Space, Time and Dimensions Sample

What is space?

It is a concept which indicates relationships between positions. What does this mean?

Suppose that we consider a room in our house, say the living room. The living room is a part of the house between four walls and between those four walls is some “space”.

The “space” within that room indicates relationships between the positions of those four walls. One wall is over here, another wall is over there and the other two are there and there. In between is all this space. The space essentially refers to the separation between objects. And “separation” is a sum of positions (or places) within the boundaries, relative to the boundaries.

Space is the sum of positions between the boundaries of some kind of container or some otherwise defined set of bounding objects.

For instance, you can walk into the living room and say “Well, we have these walls. They are in different positions, forming the boundaries of the room. There are other positions in between the walls.” The sum of those other positions is the “space” inside the room.

Does this imply that there are not other things in those positions? No. The concept of position only applies to entities and only entities can have a position. There is no position of a “non-entity” or of nothing. Position is a quality and a quality is a quality of something.

Is this space some kind of absence of being? Early philosophers tended to think so. But, this is not the case. There is no such thing as empty space.

What would empty space refer to? Some kind of “here” where there are no entities. Where nothing exists. But, how can there be any here without something that exists? How can there be any here separate from anything that exists? Unless there is a something, there is no here.

Hence, there is no such thing as “empty” space. Or in other words, there is only space where there are things with position. To allege the existence of empty space is to talk about position without entities to have position and is a contradiction in terms.

We can talk about the “space” contained within this nebula. That is, the sum of positions contained within the boundaries of the nebula.

No, space is not the absence of objects. It is not some backdrop upon which you can lay things that exist. For there to be any space, something must already exist.

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