News and January-March Podcast Schedule

We have set the podcast release schedule through to the end of March. We would not usually set these out so far ahead, but as you shall see, we have special reasons to do this.

But first, some news …

Firstly, the big news! Ashna and I are getting married on the 3rd of March and then going on our honeymoon on the 4th of March! We will become husband and wife philosophers and podcasters!

Predictably, we will therefore be fairly busy throughout the last week of February and the first few weeks of March. However, we will schedule content to be released during that entire period, including when we are away.

As a result of this, you should be aware that the episodes 14 and 15, the ones released on the 21 of February and the 7th of March, will almost certainly not be very long episodes. We usually try to make our episodes at least twenty minutes long, with several being longer. But, these two episodes might be closer to 15 minutes.

But, that does not mean that they will not be interesting or that we will cut any corners. It is simply that we will need to make them shorter what with all the preparations around this time.

After we become married philosophers, we may try to narrate more episodes together. In the past we have narrated some episodes together, such as in our first one. We have not done a lot of that since then, but this year we should do more of this. And we will, but we are not sure how and when yet.

Ashna and Dwayne
Happy 2019 from the Metaphysics Team!

Finally, you may notice that we have two episodes focusing on the achievements of historical figures. One on Newton and another on Leonard da Vinci. As earlier mentioned, we will be doing quite a bit of this year. We wanted to cover at least one such figure a month. But, unfortunately, this will not happen in March. We shall make up for this in a subsequent month, where we will have two such episodes.

Let us get to the actual schedule:

Jan-Mar 2019 Metaphysics of Physics Podcast Schedule

10th of January: Episode Eleven, “Newtons’ Achievements”. Coverage of and celebration of the immensely important contributions of Isaac Newton

24th January: Episode Twelve, Quora questions. We will answer Quora questions, most likely on physics.

7th February: Episode Thirteen, “Leonardo da Vinci: Eclectic Genius”. Coverage of some of the diverse and interesting discoveries and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

21 February: Episode Fourteen,  “Life 3.0, A Slow Death” Part One. The first of a series of reviews covering the awful book “Life 3.0” and its arguments for Strong AI. This part was going to be a blog post, but the first will be a podcast episode. Later parts will likely be blog entries, but will not on the paid member list.

7th March: Episode Fifteen, Quora questions. This time likely on mathematics.

21st March: A yet untitled episode on space and time. Not spacetime, but space and time.