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Episode Twenty Four – Creating Christ Archaeology with Warren Fahy


Today we have an interview with Warren Fahy, the co-author of Creating Christ. We have talked about Creating Christ before, when we interviewed the books other author, James Valliant. You can find that interview here.

Today we are focusing on the archeology of Creating Christ, although we will cover a few other issues as well. We cover some stuff that is not covered so much or at all in our previous Creating Christ interview. Meaning that you should definitely listen to this one, even if you have listened to the other one. Or should that be, especially if you have listened to the other one?

What is Creating Christ? Some of you may not know. It is a book that shows the Roman origins of Christianity. Not simply the fact that the Roman Empire morphed into the Catholic Church, but the thesis that the Romans created the religion!

It might sound radical, but the book makes a very compelling case for how this must be true. If you have not read it, you really should. You can get it from Amazon here:

Creating Christ
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You really should listen to that interview first, as it gives a really in depth coverage of the book. Or, you can read the book first.

Please note that the Amazon Kindle edition is currently not available. As far as I can tell, this may be due to some disgruntled customer complaining about the books technical issues. Which I can assure, having owning a copy of it in Kindle, do not exist!

Apparently one customer complaint can cause items to go under review and be taken off the Kindle marketplace. If so, this policy should change!

I have given them some polite feedback on this. You can too, if you want. But, please be civil. Incivility helps nobody, least of all Creating Christ or its authors!

We have not presented the transcript of this in web page form. Instead, you can listen to the audio or download the PDF transcript.

However, there may be mistakes in the transcript. Any mistakes in transcription represent our own errors or a transcription error we missed.

Click here to download the PDF transcript.

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More Creating Christ Interviews!

This blog post takes the chance to share news of further “Creating Christ” interviews performed by MythVision. As many of you know, we are big fans of that book and the thesis it presents. So, it should come as no surprise that we would choose to share some updates on this.

Some of you will remember episode ten of the Metaphysics of Physics podcast, where we interviewed James Valliant on the book “Creating Christ”.

For those whom do not, this book details the remarkable and crucial evidence for the Roman involvement in the creation of Christianity. You can find out more by listening to the original podcast or you keep reading.

Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ”

James Valliant has been very busy since then and has performed another excellent interview with the presenters of the excellent MythVision podcast. This interview has two parts and I highly recommend that you listen to both parts. Even if you have heard our interview with James. It covers some stuff in more detail or at least from a slightly different angle.

Click here for part one, which covers the first hour of the interview.

And click here for part two, covering the second hour of the interview.

James Valliant then went on to record a second interview with the MythVision. This time with his co-author Warren Fahy. And the distinguished scholar and expert on such matters, Dr Robert Price!

Why this particular scholar? Well, Dr Price has recently expressed great interest and support for the thesis of “Creating Christ”. This does not mean that he necessarily fully committed to agreeing with everything in the book, but there is enough to make him think.

In any case, It is obviously a great step for any thesis when notable scholars in the field start to take notice.

Do you want to know more about what Dr Price has to say on this? Well, you can out by listening to the MythVision interview. Click here to do that.

Dr. Price also reviewed “Creating Christ”! You can see that review by clicking here.

Titus 1

Follow Up To “Interview With the Author of Creating Christ”.

This is a text followup on the previous episode of the last podcast episode on the thesis presented in Creating Christ.

In that interview, James indicates how you can lay your finger down anywhere in the New Testament and he can explain how that indicates how the New Testament has its origin as Roman propaganda.

I find a random segment of the New Testament and take a stab at doing just that.

If you have not listened to the previous podcast episode, do so here:

Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ”

Today I want to share with you an interesting experience and some of my thoughts on it. Here goes;

My Experience

This morning I engaged in an interesting experiment. I found a random video from a fairly typical Christian fundamentalist, one that likes to throw quotes from the Bible up on the screen.

I then skimmed through it to see if I could find any quoted verses which indicated Roman providence to the New Testament.

The very first quoted verse did this. I kid you not, the very first verse he threw up indicated Roman providence to the New Testament.

