The Inductive Summary of Physics Project

I have made this post to promote the “Inductive Summary of Physics” project.

What is this project? It is an important project started by my friend James Ellias. He has a Masters in Physics and like he is a very interested in the philosophy of physics. Also like me, he is an Objectivist and applies the philosophy of Objectivism to physics

Unlike me, he focuses more on presenting a rational presentation of physics itself, where I focus more on the problems in modern physics.

What is this series? Well, I will quote James himself:

In this lecture series, I give a detailed summary of the essentials of physics in an inductive order. This will allow us to understand the essentials of known physics through the inductions which proved them. This series does not constitute a rigorous inductive proof, but it is close, as it gives detailed accounts of the observations and reasoning steps required to prove the ideas. To make the lectures consumable by the general public, I have not included technical mathematics in this treatment, but this comes at the cost of full inductive rigor.

James Ellias describing the the “Inductive Summary of Physics” project.

I will not say much else, other than pointing out that it is a highly interesting and successful project. If you have any interest in rational physics, then I strongly suggest that you check it out.

If you like Metaphysics of Physics, then you will certainly like the Inductive Physics Projects and James’ other content.

Newton, physics
Newton, one of those masters of induction from the Inductive Summary of Physics…

You can check out the Inductive Physics playlist here.

Please go there, watch the videos and subscribe. And feel free to leave him some comments with any questions you have. Or ask me here on Facebook/Discord and I can pass them on to him.

I also have an interview with him here.

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