Why Fundamentalists Dislike Science – Part Two


Fundamentalists like to assert that seeking to understand the world by means of science is simply exercising a kind of faith. Why is this?

Fundamentalists are of course creatures of faith themselves. They are fundamentally committed to faith as the only reason for believing or claiming to know anything. They do not understand that nothing believed on faith can be trusted. And that therefore, faith-based belief has no possible value.

It does not occur to them that someone can have a reason to believe what they believe. Or that they do not have to resort to blindly assuming something for no reason.

This is based on the philosophical premise that one cannot know anything by studying the world and learning how it works. And that the only reason to believe anything is based on blind assumption and or divine revelation. So, if anyone else claims to know anything or have a system of belief about the world, they must be exercising faith!

So, then why do they attack other people for having faith? After all, are they not doing essentially the same thing, just choosing to believe a different set of things for no reason?

That is the problem. They believe that their opponents are accepting the wrong things on faith. It is not simply enough to have faith in something. After all, one can have faith in science or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But that is not going to impress any of these fundamentalists. Nor does it appease their fickle God or his ridiculous moral code.

Fundamentalists are incapable of understanding that someone might have an interest in reality. Or realizing that someone may have a reason to believe what they believe.

It never occurs to them that rational people have a commitment to understanding reality as it really is. They do not understand that rational people do not assume what they know on faith. And that they have a reason to believe what they believe and can show that what they know is true.

However, it is worse. What sets these people apart is that they think that they must accept everything their religion says. Every single thing. No matter what it is and how much it might make no sense and contradict reality. Everything their religion says must be taken literally.

If the Bible says God the fable of the Tower of Babel explains why men speak different languages, then fundamentalists will believe it…

Not only that, they must reject everything which contradicts their religion to be false. No matter how reasonable it might be or how demonstrably true it might be. Regardless of the evidence or arguments for it.

This means that since many known facts about reality disagree with any given religion, a fundamentalist must regard these known facts to be false.

Fundamentalism requires systematic dishonesty that makes them immune to logic and reason.

This is why it is misguided to argue with them. Or to try to convince them of anything. Anything that disagrees with their religion must be rejected. No matter how true it is. The only thing that matters is whatever the religion says, especially those parts that tell you how to get immortality.

This is why every religion tells its followers to blindly accept everything it says. Because that is what faith is. And that is what all devoutly religious people are: people who have chosen to blind themselves to reality.

It is a mistake to think reason can get through to them. Once you abandon reality, you abandon reason and are immune to it.

Leave them be. Once someone has chosen to poke out their eyes, you cannot make them see anything and it is a mistake to try.

Therefore, you will never convince these people of anything. They do not care about reality. They want to believe whatever they want to believe.

Let them be wrong. Let them be. Life is too short to waste on people who have purposefully blinded themselves.

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