Why Fundamentalists Dislike Science – Part One

It gets still worse. God clearly does not know anything about taxonomy.

The Bible classifies creatures according to how they act. Not according to their distinctive biological traits and ancestry. The Bible describes bats, first, as birds because they fly. And in a different section as locusts.

Why? Because they swarm. But bats are neither birds nor locusts and you would think God would know that!

Furthermore, the Bible describes whales as fish. But we know that whales are not fish, they are aquatic mammals! So, why does he describe them as fish? Probably because they look and seem to act like fish. So, once again, God is classifying fish according to what they do and not according to any reasonable system of taxonomy.

You would think that the creator of all these animals would know how to properly classify them!

What about all the transitional fossils? That is, fossils of creatures bearing the traits of one ancestral group and some traits of its descendant groups. That is, fossils which show one species taking on traits of different descendant species as it “evolves” towards that later species.

Fundamentalists like to argue that these do not exist. Why would they want to admit that they do? According to their creation myth, God created species, they certainly did not evolve from other species. So, there is no need for transitional fossils and if they existed it would be difficult to explain why such fossils exist.

Why would God need to create turtles with half a shell? Yet we have evidence of such creatures which existed before turtles with full shells and which shelled turtles are clearly related to.

Why did God create a species which is clearly a dinosaur yet bears many of the traits of a bird? We have the fossils of creatures known as the Archaeopteryx.

Transitional fossils help to make it clear that evolution did in fact happen and how various species evolved from earlier ones.

An archaeopteryx fossil. A dinosaur with many bird traits. But, fundamentalists pretend it is just a bird or just a dinosaur.


Now let us consider the cosmology of the Bible.

According to the Old Testament, the surface of the world is a flat disc resting on pillars. Above this flat disc is a “firmament” which is much like a crystal dome. In that dome are the sun, the moon, the stars and the other planets.

Now, according to the Bible, these are not thousands of kilometers or light years away, which we know them to be. They are a few hundred or a few thousand feet above the flat disc of the Earth.

Or perhaps not even as far away as that! In Revelations, a dragon sweeps stars from the sky with its tail!

Apparently, these stars are extremely fragile. We know that the stars are gigantic balls of nuclear plasma. And that they are far out of reach of any dragon. And that even if he could reach them, the stars would incinerate him long before he could sweep them to the ground!

Matthew describes how God can cause the moon to cease giving off light. But we know that the moon does not emit any light of its own, it reflects the light of the Sun!

We could go on listing examples of what the Bible is wrong about. Or how its claims make no sense in light of what we know about reality. But the fact is that the Bible is wrong about almost every aspect of reality.

So, it should come as no surprise that religious fundamentalists must make a choice between their creation myths and reality. Of course, they are going to choose to believe in their creation myths, even at the expense of ignoring known facts about reality.

This article is continued in part two.

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