Titus 1

Here is the verse in question.

Here is what it said:

“For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers,  specially they of the circumsion: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which  they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake”.

Now, the first question we should ask is: “Is this a fair translation?”

As far as I know, it is fairly accurate in its essentials. As well as fitting in what we learned in the previous episode of the podcast. Although, other  translations have replaced “lucre” with “unfair gain”. And these translations might be a little more accurate.

Other translations of this include:

” For there are many who are insubordinate, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumision party. They must be silenced, since they are upsetting whole families by teaching  for shameful gain what they ought not to teach. ”

My Thoughts

Let’s see what this juicy tidbit from Titus (oddly enough one of the names of the Roman emperors…) seems to be trying to tell us…

Well, first we see some naked antisemitism. It seems obvious that the “they of the circumcision” being singled out here are Jewish people. Hardly very subtle…

Apparently, they must be silenced, for they subvert whole houses, teaching what they ought not for the sake of lucre. Which, if I remember correctly, is money dishonestly acquired. Although, note that other translations says “dishonest gain”.

So, apparently, the Jewish people are spreading lies and cause upset. What are these lies and what are they upsetting?

Well, I submit that the lies are anything that casts their Roman rulers in a bad light and which agitates and justifies rebellion.

The subversion or upset would be an attempt to undermine the rule of their Roman rulers. The “whole houses” or “families” being subverted or upset, would be the Roman state.

So, apparently the Book of Titus is nakedly suggesting that the Jewish people, certainly the Jewish rebels, were lying, unruly liars. Who were doing it for the sake of dishonest or shameful gain of some kind and perhaps not out of sincere devotion to their religion!

Imagine if this was propaganda intended to undermine the revolt of Jewish rebels against Roman rule. A revolt which was religiously motivated. Then, this is the sort of thing you might write, no? Especially if you wanted to undermine the rebel’s religious motivations.

Note, that I have no doubt that this verse is one which has done much to stimulate two thousand odd years of antisemitism. And to contribute to the image of Jews as “greedy” and dishonest people.

Our presenter here, one Kent Hovind, is no doubt completely oblivious to all that this implies. He thinks it is just a generic damning of materialistic deceivers. He is totally ignorant of the fact that he is repeating the political propaganda of Roman emperors.

But, a fair reader of the New Testament (which Hovind and his ilk clearly are not) has to ask oneself: If the Word of God, why is God such an antisemitic, pro-Roman bigot?

Gods antisemitism is odd given how in the Old Testament, he apparently literally committed genocide in the name of the Jews. On multiple occasions. There they clearly his favored people.

It is hard not to see the contrast as odd. I know I always used to wonder about that and the other weird changes of mind God allegedly made between the two Testaments. Not because I thought God was real, but why the people writing the book would have him change his mind like that.

Could it be that it isn’t the Word of God? At least, not that God, but that of some Roman emperor trying to cement his place as a Roman state deity?

It would certainly be a lot more interesting and relevant to this world than the contradictory Word of some unfathomable man in the sky…

Roman coin

Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ”


Today we interview James Valliant, author of the important book “Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity“. This interview is basically a question-led interview and long answers to the relatively few questions which were required.

The thesis of Creating Christ is that Christianity is the result of Roman propaganda in the first and second centuries. Designed to pacify Messianic Jews and to integrate them into Roman society.

This might not seem to be an important subject or a probable claim, but it really is. If Christianity and its proper place in the history of the West is to be understood, it is important that the true nature of Christianity is understood.

But, is this claim true? Yes, as you will discover when you listen to the podcast and or read the transcript.

You can also purchase Creating Christ here:

Creating Christ
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Episode Transcript

This episode is about one hour and fifty-six minutes long. As a result, we have not implemented the episode transcript in the usual form. We have provided a transcript in an edited and more formal form. It is much like a formal written answer to the question, however, the questions do very closely match the content of the audio.

However, please note that there may be minor mistakes in the transcript. I have done my best to clean up any spelling and grammatical errors, however, due to time constraints, it has not been possible to edit out all possibility of such.

Click here to download the PDF transcript.