanese imperialists influenced by Kant?
01:28:42 Question: Willingness to debate Turning Point USA on the true nature of Capitalism?
01:30:45 Question: Does focusing on others denote Altruism or is there more to it?
01:33:08 Movie Recommendation
Air Date: May 03, 2019
00:01:53 Facebook bans individuals and groups
00:05:40 "Left vs Right"
00:11:50 private property vs. government censorship
00:12:27 Question: Can Yaron do a YouTube video on public speaking/debating?
00:13:48 Question: In a country with unilateral free trade, would that country be justified in using military force against countries that impose tariffs?
00:16:45 Question: Thoughts on Farrakan?
00:19:27 Question: Should the tech industry have its equivalent of Alex Epstein educating it?
00:20:16 Question: Thoughts on the late philosopher Robert Nozik and his book?
00:21:16 Question: What is the age at which a child is an adult?
00:23:10 Question: Will China threaten America or the West militarily in the near or far future?
00:28:16 Question: Given the rise and influence of the philosophy behind the Socialist/Communist Left, shouldn't one support Trump?
00:35:53 Question: What is the probability that foreign countries' nukes actually work?
00:38:10 Question: Hasn't socialism been on the rise for over 100 years?
00:40:39 Question: Could a free country be created on Mars?
00:41:31 Question: Thoughts on Lord of the Rings Trilogy?
00:42:33 Question: Does Yaron like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?
00:43:58 Question: Why did Germany enter a recession and what does it mean?
00:49:04 Question: Did Rand ever comment on the similarities between her creating a new philosophy and Galt creating a new discovery in Physics?
00:49:57 Capitalism under Siege
00:59:43 Question: Would there ever be an Objectivist political party?
Air Date: May 5, 2019
00:02:51 recent Attacks on Capitalism by the Left and business/finance leaders
00:09:34 Ray Dalio at Mike Milken institute on issues with Capitalism
00:15:08 Question: Does Trump exacerbate the attacks on Capitalism?
00:19:26 Capitalism's decline
00:23:27 Defending Capitalism: Arthur Brooks
00:42:00 Defending Capitalism: Ayn Rand
00:46:58 Question: If one lacks the empirical/historical data about capitalism, should one still argue for Capitalism?
00:52:46 Question: Thoughts on Facebook using its own Crypto currency?
00:53:05 Question: Could we argue that individualism leads to self-esteem and individual human flourishing?
00:56:15 Question: Should an individual be able to choose which program(s) one's taxes go towards?
00:58:37 results of failing to defend Capitalism in America and abroad
Air Date: May 5, 2019
00:01:30 finding purpose and self esteem in an altruist culture
00:09:15 the meaning of Life
00:14:10 Question: Are Ray Dalio's principles similar to Rand's and do his lead to a successful and flourishing life?
00:20:44 Question: Thoughts on other individualistic philosophies that claim to be similar to Rand's?
00:21:15 Question: Is the practical always the moral?
00:23:16 Question: How does one live one's life given all the bad socio-political stuff going on?
00:26:07 Question: If a person holds a malevolent universe premise, then is it impossible for them to succeed and are they afraid of success?
00:27:55 Question: At what age is a child's brain sufficiently developed to begin to teach them to think independently, critically, and rationally?
00:30:08 Question: Are failures of knowledge breaches of morality?
00:31:30 Objectivism on the Purpose/Meaning of Life
00:34:50 Question: Is there enough value in learning a 2nd language to off-set the opportunity cost?
00:40:33 Question: If self-help is such a huge industry and Rand is ultimate self-help source, then is there an issue in the current marketing of her ideas?
00:45:44 3 Cardinal Values in a pro-Life Hierarchy of Values
00:55:34 Integrating one's values with Cardinal Values and one's Life
00:58:48 Question: Is there a lecture series dealing with Hierarchy of Values and Virtues and Ethics?
01:00:03 Pursuing Rational Values, Principles, Standards and Virtues to achieve values
Air Date: May 7, 2019
00:04:25 Reality of irrationality
00:14:42 accepting the political reality while living one's life
00:18:49 Taking control over one's Life
00:23:32 Question: Should one leave the political discussion if it is too stressful?
00:27:32 Question: How does one deal with the disappointing fact that there is a lack of good & rational individuals out there?
00:34:05 Question: What should one do if one is in a romantic relationship with an irrational individual?
00:37:28 Question: Why are so many Objectivists in Brazilian jiu jitsu?
00:38:12 Question: How does one deal with irrational coworkers?
00:43:16 Taking action in an Irrational world
00:51:47 Question: If an individual develops a revolutionary technology, then should they release it or not?
01:00:11 Finding Rational Individuals in the world
01:06:53 Question: Why don't women listen/watch YBS?
01:10:46 Question: What is the Hebrew word for 'Reason'?
01:11:38 Question: Would Yaron go vegan? Is veganism good?
01:15:46 Question: How is Yaron's Spanish coming along?
01:16:08 Question: Thoughts on Dave Ramsey's financial advice?
01:17:46 Question: Thoughts on the show Man in the High Castle?
01:19:54 Question: Is the government a necessary good or evil?
01:20:57 Question: Is the Religious Right more of a threat than the Socialist Nihilist Left?
Air Date: May 9, 2019
00:08:03 the alternative to Atheism; Yaron's story on being an Atheist
00:19:21 Children & Atheism
00:23:18 Mysticism/Religion vs. Reason
00:28:51 Positive aspect of religion; types of individuals
00:38:40 New Atheists Guidance
00:41:43 Question: Thoughts on Hinduism?
00:47:51 Question: If religion is so bad, then why are religious people happy?
00:53:30 Question: Thoughts on reincarnation?
01:00:43 Question: What is the greatest danger of believing in God?
01:04:45 Question: many individuals believe in Zodiac and other supernatural things, would the discovery of Reason help them overcome these beliefs?
01:06:54 Question: How does one explain the objective validity of Objectivism's ethics to a moral subjectivist?
01:11:54 Question: Do religious people find religious ceremonies comforting?
01:14:20 Question: Thoughts on the phenomena of individuals going to church once or twice a year?
01:19:38 Question: Why do religious people dislike or don't care about money?
01:23:48 Question: What did Ayn Rand mean when she spoke on bravery and cowardice and the consequences of them
01:28:12 Question: What is the difference between materialism and Objectivism?
01:33:35 Question: Thoughts on Scientology?
01:35:55 Question: Christianity is not M2, but the Alt-Right is, so isn't that the real threat?
01:40:45 Question: Why hasn't North Korea collapsed like the Soviet Union?
Air Date: May 11, 2019
00:01:58 Chris Hughes on breaking up Facebook
00:10:50 Political Power vs. Economic Power
00:30:42 Economic and History ala the Left
00:53:10 comparing Facebook to smoking
00:54:10 3 problems with Facebook
00:57:15 Facebook's ability to censor
01:08:33 3 solutions to Facebook's monopoly power
01:22:38 Facebook: publisher or platform?
01:25:38 Question: is Facebook violating its contract with its users?
01:27:11 Question: Is there any validity to the claim that companies ought to be regulated to the extent that they are subsidized?
01:29:15 Question: What should individuals do who cannot use social media platforms?
01:34:50 Question: What is needed to help increase Objectivism in the world: more money or more intellectuals?
Air Date: May 13, 2019
00:09:18 Objections to trade #1: 'they' have tariffs too
00:17:58 Objection to Trade #2: more tax revenue and more American jobs
00:29:22 Objection to Trade #3: 'they' manipulate their currency
00:33:36 Objection to Trade #4: 'they' subsidize stuff
00:37:35 Objection to Trade #5: there is a trade imbalance/deficit
00:41:37 Question: Aren't moral arguments more useful/effective than the utilitarian/economic arguments regarding free trade?
00:44:39 Objection to Trade #6: 'they' pay the tariffs, not us
00:47:28 Objection to Trade#7: doing something about 'their' dumping
00:50:17 Objection to Trade #8: but 'they' violate Intellectual Property
00:52:45 Objection to Trade #8: but 'they' are our enemy
00:55:55 Trade Deals
00:59:34 Question: Is the deregulation done under Trump more significant than the tariffs?
01:06:33 Question: Without protectionism, wouldn't jobs all go away and the people be poor?
01:11:59 Question: How well would Bernie do in a debate against Trump?
01:12:48 Question: What is/are the proper action(s) to take against immoral countries?
01:16:34 Question: What is the basis for Intellectual Property?
01:18:48 Question: What are the 2 things Trump should do to improve the economic and trade situation?
01:20:30 Question: Are tariffs justified to protect industries that are in their infancy?
01:23:03 Question: Are the tariffs going to last forever?
01:24:50 Question: Thoughts on Supreme Court decision on Apple?
01:26:50 Question: What is Yaron's Meyers-Briggs test result?
01:27:48 Question: Why do people say they enjoy sacrificing for others?
01:31:55 Question: which countries should one Embargo right now?
Air Date: May 16, 2019
Video and the audio are de-synchronized, making indexing impossible due to accuracy
Air Date: May 18, 2019
00:00:46 Show start
00:02:56 Question: What were the differences in the banking philosophies of Jefferson and Hamilton?
00:12:35 Question: Thoughts on SAT diversity score?
00:31:37 Question: Thoughts on Boaz Johnston?
00:34:22 Question: Should the ability to vote be restricted?
00:38:40 Question: Something about being right and the methodology one uses to arrive at a correct answer
00:39:47 Question: What are some of Yaron's favorite literature works?
00:44:01 Question: Some of Yaron's favorite poet's or poems
00:47:25 Question: Thoughts on international IP protection and trade imbalances?
00:52:28 Question: Thoughts on the phrase "lesser of two evils"?
00:53:22 Question: Is Objectivism consistent with gambling, specifically playing poker?
00:56:00 Question: unknown due to sound quality
00:56:45 Question: Has Yaron read the Federalist or Anti-Federalist papers? Which side made the better argument?
00:58:15 Question: Rationalist philosophy summarized vs. Objectivism
01:00:30 Question: Thoughts on abortion in current political environment?
01:08:17 Question: Thoughts on assisted suicide?
01:11:02 Question: Is abortion legal in Israel?
01:11:25 Question: Is Free-Masonry compatible with Objectivism?
01:12:38 Question: Thoughts on comic book movies?
01:15:07 Question: thoughts on a voting system based on rankings cast in the ballot?
01:15:43 Question; Thoughts on TV show Turn?
01:15:50 Question: If Yaron had to start over, would he be full-time finance or full-time public intellectual?
Air Date: May 27, 2019
00:04:34 Question: How have Yaron's time and events in Hong Kong been?
00:08:02 Hong Kong's secret to success
00:15:44 unique relationship between China and Hong Kong; Hong Kong's influence
00:20:48 Hong Kong's decline
00:25:36 Trump and Chinese aggression; Issues with China
00:28:38 Inequality in China; Equal is Unfair published in China
00:30:09 Question: Will Yaron be on the Joe Rogan show?
00:31:59 Thoughts on Japan; Japanese government, culture, and economy
00:37:03 Question: Are Japanese people still very concerned with Tradition?
Air Date: May 31, 2019
00:03:33 Impressions of Singapore & its success
00:11:45 political and economic restrictions in Singapore; Free Speech
00:25:45 Property rights in Hong Kong and Singapore
00:27:25 Yaron's events and talks in Singapore
00:31:34 Question: Was British Imperialism good? Is Imperialism ever good?
00:37:07 Question: Why is Eugenics an invalid viewpoint?
00:40:08 Question: If an allied free country is under attack by an authoritarian country, should one's own country intervene?
00:44:31 Question: Why hasn't socialism been abandoned given all of its failures?
00:50:47 Question: Thoughts on James Caravel's novels on Asia?
00:53:22 Question: Some fiction and non-fiction book recommendations?
00:55:30 Business and Trade in Asia; angst over Trump
Air Date: June 1, 2019
00:03:30 general comments on Game of Thrones
00:08:48 Good and Evil in GOT
00:14:53 Arya and Justice in GOT
00:17:24 Theme of GOT
00:24:00 Question: Was the Dragon Queen evil from the beginning of the show?
00:35:48 Question: Why was the Dragon Queen attracted to her 1st husband?
00:39:35 Question: Thoughts on Jamie's character and his ending?
00:42:18 Question: Isn't the entire show's philosophy all about duty and sacrifice on the part of the heroes?
00:46:28 Question: Thoughts on a sub-theme of GOT being that power doesn't corrupt but reveals?
00:47:08 Question: Thoughts on the religious leader who made Cerci do a walk of shame?
00:52:06 Question: Thoughts on the self-sacrifice done by some characters; especially near the end of the show?
00:52:55 Question: Thoughts on Arya's relationship with the Hound?
00:54:28 Love, Sacrifice, Goals, Violence, Happiness, and Power in GOT
00:59:49 Question: Isn't Jon Snow an altruist?
01:00:50 Question: Thoughts on TV as a medium to present good art?
01:02:07 Question: Thoughts on Ned Stark?
01:04:08 Question: Thoughts on Terry Goodkind?
Air Date: June 12, 2019
00:02:32 Hong Kong's extradition struggle with China
00:08:29 Yaron in Japan; State of Japan
00:10:10 Yaron in Singapore; mixed state of Singapore
00:16:12 Yaron in South Korea; talking to high school students
00:19:21 Yaron in Mongolia
00:21:22 Question: immigrants from 3rd world countries would turn America into 3rd world country due to their voting habits, isn't this anti-American?
00:29:36 Question: Thoughts on Japan's current economic policies?
00:33:15 the dilemma or reality about China
00:39:50 Chinese economy
00:44:40 What Should the US government do with respect to China
00:47:56 US government involvement in Trade with China
00:57:12 Question: Which countries should America consider an enemy and what should the government do with those countries?
01:01:05 Question: Is there value or meaning to be derived from Asian art?
01:05:19 Question: Which is better: public school teaching collectivism or private school teaching religion?
01:07:00 Question: What is Free Will?
01:12:30 Question: Are preemptive military strikes always justified?
Air Date: June 17, 2019
00:07:45 usage of the term 'Liberal'
00:11:25 Question: Who are some of the conservative's 'brightest' stars?
00:12:00 History of Modern American conservativism
00:22:30 3 types of Conservatives in the Trump-Era
00:27:17 First Things magazine & the beginnings of civil war
00:41:10 Question: Are modern American religious conservatives similar to 1930's fascists?
00:42:41 Question: Where did the Tea Party movement fit/go in the conservative movement?
00:44:30 the attack on David French & traditional conservatives
00:54:00 a new neo-conservative front; the Common Good vs. Individualism
00:59:30 responding to the attack on David French and traditional conservativism
01:05:15 the escalating civil war within Conservatism
01:10:01 Question: How similar are Trump and Bernie supporters? Do they qualify as being 'conservative'?
01:15:19 Question: Why doesn't Yaron debate 'bigger' Leftist intellectuals?
01:16:41 Question: Aren't individual rights protected in the Constitution?
01:17:58 Question: Can Yaron do a longer discussion on Mike Milkan and the morality of finance?
01:19:33 Question: Can Yaron end the show on a positive note?
Air Date: June 30, 2019
00:07:30 Thoughts on OCON 2019
00:16:43 Question: Thoughts on the bow house movement? Was Rand influenced by it? Yaron's preferred architecture?
00:20:05 Question: Thoughts on the 1st Democratic debate?
00:22:36 Question: Thoughts on meditation?
00:33:00 Question: When was the last time Yaron changed his mind on a significant issue?
00:39:16 Question: Thoughts on HBO's Chernobyl?
00:44:53 Question: Is sculpture an underappreciated art form?
00:49:26 Question: When will the OCON videos be published?
00:50:00 Question: Why does Yaron consider Aliens and the Abyss movies epistemological?
01:00:12 Question: Thoughts on Mystic Cooper?
01:00:57 Question: Thoughts on Eleanor Osterom and her design principles?
01:03:41 Question: Thoughts on Trump not bombing Iran over the shooting down of an American drone?
01:07:43 Question: Thoughts on the current state & future of Norway
01:11:45 Question: How does one explain morality to a 5 year old?
Air Date: July 4, 2019
00:03:19 American Independence and the Military; celebrating the Declaration of Independence
00:13:52 Consequences of sanctioning evil
00:19:59 Nixon going to China vs. Trump going to North Korea
00:32:12 Question: Any special recommendation to spreading Objectivism in Sweden?
00:34:55 Question: How should the vote be limited to keep the government on track?
00:41:14 Question: Should US presidents be required to release their tax returns?
00:45:00 Question: Since Amash left the GOP, is his career as a politician finished?
00:47:15 Question: Isn't Hillary Clinton a socialist?
00:50:57 Question: What is Yaron's routine everyday?
00:52:42 Question: What was Henry Cameron's error as compared to Howard Roark?
00:58:33 Question: Thoughts on Democratic front-runners?
01:00:45 Question: Thoughts on Eric Hauffer and his views on individualism?
01:00:47 Question: Thoughts on latest SCOTUS ruling
01:03:55 a case study of mindlessness on social media and in the culture
01:10:36 Celebrating the spirit of American Independence on July 4
Air Date: July 16, 2019
00:05:00 update on Yaron's recent activities
00:09:22 Christianity and the movie: "Agura"
00:12:27 Christian sins and ancient Athens
00:14:08 Question: What is Rand's view on how government would hand out contracts to the private sector to accomplish certain things?
00:16:25 Trump's Tweets
00:27:10 Alt Right & Trump's influence on Conservatism; outcomes of influence
00:29:48 interpretations of Trump's Tweets; the Squad vs. Pelosi
00:32:34 evaluating the Squad's ideologies and policies
00:36:48 short-term and long-term consequences of Trump's Tweets
00:39:15 Trump's approach and tactics to dealing with and solving issues
00:46:13 Question: Does Trump represent racism as a political movement?
00:48:08 Question: What are some other countries with a similar culture to America?
00:49:15 Question: Can America do anything to make the world a better place to live in, especially in Mexico & Central/South America?
00:53:02 Question: How could Rand argue everything is black and white when there are so many things that are a mixture?
00:55:28 Question: Thoughts on Peter Theil's comments about China and Google?
01:00:03 Jeffery Epstein, Sexual abuse, state of the culture
01:11:50 the beauty and meaning of Sex
01:14:43 rejecting the current culture
01:18:20 Question: How does one revolt against the culture without appearing conservative?
Air Date: July 19, 2019
00:07:17 Defining, explaining, and identifying Racism
00:17:12 Question: Has Yaron watched "The Medici's: Masters of Florence" on Netflix?
00:18:42 Question: is there any self-interest in preserving/defending one's own racial/ethnic identity?
00:31:37 Question: Is it odd that Iran is constantly in the news cycle? Is this a precursor to war?
00:39:06 Question: Isn't it rational to observe racial groups for specific attributes like athleticism?
00:44:20 Racism is...
00:46:10 Question: Molyneux argues that the fate of the nation depends on the average IQ of its population, but Jared Diamond has a counter argument, thoughts?
00:53:22 Question: Is part of Trump's attack on the Squad to undermine the authority and importance of Congress in relation to the Presidency?
00:59:16 Question: Advice to give to someone who wants to be a YouTuber but is afraid of potential criticism?
01:03:35 Question: Is it ever appropriate to say 'If you don't like it here, then leave'?
01:07:03 Question: Isn't intelligence far more complex than just IQ?
01:10:05 Question: Has Yaron ever met Epstein types in the finance world?
01:12:05 Question: Is co-dependency a part of collectivism?
01:17:43 Yaron's motivational spiel
Air Date: July 20, 2019
00:02:15 American Corporations and American rich under assault, Left & Right
00:10:12 principles vs. Pragmatism; Right & Left economic populism & power lust
00:14:00 Elizabeth Warren's plans for the American economy
00:22:40 birth of National Conservatism; death of free markets...
