Episode Twenty – Reviewing “A Rational Cosmology”, Part Two

“Because, moreover, all entities exhibit the three dimensions as qualities, their separation can only be expressed as a combination of three measurement parameters. After all, one entity can be separated from another by a distance A in the X direction, as well as by the same distance in either the Y or the Z direction. In each of these three cases, the relationships are not the same, and were there four entities thus positioned (including the original entity and the three entities separate from it), each would occupy a distinct position and would be separated from every other. “

[Editorial: The dimensions are not qualities of physical entities. They are a combination of mathematical methods used to measure qualities of physical entities.]

No. The separation between entities need not be measured in three dimensions.

For instance, suppose someone is standing to my left, along a straight line. I want to know how far to the left he is. I only need to consider one dimension to figure this out.

If you use this to measure your bench, you are measuring it in one dimension.

Or, suppose I have a two-dimensional drawing of two circles, located diagonally from each other. I want to quantify how far apart they are. Well, I only need to consider two dimensions to do this.

This is a contextual issue. Sometimes you consider three dimensions. Other times fewer.

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