Why Fundamentalists Dislike Science – Part Two

We continue to look at why the fundamentalists dislike science and dismiss it. You can find part one here.

The Dismissal of Science

Let us take the example of evolution. Which most fundamentalists seem desperate to pretend never happened.

They like to pretend that evolution is fantasy. But evolution has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Almost no theory has as much evidence for it as does evolution. Every living being is evidence of evolution and contains pieces of evidence for evolution.

The body of evidence that evolution has happened and is still happening, is truly staggering. It includes evidence from studying the fossil record. Evidence of genetic similarities and commonalities between species. As well the fact that we have seen evolution happen.

And we know a lot about how it happened. We even know about t he transition from sea to land!

To say that evolution is unproven and “just a hypothesis” is about the most dishonest claim one could hope to make. Especially when it is very easy to understand most of the extremely abundant evidence that it definitely happened and continues to happen.

Observe the way they are frantic to dismiss almost all the evidence. Especially the most convincing evidence. Without which evolution might indeed seem a lot less credible and scientific.

Could it be that they do not understand all the evidence that exists? Perhaps they simply do not understand the science?

Sure, they often fail to understand huge portions of the evidence. Many of them refuse to do so. Yes, many of them have little or no understanding of what the science actually says. And show no interest in correcting their frequent mistakes. No matter how many times you clearly explain it to them!

Do not assume they are interested in understanding evolution. Or any science which clashes with the baseless assertions of their religion.

It is s not just evolution. We see fundamentalists constantly denying the facts of almost every branch of science known to man.

For instance, we see them trying to argue that the speed of light is not constant. Not for any scientific reason, but because the constant speed of light makes it obvious that the universe is far bigger than the Bible allows.

Religious fundamentalists are caught in a trap of their own dishonesty. Their faith demands that they blindly accept any assertion their religion makes as infallibly true. For no reason and against all reason.

Religious people have rejected reality and therefore science. It does not matter what science has to say. If science does not agree with their religion, then it must be rejected. For no reason and without any attempt to understand it.

There is a reason these people are always vastly ignorant. And frequently unable to form a coherent thought or argument. Knowledge and coherent, rational thought require a commitment to understanding reality. Not to blindly assuming whatever you want and to defending it against reason.

Does it Matter?

It matters that these people are spreading lies. But the problem is worse than them spreading lies.

It matters that they are not interested in reality. Or in teaching their children about it. Instead, they raise generation after generation of ignorant savages.

Knowledge is forbidden!

It matters that they say that abortion is immoral. And that women should be prevented from having abortions. Thus, enslaving pregnant women to their unborn fetuses. Which have no rights as they are not alive in any meaningful sense.

It matters when they tell us that vaccinations are immoral. And then thousands of people needlessly die of easily preventable diseases.

It matters when the Church tells people that contraception is bad. Especially since they tell us abortion is also bad and we must accept however many children “God gives us” or choose not to have sex.

It matters when priests tell us that sexual desire is a sin and that sex is not for pleasure but for procreation. And then people feel guilty about their desires. And are unable to fully enjoy sex!

It matters when religions demand we submit to the will of kings, even brutal tyrants. Which gives kings a moral justification for their unjust rule. And to do as they please on the basis that they have divine blessing.

It matters when slave masters try to justify slavery by appealing to the Bible. Where God gives license to make everyone a slave. Except for his Chosen People.

It matters that fundamentalists want to force religious morality on our legal system. No matter how many lives it costs and no matter how much worse everyone’s lives are.

Yes, it matters that religions spread lies and misinformation that make everyone’s lives worse if taken seriously!

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