00:27:40 Elizabeth Warren & Economic nationalist conservatives
00:29:25 the nativist agenda: American values & social issues
00:45:16 Question: Why is corporate research superior to academic research?
00:49:43 Question: Is it possible to predict the level at which national debt becomes crippling?
00:51:35 Question: Could Ronald Reagan get elected in 2020?
00:55:20 Question: Thoughts on Rand Paul's stand against 9/11 victim funding?
00:56:25 Question: Can a candidate of individualism actually come about and win/influence the national discourse?
00:58:30 Question: To what extent did the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 60's influence the views throughout Europe and America up to now?
01:02:11 Question: How much of a threat to freedom is the EU given its drift away from freedom?
01:03:55 What victory requires is...
Air Date: July 21, 2019
00:00:00: introducing the show and disclaimers
00:06:30: challenging revisionist historians; rise and fall of European civilzation; Muslim civilization vs. Dark/Middle age Europe
00:12:45: the founding and flourishing of Florence
00:14:58: the Renaissance, Thomas Aquinas, and Art
00:24:10: secularization of Art in the Renaissance; old testament art
00:27:40: secularization of Art in the Renaissance; Greek mythology & secular life
00:29:34: Question: Can art be a reflection of the culture and a projection of it?
00:37:55: Florence as the Rebirth of Western Civilization
00:40:05: the birth of Geniuses in/around Florence; Leonardo Da Vinci & Michelangelo
00:48:38: evaluating a Piata positively; Michelangelo’s works
1:01:35: Michelangelo’s life, influence of Catholicism, and his Art; end of the Renaissance
1:09:30: summarizing the Dark, Middle ages & Renaissance; Florence & Geniuses;
1:19:46: Florence’s role in reviving Europe during the Renaissance
1:20:43: Question: Thoughts on Stanley Cuprik’s works?
1:26:20: Question: What are the best masculine and feminine painters/paintings?
1:29:33: Question: Why is sex an integration of physical and spiritual feelings?
Air Date: July 22, 2019
00:04:46: the value of freedom
00:11:27: getting involved to save the world; fighting the nihilistic Left
00:21:34: opposing the nihilistic Left: the conservative Right
00:34:55: no defenders of individualism, now what?
00:39:12: going on strike and fighting for freedom
00:42:08: Question: Doesn’t the debt ceiling deal indicate just how similar GOP is to Democrats?
00:44:33: using Objectivism to fight for the future
00:49:02: identifying and fighting for heroes in the culture
00:52:37: Question: Will it take a financial crash to create a change?
00:54:02: Question: Thoughts on Trump’s spokesperson Steve Miller?
00:54:56: Question: Is America on a similar path as Weimar Germany towards Nazism?
00:55:44: Question: Would this be happening if Hillary Clinton had won?
00:57:38: Question: Thoughts on Brett Stevens for quitting the GOP?
00:59:03: Question: What brought the Dark Ages to an end and could that happen today?
1:01:02: Question: Has Yaron read ‘God, no’?
1:03:20: Question: AOC made a proclamation that America had to wait 254 years before the Squad came to be, thoughts?
1:05:30: Question: Has Yaron ever been on Tucker Carlson’s show, why or why not?
Air Date: July 27, 2019
00:02:20 Background and Thoughts/Analysis of Cornel West
00:15:13 Question: Is Cornel West a racist like other Leftist intellectuals?
00:17:43 Cornel West on Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism
00:52:30 Cornel West on Western Civilization and Western History
00:58:00 Cornel West on Labor and Collective Bargaining
01:00:37 Cornel West on Robber Barons/Great Industrialists
01:04:45 Danger of Dismissing Cornel West
01:10:05 Cornel West on Child Labor and child mortality
01:15:40 Joe Rogan & Cornel West on freeriders & government handouts/services
01:20:15 Cornel West on Justice: 'Well adjusted to injustice'; American Dream;
01:26:40 Challenging the altruism and egalitarianism; fighting for Liberty & values
01:29:52 Question: Is the primary problem with socialists on the right and left their view of politicians as the 'good guys'?
01:32:32 Question: According to Objectivism, is capitalism an absolutely perfect system?
01:34:46 Question: On the land I own, do I have the right to charge rent; especially if I own all the land?
01:36:52 Question: Are these intellectuals like West, Zizek or Peterson, made popular because of the culture of personality that exists?
01:39:36 Question: Thoughts on the Russian economy?
01:41:03 Question: Why is America poor culturally? In what specific ways is America this way?
01:45:45 Question: How did Yaron transition from a career in Engineering to Finance? Should one work for a company that promotes corporate responsibility?
01:47:04 Question: Has Trump deregulated a lot?
01:49:23 Question: Thoughts on Boris Johnson's election and Cabinet?
01:50:16 Question: Is Hong Kong's movement good?
01:51:56 Question: How does Yaron measure up to Jordan Peterson et al?
Air Date: July 28, 2019
00:03:23 Question: Is there anything legitimate the Democrats have to impeach Trump?
00:05:42 Question: How does one evaluate the negative interest rates on bonds across the world?
00:13:37 Question: thoughts on Jordan Peterson's appeal to improving oneself and then ever bigger groups in relation to arguments about doing something 'bigger than oneself'
00:33:54 Question: Would the US military fight against rebelling citizens if there were a large enough quantity of rebels?
00:37:08 Question: How should individualists react & support the events in Hong Kong? Thoughts on the movements in Hong Kong?
00:42:05 Question: Thoughts on meditation?
00:46:20 Question: How does one integrate the virtue of productiveness into one's life and judgments of oneself and others?
00:52:03 Question: How does one cope with the Far Left agenda being implemented in the world around us?
00:56:35 Question: Did Rand influence Rocky III?
00:59:53 Question: What is the main difference between multiculturalism and the value one gains from other cultures like their cuisine or art?
01:02:51 Question: Is art doomed to appeal to the lowest common denominator in a free market?
01:05:29 Question: Is it more frustrating to debate an anarchist or a socialist?
01:07:30 Question: Thoughts on the death of the Tea Party but the normalization of the Occupy Wall Street movement?
01:13:00 Question: What reforms are specifically needed for immigration and asylum laws?
01:17:50 Question: Thoughts on gun control; especially in America vs. Venezuela?
01:20:38 Question: Why is Steve Jobs admired and revered whereas Jeff Bezos is demonized?
01:23:55 Question: Do workers need the capitalists or do capitalists need workers?
01:23:59 Question: Eric Kauffer wrote about religious and political views shaping one's views, thoughts?
01:25:55 Question: Where can one find 20 y/o individuals who are Objectivists?
01:28:12 Question: Thoughts on Steven King's novels?
01:28:33 Question: How to cope with the fact that one has not kissed a girl by the age of 20?
01:31:28 Question: Thoughts on Berlin qua city and the enamoration with Socialist ideas in Germany?
01:33:01 Question: Is China a national security threat and should a mechanism exist to override a free market to deal with the threat?
01:35:58 Question: Why does passion sell arguments?
Air Date: July 29, 2019
00:09:52 Richard Wolff on employment, wages, and explotation
00:25:06 frustration of the American working class
00:29:46 Richard Wolff on Happy Hour
00:33:01 the value of capitalists vs. the value of workers; ownership & management of business concerns
00:36:19 critiquing Capitalism and understanding Marxism
00:43:00 rejecting specialization under socialism/communism
00:45:00 the God of the Left
00:46:20 Richard Wolff on profit motive, increasing productivity, and freedom
00:55:56 making and using profits; the necessity of profit; CEOs and stocks
01:01:20 the Left's understanding of economic and financial concepts
Air Date: July 31, 2019
00:05:56 Question: Thoughts on the Golden Rule?
00:07:23 the purpose of morality
00:12:10 art and morality: popularity of certain types of literature
00:22:32 Morality as survival qua man
00:25:30 using morality to shape one's own soul
00:26:34 Objectivism's morality vs. modern morality
00:32:35 Question: Thoughts on the Golden Rule?
00:35:17 Question: Can a lifeboat situation be interesting in art?
00:37:05 Question: What is Rand's view of the GodFather movies? Why was she unable to come to terms on an Atlas movie in her lifetime?
00:46:00 Question: Thoughts on the ethics of the Girl & Boy Scouts?
00:53:42 Question: Is empathy a good trait?
00:55:42 Question: Thoughts on Chandler Tu?
00:55:58 Question: Why did Dominique do the things she does in The Fountainhead; especially after meeting Roark?
01:00:18 Question: Is OJ Simpson a real life James Taggart?
01:01:36 Question: Thoughts on social constructivism?
01:05:15 Question: What is the difference between the Atlas Society and ARI?
01:14:55 Question: Can one enjoy a work of art that one morally disagrees with?
01:18:48 Question: Is Metallica's music great?
01:21:45 Question: Does Yaron have a difference of opinion from Rand on how to apply/live Objectivism?
Air Date: August 4, 2019
00:02:30 Question: Don't mass shootings happen in Chicago on a daily basis similar to these recent mass shootings?
00:04:46 Question: Should there be a special category of crimes for hate crimes?
00:06:36 conspiracy theories about the shooting in El Paso & the shooter's manifesto
00:07:28 motivations of various shooting events; causes of those shootings
00:11:02 causes of Islamic terrorism's rise a few years ago vs. causes of recent ideological/emotional shootings
00:23:08 El Paso shooter's manifesto & the modern American political environment; the 'power' of Fear
00:26:44 Question: Are mass shootings less common in Europe due to gun control?
00:29:16 El Paso shooter's manifesto; replacement and American corporate greed
00:33:08 El Paso shooter's manifesto: economic rationale & government immigration and social welfare policies
00:37:23 El Paso shooter's manifesto: his desired outcomes/reactions
00:45:20 Conclusions from the El Paso shooter's manifesto
00:50:06 deeper causes of mass shootings
01:06:48 Disappearance of Reason in America; Don Broudeux's letter to Trump; reactions to the letter
01:15:50 Question: thoughts on Trump's recent statements on Hong Kong protesters?
01:19:01 Question: Would assault rifle bans and more background checks and the like be good legislative responses to prevent future shootings?
Air Date: August 9, 2019
00:04:00 Question: Thoughts on Jordan Peterson's views on Rand & Atlas Shrugged?
00:25:11 Question: Thoughts on Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
00:26:40 Question: Will Hong Kong protests achieve democracy?
00:31:27 Question: Can you explain what bonds are?
00:34:35 Question: Is it laughable to call out China for currency manipulation when Trump wants the Fed to lower interest rates?
00:40:50 Question: Does China have a good/proper view of morality? How does one evaluate China?
00:49:18 Question: Thoughts on Steven Pinker's views on Objectivism?
00:49:42 Question: Is China's system of governance similar to Germany's National Socialism?
01:03:55 Question: Thoughts on Bernie Sanders being on Joe Rogan?
01:04:27 Question: Thoughts on the show Justified?
01:06:09 Question: Didn't Fidel Castro clamor to achieve freedom?
01:11:13 Question: Is there a danger in appreciating fictional art as compared to non-fictional art due to the nature and definition of art?
01:13:15 Question: Thoughts on Jimmy Sturart's movie: Harvey
01:13:39 Question: Can an Objectivist be spontaneous?
01:21:55 Question: What does one say to other individuals who hold suffering and sacrifice as virtues?
01:27:00 Question: Are struggling and suffering the same thing or is this a package deal?
01:29:00 Question: Leftists say Andrew Jackson is as bad as Hitler, thoughts?
01:34:34 Question: What could trigger a national switch towards Objectivism?
01:37:28 Question: Thoughts on Colombian 2016 peace agreement with terrorist groups?
01:38:44 Question: Would Yaron play Minecraft?
01:38:48 Question: Will Leonard Peikoff release more books?
01:39:22 Question: How wary should a young person be about the future of the US given everything the US government is doing?
01:45:00 Question: Thoughts on Ari Armstrong's critique of Objectivism?
Air Date: August 10, 2019
00:02:22 Suicide of Jeffery Epstein
00:06:00 conspiracy theories about Epstein's death
00:16:36 Joe Rogan as an interviewer; interviewing vs debating
00:23:40 difficulties of debating the Left
00:25:56 Bernie Sanders on TV stations and air-time to political parties
00:27:14 Bernie Sanders on the mainstream ideas of universal health care as a human right
00:34:47 Bernie Sanders on Health Care costs in America
00:46:18 Bernie Sanders on health care costs in Canada vs America
00:52:56 Bernie Sanders on the power & influence of Health Care Industry
00:58:10 Bernie Sanders on drug prices in America vs. Canada
01:05:55 Question: Thoughts on the public opt-in option for health care?
01:08:28 Bernie Sanders on the path to creating Medicare/Medicaid for all
01:13:00 Bernie Sanders and Joe Rogan on Lobbyists
01:14:03 Bernie Sanders on wealth inequality
01:26:20 Bernie Sanders on stopping the influence and power of corporations and the rich
01:28:10 Bernie Sanders on what he would do as President
01:31:10 the cost and corruption of Medicare
01:36:20 Bernie Sanders on Climate Change
01:38:00 Bernie Sanders on $15 minimum wage
01:45:10 Question: Couldn't someone start a business that advertised prices for various medical procedures?
Air Date: August 11, 2019
00:04:30 upcoming events featuring Yaron
00:10:34 Who Yuval Harari is
00:18:10 Harari on why humans run the world vs. Yaron on why humans run the world
00:46:55 Harari on the key to human success
01:01:53 Harari on individual rights
01:14:00 importance of Reason; concept formation
01:18:46 Question: Thoughts on David Deutsche's views on optimism? Yaron's thoughts on optimism?
01:21:48 Question: Why didn't a chimpanzee give Harari's speech?
01:22:57 Question: Is Harari this confused on basic philosophical issues or is there a deeper socio-political motive?
01:25:23 Question: Would Sam Harris have a conversation with Yaron?
01:25:41 Question: How can so many economists believe things that are are false?
01:29:07 Question: Thoughts on Rush's 2012 album?
01:29:36 Question: Why is it that intellectuals refuse to understand or even investigate Ayn Rand?
01:31:53 Question: Why are Brazilian rainforests being harvested?
Air Date: August 19, 2019
00:07:18 what Socialism is
00:12:14 Question: Don't people like Bernie Sanders conflate social welfare programs with government control?
00:15:44 the essential feature(s) of socialism
00:18:07 Health care under Socialism; nationalized healthcare; Medicare for all
00:23:55 the morality of Socialism
00:38:15 Question: Doesn't socialism appeal to the common individual's resentment towards success?
00:45:24 Question: Aren't education. housing, and health care a 'need' so they get controlled by government whereas computers and electronics are 'nice' so they get freedom
00:49:58 Question: Why is it hard for millennials to conceive of how a free market health care system would work?
00:54:47 Question: Why doesn't Bernie ever blame politicians for taking bribes from corporations who are beholden/regulated by the politicians?
00:56:55 Question: How is introspection a valid argument for free will and induction?
01:01:35 Question: Can the military be replaced by hiring contract mercenaries?
01:04:48 Question: Do children tend to be selfish but their upbringing drives that selfishness out of them?
01:07:30 Question: What caused the 2008 Great Recession?
01:09:38 Question: Was Ronald Reagan a good guy?
Air Date: August 15, 2019
00:03:54 the immoral and impractical aspects of Socialism
00:21:50 consequences of Socialism
00:33:55 2 core ideas driving Socialism: collectivism & altruism
00:35:30 historical proof of Socialism's failure
00:49:44 Question: Why is Apple successful without Steve Jobs?
00:56:09 Question: is there any logic to Trump's idea to buy Greenland?
01:02:41 Question: oligopoly/monopolies shouldn't happen, yet Rockefeller had 90% of the market at a point in the 19th century, how did this happen? What were Rand's/Yaron's views on Rockefeller?
01:08:58 Question: Could any of the Indian tribes that existed before Columbus be described as successful socialist economies?
01:10:29 Question: Is there any hope for India? Thoughts on India's Prime Minister?
01:11:35 Question: How does the FDA restrict the health care market?
01:17:25 Question: Are universal health care and legalized drugs mutually exclusive phenomena?
01:22:21 Question: What can one expect from Boris Johnston?
01:23:49 Question: Is there data about regulations and laws and how they impact GDP?
01:24:19 Question: Why are Libertarians joining alt-Right?
01:27:01 Question: Thoughts on the Insulin for All movement and similar movements?
01:28:33 Question: Why is Socialism attractive?
01:33:08 Question: How does one define real life lifeboat emergencies?
01:34:35 Question: If Jeff Bezos read Atlas Shrugged, then would he get it?
Air Date: August 16, 2019
00:02:23 Andrew Yang's background & resume
00:09:18 Andrew Yang on H3; UBI
00:19:30 Andrew Yang on Market Value and jobs
00:35:45 Andrew Yang on an American Score Card
00:36:56 Andrew Yang on taxing Amazon; Value-Added Tax; UBI
00:51:53 Andrew Yang's social credit/score for America
00:54:20 Andrew Yang's UBI: a Freedom Dividend
01:01:33 Andrew Yang on the potential future of UBI
01:12:33 Question: How does Andrew Yang relate to Bernie Sanders?
01:13:22 Question: Is Yang's appeal for UBI resting on a motivation by fear?
01:15:07 Question: Under capitalism, can't I just have a 1 acre farm and do what I want there?
01:16:50 Question: Is implementing UBI an improvement over the current system or not?
01:21:03 Question: What was Ayn Rand's opinion on Kid Rock?
01:21:51 Question: Who are good individuals to listen to or read for economic insight?
01:24:54 Question: Thoughts on the movie Hombrey with Paul Newman?
Air Date: August 17, 2019
00:01:00 Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend
00:05:46 Andrew Yang's policies
00:11:49 How to MAGA
00:23:53 the American Spirit & Truth
00:27:50 2020 candidates and MAGA
00:31:24 Question: How does on make moral judgments without being negatively impacted by emotions, especially hate?
00:35:04 Question: Thoughts on Stephen Moleneux and Tom Woods?
00:36:47 Question: Why do people associate service jobs, like McDonalds, with low quality?
00:40:59 Question: Thoughts on a documentary on how Vemeer developed his painting techniques?
00:43:32 Question: Who is Yaron going to analyze/comment on next?
00:44:04 Question: What is the proper role of the federal government in a situation like what is happening in Portland?
00:50:37 Question: Thoughts on anarcho-capitalism?
00:52:04 Question: Is it possible to foreclose on the national debt?
00:53:09 Question: Are there unpublished courses by John D. Lewis on history?
00:55:50 Question: Where does Yaron find his motivation and joy to do what he does given the state of the world around?
01:00:38 Question: What does Yaron drink/eat?
01:03:01 Question: Yaron's favorite documentary?
01:03:48 Question: What are some ways to pay off the debt?
01:05:39 Question: How does one enjoy art from artists that have bad ideas?
01:07:44 Question: Thoughts on the Aviator movie?
Air Date: September 8, 2019
00:03:25 Yaron's recent events
00:06:20 current state of Argentina, Chile, and South America
00:09:37 what is needed in the world...
00:13:40 Yaron's vacation
00:14:40 Question: What is the Objectivist view on the movie "Goodfellows"
00:15:57 Question: Is spying a moral activity?
00:17:40 Question: Do countries that identify heavily with their past, like Japan, Egypt, Greece, etc., pay a price for that in the modern world?
00:21:18 Question: Is it immoral to buy a rug from Iran given the presence of child labor?
00:26:48 Trump's cancelled meeting with Taliban
00:30:50 Question: Is there anything to be worried about given the popularity of post-Apocalyptic movies?
00:32:55 Question: How are recessions triggered? What role does the Fed play in recessions?
