Why Fundamentalists Dislike Science – Part One

Living Organisms

Let us take a look, starting with living organisms and other aspects of biology.

The Bible asserts that God created the species and groups of creatures we know today by means of a divine miracle.

We know that they cannot have been created by a divine miracle. Instead, we know that they arose by a process of slow, gradual evolution. We know this due to the countless evidence we have for this. Including but not limited to: molecular evidence indicating genetic descent, embryonic development, shared biological features between groups of related organisms, the way certain organisms are related and so forth. This evidence only makes sense in the light of evolution but much of it makes no sense in the context of divine creation.

For instance, take birds and dinosaurs. It is possible to modify the regulatory genes of birds so that they have teeth in their beaks! This makes sense in the light of evolution since we know that birds evolved from toothed dinosaurs.

But it makes no sense if birds were divinely created. Why would they have genes which can be messed around with to give them teeth? Why would any god do that?

If the known species were created by gods, why do they show the relationships they do? Why would humans be related to chimpanzees in the way they are? And why do mammals show evidence of being related to reptile-like creatures such as synapsids? Why do birds seem to be related to dinosaurs? Why do whales show clear evidence of being descended from land-dwelling mammals?

Although dimetrodons did not lead to mammals, a dimetrodon is a synapsid.

Humans bear genes for tails. But those genes are disabled by regulatory genes. As a result, we do not grow tails unless this gene is defective. In some cases, these genes malfunction and that person grows a small tail.

This is easy to explain if we evolved from monkeys with tails. But if we were created according to the fable of Genesis, why would this be the case? Why would God give us disabled genes that sometimes break and allow us to grow monkey tails?

There is a genetic condition known as Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. This condition causes a reduction in body fat, increased skeletal muscle size and greatly increased muscle mass and strength.

It is caused by a defect in the gene that controls the production of myostatin. This chemical serves to restrain muscle growth. Too little of it can cause increased muscle mass.

If God created man, why then does this gene function this way? Why could god not have it on for everyone, so that we are all stronger than we are, with no side effects?

If God created us, why did he have to use a mechanism prone to defective genes at all? Why not use a mechanism which avoids defective genes which lead to serious birth defects or health issues in later life?

The evidence presents so many questions that it becomes absurd to suggest that a god would have gone to the trouble of creating beings in this way. Why create organisms with so much apparent evidence of evolution? Why would magically created organisms need that?

This is not the only problem. The Bible describes events that science makes clear cannot possibly have happened.


For instance, take the alleged age of the Earth according to Biblical fundamentalists. While the Bible itself does not directly give any age, many fundamentalists accept one of a landfill of numbers some priests claim to have based on the Bible but which they pulled out of thin air.

But evolution makes clear that this cannot be the case. The organisms we have today are all a result of a long series of evolution from common ancestors. Many of which are older than fundamentalists think the universe is!

We have uncovered evidence of human colonies dating back to 9130BCE and earlier. This means humans have existed for longer than many fundamentalists think the universe has existed!

These ruins are older than than the alleged age of the universe!

What about the alleged historicity of the Bible? History records virtually none of the allegedly historical events of the Bible. No reputable ancient scholar mentioned the Jews walking the desert for forty years. They do not describe God wiping cities from the Earth either.

We do not even have any historical evidence that Jesus existed! People like to assert we do, but actually we have only very unreliable sources and nothing reliable at all.

There is no historical evidence for a worldwide flood, even though had it happened there would be abundant evidence for it having happened. Instead, we have endless evidence that not only did it not happen but that it cannot have happened.

We have trees that have been alive for thousands of years and which would have died had the worldwide flood occurred. But strangely they do not have seemed to have noticed their death and live on.

We have coral formations which were clearly alive during the time of the Biblical flood even though had that happened they would be dead or at least dormant.

Many of the civilizations or cultures that existed at the time carried on without noticing their eradication by a global deluge. Their history certainly does not mention it.

The fossil record bears no evidence of a global flood. Had one occurred, we would see fossils laid down in a manner consistent with a catastrophic flood. We would see this all over the world and at the same point in the geological column. Instead, we do not see this.

If there was a global flood, we would see evidence of mass global extinction of aquatic species. Extinction Noah could not prevent by taking land species into his ark. The flood would have wiped out virtually all aquatic life on Earth, but we see no evidence of such a massive extinction event and many aquatic species thrived during this period.


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