Spacetime is NOT Swirling around a Dead Star

A Note about Clocks

What about time-dilation? What do we make of that? Simply that clocks and other time-measuring devices are affected by speed, in some way.

Clocks (and other devices used to measure time) do not themselves measure time. People measure time using clocks. Clocks do not respond or react to time. Clocks have no interaction with time in any way. We use them to measure time.

So even if time was a physical aspect of the universe, we should not expect clocks to be affected by “time-dilation”. Clocks are not magically hard-wired into some magical aspect of the universe called “time”. They simply have hands that tick regularly or atom events that occur regularly or some other mechanism that does something periodically.

Clocks simply take actions which are related to each in a very regular way, which we use to measure time.

Saying that time-dilation causes clocks to respond as they do is like saying that my marriage causes my wedding ring to expand at high speeds. How can a relationship affect physical matter in such a way? Clearly it cannot.

Clocks are not magic, they simple tick away. They do not tell time, we do.

What is Spacetime?

Spacetime may well have validity as a mathematical concept, but that is it. Spacetime is a mathematical abstraction, a technique. One that can be used to calculate properties of things and relationships. But we should not give this mathematical concept an unreasonable physical interpretation.

We can view it like the concept of imaginary numbers. Natural numbers correspond to this many items, or this many items. For instance, the number “12” means that there are a bunch of these items, this many of them.

This is not true with imaginary numbers. Imaginary numbers do not refer so directly to entities. They are a mathematical technique that allows for the calculation of real-world values.

And this is, at best what the concept of spacetime is. It is a mathematical abstraction, a technique that allows the calculation of real-world values. It is a mathematical technique, but nothing more.

We must not attach physical interpretations to something that is simply a mathematical technique. We would not look around for the physical representation of imaginary numbers and we should not do this with the concept of spacetime.


So what can we conclude about this in regards to the original article we linked to? We know that space and time are not physical things and they cannot swirl.

At no point has Relativity been vindicated when it treats spacetime as though it was a physical thing or a backdrop upon which matter is imposed. Spacetime is certainly not “swirling” around anything…

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