00:36:03 Question: Thoughts on Richard Wolff's claim regarding commercial business and destruction of fish?
00:40:12 Sanford challenging Trump in GOP primaries
00:43:57 Question: Thoughts on Amazon forest fires?
00:46:18 Question: What are the causes of the economic problems in China?
00:51:09 Question: Thoughts on Trump's praising negative interest rates?
00:55:14 Question: How does one teach Objectivism to one's children?
00:56:34 Question: Thoughts on Trump's latest proposal to privatize Freddy and Fannie?
00:58:46 Question: Thoughts on Brexit?
Air Date: September 15, 2019
00:03:00 recap of Yaron's events since last show
00:13:17 Question: What is the difference between Warren and Sanders on policy?
00:17:30 Question: Thoughts on Yaron's upcoming debate partner and his book?
00:19:00 Question: Thoughts on a future where humans are created in a lab vs. organically?
00:22:33 Question: What are the similarities and differences between Mises and Rand?
00:24:27 Question: Thoughts on Canada's future?
00:26:28 Question: Thoughts on arguing that post-modernism can be used to support/advocate for capitalism?
00:28:40 Question: What is the difference between a Parliamentary system of government and the American system of government?
00:31:42 Question: Thoughts on making the choice NOT to terminate a fetus with known disabilities?
00:33:28 Question: Thoughts on Israeli elections?
00:36:00 Question: Thoughts on Ben Shapiro interview?
00:39:50 drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities
00:51:21 Question: How does Yaron know all of this historical and political stuff?
00:53:12 Question: Is the fact that Israel is technologically and culturally civilized and advanced reason to support it?
00:54:15 Question: Can one believe in God but still be an Objectivist?
00:55:42 Question: Thoughts on the Daily Wire's critique of Rand?
Air Date: September 21, 2019
00:01:28 Yaron's debate recap: Socialism vs. Capitalism
00:08:46 Iranian attack on Saudi oil refinery; Iran qua country
00:15:58 Question: Any recommended sources for an objective history of Iran?
00:25:41 Question: thoughts on Victor Davis Hanson?
00:28:22 Question: Is Iran called Persia?
00:28:40 Question: Is the attack on Saudi Arabia oil motivated by increasing the cost of oil?
00:29:43 Question: What is a good book or author on Iran and history of the Middle East?
00:33:22 Question: When will more of Leonard Peikoff's talks be released by ARI?
00:35:49 Question: If the interests of individuals don't clash, then what is the difference between individualism and collectivism?
00:38:51 Question: Under what scenarios are abortions considered immoral?
00:43:12 Question: How does one reduce the ethical principle of Egoism back to concrete reality?
00:46:10 Question: Thoughts on recent Supreme Court rulings?
00:55:00 Question: Is the Fed's intervention into the repo market a problem? What about all the loans and stuff they have recently done?
01:06:31 Question: Given the state of the culture, how much happiness is actually available to rational individuals?
01:09:08 Question: Was the Civil War justified?
01:11:56 Question: Thoughts on Sam Harris' views on Islam?
01:12:25 Question: How did Saudi Arabia take over American oil concerns in that country?
01:15:05 Question: Given how emotions are created, how are values determined and are they objective?
01:17:35 Question: Is America still the best place to go for a better future?
01:19:33 Question: Thoughts on Bill de Blasio?
Air Date: September 22, 2019
00:03:27 Question/Comment: Yaron's impact on spreading Objectivism
00:13:06 Question: Why/How has Pragmatism made a resurgence in recent times?
00:27:58 Question: What do the terms 'Force' and 'Freedom' mean as Objectivists use them vs. how others use them?
00:35:22 Question: Why are hatred and distrust of the press so commonplace nowadays?
00:46:07 Question: Thoughts on the criticism that Objectivism is too simple?
00:52:10 Question: Did Rand and Plato agree that the elite of humanity move society?
00:56:08 Question: given free will, can evil people including psychopaths, be cured?
00:59:46 Question: Thoughts on "The Spy" series on Netflix?
01:03:21 Question: Is there any validity to the legal concept of entrapment?
01:04:24 Question: what are some good introductory books for Objectivism, especially for business?
01:05:54 Question: Thoughts on the book "Unwritten"?
01:06:07 Question: Thoughts on the Fed's recent actions in the repo market?
01:07:23 Question: In GOT, what is wrong with Cersei and Jamie's relationship? What is wrong with consentual incest relationship between adults?
01:14:08 Question: Does Yaron want to be buried or cremated?
01:18:42 Question: Is there a lack of material on Objectivist metaphysics and epistemology?
01:20:15 Question: How does one know that evil people are miserable? Why don't they change if they are miserable?
Air Date: September 30, 2019
00:02:10 Impeachment proceedings against Trump
00:10:28 Question: Were politicians always corrupt?
00:14:17 the Opera of Manon
00:20:18 Manon's Operatic story & the birth of feminist movement
00:42:24 Capitalism's role in re-shaping the world and the role of men & women in it
00:51:50 Question: Are there any horror movies that have powerful values expressed in them?
00:53:28 Question: Is Yaron a fan of classical recordings?
00:57:04 Jewish New Year
00:57:26 Question: Why should I go to synagogue?
00:58:57 Question: Is it in America's interest & is it moral to provide military support to Ukraine?
01:00:40 Question: Is all collusion the same? Especially in the political realm?
01:01:53 Question: Will UBI work?
01:02:54 Question: Is the standard of living better under fascism or communism and why is that so?
01:05:57 Question: Won't the similarities between the Left and Right result in a national socialist movement taking power in America? How does one fight against that?
01:08:35 Question: How does one deal with beggars in 1st world cities? How did they come to be beggars?
01:11:22 Question: Is there a relationship between birth rates and interest rates?
01:15:00 Question: How do animal rights relate to Objectivism?
Air Date: October 1, 2019
00:03:45 what WeWorks is & its importance/value
00:15:06 WeWorks goes public
00:22:18 the fallout from WeWorks IPO
00:26:05 PC and Silicon Valley
00:38:33 WeWorks CEO vision for WeWorks
00:44:35 Question: How/Why did the private investors into WeWorks allow the situation to get that bad?
00:46:23 Question: Thoughts on how wrongful death suits would operate under an Objectivist legal system?
00:49:55 Question: Was Obama a legal counterfeiter and how does the notion to solve a credit crisis with more credit work?
00:51:37 Question: Thoughts on the Apple TV series about blind humans?
00:52:41 Question: At what point is it morally right to physically resist government?
00:55:35 Question: NYC art handlers unionized without permission of private owners, thoughts?
00:57:08 Question: What is the difference between how American toy stores operate vs. Chinese toy stores with regard to the toys they sell?
01:01:30 Question: Don't the investors have ways to figure out when a company shouldn't be invested in?
00:13:05 Andrew Klavan on Rand and her writings
00:41:33 Andrew Klavan's understanding of applying Objectivism to life
00:48:55 Andrew Klavan on Western values and Judeo-Christian values
01:00:15 Question: Has Yaron read James Valliant's book ?
01:02:06 Question: How did markets and money work before modern technology? What do the future of banking & financial services look like?
01:05:10 Question: Are there any 20th century writers that Yaron likes?
01:06:34 Question: What is the difference between economic and objective values?
01:07:46 question: when is Yaron returning to Copenhagen?
Air Date: October 6, 2019
00:03:29 background & analysis on the movie Hombre
00:10:55 Justice & 'fair play/fights'
00:12:30 morality in Hombre; sacrifice vs. Self-interest
00:17:48 consequences of accepting Altruism and living by it
00:22:42 Christian virtues and the 10 commandments
00:32:40 other Christian virtues vs. Objective virtues
00:35:07 defining and explaining Sacrifice; investment or delayed gratification
00:45:30 final thoughts on Hombre; Native American treatment
00:46:07 Question: Are Spaghetti Westerns better or worse, morally, than original Westerns?
00:48:46 Question: Should a country apologize to or compensate descendants of individuals who were victims of atrocities in the past ?
00:51:00 question: Is Hank Rearden a jerk in his personal life in Atlas Shrugged?
00:55:03 Question: Thoughts on Milton Friedman's negative income tax?
00:57:00 Question: As a student of economics, why should I care about philosophy and/or art?
01:01:17 Question: Are there any films made in the last 20 years that are individualistic without sacrifice built-in ?
01:02:41 Question; Thoughts on the Dirty Harry movies?
01:03:56 Question: thoughts on the Joker movie?
01:04:11 Question: Is Objectivism an opinion or does it have the same truth value as arithmetic?
01:07:51 Netflix recommendation: "The Spy"
Air Date: October 8, 2019
00:01:45 Trump's withdraw from Syria & Turkey's invasion of Syria
00:12:17 American troops in Syria; Consequences of failed foreign policy
00:22:30 40 years after Iran captured American Embassy
00:23:11 American and North Korean negotiations to denuclearize Korean peninsula
00:24:55 Question: Is Yaron advocating unilateral military invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Iran?
00:28:44 Examples of US failed leadership and moral bankruptcy of American foreign policy
00:30:52 NBA Rockets owner & Hong Kong Protesters & China
00:35:00 damage to American foreign policy, Republicans and Democrats
00:38:08 Elizabeth Warren's plans for everything
00:41:32 Question: How do Yang, Sanders and Warren compare & differ?
00:45:27 Warren and Trump similarities
00:53:29 Elizabeth Warren and the Business Roundtable
00:56:18 Warren's rise and Trump's connection
01:00:46 Question: How does a Trump vs. Warren match-up compare to a Nixon-McGovern match-up?
01:03:10 Question: Is it proper to protect US property that has been bought by corrupt foreign governments or actors?
01:03:58 Question: Would a mandatory draft help to reduce war like how Switzerland has it?
01:05:52 Question: Who are some of Yaron's favorite musical artists beyond classical music?
01:08:36 Question: Thoughts on Switzerland's system of government?
01:11:00 Question: How is total war sustainable vs. the wars that are currently fought?
01:13:52 Question: Thoughts on Tom Hartman's hit pieces against Rand?
01:14:46 Question: Would the Supreme Court side against Warren in her plans to control boards of directors? How would she respond to achieve that goal?
Air Date: October 9, 2019
00:02:49 Turkey invades Syria & the Kurds; American response
00:17:39 Question: Why has Israel built walls around itself? What extent has Hezbollah's existence influenced Israeli wall building?
00:21:22 Question: Thoughts on John Bolton and his foreign policy ?
00:27:16 Question: Did America's involvement in WWI lead to WWII?
00:33:44 Question: Thoughts on Brizhinski and his new book?
00:40:21 Question: Is there a connection between Hayek's views on rise of totalitarianism and current events in America?
00:43:18 Question: What areas could most benefit from application of Objectivism to them similar to Alex Epstein and the energy sector?
00:46:34 Question: Thoughts on Milton Friedman and older conservatives and/or libertarians?
00:51:40 Question: Thoughts on the psychology of Elizabeth Warren? Is she as nihilistic as Sanders?
00:52:52 Question: Thoughts on voting for Sanders? Why is this better than voting for other candidates and their potential victories?
00:54:01 Question: How can Yaron or other Objectivists make the claim that Rand is the best literary person ever?
00:56:14 Question: Would Yaron vote for Ben Shapiro in 2024?
00:58:00 Question: In lots of Sci-Fi movies, & in movies in general, why are most of the villains corporations or wealthy individuals?
01:00:44 Question: Thoughts on Gene Simmons?
01:01:38 Question: In the primaries, should one vote against Trump or vote in the Democratic party?
Air Date: October 12, 2019
00:02:00 modern education & climate change; combating controversial ideas with moral certainty
00:09:30 criticizing Greta & her ideas
00:14:20 Question: Since Peikoff classified environmentalism as D2, is it possible that M2 will embrace environmentalism as they achieve more power?
00:15:22 Greta & AOC and their moral convictions; environmentalism & climate change
00:17:26 Greta speaking at the UN on climate change
00:33:40 Greta's moral certainty on display at Davos's World Economic Forum
00:39:10 Arguing against Greta and speaking to younger generations; emotionalism
00:47:27 Question: thoughts on environmentalists being socialists and communists?
00:49:53 Question: Thoughts on starting a youth movement similar to Greta's but centered around Objectivism and its ideas? what would this require ?
00:51:28 Question: Why is the environmentalist movement given a pass by the public even though they are always wrong about their predictions about the future?
00:55:05 Question: Is it proper for a child to shame adults like Greta does?
01:00:11 Question: Did Yaron become more pessimistic and why?
01:09:29 Question: To what extent does the lack of romantic art influence the proliferation and influence and growth of younger activists like Greta?
01:16:07 Question: Why did Pinker miss the mark when he commented on Rand in his latest book?
01:17:15 Question: What are the economics of a carbon tax?
01:19:34 Question: Who could one vote for in the Democratic caucus?
01:21:00 Question: Thoughts on alternative technologies for energy?
01:22:22 Question: What is better social-democracy ala Scandanavia or free-market dictatorship ala Singapore?
Air Date: October 13, 2019
00:04:00 reacting to Greta; Left vs. Right; objectivity
00:20:00 Central Banks and the Fed's recent decisions & consequences
00:37:08 primary causes of slow economic growth in America
00:48:14 Question: Are central banks immoral?
00:50:35 Question: Is it rational to believe in the US dollar? Should we return to gold?
00:53:16 Question: What was the rationale for establishing the Fed?
00:55:10 Question: Why does the Fed target 2% inflation?
00:57:21 Question: If a multi-billionaire wanted to go into business doing short-term loans to banks, what hurdles would be faced?
00:59:50 Question: Has oppression against women decreased or is there more work to be done?
01:07:02 Question: What is the proper standard for US troops to be stationed overseas?
01:09:10 Question: Should public government debt be allowed or should the government have a balanced budget?
01:10:18 Question: How do I talk to other people about controversial topics; especially since I'm scared?
01:13:49 Question: Thoughts on how America withdrew from Syria and Turkey's invasion of Syria?
01:20:10 Question: Why should one go to OCON?
Air Date: October 14, 2019
00:02:58 Economic law: Wages and Productivity
00:06:00 the Left's productivity and compensation graph
00:12:20 problems in compensation vs. productivity graph
00:21:32 Economic fallacy on the Right: trade deficits & China
00:32:20 good economics sources/blogs
00:35:13 wage and benefit changes in America since 1973
00:38:46 Question: Where is the data on wage and productivity coming from?
00:42:29 Question: Even though tariffs are harmful and immoral, isn't it right to harm industries that support the government?
00:43:40 Question: Can Yaron do a video on the economy of Gulf State countries?
00:44:28 Question: Why are there so many American individuals who directly or helped invent so many products?
00:47:20 Question: Was America freer in the 1980s & 1990s?
00:49:37 Question: Does Yaron generally like his fans/followers?
00:56:04 Question: Thoughts on Columbus day and the revisionist history applied to Columbus?
00:58:13 Question: Does Yaron like Sushi?
00:58:50 Question: When should I have sex?
01:03:41 Question: Why are there disagreements among Objectivists given that there is only 1 right answer?
01:09:18 Question: Thoughts on Hawaiian Pizza?
01:11:33 Question: Thoughts on 'My Way' by Sinatra?
01:13:00 Question: What is the best economic argument for immigration?
01:19:46 Question: Was Yaron's Ph.D worth it?
01:21:21 Question: If it could be proved that some people were incapable of independent thought, then how would that impact Objectivism?
01:21:53 Question: Is the Chinese government immoral enough to tariff its exports?
01:23:22 Question: Why are working hard and smart good?
01:24:22 Question: Would Yaron's wife join the stream?
01:24:50 Question: How are Yaron's subscriptions?
01:27:53 Question: Thoughts on the movie 'Last of the Mohicans'?
Air Date: October 19, 2019
00:07:00 deeper causes of frustration about Middle Class life in America
00:10:48 underpaid jobs and worker influence on salary
00:18:35 data behind the changes in the Middle Class
00:32:10 changes in middle class income; quality of life changes
00:46:14 Artist standard of living and wages in 2019
00:47:14 Question: Is the world wide availability of Coca-Cola a result of free trade?
00:51:00 Question: Is there unearned guilt about the material wealth individuals possess?
00:51:45 Question: How does Objectivity relate to art? Can art embody nihilism?
00:53:23 Question: Is Objectivism a humanist philosophy?
00:54:33 tax rates on the ultra wealthy
01:02:00 evaluating political polices as a layman
01:03:20 Question: Thoughts on the music by Saint Motell?
01:03:52 Question: Why can theocracy last forever even though M2 and D2 societies are destructive in nature?
01:06:53 Question: Thoughts on the argument that immigrants take poor jobs from others?
01:11:44 Question: Why is optimization or increases in productivity necessary?
01:15:05 Question: Is lying increasing in politics? Why is this the case?
01:16:38 Question: Can technologies like internet tracking, facial recognition, social scores, etc. be used to create perpetual dictatorship?
01:18:37 Question: Did the fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity set humanity back?
01:21:15 Question: Why can't people get rid of animal rights?
Air Date: October 20, 2019
00:02:38 economic fallacies from the Left and the Right
00:25:20 2 things to fight for to challenge the status quo
00:27:40 Mark Zuckerburg on Fox: Free Speech and billionaire wealth
00:42:21 Peter Navarro and his 'sources'
00:48:05 Tulsi Gabbard's foreign policy; Russian agent
01:01:22 Question: Does an evaluation of Christopher Columbus have to include the fact that individual rights were not a known concept?
01:02:52 Question: Yaron's response to big pharma greed? How would government mandated drug prices work?
01:04:51 Question: Why do new Atheists, like Sam Harris, reject religion but don't question altruism and reject/ignore Rand?
01:07:31 Question: Has the advent of the internet diminished the amount of theists and increased the appeal of Reason?
01:08:36 Question: Why is it better to be detached than wish for a different reality? How does the psychology of murder apply?
01:10:06 Question: Thoughts on the Reason foundation?
01:10:38 Question: Why would it not have mattered if the Nazis had developed atomic weapons?
01:12:44 Question: What are the values to be achieved in casual conversation with friends?
01:15:00 Question: What are some must see sites in Florence?
Air Date: October 22, 2019
00:03:33 Harvard admissions and racial discrimination
00:14:10 legal reasoning in Harvard admissions case
00:19:38 reactions to legal reasoning in Harvard admissions case
00:26:24 discriminating against Asians
00:33:00 Civil Rights law, Jim Crow laws and their lasting consequences
00:42:35 Trump impeachment hearings; impeachment procedures & justification
00:58:41 Question: How was ObamaCare passed if they didn't read it?
01:01:20 Question: Why do Leftists all think nationalizing industry is a good thing?
01:04:31 question: what is money worship and is it moral?
01:07:14 Question: Do people actually love Trump or do they simply hate the Left and like his fighting spirit?
01:11:10 Question: Why are lots of high intelligent and rich individuals not Objectivists?
01:14:57 Question: Is there some validity to race identification/classification like for genetic diseases?
01:17:35 Question: What force(s) prevent modern cities from ending up like Mumbai?
01:19:51 Question: Thoughts on the HBO series "Watchmen"?
01:20:31 Question: What are the differences between Trump and Warren?
01:23:28 Question: When is Yaron appearing at Michigan State University?
01:24:14 Yaron Art recommendations
Air Date: October 24, 2019
00:02:00 reacting to politicians interrogating Zuckerburg
00:07:10 Zuckerburg testifying about Facebook Libra cyrptocurrency
00:12:45 consequences of Libra & cryptocurrencies
00:18:17 competition to Libra, WeChat
00:20:00 political backlash against Libra and Facebook; Zuckerburg testimony
00:25:37 Congress Finance committees questioning Zuckerburg: Maxine Waters
00:32:15 Al Green questioning Zuckerberg
00:38:40 Ayanna Pressley questioning Zuckerberg
00:41:56 Katy Porter questioning Zuckerberg
00:45:53 AOC questions Zuckerberg
00:53:18 reactions to Zuckerberg's Facebook policies discussed in Congress
00:57:20 Question: How can we help/support Zuckerberg? Especially getting him Atlas Shrugged?
