April News and Future Plans

We have some news! Lots has been going on here at Metaphysics of Physics, even if it looks like things have been relatively quiet. We have been working on stuff you know about and some behind-the-scenes stuff you might not know about. But, what is all this? Let’s find out, shall we?


Before we dive into all the planning and updates for the official MOP business that has been going on, let us share some exciting personal news.

As some of you will already know, Ashna and I were recently married, making us a husband and wife philosopher duo! Pretty neat huh?

This took place on the 3rd of March, my birthday. Which means that I have no excuse for forgetting my anniversary! Or for Ashna forgetting my birthday. 😉

It was a small affair, held at a lodge by the beach. After the ceremony, we went off to take pictures by the beach.

The day after that, we flew to sunny Australia for a honeymoon. We had a great time and managed to catch lots of  sun. A lot more sun than we would have in cold Auckland, New Zealand, that is for sure!

Later on, we will post some of our photos.  We have some sweet and fun ones, so stay tuned if you want to check that out.  For now, here is one:

Newlyweds at the beach.
Newlyweds at the beach.

Paid Membership Content

This month we are launching our subscription service. This gives you access to our weekly articles as well as some other perks. The articles will cover all sorts of topics, ranging from expanding on topics covered in the podcast to topics you will not see discussed on the podcast!

The first three articles will appear on the 20th of April. After that you can see them weekly, if you subscribe.

The articles will be accessible for the small fee of $2 per month. That is in US dollars, but still pretty reasonable even if you do not happen to live in the US. There is also a $5 tier available for additional perks.

Consider this your way to support the show, if that is what you want to do. Since not only do you get the bonus articles if you subscribe, but your support ensures we can keep producing the freely available podcast episodes as well. Or maybe you want to be more involved in the show, then you can check out the other perks and join us here.



We are also finally starting our newsletter. The monthly newsletter detailing our creative updates, upcoming topics, behind the scenes tidbits and commentary. As well as exclusive deals, special offers, and giveaways on the merchandise.

A few of you have already signed up and might be wondering where your newsletter is. Well, your wait is nearly over.

Later this week we will be sending out the first. If you sign up you should get this by the end of the week. Normally we will be sending these out closer to the start of the month.

If you subscribe, you get this newsletter. Unless you opt out of receiving it.

Podcast and Article Release Schedule

There is only one further podcast coming out in April, on the 18th. What is it about?

Well, we have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Bill Gaede of late and have been watching some of his videos. We are very impressed with the rational approach he takes to physics.

So, we will be going over a video starring Bill. The video is titled “What is Physics”. Let’s see what he has to say and what all the fuss is about! So, stay tuned!

What we are talking about in this months subscription articles? This stuff:

April Schedule for Subscription Articles

19th April

  • What is Color? Clearing up Chromatic Confusion.
  • More on Thought Experiments
  • Atheism or Anti-religiosity?

26th April
Reviewing A Rational Cosmology, Part Two

Blog Posts

What about free blog posts? Well, we have not released very many of these lately. But, we plan to remedy that and give you lots more to read. Even if you don’t want to subscribe for the paid articles (but we think you should).

You can expect to see the following over the next few weeks:

  • Wedding and honeymoon photos.
  • Some interesting metaphysical posts found on Facebook.
  • More Creating Christ content which has been released by third parties.
  • Part two of our “Life 3.0” review.
  • And more!

Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks to see some of this.


We are always looking for more people to interview! If you want to talk to us about physics, philosophy of science, any of the other sciences or anything relevant at all, let us know. Reach out to us at contact@metaphysicsofphysics.com

We have an interview with Warren Fahy coming up. Many of you may know him as the author of the books Fragment and Pandemonium.

If you have not read these books, you really should. They are wonderfully creative works, filled with thrilling events and novel biological ideas. Find out more here.

Fragment by Warren Fahy
Fragment, filled with strange creatures and fascinating biology!

In the interview, Warren and I will be discussing biology and the theories contained with these books. As well as some of the archaeology of Creating Christ.

There is enough here for two interviews and this is probably what will happen.

Recorded Lectures

Some of you may recall that we plan to record longer lectures and then sell them for a small fee (probably a few dollars). Well, I have decided the topic of the first few and over the next few months I plan to try get it recorded.

The first will be a master list of logical fallacies, with lots of examples. And the second will be on the nature and importance of mathematics.

Stay tuned for updates on how these work out over the next few months!

That is about it for the updates today! We hope you are excited to see all of this and will stay tuned! We sure are excited!

Please consider joining our subscription service so you can read all the bonus articles. It helps support the show and ensure you get ongoing quality content.

Farewell for now and may you have rational premises!