The Evil of Heresy According to Islam

Quotes from Terrorists

Let us gather some quotes from some of these terrorists and see what their motivations were

“I am one of the servants of Allah. We do our duty of fighting for the sake of the religion of Allah. It is also our duty to send a call to all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience happiness in Islam… 

Osama bin Laden, May 1998

Well, that seems pretty clear. But perhaps bin Laden is not being fair to Islam. We should know better by now. Let us get some more opinions.

Our animosity is based on religion. We hate Americans for their secular ideology.

Tehrik-e-Taliban spokesman Ihsanullah Ishan

America is a secular nation and not a Christian one. Its founding documents are secular and are not based on the word of God. Islamic terrorists resent this heresy and thus seek to destroy America. This should come as no surprise at this point.

“In the name of Allah the Avenger, I swear on the holy book to perform my sacred duty as a soldier of Islam in this Jihad to restore to this world the light of divine justice… Allah demands no less. For to die in the cause is to be sent immediately to paradise.”

Taliban official

Yes, but these are all Taliban quotes. What about other Muslims? Here’s what someone claiming credit for the bombings in Belgium in March 2016 had to say:

And Quran has decided waging Jihad against the disbelievers until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled and the Islamic State has asked them to give it but they refused.”

Belgium bomber

Perhaps that was just one lone nut. Oh, come on!

We primarily fight wars due to people being disbelievers. Their drones against us are a secondary issue, their kufr (disbelief/denial) against Allah is sufficient of a reason for us to invade and kill them. Only if they stop their kufr will they no longer be a target male or female, young or old.”

Abu Rahim Aziz, a British ISIS fighter

So, we seem to have the testimony of a lot of devout Muslims that support the interpretation of the Quran we took before. Again, is it any wonder there are so many terrorist attacks worldwide?

Islamic terrorist
A flattering gift for all the terrorists that might be reading this article. 🙂

But Why?

Why is Islam like this? Why does it demand death for the nonbeliever and the apostate? This has a lot to do with the fact that it is a religion.

The thing about religions is that they operate on the means of faith. They require that people blindly accept the assertions offered by the religion as true for no reason. All religions work this way. They all demand faith and most explicitly either condemn those that do not have faith as immoral or as morally inferior to those of faith.

No religion has anything rational to offer any potential believer. If facts supported religious claims, then faith would not be required. But that is the thing, all religions are founded on premises that are not and cannot be supported by reality.

That is not a problem for those of a religious mindset. They do not care about facts or evidence, not when it comes to the things in the religion that they want to believe for no reason.

Religions have nothing to offer any rational person. There are no rational arguments for their beliefs. And therefore, there is no rational argument for any religious position.

Once you have abandoned reason as a means of persuasion, then that leaves only force. Once you have abandoned reason, then there are no peaceful, rational methods to deal with those that will not agree with you.

If you want to convince someone to join your religion, then all you can do is make arbitrary claims. Or promise to put those that do not agree to the sword. Which Islam is perfectly willing to do.

Religious people are often extremely intolerant of those that lack faith. Why is this? Probably because they consider such people a threat. They do not want others talking people out of joining the religion or talking them into leaving.

Islam and all the major religions are unified by one them: they are all based on the irrational desire to believe nonsense for no reason.

Many religions, Islam included, are run by those that seek political power. They use religion to control and oppress people and it is much easier to control the devout believer than the unbeliever that might dare to ask questions. Nonbelievers can only be a threat to this coveted political power.

It is no surprise that Islam is violently opposed to heresy. Especially when you consider its violent origins.

It is not difficult to deduce why most religions have a serious issue with apostates. They know that many of these people are likely to be highly critical of the religion they just left. Since religion is unable to use reason to counter this opposition, it is again likely to resort to force.

You see, religion itself is part of the problem here. Religion has a history of horrific violence for a reason. By abandoning reason, they frequently resort to violence as an alternative. Islam is more open about its demands for violence than most, but it is hardly alone in this.

Islam is fundamentally unable to deal with any opposition, as it does not have reality on its side. It is, however, willing to engage in brutal genocide. It is willing to deal with nonbelievers by putting them to the sword. This explains a lot of the terrorist attacks we see in the name of Islam. The religion demands this and considers it a holy act

So much for this being a religion of peace. No religion demanding the genocide of nonbelievers and apostates can honestly make this claim.

This will wrap up our introduction to this topic. We have seen Islamic texts openly calling for torturing and killing nonbelievers. More than this, it demands this of its followers and promises them a special place in the afterlife for such deeds. Most religions offer some form of existence after death for their devout followers. Islam offers a special kind of afterlife to its devout and murderous followers.

In part two, we will look at the demands of Islam regarding the treatment of members of other religions. We can expect a lot of calls for murder.

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