01:01:50 Question: Why is it that people don't get Rand/Objectivism?
01:16:06 Left vs. Right and Individualism vs. Collectivism
01:18:20 Question: Thoughts on the movie "Inside Out"?
01:18:53 Question: Thoughts on Snowden being on Rogan?
01:19:51 Question: What does it mean to break up Facebook?
01:24:45 Question: Thoughts on yaron's interview with Sergio Sarvenski?
01:26:41 Question: What if there was a more free market in social media?
01:27:30 Question: How do most people discover Objectivism?
Air Date: October 27, 2019
00:02:54 Question: Is there any validity to the argument that Catholicism depresses economic development, especially in Latin America?
00:08:26 Question: thoughts on using electronic gold and gold to get around current monetary systems?
00:14:30 Question: How does one challenge Nationalism and all of their positions?
00:25:20 Question: who are some individuals who are examples of positive moral authority?
00:34:02 Question: How does one judge historical events like slavery?
00:39:00 Question: What is a timeframe to think about for Objectivism winning the culture war?
00:46:58 Question: frustrations with doing Yaron's job
00:52:00 Question: Thoughts on Gold as an investment and value and monetary system?
00:57:33 Question: Thoughts on Andora? Is it Hong-Kong of Europe?
00:59:48 Question: Why does the Left say Rand admired a serial killer?
01:03:18 Question: Thoughts on protests in Chile?
01:07:43 Question: Why shouldn't the non-Aggression principle be applied to animals?
01:13:01 Question: did Yaron work with Israeli tanks?
01:14:00 Question: Thoughts on comedy as an art form?
01:14:30 Question: thoughts on Axel Caizo and his organization?
01:15:04 Question: How does one objectively identify a threat?
01:16:06 Question: Thoughts on Peter Bloom's book on empathy?
01:16:15 Question: Thoughts on thanking people verbally?
01:18:58 Question: can Yaron grow a beard?
01:19:20 Question: Why doesn't Yaron have an Israeli accent?
01:21:27 Question: Thoughts on Woody Allen's movies?
Air Date: October 29, 2019
00:02:51 Democratic candidate proposals on Medicare for All or public option
00:06:19 Sam Seder critiquing public option vs. Medicare for All
00:29:02 economic impact of free market health care vs. public option vs Medicare for All
00:43:18 requirements for continuous medical advancement vs. what the Left thinks
00:50:32 Question: What is the moral status of using a public option or a Medicare for all Program?
00:53:22 Question: any author/book recommendations dealing with Italian Renaissance especially banking and finance?
00:54:15 Question: How can an Objectivist government not influence the realm of ideas while still running the military and police?
00:59:45 Question: Should the US have intervened in WWII to save Great Britain? What standards and frames of reference should be used to analyze and judge these situations?
01:04:18 Question: the prevalence of the car is not a result of free markets but the result of government created and funded roads?
01:07:17 Question: How does health care work in Canada and how do doctors get around it?
01:09:11 Question: Is it ever a good idea to sign a treaty with allies for mutual self-defense?
Air Date: October 30, 2019
00:03:15 Question: Thoughts on the current epistemology in physics or other basic scientific research?
00:09:50 Question: Does the Deep State exist or is it a conspiracy theory?
00:23:24 Question: Should Abortion be legal?
00:27:10 Question: Some film recommendations?
00:30:07 Question: Is it okay to ask oneself 'what would Roark do' when considering different choices?
00:33:34 Question: Do people have a right to live under theocratic rule? What should be done about such regimes that currently exist?
00:38:20 Question: Advice to handle/deal with irrational people?
00:39:45 Question: Does Yaron like elite instant coffee?
00:41:10 Question: What are some good economics books to read as an economics major?
00:45:24 Question: Thoughts on the HBO mini series on John Adams?
00:46:03 Question: Concerns on Trump impeachment vs. trump 2nd term?
00:46:49 Question: Thoughts on term limits?
00:51:37 Question: How could America have avoided entering WWII given the potential threat Nazi Germany posed to American Jews/minorities?
00:55:25 Question: how integral is free will to the philosophy of Objectivism?
00:56:53 Question: Why can't a private country with taxes imposed on its inhabitants be created to keep them free?
00:58:46 Question: why don't modern feminists respect Ayn Rand?
01:00:30 Question: Does Yaron still believe that Bitcoin will eventually collapse?
01:03:50 Question: In 2020, what is the most optimal decision to make?
01:08:01 Question: Thoughts on how WWII could've been mitigated?
01:10:30 Question: What are the similarities between Aristotle and Rand?
01:12:37 Question: Why were the Nazis more suicidal than the Communists?
01:14:52 Question: why did so many Asian countries adopt Communism given its nature as secularized Christianity?
01:17:10 Question: why can't a gated community be grown into a country with involuntary taxation?
01:20:43 Question: Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes movie series?
01:21:06 Question: Are patents immoral?
Air Date: November 2, 2019
00:05:45 Intersectionality in academia and the culture
00:06:55 origins and applications of intersectionality
00:15:47 Intersectionality applied in the legal and cultural realms
00:32:07 intersectionality and discrimination
00:35:40 the roots of intersectionaity and what it really means
00:46:42 Intersectionality score calculator
01:05:05 Question: Is there a relationship between intersectionality and primacy of consciousness? what about trans people competing in sports?
01:09:39 Question: How does one philosophically identify/define intersectionality and those who adhere to that set of ideas?
01:12:03 Question: Would Yaron be interested in doing another event with Douglas Murray?
01:13:49 Question: Should parents who raise their kids to be trans have their children taken away?
01:16:56 Intersectionality in Seattle public schools and mathematics
01:28:03 Question: Thoughts on the movie Gettysburg?
01:29:00 Question: As countries get richer more regulations are passed, is this an economic theory and why does it happen?
01:32:14 Question: where can one find good cheap food in Tel-aViv?
Air Date: November 3, 2019
00:02:40 Altruism: what it is and how people rationalize it
00:34:04 altruism's corruption and influence over understanding self-interest
00:43:20 Altruism and Christianity
00:45:23 origins of Western Civilization & Christianity
01:00:14 Question: Which Founders were Christian and what is the best argument against the idea that America is a Christian nation?
01:05:10 Question: thoughts on the Old vs. New Testament
01:08:10 Question: in a family that is strict on apostasy, should an atheist child remain in the closet or not?
01:10:05 Question: Is altruism necessary for mankind to survive/evolve?
01:12:18 Question: Are there concrete examples of how altruism influences one's psychology?
01:15:40 Question: How does one relate to others as an egoist?
01:20:30 the Golden rule & western civilization
01:26:00 Question: Should the West care less like China?
Air Date: November 4, 2019
00:01:59 causes and sources of continued economic fallacies and misunderstandings
00:21:35 economic myth applied to Trade
00:34:28 Economic growth: fact & fiction
00:53:54 Question: would one have to try to live in poverty in a free society?
00:55:42 Question: Is necessity the mother of invention?
00:56:33 Question: what happens when taxes are raised on production?
00:58:05 Question: Is it accurate to say that Trump's tariffs wiped out the tax cuts from 2017?
01:04:00 Question: thoughts on WSJ article on inequality in income?
01:05:00 Question: Did the colonial British government treat its citizens better than modern American government does now?
Air Date: November 5, 2019
00:02:38 Trump administration exits the Paris accord
00:10:10 Question: When will Alex Epstein return to YBS? thoughts on his recent debate?
00:10:52 climate change hysteria and 11,000 'experts'
00:20:36 Question: Thoughts on the growing dislike between millenials and Boomers?
00:25:57 Elizabeth Warren's plan to fund Medicare for All
00:38:21 Question: Why does ObamaCare not work?
00:42:35 Question: Is Trump a lesser of two-evils vs. Warren?
00:48:22 Question: Any readings on Italian Renaissance? Mike Milkan?
00:51:40 Question: Why haven't the intellectuals been able to destroy Capitalism?
00:55:31 Question: Thoughts on the benefits corporation classification?
00:57:09 Question: Are many college professors losers who couldn't compete in the private sector?
00:58:25 Question: Is the Left fomenting a Civil War that they will lose?
01:02:30 Question: Thoughts on Rand Paul calling for Whistleblower to be outed by media?
01:04:45 Question: Should student loans be forgiven and/or regulated?
01:06:16 Question: isn't Trump entitled to face his Whistleblower accusers?
01:10:12 Question: Is Objectivism an optimistic philosophy?
01:12:11 Question: Who is Yaron's favorite classical composer and why?
01:15:48 Question: Thoughts on Snowden interview with Rogan?
01:17:21 Question: Has yaron ever purposefully distanced himself from a loved one due to their significant other's politics?
01:19:00 Question: Thoughts on Joker movie?
01:19:59 Question: Was it a mistake for Nixon to open up trade with China?
01:22:47 Question: What are Yaron's favorite strategies to spread Objectivism? Who does yaron work with to formulate strategies?
Air Date: November 10, 2019
00:02:15 reflections on interview with David Pakman
00:11:30 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
00:21:40 Question: Is the rise of all the irrational stuff in Germany so far ahead of America due to a failure to understand the significance of the fall of the Berlin wall?
00:30:42 Question: How does one argue against the conspiracy that Hong Kong protests are an American government attempt to make Chinese government look tyrannical?
00:33:56 remembering the progress made since the fall of the Berlin Wall
00:36:37 new movie: "Midway"
00:38:20 Jordan Peterson and Creativity; Sense of Life, Human Happiness & Success
01:17:18 Question: what potential exists in 3D printing as an art form?
01:20:37 Question: Is Yaron missing the point in his analysis of Jordan Peterson?
01:24:11 Question: What are some of yaron's preferred online news sources?
01:27:34 Question: Can Creativity be fostered and grown in young people to be used by them later in life?
01:29:49 Question: How does one introduce other individuals to Rand's ideas during small talk or in a short time span?
Air Date: November 28, 2019
00:04:40 meaning of Thanksgiving & giving Thanks
00:12:30 source of material abundance
00:17:47 Question: Who does one thank for one's good fortune since there is no God?
00:20:00 Pride, Self-Esteem, and giving thanks
00:30:00 Using Thanksgiving as a time to reflect
00:36:24 Question: Would America be a better place if there were more individuals like Ron Swanson?
00:37:35 Question: Is there a freedom separate from property rights?
00:42:19 Question: Without a central bank controlling interest rates, wouldn't there be lots of systemic risk threatening the economy?
00:48:20 Question: Does the Left or Right want to control one's romantic/sexual life?
00:49:20 Question: As America's influence wanes, will Europe revert to its roots of tribalistic warfare?
Air Date: November 30, 2019
00:05:40 Ron Paul & Maduro; Ron Paul's ideas and policies
00:20:40 anarchy, soverignty, and American foreign policy
00:22:00 Ron Paul Institute & anarchy on Hong Kong protesters
00:31:30 Question: What are the arguments against anarcho-capitalism?
00:38:38 Question: Thoughts on Rand Paul?
00:40:30 Question: Thoughts on libertarians wanting to breakup Facebook?
00:42:42 Question: Thoughts on USS Liberty incident?
00:50:00 Question: Thoughts on Jeffery Tucker?
00:50:50 Question: Thoughts on the ObLeftivist issue and the Alt-Objectivists?
00:55:13 Question: Are flu shots a statist scam?
00:56:08 Question: Thoughts on Mike Bloomberg for 2020?
00:57:57 Question: How does one support Hong Kong protesters?
00:59:36 Question: thoughts on David Kelly books?
01:03:05 Question: Thoughts on NYC getting rid of bail?
01:04:15 Question: How does American government respond if a foreign power like China steals IP from companies?
01:06:54 Question: Thoughts on the protests in Chile?
01:07:15 Question: Is it just to monopolize basic human necessities like water?
01:08:25 Question: Thoughts on the recent law supporting Hong Kong?
01:09:52 Question: thoughts on interviews/debates with David Pakman?
01:11:00 Inequality as unquestioned truth
Air Date: December 1, 2019
00:02:27 Question: Do the words 'radical' and 'extremist' have similar meanings and why are they used?
00:07:20 Question: Why does Atlas Shrugged stand-out as a dystopian sci-fi novel?
00:13:07 Question: What is the proper purpose of prison?
00:16:05 Question: why are some Objectivists obnoxious and how does that harm the movement?
00:32:53 Question: Thoughts on the choices the Bill Gates Foundation does in its work?
00:37:58 Question: What is the difference between a Ph.D in economics vs one in Finance?
00:40:25 Question: How does one differentiate between subjectivism and independent thinking?
00:43:10 Question: Is there a difference between a Leftist dictatorship vs a Rightist dictatorship?
00:53:28 Question: Is the Chinese Communist Party actually communist?
00:55:20 Question: Are socialists like Nazis, morally speaking?
00:56:26 Question: Are all leftists philosophers/professors Marxists?
01:01:04 Question: response to those who claim negative consequences from tariffs haven't materialized?
01:07:10 Question: Thoughts on Nick Fuentes and the New Alt-Right tactics?
01:10:17 Question: Why is David Kelly's book too rationalistic?
01:11:27 Question: Does someone have a right to be homeless?
01:11:59 Question: Does the NAP apply to a fetus? What about the death penalty?
01:16:07 Question: In a free society, could an individual still go to jail for selling drugs to minors?
01:17:14 Question: Why does technology continue to improve while politics continuous to get worse?
01:18:05 Question: what is the origin of altruism as a practice?
01:20:28 Question: What is the value of a long-term relationship?
01:23:50 Question: Why are more New Yorkers intellectual vs. the rest of America?
01:25:22 Question: Why is Free Will a biological phenomena and not a digital one?
01:31:25 Question: Why is unemployment so low?
01:34:55 Question: How does one deal with truly evil people? How does one handle betrayal?
01:37:02 Question: If someone is drowning and one does nothing to help them, then can one be morally criticized?
Air Date: December 2, 2019
00:03:38 Trump's new tariffs on Brazil, Argentina, China, etc.
00:15:25 consequences of tariffs
00:27:12 demonstrations in Chile & abroad
00:45:40 Question: Thoughts on Amiti Slay and her books on Great Depression and Great Society?
00:46:37 Question: thoughts on the movie 127 hours?
00:47:07 Question: What is the role of index funds? How do they impact the market?
00:51:12 Israel's PM accused of fraud
00:53:34 Question: Thoughts on Israeli culture?
00:59:40 Question: How do penalties against those who initiate force work under an Objectivist legal system/society?
01:01:05 Question: Thoughts on current Democratic presidential field? Predictions for 2020?
Air Date: December 9, 2019
00:01:30 terrorist shooting at Pensacola by Saudi Arabian military officer
00:09:10 Mark Cuban's failure to defend billionaires, Capitalism
00:13:37 Question: Has ARI or Yaron tried to reach out to Billionaires?
00:14:27 Capitalism vs. Socialism & Mark Cuban defense of Capitalism
00:38:41 Richard Wolf attacks banks and financial institutions
01:00:10 Question: Is the Fed a private company?
01:01:35 Question: If a president or CEO vocally and publicly supported Capitalism, then would they get fired?
01:03:35 Question: Thoughts on Ben Shapiro's claims about Capitalism and forced altruism and trade?
01:09:27 Question: What is wrong with Pragmatism?
01:11:11 Question: Why is Medicare for All a poison pill for candidates?
Air Date: December 9, 2019
00:03:30 Tucker Carlson's distorted and dishonest attack on Never Trumpers
00:25:42 movie recommendation: Other People's Money
00:27:43 Tucker Carlson lies and fake news & history to attack Paul Singer
00:56:55 Tucker Carlson's nihilistic attack on Peter Singer and Capitalism
01:08:43 life after Bass Pro purchased Cabella's
01:12:32 Question: Why do factories/jobs leave America? Is that a consequence of a mixed economy?
01:15:40 Question: Does Tucker Carlson view working and wages as rights?
01:16:00 Question: Why do people hate automation?
01:17:34 Question: What is the difference between a law and a regulation? Should there be a difference?
01:19:18 Question: Is the Fountainhead movie good?
01:19:41 Question: Can yaron do a movie review of the 1992 last of the mohicans?
01:20:06 Question: Why were there no hospitals in early Christian societies?
01:23:08 Question: Thoughts on Daily Wire advocating the banning of Porn?
01:24:33 Question: Is it moral for law firms to advertise clients for personal injuries?
Air Date: December 10, 2019
00:04:00 War in Afghanistan and the Afghan papers; cost, lies, and corruption
00:21:00 Trusting the Military and Government: Vietnam through Afghanistan
00:27:24 NAFTA 1.1; Democrats allied with Trump; swamp politics
00:30:30 FBI investigation into Trump; corruption and lies and contradictions
00:32:40 journalism, mainstream media, and challenging government
00:36:20 Question: Thoughts on Carolyn Glick and her ideas about Israel?
00:39:05 Question: Would bringing capitalism to Africa make it prosper similar to Japan post WWII?
00:40:58 Question: Thoughts on the movie "Brazil"?
00:42:45 Question: Thoughts on banning porn? Is this a good idea?
00:47:50 Question: What is Chomsky's overall philosophy?
00:50:48 Question: Thoughts on HIllsdale college's presentation of Aristotle's view of ethics as compared to Rand?
00:52:45 question: Thoughts on Jason Hill's open letter to Greta Thunberg?
00:55:52 Question: What is a 21st century method of spreading Objectivism in contrast to Letters to the Editor?
01:00:52 Question: What do entrepreneurs and journalists have in common? How does one combat the government?
01:04:13 Question: Does Yaron agree with Milton Freedman about welfare and open borders?
01:09:41 Question: How does one objectively identify music or architecture as beautiful or ugly?
01:11:11 Question: Thoughts on the Muslim ban?
01:15:16 Question: Does it shock Yaron that Ayn Rand was a real person?
01:15:46 Question: Why should one care about the continued existence of oneself?
01:17:42 Question: Why are humans the only species to develop Reason?
01:18:52 Question: Why won't intellectuals allow for pure capitalism?
Air Date: December 12, 2019
00:01:30 breaking down the UK election results; Socialism and Brexit
00:12:20 Scotish Nationalist party gaining power; Brexit casualties
00:14:40 Question: What impact does a more free UK have on USA?
00:21:13 Question: Is there a chance that the UK can be more economically free than USA?
00:22:56 Question: How religious are the British people?
00:25:43 Question: Are public employees similar to welfare recipients?
00:27:22 Question: Is Brexit now guaranteed?
00:29:35 Question: Thoughts on Joe Biden's recent speeches?
00:30:44 Question: Thoughts on Trump's executive order about Anti-Semitism?
00:32:15 Question: Thoughts on this quote?
00:33:40 Question: Thoughts on the genocide of Muslims in China? What is a proper response from America?
00:41:05 Question: Thoughts on subliminal advertising?
00:42:09 Question: How does ethics factor into war? How does one evaluate how the Nazi's acted in WWII?
00:45:31 Question: Will Greta Thunberg be a future PM of Sweden?
00:47:02 Question: How can Yaron better advertise when he is going to do a show?
00:48:30 Question: the 10 least corrupt countries also have small populations, is this a coincidence?
