Subscription Refund Policy

We hope that you do not have cause to claim a refund on your subscription. However, if this is required we are happy to do so.

We do not offer “change of mind” refunds. We will not refund you simply because you decide you did not like the content of your subscription service. If you do not like what you are paying for, you are welcome to cancel your subscription and not pay any further fees.

If you are unable to access subscription content or find it overly difficult to do so, for reasons beyond your control, then we will consider giving a refund for the affected period.

What does this cover? If subscription articles not delivered on average once a week, if subscription articles are of poor quality, if subscription articles are overly short (typically under 750 words on average), if they are not readable or accessible despite the fact you are a subscription member and other potential issues beyond your control.

In short, if we do not deliver on our subscription offers, then you are entitled to a full refund, depending on the extent to which content was not delivered.

Please note that you are not entitled to a refund for months in which there were no such problems. Only during months when such problems did exist. Even if these problems only cover part of that month, we are happy to refund you in full for that month.

If you paid in advance for multiple months, then you will receive a full or partial refund depending on how many months were affected. However, we may give you a full refund at our discretion.

Please note that we will not issue refunds if you are unable to access the content for reasons beyond our control. So, if for instance, you are not able to read the articles due to problems with your computer, this is not eligible for a refund. But, you are welcome to cancel your subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so using this link. Cancelling your subscription at your payment gateway (if you have used a recurring payment method) should work. But, it would be best to contact us at just in case there is some problem on the payment gateway side of things. This way we can make sure your subscription is definitely cancelled.

But, please note that you need to contact us as soon as possible to have this issue resolved. If you took months to inform us of this issue, we reserve the right not to give you a full refund for this period.

Please contact us at to discuss your refund options.