Air Date: December 14, 2019
00:02:20 origins of Economic Freedom Index
00:08:00 decline of Economic Freedom in America
00:10:47 origins of the book "Socialism Sucks!" with Robert Lawson
00:16:30 defining Socialism and dealing with Sweden
00:21:27 Socialized medicine in the Economic Freedom Index
00:25:22 Venezuela and Socialism's consequences
00:31:01 Cuba and Socialism
00:37:30 North Korea and China and Communism
00:47:38 Economic Freedom in Georgia
00:56:30 predictions on changing the world and influencing current and future generations
00:57:50 Question: How free is Red Khemer Cambodia?
00:59:46 Question: How does land-ownership work in Hong Kong and how does that impact that area?
01:01:58 Question: Thoughts on French government's controls over the wine industry?
01:03:12 Question: Why is Robert Lawson not an Objectivist?
01:03:50 Question: how does Canada's health care costs distort its Economic Freedom ranking?
01:05:03 Question: Is Freedom of Speech part of the Economic Freedom Index?
01:06:51 Question: How does one deal with or account for corruption in countries like Romania?
01:10:12 Finding the book "Socialism Sucks!" and more info on Robert Lawson and Economic Freedom Index
Air Date: December 15, 2019
00:03:10 deeper implications of Corbyn's defeat and potential future of the UK
00:11:40 Boris Johnson's victory & Brexit and the UK's future
00:24:00 the Right's formula for victory
00:31:36 modern Left & Right vs. revolution in the 1970's/80's
00:49:02 final thoughts on UK election results; Left vs. Right & Freedom
00:55:15 Question: Why are the intellectuals preventing both free markets but also Nationalism and racism?
00:57:42 Question: Would Yaron debate Jarod Taylor?
00:58:12 Question: Why don't Objectivists run for political office?
01:02:26 Trump's executive order on Anti-Semitism
01:28:45 question: thoughts on BDS organizing boycotts against Israel and Israeli goods?
01:29:55 Question: Can one be anti-Zionist and not be anti-Semitic?
01:30:42 Question: What will be Sander's legacy?
01:32:00 Question: What is Zionism?
01:33:00 Question: Thoughts on recent Fed monetary policy?
Air Date: December 17, 2019
00:03:57 thoughts on movie: The Irishman
00:18:04 history and significance of Jewish holiday of Chanukah
00:35:14 Question: Thoughts on Michael Mann's movie the Inside man?
00:40:00 background and introduction to Kyle Kulinski
00:42:44 media & healthcare in America; health insurance and markets; lies and appeal to emotions
01:13:45 Trump and the Economy and the Stock market
01:16:11 Question: Is there a word/concept that is not collectivistic or nationalistic to describe one's love of America?
01:17:52 Question: How can artists spread Objectivism and its values through their art?
01:22:45 Question: Thoughts on the future of Brazil given its new President?
01:24:05 Question: Is there a difference between Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism?
01:27:09 Question: Why does consciousness have to be attached to a physical & biological body?
01:31:48 Question: Why are suicide rates in the West increasing?
01:35:21 Question: Is 10 years from now too early for Objectivists to enter and succeed in politics?
01:36:14 Question: Would soup kitchens exist under capitalism and would they have criteria for aid?
01:37:37 Question: Is looking for revenge or wishing for evil to suffer secondhanded?
01:38:40 Question: What motivates Anti-Semitism?
01:40:08 Question: How does one properly analyze and discuss the Leftist intellectual establishment?
01:43:08 Question: Given the direction of American politics, which is the lesser of two evils: Pure Socialism or right Nationalism?
Air Date: December 19, 2019
00:04:13 Impeachment of Trump
00:11:49 Congress passes a budget and a new Trade Deal
00:26:06 J.K. Rowlings in Twitter trouble
00:34:05 defending Producers: Amazon & Jeff Bezos
01:14:11 Question: Why haven't more intellectuals recognized Rand's work and began spreading it themselves?
01:17:15 Question: Why are Jews always the convenient other?
01:19:48 Question: would we get better politicians with alternative voting methods?
01:21:21 Question: Should there be term limits for congress?
01:23:49 Question: Should marriage be privatized?
01:24:12 Question: What extent did geography and demographics impact America's growth as compared to China?
01:27:30 Question: Are evolutionary psychologists on the Center-Right more dangerous than postmodernists on the Left? Why?
01:29:41 Question: Did Milkan commit fraud with Bosky?
01:31:52 Question: Aren't Jimmy Dole's views on Amazon majority and mainstream?
01:32:56 Question: How does one distinguish between food that is unhealthy and those foods that kill you slowly and poison?
Air Date: December 21, 2019
00:00:58 Question: Is being a deist better than being religious?
00:03:33 Question: thoughts on Larry Fink and promoting corporate social responsibility and why does he advocate that?
00:12:27 Question: Are people more willing to sacrifice their ideas to the majority or are they truly altruistic?
00:15:38 Question: In comparison to Christianities' altruism, how altruistic is Judaism?
00:19:31 Question: Does Yaron have any goals or ambitions for 2020?
00:21:30 Question: Can Yaron discuss his hedgefund more?
00:22:25 Question: Where has Objectivism had subtle yet significant impact in the culture?
00:28:05 Question: How does one challenge a Christian who argues that they are acting selfishly by focusing on their eternal salvation?
00:31:06 Question: why do people hide their Objectivism?
00:34:04 Question: Why are Jews and Blacks hated?
00:40:30 Question: Thoughts on the saying 'everything happens for a reason'?
00:41:37 Question: Why did David Pakman agree to the 4 part interview/debate with Yaron?
00:43:46 Question: Why was the world ready for the Enlightenment then vs. not being ready for Objectivism now?
00:56:28 Question: What was the proper way to deal with the Panama Canal?
00:58:04 Question: What are some do's and don'ts of a 1st trip to Europe?
01:04:40 Question: Thoughts on Lucian Frued's art works?
01:06:54 Question: aren't laws against animal cruelty different vs. giving rights to animals?
01:10:00 Question: How do we gain spiritual fulfillment from our work?
01:13:27 Question: Why is need not a legitimate standard?
01:15:42 Question: the fact that Objectivism means that my life is finite and no afterlife makes me resist it, thoughts?
01:19:41 Question: What is the philosophy of Sam Harris and the New Atheists?
01:20:22 Question: How does one differentiate between anti-Semites and anti-Zionists?
01:21:58 Question: How do governments negotiate drug prices with drug companies for socialized medicine?
01:24:45 Question: What are some books that are good for the basics of finance?
01:25:44 Question: were the nihilists from the Big Lebowski an accurate depiction of real nihilists?
Air Date: December 22, 2019
00:02:00 America vs. China: a rivalry
00:21:57 Consequences/Outcomes of 21st century China vs. America rivalry
00:58:13 the Chinese model in America
00:59:49 countering the Chinese model: Capitalism
01:04:44 Question: did China ever have good philosophical thinkers in its past?
Air Date: December 23, 2019
00:02:00: introduction and recap of prior show into this show
00:18:08 current state of the culture
00:28:50 alternatives to the conventional right
00:33:42 Bronze Age Pervert and Bronze Age Mentality: the hidden face of the New Right
00:52:20 alt-Right and alt-Left and sacrifice
00:55:20 combating the current and Alt options in the socio-cultural-politcal environment
01:07:47 Question: What are the proper labels to describe all the sides vying for intellectual and cultural and political dominance?
01:11:37 Question: Will Leonard Peikoff's podcasts ever get updated?
01:12:33 Question: Who would Yaron debate?
01:13:32 Question: Are there more M2 nationalist-racists or more M2 religionists?
01:15:12 Question: Don't the Left and Right have elements of religion in them?
01:17:00 Question: thoughts on the movie 'the Joker'?
Air Date: December 27, 2019
00:04:50 Question: Is the rise of tribalism an indication that the mixed economy is nearing its end?
00:13:21 Question: Thoughts on Blake Scholl's progress on developing a super sonic aircraft?
00:15:11 Question: Is there a connection between narcissism and nihilism?
00:23:01 Question: How does one respond to the notion that no one is an island?
00:26:58 Question: Is it moral to abandon one's children?
00:30:00 Question: Can the Fed bailing out the Repo market collapse the economy?
00:32:32 Question: What are US debt bonds and how do they work?
00:35:12 Question: Thoughts on Science curriculum taught in government schools?
00:39:53 Question: Thoughts on Chinese classical music Yellow River as compared with Beethoven's 5th and 9th?
00:43:43 Question: Why did Rand write her heroes as smokers?
00:46:38 Question: Wouldn't E.T.'s have to be Objectivists by default given how advanced they must be to space travel?
00:49:36 Question: Thoughts on the Fed injection of money everywhere and what impact will it have?
00:51:50 Question: are there any positive trends Yaron is excited about?
00:56:14 Question: How would openly advocating Objectivism impact one's career in academia?
00:58:00 Question: Thoughts on Carl Sagan's show Cosmos?
01:00:00 Question: Doesn't the manner in which someone criticizes you matter in how one deals with it?
01:01:18 Question: Thoughts or knowledge about Quantum Physics?
01:03:12 Question: Tips on how to publicly defend Objectivism like Yaron?
01:05:38 Question: Book recommendations on Pol Pot or Mao's China?
01:06:00 Question: Why doesn't Objectivism have more presence on more teen focused social media like SnapChat?
01:07:10 Question: Thoughts on the Virginia 2nd amendment sanctuary counties?
01:09:50 Question: Since the Alt-Right isn't religious, will the M2 that dominates be a more secular, racist and nationalistic with minimal religion?
01:12:07 Question: If I see a violent crime happening and I don't call 911, am I immoral?
01:13:27 Question: If I see a neighbor torturing his dog and I call the police, am I immoral?
01:14:18 Question: Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?
01:18:01 Question: How does one decide on what is appropriate content for kids?
01:21:33 Question: Does Yaron hope he will see a culture shift in his lifetime?
Air Date: December 27, 2019
00:06:42 Question: Won't economic collapse help move us towards limited government and capitalism?
00:08:18 what the Future looks like; Pre-conditions for Objectivism's victory
00:19:33 moving towards a world of Reason, Self-Esteem, and Truth requires...
00:29:29 First Requirement for changing the culture: changing/removing Government schools
00:31:00 2nd requirement for changing the culture: Intellectuals
00:34:10 3rd requirement for changing the Culture: Art
00:46:09 Question: Why does Star Wars have slavery and other things given its high level of technology?
00:48:02 Question: Was Ludwig von Mises an anarchist? Did Rand ever comment on praxology?
00:49:17 Question: Should one use financing to buy a vehicle or use cash to buy it out right?
00:51:51 Question: How does one counter the argument that the GOP makes that China got rich at America's expense?
00:55:10 Question: Is there an audience for Yaron in the greater liberty movement?
00:56:00 Question: Does someone have a right to commit suicide for any reason including absolving other's sins?
00:58:27 Question: Thoughts on Turning Point USA?
01:02:03 Question: Thoughts on the Kens Burns documentaries?
01:03:51 Question: How can Yaron get on the Joe Rogan podcast?
01:04:21 Question: Why not use other terms like white nationalist to describe the alt-Right?
01:06:54 Question: Can we get Jonathing Hoening on the show to discuss his investment stuff?
01:07:25 Question: Thoughts on how young people are taught about sports in schools?
01:09:05 Question: Doesn't the mixed economy help people turn into cynical nihilists?
01:12:00 Question: should I produced comic strips with Objectivist virtues?
01:12:38 Question: Is it second-handed to worry about not going to college because others in one's SES are?
01:13:30 Question: Is bad art worse than no art?
01:15:00 Question: Why is there a limited appreciation for the role of ideas as influencing history?
01:16:16 Question: Thoughts on Gordon Gecko and why Joe Rogan doesn't like him?
01:16:51 Question: Why does Capitalism always get blamed for the bad economic situations?
01:17:58 Question: Who are good historians who take ideas seriously?
Air Date: December 31, 2019
00:05:14 the start of 2010's in terms of politics and economics and culture
00:23:08 the Left's alterations over the past decade
00:34:03 the aftermath and repercussions of the financial crisis on the 2010s
00:43:10 status and state of intellectuals & economists throughout the 2010s
00:44:35 America and the Middle East and foreign policy
00:48:44 the beginning of a decline of America
00:59:00 the changing political landscape in America: Left and Right, Alt-Left and Alt-Right
01:00:00 a void and an opportunity in America
01:09:21 Yaron's decade in review
01:15:35 Question: Isn't other's nihilism a problem to oneself?
01:17:15 Question: Aren't the Left and Right more similar?
01:18:04 Question: Doesn't America still have an amazing standard of living as compared to the rest of the world?
01:18:38 Question: Is theism a reason why the Right doesn't have cohesive intellectual leadership?
01:20:58 Question: Aside from abortion, how else has the Religious Right been imposing its morality through the government on the populace?
01:24:33 Question: Thoughts on the 1965 Immigration Act?
01:30:15 Question: Why do so many people defend Trump given his lies and everything else?
01:32:43 Question: What would've been alternate histories if the South had successfully seceded from the Union?
01:34:16 Question: Why has nastiness increased in public discourse?
01:35:17 Question: Will the next decade feature more talk/action on Civil War? How can we change the direction away from that?
01:37:40 Question: Why did Australia play African music for the New Year?
01:38:25 Question: Thoughts on the anthem production by the Atlas Society?
01:38:50 Question: What is the freest country on Earth?
Air Date: January 1, 2020
00:03:11 some positive developments in the world
00:14:11 more potential positive developments
00:16:13 Question: Which is better: Venezuela or China?
00:16:50 additional good news for the West
00:21:00 Question: Is it good advice to go to Africa to become rich?
00:22:52 Question: Will the Welfare State exist 50 years from now?
00:26:20 Question: Should the US State Department put out a travel advisory on Europe regarding Free Speech?
00:30:00 Question: Where has the Right attacked Free Speech on campuses?
00:31:48 putting politics aside; New Year's To-Do
00:46:07 Yaron's New Year plans
01:02:10 Question: thoughts on Hypergamy?
01:10:30 Question: Is the belief that one is good at something a sufficient reason to do that thing as a job/career?
01:11:42 Question: Thoughts on potential outcomes of 2020 election in terms of Republicans winning and doing actual deregulation and spending cuts?
01:15:42 Question: Should potential Supreme Court retirees influence 2020 voting?
01:17:48 Question: Is Trump the Best/Worst President ever?
01:18:13 Question: Thoughts on HBO's Watchmen?
01:19:53 Question: Similarities between Rand and Hugh Hefner qua philosophy?
01:20:48 Question: Did Yaron ever meet Rand?
01:23:39 Question: Thoughts on Gun Rights?
01:25:40 Question: Thoughts on Animal Cruelty and Torture Act/Law?
01:27:15 Question: Where do Parental rights end in relation to raising a child? I.e what rights does a child have?
01:28:53 Question: Who is the best Supreme Court Justice?
01:30:09 Question: Is it immoral to force one's child into gay therapy?
Air Date: January 3, 2020
00:01:15 reactions and consequences of assassination of Soleimani
00:28:12 Question: Is Israel in danger? What will Iran's response be?
00:35:10 Trump on Iran and war in Middle East
00:42:08 Question: Is it the American military personnel that cannot win or what?
00:43:20 Question: What is needed to wipe out the North Korean regime?
00:47:46 Question: Can one visit ARI to tour and ask questions?
00:48:09 Question: Should Israel attack Iran?
00:49:16 Question: what are Trump's personal motives in dealing with the Middle East and around the world?
00:50:57 legalized marijuana in Illinois and taxes on it
00:58:47 movie review: Uncut Jems
01:06:01 Question: Would Yaron do more music reaction videos?
01:07:50 Question: Is Yaron still optimistic about Brazil's future?
01:12:58 Question: thoughts on Altruism and Dark Triad?
Air Date: January 4, 2020
00:04:11 defining and discussing hypergamy in males and females; social sciences
00:21:10 Question: Don't models about populations indicate how they are and not how they should be?
00:22:12 Question: What if Roark wasn't good and if his detractors were right and should he continue if he wasn't good?
00:24:26 finding and maintaining rational, values-oriented relationships
00:32:41 Question: Is the value of marrying someone who is beautiful or rich a bad value?
00:35:03 recent developments in Chile and Brazil
00:52:22 Brazil's current predicament and potential gains
00:56:14 Question: Is putting effort into being more physically attractive a virtue?
00:58:49 Question: Thoughts on a potential Ben Shapiro Presidency?
01:00:30 Question: Is it immoral to devise a method to profit off of homeless people?
01:03:11 Question: Advice to find like-minded people when moving to a new city?
01:05:15 Question: Can Yaron tell some hitch hiking stories?
Air Date: January 5, 2020
00:06:00 The 'miracle' of the Enlightenment; understanding Enlightenment values
00:11:00 causes of the Enlightenment and alternative perspectives on it; Enlightenment and the Constitution
00:21:12 the Enlightenment and Immanuel Kant; Reason, Science and Morality
00:28:08 the Enlightenment and Rousseau and Kant vs. Rand and the Enlightenment
00:41:50 Question: where does the notion that reason comes up with crazy notions come from?
00:46:45 Karl Marx and post-Enlightenment; Science and Reason
00:51:40 Adam Smith, David Hume and the Enlightenment; Reason vs. Tradition
01:02:00 Kantian arguments about Science, Religion and the Enlightenment
01:09:20 modern intellectuals on the Enlightenment, socialism, environmentalism and feminism
01:13:03 dishonesty about the Enlightenment
01:18:13 Question: Thoughts on Steven Pinker's claim that Objectivism is Nietzsche-ian?
01:22:42 Question: Thoughts on the relationship between altruism and co-dependency?
01:24:58 Question: What is Sam Harris' philosophy?
01:25:53 Question: What are the similarities between Kant and Toohey? What was Kant's goal?
01:30:06 Question: What are the motivations for conservatives for defending faith and tradition?
01:31:30 Question: Thoughts on similarities and differences between Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro?
01:35:26 Question: Thoughts on Napoleon?
01:37:05 Question: Why do religionists feel that they must take their stories literally and not metaphorically?
01:39:39 Question: Is the assessment of Prager being dishonest fair?
01:41:39 Question: What influence did Egypt have on Greece? Was Egypt Enlightened?
01:44:28 Question: Do criminals have rights once they are imprisoned?
01:46:11 Question: Thoughts on Victor Davis Hanson?
01:51:25 Question: Thoughts on Trump's achievement of killing Solemani?
01:52:10 Question: Does how Prager U produce and publish its content influence one's evaluation of specific videos?
01:55:55 Positive facets of the Enlightenment and its historical time-period
Air Date: January 7, 2020
00:08:30 hysteria about a potential WWIII due to the killing of Solemani
00:19:20 evaluating Iran's military threat to America and an alleged declaration of War by America
00:27:40 Trump's motivations for killing Solemani
00:34:53 Presidential authority to take military action vs. Congressional war declaration powers
00:39:35 Question: Would Yaron debate Scott warden on Middle East policy?
00:40:02 Question: Why don't Objectivist communities send more clear messages on Trump's actions and the Dem's response to it?
00:41:24 Question: Are sanctions an act of war?
00:45:42 Question: Do Regime changes really work?
00:48:38 Question: did Trump think that killing Solemani would help his 2020 re-election chances?
00:53:12 Question: Should Congress have war authorization power ?
00:58:00 Question: should one vote for Trump?
00:58:50 Question: how does the pacifism of paleo-conservatives influence their world view?
01:03:15 Question: Should america nuke the middle east?
01:06:06 Question: Would bombing Mecca secularize Muslims?
01:06:58 Question: What is a bigger threat to America: Christian altruism or Islamism?
01:13:14 Question: Why doesn't Israel have a Constitution?
01:13:50 Question: Wouldn't the defeat of America come from an American suicide?
01:14:48 Question: Isn't Noam Chomsky a bigger threat to the West than Islam?
01:18:45 Question: Aren't things that undercut Self-Esteem a threat to America?
01:21:18 Question: Thoughts on how Trump informed Congress about the attack against Iran?
01:22:01 Question: Are women more altruistic than men? Did women's suffrage cause/increase the move to the Left?
01:23:14 Question: Because potential new regimes in Iran won't be much better, taking out the current regime in Iran is bad?
01:24:25 Question: Do conservatives love war?
01:25:45 Question: Why are there less wars today than in the rest of human history?
Air Date: January 9, 2020
00:04:27 no war with Iran; American weakness
00:14:55 Iranian shooting down of Ukrainian airliner
00:16:20 Question: thoughts on Mike Pompeio?
00:18:04 Question: Thoughts on Obama's approach to foreign policy?
00:20:18 Question: How does the President deal with time-sensitive information in relation to Congressional approval?
00:24:33 Question: When is violence within or against countries justified?
00:27:53 Question: Were there atheist terrorist groups?
00:30:48 Question: Thoughts on the movie This Land is My Land
00:31:40 Question: Are there people who represent Objectivism but aren't Objectivists?
00:33:25 reactions and analysis to Ricky Gervais' speech at the Golden Globes
00:43:51 new legislation in CA targeting the gig economy
00:59:42 Question: Will NY's bail reform increase crime in that state?
01:00:46 Question: Why is the sexual relationship between Roark and Dominique expressed that way?
01:09:22 Question: Are there benefits to reading collectivistic literature?
01:10:54 Question: Are noise ordinances violations or protections of rights?
01:11:46 Question: How does Rand's views on masculinity/femininity apply to a gay/lesbian relationship?
01:14:50 Question: Are there any well known people who understand Objectivism but disagree with it?
01:15:33 Question: Why do people not accept Objectivism?
01:18:09 Question: If I call the cops on kids smoking pot, then am I immoral?
01:19:02 Question: How do property rights apply to posting stuff on social media?
01:20:20 Question: What is the closest to an Objectivist news service, what would it look like?
01:22:32 Question: Thoughts on modern music that draws on classical music?
01:23:07 Question: Would a smell ordinance be an objective law?
Air Date: January 13, 2020
00:02:26 Iranian protests against the regime; regime change
00:10:05 Kyle Kulinski & the Left's views on the assassination of Solemani
00:42:06 Question: Thoughts on the Giving Tree?
00:43:32 Question: Thoughts on the new Russian weapon?
00:46:17 Question: What podcasts does Yaron listen to?
00:46:32 Question: Thoughts on 1984 and how it displays technology?
Air Date: January 13,2020
00:07:57 causes of decreasing life expectancy in America; Drug War and Opioid crisis
00:18:00 technical difficulties
00:19:40 deeper causes of declining life expectancy and higher drug and suicide rates
00:52:40 Question: Can someone who lives off of an inheritance have self-esteem?
00:55:35 Question: Why do people believe that increasing minimum wage or more government health care will help with life expectancy?
00:59:10 Question: What is the difference between pursuing values in sports vs. golf or video games?
01:02:02 Question: What can one say to someone who is defeated by the nihilistic culture in which they live?
01:06:48 Question: How or why are people motivated by hatred? Where does that feeling come from?
01:11:21 Question: Is the ability to integrate open to everyone? Can that ability be inhibited by various things?
01:16:54 Question: Thoughts on the statement 'I want to live the best life possible'?
01:20:50 Question: What role, if any, does alcohol play in the pursuit of happiness?
01:23:48 Question: How has the welfare state grown since 1965?
01:24:22 Question: How does one plan for a human lifespan?
01:26:00 Question: Would Yaron debate Kyle Kulinski?
01:26:58 Question: Is addiction a learning disorder?
01:27:11 Question: Are there any recent painters that Yaron likes?
01:27:52 Question: Does Silicon Valley raise the cost of living and increase homelessness?
01:29:22 Question: How does one discover one's values?
01:34:37 Question: Why do video games count as good art?
01:35:04 Question: Thoughts on the Victor Davis Hanson types and their views on the military and war?
Air Date: January 15, 2020
00:01:45 The Economist magazine on Global Economic issues; Capitalism vs. Socialism & trade
00:09:20 Question: did immigration in the 19th century help production and economic growth?
00:12:18 secular stagnation, inequality, consumer and government spending
00:16:21 'solutions' to improve the global economy
00:21:17 problems and solutions to issues in global economic supply
00:34:08 problems and solutions to global economic demand
00:41:00 Question: Which Founding Father had the best economic ideas?
00:42:05 Question: Is the theory that economies cannot infinitely grow a bad theory?
00:44:46 Question: Why do so many people think we need more inflation?
00:49:37 Question: What is the business cycle?
00:50:12 Question: What are the differences between the Austrian and Chicago schools of economics?
00:53:05 Question: What is Yaron's favorite Shakespeare play?
00:58:10 Question: What are Yaron's favorite romantic and heroic novels?
00:59:39 Question: Did Yaron ever help his children develop a hierarchy of values?
01:00:10 Question: Weren't the Nazi's a highly motivated military force?
01:02:16 Question: Thoughts on Armor-Deustche?
01:03:18 Question: Do movies like Avatar discourage economic growth?
01:03:53 Question: Original Star Trek vs. Star Trek: The Next Generation?
01:04:41 Question: Without the Federal Reserve, then how would bank runs be stopped?
01:07:06 Question: Why aren't prices rising given all the QE?
01:08:52 Question: What is the best way to achieve one's values when one is feeling down?
Air Date: February 1, 2020
00:05:25 Trump's Middle East Peace Plan: Israel, Palestine, America
00:25:25 Question: Has there ever been a nation-state of Palestine? What does the label "Palestinian" refer to?
00:29:14 Question: Did Kant influence the Middle East's modern development?
00:30:03 Question: What is the relationship between the Palestinians and Hamas?
00:31:38 Amesh Adalja on the Corona Virus
00:51:50 Question: Where do new viruses come from on the planet?
00:52:55 Proper Governmental reactions to national/global viral outbreaks
00:54:48 Symptoms of Corona Virus infection; what to do about it
00:55:29 Question: as places develop and become healthier, does that help resist viral infections?
00:57:16 Question: What are some good classical music recommendations; especially for meditation?
01:01:08 Question: What is the relationship between the Snyders and ARI?
01:02:10 Question: Why does Dennis Prager act as a sycophant for bad ideas on the Right?
01:03:37 Question: Thoughts on Jared Kushner?
01:04:07 Question: Thoughts on Dave Rubin's drifting away from Atheism?
01:07:31 Question: Thoughts on Joe Rogan's endorsement of Bernie Sanders?
01:08:08 Question: Why is Eugenics a bad/false ideology?
01:09:50 Question: Thoughts on the movie 7 Samurai's and other movies by that same director?
01:15:28 Question: Why hasn't Silicon Valley been heavily regulated up till now?
01:16:34 Question: In what sense should one care about others?
01:18:22 Question: Will Europe slip into dictatorship/authoritarianism before America?
01:19:26 Question: Is getting a happy ending from a massage immoral?
Air Date: February 2, 2020
00:02:19 Coronavirus: Objectivity, Government, and conspiracy theories
00:10:57 reviewing and analyzing the Joker movie
00:30:14 reviewing and analyzing the Witcher on Netflix
00:35:07 Hoffman's blog, Summation.net; TEWNS
00:51:40 the value of Hard Work
01:04:58 Question: Does giving up sleep make one less effective?
01:05:40 Question: What is the degree of influence of IQ/intelligence to become great at something?
01:07:40 Question: Are sports where Americans still appreciate the good for being good?
01:08:50 Question: Thoughts on Astro's cheating scandal?
01:09:07 Question: Thoughts on Super Bowl watching
01:11:19 Question: Thoughts on Keto Atkins diet and doing a show on Nutrition?
01:13:39 Question: Why has crime decreased since the 1970s?
01:16:00 Question: Is there a relationship between Rand's view on femininity and masculinity and evolution?
01:18:41 Question: Thoughts on Israel Peace Plan?
01:20:06 Question: thoughts on Zuckerburg's announcement about Facebook as a free speech platform?
01:21:28 Question: Interest in interviewing with George Gammon?
Air Date: February 3, 2020
00:01:00 Bernie Sanders and the Democratic nomination; Trump and Presidential elections;
00:07:49 source of Sanders' popularity vs. Trump's popularity
00:30:00 Question: Why does Peter Schiff think that trade deficits matter? Is America in a bubble caused by low interest rates?
00:43:16 Question: Could a Trump or Sanders Presidency be so bad to reverse the direction of America?
00:44:41 Question: Is one immoral if one has bad thoughts but never acts on them?
00:46:46 Question: Are people today lazy or victims of the mixed economy?
00:48:46 Question: won't Enlightenment countries never be fully taken over by altruism and its political consequences?
00:50:00 Question: thoughts on being a thief vs. being stolen from?
00:53:24 Question: Why do people trend towards consistency? Why cannot human minds tolerate contradictions?
00:55:32 Question: Why are modern intellectuals hostile to certainty and what can be done about it?
00:57:32 Question: Is it possible to become wealthy and successful in today's world?
00:59:00 Question: Could Yaron bring on an expert to discuss being Objective about music?
01:00:15 Question: Should people on welfare lose the right to vote?
01:01:47 Question: Why does evil seem to succeed? Isn't evil powerful, mot impotent?
01:05:50 Question: Aren't tribalism and collectivism the standard defaults of humans as compared to the ephemeral results of the Enlightenment?
01:07:48 Question: why did LP claim that emotions are neither good nor evil?
01:08:51 question: thoughts on Woke culture? Is it a Jewish conspiracy?
01:09:54 Question: thoughts on the origins of music and dance in relation to survival and tribalism?
01:12:20 Question: why not use other platforms for podcasts to earn more money?
Air Date: February 8, 2020
00:05:34 UK post-Brexit
00:11:52 Question: Why do Germany and Scandinavian countries not have homeless while UK and USA do?
00:21:30 Question: thoughts on article claiming that economic growth isn't needed for prosperity?
00:23:30 Question: Favorite Led Zeppelin song? Why is Bernie a Marxist and a Millionaire?
00:26:04 Question: Does John Rawls have more influence than Immanuel Kant and how to argue against Rawls?
00:32:18 Question: Are there better healthcare systems in Europe than NHS?
00:33:15 Question: are railroads a form of a natural monopoly and how should they be regulated?
00:36:36 Question: Does the government have a right to force mentally ill people into some type of institution?
00:37:25 Question: Thoughts on Boris Johnson's free trade speech?
00:38:06 Question: Why do some people support the welfare state? Is it the presence of the safety net?
00:43:18 Question: Is there a dichotomy between caring about ambitious people and people at the bottom?
00:47:07 additional thoughts on movie The Joker
00:59:57 Question: How to use Objectivism as a leader in a work environment?
Air Date: February 12,2020
00:01:00 Yaron's talks at UK schools
00:11:07 Question: Thoughts on Mitt Romney's impeachment speech?
00:12:15 Question: Under laissez-faire, what is the role of government of regulating monopolies?
00:15:44 Question: Who decides what architectural design government buildings should have?
00:21:10 results of early Democratic primary elections; implications for 2020 Presidential race
00:32:28 Question: Are welfare payments a form of coercion?
00:34:07 Question: thoughts on AOC's mis-statements on Milton Friedman and economics?
00:36:45 Question: If all drugs are legal, what role does the government have to regulated parental drug use around kids?
00:39:02 Question: Thoughts on Tomas Sowell?
00:40:21 Question: Will AOC rise to power by becoming Speaker of the House?
00:42:52 Question: Will TV licensing go away in UK as more young people move away from cable?
00:46:02 Question: Thoughts on movie Parasyte?
00:46:15 Question: If Democrats move towards AOC and Sanders, that they will lose?
00:49:05 Question: Thoughts on Boris Johnson and climate change?
00:50:30 Question: Why did Barry Goldwater lose?
00:53:23 Question: Who should I vote for in 2020?
Air Date: February 18, 2020
00:01:30 recapping Yaron's European travels; Ayn Rand Conference in Warsaw
00:06:00 reviewing and analyzing movie: Parasite
00:41:01 Question: were there themes of the nobility of humanity or the poor in Parasite? Good themed movies recently?
00:42:48 Question: Why do people fail to understand how the mixed economy works; especially in S. Korea?
00:44:57 Question: How corrupt is the S. Korean economic system?
00:45:41 Question: Is Christianity a cause of the hatred of the rich and the veneration of the poor?
00:48:00 Question: thoughts about the Indian headdress in the climax?
00:49:39 Question: Does Yaron like Bach?
00:50:02 Question: Why is Japan in a recession?
00:52:35 Question: Have Americans always had a healthier view of the wealthy/producers as compared to the Japanese?
00:54:46 Question: Thoughts on the idea that US economic growth is amazing?
00:57:06 Question: What does isolationism mean?
00:58:13 Question: How does the Australian government create its current economy and how can it be reversed?
00:59:45 Question: Are Carl Jung's ideas compatible with Objectivism?
01:00:44 President Trump pardons Mike Milken; clemency for others
01:13:20 Question: Movie review on Smallfoot?
01:13:41 Question; When one is in a situation where there is insufficient time to think, why should one remain honest?
01:15:38 Question: Does the mixed economy prove that humanity can get pretty far on partially correct ideas?
01:17:01 Question: Is it disappointing or dangerous that so many people fawn over Trump to gain recognition by him?
01:21:31 Question: How does one gain pride from having a job like janitor or brick-layer?
Air Date: February 19, 2020
00:03:38 new phenomena: conservative economics and conservative nationalism
00:16:08 death of the free-market Right; responses to new Conservative Economics
00:23:43 changes in culture and politics in UK and EU; Left vs. Right
00:32:54 Question: Why are conservatives and Objectivists similar when discussing Climate Change?
00:34:51 Question: Would a Sanders Presidency spark a Tea Party wave or is Big Government here to stay?
00:39:21 Question: How has the conservative 'defense' of capitalism changed since the 1960s?
00:40:58 Question: What is the standing of 'intuition' within Objectivism?
00:43:00 Question: Isn't LP skeptical of open borders?
00:44:21 Question: Thoughts on Buckley's show?
00:46:55 Discussion of an article detailing instances of fraud and corrupting in academic research
01:03:05 Question: Was it a good sign that Trump lost the popular vote by a large margin?
01:04:19 Question: Thoughts on a potential Mike Bloomberg Presidency?
01:05:56 Question: would removal of the middle man help with health care costs?
01:08:09 Question: could a solution to a problem be purposely withheld to continue receiving grants?
01:09:12 Question: Thoughts on the movie Whiplash?
Air Date: February 20, 2020
00:01:00 Mike Bloomberg and other Democratic Presidential candidates declare war on billionaires
00:12:24 video analysis of why the Left thinks Billionaires should not exist
00:29:20 Question: are there billionaires that are crony?
00:31:45 assault on Billionaires; video analysis and defense of producers
00:40:49 right of Billionaires to exist; Sweden and Denmark; suicide rates and measuring well-being
00:51:00 video analysis and defending the Trader Principle; attacking the rich producers
00:58:23 Question: In the old days, did people resist taking charity or no?
00:59:19 Question: Thoughts on Bezos' giving 10 billion to combat climate change?
01:01:00 Question: Were there multi-millionaires who defended their financial success?
01:03:38 Question: After the billionaires are gone, won't these people just focus on killing off the millionaires?
01:04:39 Question: Is this intellectual's argument against billionaires an example of hating the good for being good?
01:05:55 Question: What are the main types of Leftists?
01:08:11 Question: Will Bernie Sanders share a similar fate as Jeremy Corbyn?
01:10:08 Question: Thoughts on Mike Bloomberg as a candidate and a billionaire?
01:11:48 Question: If nothing changes, then how long until the next Dark Ages?
01:12:45 Question: Will Bernie cruise to the nomination?
01:13:44 Question: Will there be a law that basically outlaws being rich?
01:14:33 Question: How does Yaron feel about doing the LIvestreams and the reactions to them?
01:28:39 Question: What is the purpose of Christianity and how much is it to blame for the destruction of the West?
Air Date: February 22, 2020
00:04:00 review/analysis of TV show: Homeland
00:13:30 American Foreign Policy in Afghanistan and the world; Trump and Taliban peace plan
00:27:10 Question: Isn't getting out of Afghanistan worth any cost and isn't that a job of the President?
00:28:48 NYT response to Afghanistan peace deal
00:43:38 Question: Are there similarities between Afghanistan and Vietnam wars?
00:46:13 Question: Has the amount of lying by intellectuals increased over Yaron's career?
00:50:10 Question: Why doesn't India take a more active role in Middle East affairs?
00:53:02 Question: Is stop and frisk a violation of rights?
00:53:39 Question: thoughts on Trump's Muslim ban being only on countries that Trump doesn't do business in?
00:58:19 Question: Thoughts on Soccer World Cup being held in Qatar and should it be boycotted?
00:58:53 Question: would an attack turn on the American Spirit?
00:59:44 Question: Is it hypocritical for enjoying NPR and other government things knowing they are government funded?
01:02:56 Question: What are some books that provide convincing arguments about traditional views on economics, foreign policy and the like?
01:04:07 Question: Is there an Objectivist perspective/opinion for laws regarding Driving While Intoxicated?
01:05:18 Question: Why is it scary to admit when you don't know something?
01:08:00 Question: Thoughts on HBO series John Adams?
01:08:50 Question: Thoughts on President George Washington?
Air Date: February 23, 2020
00:02:10 Question: What does an ideal life in the military look like under Capitalism?
00:11:50 Question: Did crime decrease while Bloomberg was mayor of NYC?
00:12:38 Question: thoughts on the growth of Objectivism in Europe?
00:18:50 Question: Who is the least objectionable Democratic candidate for President?
00:22:11 Question: Are there some Objectivists/individuals who use moral judgment too much?
00:30:08 Question: Is Objectivism of value to the common man who just wants to get by in life?
00:33:40 Question: What happened to the Snyder family & ARI?
00:34:49 Question: Thoughts on the value of micro-lending?
00:39:44 Question: Where does the negative reaction to the idea of legalizing all drugs come from?
00:48:37 Question: How does Yaron's Objectivism impact his investment decisions?
00:58:05 Question: Who is the screen writer of The Wire? What is it based on?
01:00:18 Question: If one takes seriously the moral commandant to love one's neighbor, then do they end up hating their neighbors?
01:02:50 Question: Thoughts on an manifesto published at Cambridge about Climate Change?
01:04:06 Question: Is a Sanders candidacy good if he loses because it gives the Left a chance to purge the New Left?
01:06:30 Question: Book recommendations for Renaissance era knowledge?
01:07:10 Question: Why are interest rates low? Will they go up?
01:07:48 Question: Is nihilism what separates liberals from Leftists?
01:08:36 Question: What is the difference between Corbyn and Sanders?
01:10:16 Question: Is an arranged marriage immoral if one cannot have sex?
01:12:29 Question: Thoughts on a relationship between Trump and Russia?
01:16:18 Question: Thoughts on Ayan Hirsi Ali?
01:17:07 Question: If the Left wins, then won't people have a chance to see that their policies don't work?
01:18:51 Question: is it good to talk about or pass moral judgment of the dead?
01:19:45 Question: thoughts on OCON 2020?
01:21:44 Question: Is there a relationship between a failure to understand Rand's works and the emotionalism or emotional repression in America?
01:29:38 Question: Thoughts on a New Liberal political party in Israel?
Air Date: March 2, 2020
00:01:00 Recapping Yaron's recent travels and events
00:04:08 evaluating and discussing the spread and impact of the coronavirus on the world
00:20:30 future projections and responses to Coronavirus
00:22:13 economic response and consequences of the coronavirus; China and the West
00:39:01 Question: Are massively indebted governments less effective at responding to emergencies like coronavirus pandemic?
00:40:55 Question: Does anime have a role to play in spreading Objectivism or have a political function?
00:42:08 Question: Thoughts on TV series: Homeland?
00:43:26 Question: What is more damaging to the country: Leftist class warfare politics or Leftist wokism politics?
00:45:05 Question: Will Warren support Sanders?
00:46:12 Question: Would Yaron vote for Biden over Trump?
00:48:37 Question: How much of the economic volatility is related to the front runners in the Democratic primary?
00:51:24 Question: Thoughts on Bret Stevens?
00:53:30 Question: Why is 1984's presentation of technology wrong?
00:55:09 Question: How can Objectivists justify selling heroin to kids?
00:56:16 Question: Thoughts on Carl Benjamin's views of Objectivism?
00:57:36 Question: Thoughts on ETFs?
Air Date: March 6, 2020
00:01:00 thoughts, comments, and analysis of Yaron's talk at Clemson about Western Civilization and its value
00:07:37 Defining, Explaining, and Defending Western Civilization
00:27:50 modern attacks on Western Civilization; religion, slavery and multi-culturalism
00:35:10 modern assault on Individualism and Western Civilization
00:36:43 Saving the Enlightenment
00:38:55 Question: Was Yaron's discussion with Andrew Sullivan an example of an Aristotle vs. Plato debate?
00:41:02 Question: Why do religionists elevate the community?
00:44:25 Question: Is Andrew Sullivan a modern example of a medieval mystic?
00:47:36 Question: Will the West crawl out of this era by embracing Objectivism or is Fascism-totalitarianism inevitable?
00:48:56 Question: Is Andrew Sullivan an example of an anti-Capitalist religionist similar to the Leftist religionists?
00:51:58 Question: How similar are Sullivan's views to the German views in the 19th century?
00:55:06 Question: Thoughts on the existence of secret societies during the Enlightenment?
00:56:40 Question: Is modern Western Civilization similar to Rome before it fell?
00:57:44 Question: Do a show on Jack Welsh?
00:58:26 Question: Are banks in a bear market?
01:01:54 Question: Why do Objectivists believe in a New Dark Ages?
01:05:48 Question: Aren't there some emergency situations where one has to be secondhanded?
01:07:23 Question: Should one use physical or ebook to read and study Rand?
01:10:07 Question Are private corporations corrupt?
01:11:54 Question: thoughts on Chinese corporations using slave labor?
01:12:04 Question: Thoughts on NAP?
01:14:50 Question: Is there any aesthetic value in cathedrals?
01:16:29 Question: How is the theory of separation of powers related to Capitalism?
01:17:33 Question: Why is there a fear of change as evidenced in Yaron's Clemson event as contrasted with a romantization of stagnation?
Air Date: March 7 2020
00:02:05 American failure to deal with Coronavirus; Trump and CDC failures
00:20:36 comments and thoughts on Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE
00:59:48 Question: Didn't Welsh's Finance division at GE greatly harm GE?
01:00:46 Question: What is a good performance metric for CEO's?
01:01:22 Question: Is Pragmatism inherently short-sighted?
01:03:41 Question: Thoughts on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series?
01:04:52 Question: How should patents work in a proper world?
01:05:53 Question: Thoughts on Mulvaney's firing and Trump's personality?
Air Date: March 9, 2020
00:01:00 coronavirus impact on stock market and individual life; quarantines and mortality and government
00:08:50 role of government in pandemics and epidemics
00:12:40 real dangers of coronavirus and responses to it
00:28:26 Coronavirus, oil prices, and the global economy
00:35:17 parallels between 2008 recession and 2020 Coronavirus response
00:37:25 Question: Thoughts on Paul Krugman's recent article?
00:42:08 Question: What would Midas Mulligan do?
00:42:58 Question: thoughts on mandatory quarantines for a week to stop viruses?
00:44:30 Question: Thoughts on relationship between limited hospital visiting times and private charity and insurance?
00:46:52 Question: Did Ayn Rand speak about Saudi Arabia and oil?
00:48:14 Question: Is evil just a mask to hide pain? Are people who are evil have good in them and vice versa or what?
00:50:56 Question: Should oil companies pull an Ellias Wyatt in response to Saudi nationalization of their property?
00:52:09 Question: Do drugs, crack, have a role in achieving happiness?
00:53:34 Question: Thoughts on a world-wide citizenship tax?
00:55:45 closing thoughts on coronavirus
00:58:27 Question: Why didn't Rand have LGBTQ characters?
Air Date: March 15, 2020
00:04:00 Puerto Rico on lock-down
00:05:55 analysis and discussion of mixed economy government reactions to Coronavirus pandemic
00:15:19 Pandemics and centralized health care; American responses to Coronavirus
00:31:13 Pandemics as proof that globalization is bad
00:38:15 discussion of how a laissez-faire government would respond to a pandemic
00:56:56 Question: Thoughts about the shortage of drugs made exclusively in China?
00:59:51 Question: Thoughts on morality of price gouging; especially in a crisis like Coronavirus?
01:02:39 Question: Do collectivists get a perverse sense of joy during emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic?
01:07:15 Question: Should China be held accountable for the Coronavirus outbreak?
01:10:27 Question: Why is the response to this pandemic so different from past pandemic responses?
01:11:56 Question: Is social-distancing a form of altruism?
Air Date: March 16, 2020
00:05:33 Objectivity about assessing the risk of coronavirus
00:30:51 social distancing and being rational about coronavirus risks
00:36:04 state of American health care; flattening the curve; respirators, hospitals, regulations, and medical supplies
00:53:36 Coronavirus epidemic: emergency or not? ; proper governmental action
01:05:50 Question: How will this crisis impact the stock market and repo market and rate cuts?
01:16:46 Question: What does the term 'late stage capitalism' mean?
01:18:09 Question: Would Yaron write a book about Objectivism and Leadership?
01:18:34 Question: Has Yaron ever been jailed? Is there a cause Yaron would go to jail for?
01:20:03 Question: Thoughts on bailouts for airlines, cruise ships, and the like?
Air Date: March 18, 2020
00:08:20 Yaron's favorite Dramatic TV shows
00:18:11 Yaron's favorite Cop/Gangster shows
00:25:17 Yaron's favorite Dark TV shows
00:30:07 Some Action TV shows Yaron likes
00:31:46 Yaron's favorite Sci-Fi TV shows
00:36:14 Yaron's favorite comedy TV shows
00:46:04 Yaron's favorite movies and movie directors
01:18:40 Question: Thoughts on this Netflix show?
01:19:34 Question: Thoughts on movie 1917?
01:19:40 Question: Thoughts on Man on Wire?
01:20:13 Question: Thoughts on show Hell on Wheels?
01:21:07 Question: Thoughts on LA confidential?
01:22:34 Question: Criteria for being Yaron's co-author on a book about Leadership?
01:24:07 Question: Thoughts on movie Guru?
01:24:18 Question: Is it moral to investigate drugs and drug gangs?
01:24:50 Question: Thoughts on movie Usual Suspects?
01:25:08 Question: Thoughts on these modern TV shows?
01:25:34 Question: Thoughts about the success of GOT?
01:25:59 Question: Thoughts about Veronica Mars in Heroes?
01:26:16 Question: Thoughts on Death of Colonel Blimp?
01:26:18 Question: thoughts on movie October Sky?
01:26:51 Question: Thoughts on Pillars of the Earth?
01:27:14 Question: Thoughts on Pesto as a pasta sauce?
01:28:00 Question: Thoughts on Operas?
01:29:40 Question: Favorite Beethoven sonata?
Air Date: March 21, 2020
00:11:11 opening remarks about economics and finance and philosophy applied to Covid-19
00:14:35 state of the markets pre-Covid-19 outbreak and risks for recession/collapse vs. current market issues
00:22:52 discussing the impact of coronavirus, government reactions, and oil price on the global economy
00:38:40 similarities between Covid-19 economic impact and 20th century economic issues
00:41:30 Fed decisions to create negative interest rates as economic and political
00:50:08 Fed actions in 2008 as compared to Fed actions during Covid-19
00:58:18 Coronavirus impact on trade, business activity, and individual life; short and long term repercussions of government actions
01:16:34 realistic rational outcomes to recover and learn and grow from Covid-19 crisis
Air Date: March 23, 2020
00:04:30 being objective about the medical threat of coronavirus
00:07:53 Question: is the overreaction to Covid-19 in the West an indication of the rise of fascism in the coming years?
00:11:30 appropriate measures to be taken to respond to Covid-19 epidemic
00:22:29 policies to be stopped during Covid-19
00:26:30 key failures in Trump administration to Covid-19 epidemic
00:32:38 Question: Can enough of the economy be switched to online-only to minimize the damage?
00:35:15 Question: What will be the effects of the Fed's recent actions? How artificial will those effects be?
00:39:20 Question: Is this an economic Armageddon signaling the end of liberty and prosperity?
00:41:34 Question: What are other mediums aside from gold that retain value during economic crisis like this one?
00:42:45 Question: How bad is the damage that Trump and Navarro are causing to the US and its part in the global economy?
00:45:14 Question: Should one be stockpiling weapons a good idea due to potential civil unrest, riots and looting?
00:46:44 Question: thoughts on a social safety net; especially in a situation like Covid-19 crisis?
00:50:02 Question: Is this market crash an indication of deeper flaws in the American economy or political system?
00:53:42 Question: How similar was the regulatory structure in South Korea to USA?
00:57:32 Question: Are there any silver linings or ways to hit back against climate change during this crisis?
00:58:18 Question: Will online education be a more permanent force after this epidemic passes?
00:58:56 Question: Will the Fed's latest QE cause hyper-inflation?
01:01:02 Question: thoughts on fines and forcible closures during Covid-19; especially in Australia?
01:01:44 Question: thoughts on the application of the term selfish to those who don't stay quarantined?
01:02:52 Question: How can small-businesses benefit from raising capital during these times?
01:04:47 Question: thoughts on using pain as a standard to evaluate and justify actions; especially now during Covid-19 crisis?
01:10:31 Question: Will the social isolation increase VR technology demands?
01:10:55 Question: Thoughts on senators who sold stocks before Covid-19 pandemic?
01:12:14 Question: Do Americans resent being paid by the government to do nothing?
01:13:55 Question: What are some important metrics one should use when evaluating a company?
01:15:02 Question: How does the stock market work? Why is it going down with all the sellers?
01:17:03 Question: Thoughts on patent trolls?
01:17:50 Question: Is there a dictatorship that is not totalitarian?
01:19:26 Question: Is there a psychological benefit to face-to-face interactions?
01:20:02 Question: would Yaron do a debate on IP?
Air Date: March 24, 2020
00:02:53 two trillion dollar stimulus package; stimulus impact on the economy and government functions; individual sovereignty and choice
00:18:13 long-term results from government stimulus; QE infinite; the Fed; economic growth
00:20:22 Question: Thoughts on Peter Schiff and the Fed's QE infinite?
00:21:09 Question: Tips to stay calm during an argument?
00:23:13 maintaining physical and psychological health during quarantines; Productivity and Reason
00:32:13 Question: When is it warranted to cut off all contact with another individual; especially one's family?
00:34:20 Question: Do Alt-right ideas have more influence on the culture than Objectivism?
00:38:40 Question: Thoughts on Senators who engaged in insider-trading?
00:42:54 Question: Why are rich and successful people like Kant and Krugman nihilistic?
00:46:09 Question: why does Justice matter?
00:49:13 Question: If no one reads the bills, then who writes the bills?
00:50:41 Question: How does one decide which interests to pursue or not when selecting a career?
00:55:13 Question: How many at risk people would be saved if they were properly quarantined? What would the cost be?
Air Date: March 27, 2020
00:03:08 Coronavirus updates and government reactions to it; cases and deaths across America;
00:11:05 Question: is Yaron self-isolating?
00:12:25 government failure in hospitals, testing, and medical supplies; medical worker heroism;
00:15:08 global impact and cases and deaths of coronavirus; economic and health care outcomes
00:18:00 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus bill; political and economic and societal impact
00:22:42 Question: What is a proper response to the Coronavirus pandemic?
00:33:05 Trump's invoking of Defense Production Act; rising authoritarianism and fascism in America; Czar Peter Navarro
00:40:15 Question: Why are they shutting down the economy? Is it to loot it and establish communism?
00:44:32 Question: At what point should we resort to violence?
00:45:38 Question: Are anti-Reason and anti-happiness philosophies dominant and do most people actually want to not be happy?
00:48:27 Question: Thoughts on future ramifications of using the Defense Production act? ; Lessons learned from Coronavirus pandemic
00:53:25 Question: Is war with China probable given the rhetoric against China from the right?
00:59:33 Question: How can one best convince others to make better choices about responses to Covid-19 outbreak?
01:00:55 Question: Should this stimulus bill be used to force kids to do their chores?
01:01:40 Question: Thoughts on Australian economy?
01:03:30 Question: thoughts on certain drugs and their status as orphans or otherwise?
01:06:25 Question: Should someone establish a Gult's Gulch?
01:07:02 Question: Thoughts on conflicts between DIY and IP?
01:07:35 Question: Should someone have the right to break a contract due to Coronavirus?
01:10:30 Question: Thoughts on Triage?
01:14:25 Question: Thoughts on film Agora?
Air Date: March 28, 2020
00:02:14 Question: thoughts on the objection raised by some that concern with individual rights during this crisis is a form of context dropping?
00:05:34 Question: Any increase in Yaron's YouTube stats during Coronavirus?
00:10:13 Question: Thoughts on Grumpy economist's recent blog post?
00:14:54 Question: thoughts on the differences between the arguments about Corona responses from a utilitarian-altruist perspective vs. individualistic perspective?
00:20:09 Question: Is it appropriate to forcibly quarantine elderly people due to their susceptibility to Covid-19?
00:23:01 Question: thoughts on the unmasking of the totalitarian and altruistic tendencies among the politicians and intellectuals?
00:26:25 technical difficulties
00:30:29 Question: Will the Dow hit 15000 points?
00:39:44 Question: thoughts on the potential opportunities opening up; especially the moves billionaires are making into industries?
00:46:16 Question: what are some strategies Yaron uses to focus on multiple jobs/interests?
00:49:07 Question: how does one handle the inequity of the refusal to enforce evictions vs. property owner's need to pay mortgage and deal with foreclosures?
00:57:45 Question: what would Yaron's plan for winding down the Fed?
01:01:57 Question: What is a rational and egoistic approach to having sympathy/empathy during this crisis?
01:08:25 Question: thoughts on common altruistic sayings that induce guilt?
01:12:38 Question: thoughts on Zuckerburg's donation to Covid-19 research?
01:17:33 Question: How should a business owner think about accepting a check from the government?
01:20:45 Question: thoughts on changing rates on financial products and how government interferes with them?
01:26:09 Question: How much longer will people voluntarily continue social-distancing and losing out on economic benefits?
01:33:02 Question: why do people's views change in regards to the future; even among the most objective and rational?
01:40:07 Question: thoughts on Cuomo's rationalization for locking down New York? How does an economist rate the value of a life?
01:44:29 Question: better President, Trump or Biden?
01:54:06 Question: thoughts on some of Peter Schiff's dire predictions about outcomes of Covid-19 and reactions to it?
02:01:45 Question: thoughts on the increase in conspiracy theories recently; especially since 9-11 and Obama's election?
Air Date: March 29, 2020
00:03:30 Question: What are odds that economy will reopen by Easter?
00:03:45 Question: If shutdown goes on for months, then will America become like Venezuela?
00:06:24 Question: Will suicide and homelessness rates increase due to shutdown?
00:08:30 Question: Is it proper to refuse entry to drug addicts and homeless people to ER?
00:11:28 Question: Thoughts on deregulation done by Trump administration during Covid-19?
00:12:58 Question: Are people who evade reality evil?
00:15:38 Question: Does Yaron agree with AOC's recent speech about the 2 trillion stimulus and its impact on business?
00:18:18 Question: 50 years ago, would Americans have tolerated a lockdown like this over a virus?
00:22:45 Question: would the market go up or down if the stimulus legislation were repealed?
00:24:03 Question: what factors will lead to hyper-inflation?
00:27:08 Question: Is the government using this crisis to create a fascist utopian system with UBI?
00:28:50 Question: how will Texas economy deal with oil price collapse and bank issues?
00:32:43 Question: Will this recession be worse than 2008-9?
00:34:04 Question: vaccines vs. anti-vaccines and straw manning the anti-vaxxers?
00:35:22 Question: How can the market place make this crisis a success story?
00:38:02 Question: thoughts on Andrew Coumo as a potential Presidential nominee?
00:43:19 Question: When will the FDA be abolished?
00:43:43 Question: Can a rights respecting America happen in the next 50-100 years?
00:46:19 Question: Is it immoral to take unemployment and food stamps during this time?
00:47:19 Question: Will price of gold increase or decrease during this crisis?
00:49:17 Question: Would Wall Street leave NYC?
00:51:05 Question: Thoughts on Nikki Haley?
00:52:35 Question: Hitch hiking stories? Why was Yaron court martialed?
00:55:27 Question: Is the stimulus worse than the multi-month shutdown?
00:56:08 Question: Do a show on Essay: Egalitarianism and Inflation?
00:56:18 Question: Should people in NYC flee?
00:58:00 Question: What does it mean to say that the Fed is separate from the Treasury?
01:00:14 Question: Is Human Action worth the read?
01:00:50 Question: Under a rational government, are there mechanisms to prevent corporations from using slave labor in other countries?
01:01:40 Question: would Yaron write a book with a co-author on the benefits of privatizing schools using Objectivism?
01:02:43 Question: If the government puts people under quarantine, then who should do the testing?
01:03:32 Question: What is a better way for the government to inform the populace about a threat like a virus?
01:05:46 Question: with the closing of schools and shifting to online education, is this an opportunity to shake up the system?
01:06:38 Question: Thoughts on Economist magazine?
Air Date: March 31, 2020
00:02:42 the importance of staying positive during negative times; how to stay positive by being objective
00:22:20 benevolent universe amid the Covid-19 pandemic
00:30:43 Question: Thoughts on violations of rights during this pandemic? Should rights be preserved always?
00:51:56 Question: what additional infringements of rights will continue to be imposed on individuals when normalcy returns?
01:04:38 Question: What is most important to capitalism: egoism or interdependence?
01:06:58 Question: If one was facing a life term sentence, what would one do?
01:08:22 Question: Could Peter Schiff become Governor of Puerto Rico and create Galt's Gulch?
01:09:09 Question: What is the story on the drum set behind Greg?
01:09:40 Question: Are wartime laws ever right?
01:18:00 dead air time
Air Date: April 1, 2020
00:04:30 pro-Capitalism response to current Covid-19 polices and actions
00:33:55 medical supplies statistics and proper governmental action to acquire them; government bailouts and economics
00:43:57 Leadership and Thinking amidst the Covid-19 pandemic; Medical experts and objective scientific data
00:49:11 Question: Thoughts on a private hospital refusing to admit Corona patients?
00:49:43 Question: can ARI organize civil disobedience against the lock down?
00:51:56 Question: Are there other things aside from writing that one can do to help the cause of Objectivism?
00:53:13 Question: Can this economic crisis be used to double down on the marketing for Objectivism?
00:54:47 Question: what happens to the economy as the Fed continues to do stimulus?
00:56:14 Question: How can some people evade reality for their entire life while others cannot?
00:59:50 Question: What does Dr. Peikoff think of this lockdown?
01:00:27 Question: Does the mystery of space interest or awe Yaron?
01:05:18 Question: Is it immoral to work for cash of the books?
01:05:38 Question: is it possible to retire on $1 million?
01:06:47 Question: Did the Phil Donahue interviews make Rand look good?
01:07:34 Question: Thoughts on the argument that the Republican response is bad because they agree with Atlas Shrugged?
01:08:22 Question: Thoughts on the current state of California?
01:10:24 Question: thoughts on Anthony Fauci?
01:13:36 Question: Could America become a poor country due to this crisis?
01:14:51 Question: Thoughts on OPAR?
01:16:57 Question: How to differentiate Objectivism from anarchism during Covid-19 crisis?
01:19:25 Question: Is Yaron worried about the future of his kids?
01:21:40 Question: Is it immoral to sell stuff to a corrupt person if they are offering top dollar?
01:22:41 Question: Thoughts on Nikki Haley's foreign policy? Would Yaron reach out to her?
01:23:37 Question: thoughts on the information that the CDC wanted to do things differently?
01:24:36 Question: Why are the environmentalists silent about their 12 year doomsday prediction?
01:28:43 Question: Thoughts on all the intellectuals who are telling everyone what to do during Covid-19 pandemic?
Air Date: April 4, 2020
00:02:39 heroic efforts of medical personnel during Covid-19 pandemic; mathematical models; NYC data and heroes
00:07:58 heroism of labs, bio-tech companies, and medical scientists; medicine and vaccines;
00:13:22 Yaron's Presidential Derangement Syndrome
00:20:57 social distancing, government policies and lock-downs during Coronavirus, and identifying at-risk individuals
00:30:59 Question: Has Trump learned anything during his 4 years in office?
00:35:18 Question: Has it always been the case that intellectuals have hated Presidents, especially GOP ones?
00:39:52 Question: is the only thing that matters in the Covid-19 pandemic the growth or spread rate of the virus?
00:41:37 Question: Will measures be taken against FDA after Covid-19 passes?
00:42:29 Question: What is the difference between being corrupt and being dishonest?
00:44:44 Question: How is evading reality suicidal?
00:49:29 Question: Is Objectivism eroding altruism in the culture?
00:52:47 Question: will the Trump and Navarro economic policies do further damage if they win re-election?
00:58:17 Question: would the character Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation be an interesting case study for Objectivism?
00:59:00 Yaron Netflix TV show recommendations
01:04:21 Question: Could John Allison come on the show and talk about finance and the Fed?
Air Date: April 7, 2020
00:03:48 Mathematical and Statistical thinking and reasoning applied to life and medicine
00:17:38 America after Coronavirus: what does it looks like
00:40:21 Question: what will the American response to the lock-downs be?
00:43:05 Question: Will there be long term resentment towards the government for the economic destruction caused by lock down?
00:46:44 Question: Will less Americans want to live in cities?
00:48:56 Question: Will Americans fly less after lock downs end?
00:49:31 Question: Will Americans return to restaurants and entertainment venues?
00:50:36 Question: will indoor sports and music events be shunned?
00:50:43 Question: Will some parents continue online learning ?
00:52:27 Question: once the society re-opens, won't there be more deaths?
00:55:08 Question: How do LP's thoughts on statistics relate to thinking statistically about coronavirus?
00:59:35 Question: Thoughts and evaluation of Dr. Fauchi's performance during Covid-19 crisis?
01:02:35 Question: Do most people never experience happiness and have no idea what happiness truly entails?
01:04:05 Question: If someone disrespects you and you want to hurt them, then is that immoral?
01:06:30 Question: what might be a positive economic outcome from this crisis?
01:07:25 Question: If DIM is true, then is it immoral to have kids given the trajectory of the country/world?
01:09:17 Question: Why is there disagreement among Objectivists regarding the Lock down?
01:13:01 Question: How should the US deal with China?
01:16:17 Question: How does one identify and deal with different types of statists?
01:17:42 Question: thoughts on alternate universe arguments like in Economics in One Lesson?
01:18:13 Question: how will the current rising M2 be displaced?
01:19:34 this question is partially answered, but the video ends before being fully answered
Air Date: April 10, 2020
00:01:00 continued frustrations about Coronavirus and government response to it
00:07:51 Question: what about helping the hospitals that are being swamped?
00:17:59 numbers, data, and probabilities surrounding Covid-19; thinking rationally about data
00:22:31 Question: Should at risk individuals be quarantined?
00:26:37 Coronavirus and inequality
00:39:13 opening up the economy; freedom and choice and trade
00:49:51 Question: How can Yaron get on Joe Rogan's show?
00:51:06 Question: How does Egoism necessitate Reason and vice versa?
00:57:39 Question: Is the coronavirus a trigger, like in DIM, for authoritarianism?
01:00:31 Question: What is Yaron's favorite type of cuisine? favorite dessert?
01:03:35 Question: Thoughts on Tiger King?
01:04:08 Question: Does the suspension of habeus corpus make these shutdowns unConstitutional?
01:06:54 Question: How does one make friends; especially those whose values are different from mine?
01:08:17 Question: thoughts on an episode of Yes Minister featuring NHS hospitals with no doctors?
01:10:04 Question: Why is D2 capable of destroying the I? Why is D1 capable of destroying Ms whereas D2 is not?
01:18:32 Question: Why are some intellectuals and media figures so bent on fear tactics?
01:21:11 Question: why can't anarcho-capitalism work with protection agencies that mutually agree to respect rights?
01:25:17 Question: Which economy will be hurt long-term from Coronavirus: America or China?
01:27:45 Question: Are stock buy-backs rational and how do they work? Is the Fed creating distortions in the market?
01:32:35 Question: Are there parallels between current events and Atlas Shrugged?
01:34:16 Question: Are we going to retest the lows in the stock market?
01:35:20 Question: Why is it hard to express and justify one's thoughts about liking a piece of music?
01:37:24 Question: How is ethics a science?
01:38:34 Question: even though facts exist independent of one's consciousness, isn't one's interpretation of those facts subjective?
01:39:44 Question: Thoughts on the attacks on 5G?
01:42:21 Question: How can one tell the difference between someone who is confused and who is evading?
01:43:48 Question: If the lockdowns continue or happen again, then should civil disobedience happen?
01:44:20 Question: Will the West become dictatorships or will it be saved in the next few decades?
Air Date: April 12, 2020
00:01:45 Easter, Christianity and Judaism
00:06:40 environmentalists and the Covid-19 pandemic; pollution and human life; planning for catastrophe
00:16:05 Objectivism and the Environment and climate change
00:23:01 environmentalist arguments surrounding pandemics and climate change solutions
00:31:00 fighting against the environmentalists, nationalists and collectivist-statists
00:37:18 Question: Is it right for the government to interfere with the sale of military equipment to foreign countries?
00:39:42 Question: Does Trump get any credit for dealing with the media's bias?
00:48:25 Question: how do politicians get high marks for handling the pandemic yet have vague plans for coming out of it?
00:51:38 coming out of the Coronavirus crisis: the plans and economics going forward
01:02:11 Question: Should America put pressure on China to keep wet markets permanently closed?
01:03:58 Question: Thoughts on Montessori schooling?
01:05:17 Question: Why is giving a low value activity?
01:07:37 Question: Did it ever bother Yaron that he couldn't convince his family about Objectivism?
01:10:54 Question: Is it wrong not to pay rent due to the economic ramifications of Coronavirus?
01:13:07 Question: Have any of Yaron's viewpoints changed since his finance course?
01:15:01 Question: If one doesn't like one's siblings, then should one cut them off even though it might hurt one's beloved parents?
01:15:46 Question: How does one create more Objectivist intellectuals and grow the movement?
01:22:15 Question: Thoughts on the increasing infringements on rights; especially right to bear arms?
01:24:49 Question: does Amesh Adalja support limited lock-downs to flatten the curve and protect the hospital system?
01:26:18 Question: What advice should someone have who wants to be a top economist?
01:27:28 Question: how do people not value what Yaron does?
01:28:08 Question: why was Hitler both an environmentalist and a nationalist?
01:30:04 Question: How does fiat currency enhance power of the government?
01:31:26 Question: Why do some grandparents prefer to die from Coronavirus than isolation?
01:33:25 Question: Thoughts on Thomas Sowell?
01:34:29 Question: Weren't ancient tribal societies that were small in nature really violent?
01:35:13 Question: Thoughts on morality of businesses taking government assistance? Is this similar to Rand's argument about Social security?
Air Date: April 14, 2020
00:02:58 origin and purpose of WHO; international relationships
00:21:55 WHO failings and relations with China and Taiwan; America, China, and Taiwan
00:27:35 Question: Won't Trump's stepping back from WHO lead to a recognition of Taiwan?
00:33:00 3 timelines surrounding Coronavirus origins, spread, and impact on the world
01:05:25 Coronavirus timeline in America
01:22:22 summary and takeaways from Coronavirus timelines
01:27:02 Question: Thoughts on Italy's response to Coronavirus? Is it appropriate to judge prior actions of politicians?
01:34:53 Question: are there any plans that are reasonable to end lock-downs and reopen the economy?
01:37:51 Question: How to find the Coronavirus timeline online?
01:38:40 Question: Thoughts on books about history and economic growth of China?
01:41:50 Question: Why is testing not available? What are the government excuses about it?
Air Date: April 15, 2020
00:02:45 truths and myths about Sweden's response to Coronavirus
00:17:34 Trump on the Swedish approach to Coronavirus pandemic
00:19:03 Question: Thoughts on data surrounding Coronavirus and responses to it?
00:40:34 identifying and discussing the geographical impact of Coronavirus across the world
00:49:50 Question: Thoughts on the board game Monopoly?
00:53:39 Question: Thoughts on usury?
00:55:11 Question: Are most Americans good people?
00:56:37 Question: Are Americans losing their sense of life?
00:57:40 Question: Should America annex Taiwan if they ask for it?
00:58:38 Question: Why isn't testing available and what is government saying about it?
01:02:03 Question: thoughts on EU investing in companies to prevent them being bought by China?
01:03:49 Question: Why is Gail Wynand the character he is? Who is a real-life Gail Wynand?
01:06:58 Question: Thoughts on security breaches with Zoom?
01:08:17 Question: did Thatcher rely on Religion the way RR did?
01:09:30 Question: Thoughts on UBI?
01:11:01 Question: Thoughts on reporting deaths without positive tests as Covid deaths?
01:11:47 Question: Thoughts on OCON happening in June?
01:13:16 Question: Is obsessing over ethnicity wrong when it becomes part of their identity?
01:14:48 Question: Thoughts on protests in Michigan and North Carolina against lock downs?
01:16:13 Question: Is there a statistical point at which a certain activity becomes a disvalue?
01:19:31 Question: What is the best way to become more first handed in ones life?
01:23:36 Question: Why are people feeling shame about feeling sad about missing events while people are dying?
01:25:10 Question: what are good books for investment managers?
01:25:37 Question: Thoughts on the Wright brothers?
01:26:34 Question: Why have precious metals been chosen, historically, to back money?
Air Date: April 17, 2020
00:03:00 Reopening the economy
00:10:13 Trump administration plan for reopening the economy
00:23:40 addressing the testing problem in America
00:31:56 Question: Why are certain individuals or corporations able to get tests and others cannot?
00:35:13 Question: How can one invest into Yaron's Hedgefund?
00:36:34 Question: How does egalitarianism play into the Covid-19 response?
00:42:22 Question: Is continuously opening and shutting down worse than a long term lock down?
00:45:52 Question: Who controls a future production of Atlas Shrugged?
00:46:20 Question: Is there a limit to how much money can be printed?
00:48:20 Question: Is it immoral to price gouge?
00:51:55 Question: If one is being raped in prison and the guards aren't doing anything, then what should one do?
00:52:26 Question: what will be the long term consequences of the Fed and government's response to Coronavirus crisis?
00:59:29 Question: Why are STEM people like Bill Gates unaware or uncaring about the government involvement and Left leanings of Science?
01:02:30 Question: Isn't it a moral failure when the economic downturn and lock down results in loss of life and increased mental health issues?
01:07:15 Question: Thoughts on Larry Kudlow?
01:09:31 Question: How close is the mixed economy to the edge of complete collapse?
01:13:01 Question: thoughts on movie The Last Emperor?
01:13:25 Question: Thoughts on movie The Banker on Apple TV?
01:14:04 Question: What is the rationale for SEC regulations on speech given 1st amendment?
01:15:38 Question: When did covid-19 arrive in the USA?
01:17:33 Question: Thoughts on USPS?
01:18:02 Question: Will there be a vicious cycle with unemployment and business closures?
01:24:05 Question: How to convince others to read Rand and other Objectivist books?
Air Date: Episode Breakdown:
00:04:58 meaning behind the title 'America's Revolutionary Mind'
00:11:58 overview of the book; intellectual and philosophical issues explored and developed during Enlightenment in America
00:18:41 connecting the epistemological and ethical discoveries of Enlightenment thinkers to American Revolution
00:26:00 identifying and explaining self-evident truths in American Revolution
00:33:58 Influence of religion on American Revolution
00:38:10 Deism amongst the Founding Fathers in the American Revolution
00:39:26 equality at the Founding of America
00:44:31 Question: did the Founding Fathers recognize the link between Reason and man's survival?
00:45:55 Question: Were any of the Founders atheists?
00:47:37 equality, slavery, women and individualism in the Founder's thinking during American Revolution
01:05:53 Founding Fathers on Individual Rights and Government
01:13:02 Question: Why did the Founders equivocate on the right to property?
01:14:07 Question: If the Founders had been around during the Industrial Revolution and Darwin, would they have been closer to Objectivism and Rand?
01:20:20 Defenders and Attackers of the Declaration in the 19th and later centuries
01:26:12 Question: Rand's influence in understanding the American Revolution and Founding?
01:30:53 applying the ideas of the Founding of America to saving modern America
01:36:30 future books on America's Founding; closing remarks and comments
Air Date: April 21, 2020
00:02:00 background information on Marc Andreessen
00:04:44 analysis and discussion of "It's Time to Build"
00:24:55 moral issues and arguments surrounding building and producing
00:45:44 profit motive and building/producing
00:50:56 Question: Why does Andreessen skirt around the primary obstacle to building in America, government controls?
00:58:18 Question: What happens as the debt increases to old people but the ability to fund Social Security decreases?
01:01:38 Question: Thoughts on expanding on this idea into another book?
01:05:04 Question: Is America headed for a Great Depression?
01:10:46 Question: Thoughts on stopping Immigration to fight coronavirus? How will this impact the economy?
01:14:22 Question: Does fiction or nonfiction convey ideas better?
01:17:39 Question: What is going on with oil prices and the oil market?
Air Date: April 22, 2020
00:01:38 Yaron's recent events and debates
00:11:08 reality, facts, data, and interpretations of Coronavirus and its impact on the world
00:49:26 isolating at-risk individuals, the economy, lockdowns, and risk-assessment
00:58:45 Question: Are anti-lock down protests helping or hurting?
01:02:27 Question: Why are property rights essential to freedom?
01:05:05 Question: Thoughts on doing a show with John Stossel?
01:06:21 Question: Is Capitalism just an economics system or something more? How does government operate in it and deal with nuclear power?
01:09:56 Question: Isn't emotionalism running amok during the Covid-19 pandemic?
01:10:49 Question: Thoughts on the surge in gun sales?
01:11:27 Question: Why does the moral character of the President matter?
01:23:40 Question: Why do some people consider health care a right? What are rights?
01:26:14 Question: Can the government auction off its military power to private entities?
01:27:58 Question: Why do some people argue that freedom is anarchy?
01:30:00 Question: Does Bernie Sanders and AOC have respect and character?
Air Date: April 25, 2020
00:03:52 Question: thoughts on India central bank releasing gold-backed bonds?
00:06:49 Question: Which business leaders does Yaron respect and why?
00:16:31 Question: how does one differentiate between political and economic power?
00:22:57 Question: Thoughts on the argument that socialism works in small and homogeneous communities?
00:28:11 Question: given the Coronavirus emergency and the mixed economy, is it right to forcibly quarantine at risk groups?
00:32:08 Question: How does one describe and argue about the danger of unintended consequences?
00:44:58 Question: Is it ever appropriate for the President to be commenting on oil prices?
00:47:41 Question: Is there an issue of low self-esteem, lack of independence, repression, and second-handedness among people and Objectivists?
01:01:47 Question: how does one deal with harassment while walking on public or private paths?
01:04:45 Question: Can one draw any conclusions about a person's character based on the art they like?
01:09:41 Question: How long will people who still have job continue having jobs given the business environment?
01:16:17 Question: Why do young people feel invincible?
01:21:02 Question: Is the fantasy better than the reality?
01:25:25 Question: What is Yaron reading, fiction or non-fiction?
01:29:00 Question: Is there a connection between Christian Pride, respecting business owners, and gratitude?
01:38:21 Question: Are there people without a soul? How do they come to be?
01:39:44 Question: If you see someone who you don't like drowning, then is it immoral to not call for help?
01:42:20 Question: How useful is Warren Buffet in promoting capitalism or finance?
01:43:26 Question: what is the difference between being content and being happy?
01:44:09 Question: Will the West survive long enough for Objectivism to have a political impact?
01:44:48 Question: How do people become rich given the tax codes across the world and America?
Air Date: April 27, 2020
00:02:55 background on Dr. Erickson and his Covid-19 briefing
00:06:40 analysis and discussion of Dr. Erickson's Coronavirus briefing video
00:35:22 scientific communication during a pandemic vs. governmental actions during Covid-19 pandemic
00:41:50 Question: Thoughts on Bill Mars vs. David Crenshaw debate?
00:44:14 Question: Does a morality that promotes suffering lead to an exacerbation of negative events like Covid-19?
00:49:13 Question: What is the short and long term market outlook?
00:55:06 Question: Thoughts on the breaks in the food chain?
00:56:54 Question: Isn't this lockdown a good opportunity to blame economic issues on government?
00:57:24 Question: Thoughts on how startups and certain stocks will do?
00:59:56 Question: tips for a student in finance to be good in the field?
01:00:56 Question: Assuming the at risk groups are protected and adequate testing and tracing are done, should the lockdowns end?
01:02:20 Question: Thoughts on Billions and some of its characters?
01:06:00 Question: Thoughts on the movie/book Gone with the Wind? Did Rand ever comment on it?
01:08:07 Question: How can Trump not be embarrassed about bragging about his TV ratings for his Corona briefings?
01:09:18 Question: Thoughts on Laffer curve?
01:10:27 Question: Why does Dominique drop the statue in the Fountainhead?
Air Date: April 29, 2020
00:01:00 background on Dr. Andrew Bernstein
00:05:38 motivation to write a book on Heroes
00:08:10 Identifying, defining, and explaining what a hero is
00:13:37 Question: Why do some people try to validate a person's heroism by focusing on their flaws?
00:18:56 Question: Can anyone be a hero?
00:20:50 self-sacrifice, heroism, and egoism
00:24:40 Question: Thoughts on superheroes?
00:34:34 Producers and Creators as the unsung Heroes
00:37:30 identifying, defining, and explaining an anti-hero and their rise in modern culture
00:40:06 Question: thoughts on portrayal of heroes and villains in modern movies?
00:44:28 Question: How does being inspired by heroes help one live one's life?
00:47:18 Question: How did Andrew Bernstein get to where he is given where he started?
00:49:33 Question: what was it like growing up in Brooklyn? How influential was the mafia?
00:50:52 Question: did Rand comment on comic book heroes? thoughts on modern comic heroes?
00:54:52 Question: Why did Aristotle have contradictions in his philosophy whereas Rand did not?
00:57:13 Question: Are Enlightenment ideas stronger in New York or California?
01:00:50 Question: Who are some of Andy's modern heroes?
01:04:42 Question: Why was rocketry invented under Nazi Germany?
01:07:18 Question: Thoughts on Charles Lindberg?
01:08:02 final remarks
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