Never Forget The Cause of 9/11 — Islam.

To the Apologists and Appeasers

On its memorial day in 2020, Facebook hid content that simply read:

I am not convinced that faith can move mountains but I have seen what it can do to skyscrapers.-

William Gascoyne

Facebook calls this truth “cruel and insensitive”. Facebook likes to shield people from being offended for their religious views.

However, no rational person should attempt to shield someone from such offences. If one chooses to be religious, then they should not be spared any non-violent attack on their religion.

Religion is worthy of ridicule and attack. It is irrational, anti-life and if you embrace religion, you have no business expecting reasonable people to respect your religious sensitivities.

Neither Facebook nor anyone else has any business trying to shield people from criticism of their religious views.

Facebook disagrees. It believes Islam and its followers should be spared offence and the indignity of reality.

In doing so, Facebook is effectively in league with a cult of murderous, woman-hating pedophiles.

Now, what is the proper response to Islam? To ideologically expose it for what it is, a genocidal, women-hating cult of child abuse and of pro-slavery.

It is not a religion of peace and if you read the Quran, it never pretends to be. No truly devout Muslim with any knowledge of the religion would say that it is.

No rational person could ever maintain that contradiction if they read a significant portion of a book that frequently calls for murder for the crime of heresy.

Islam is fundamentally a cult of violent oppression and genocide against heretics. This cannot be removed from the religion without creating a fundamentally different religion.

(Which is why those practising Allah-worshiping religion that do not advocate violence are not practising true Islamic religions. They are at most off-shoots of Islam and are certainly not the same Islamic religion being talked about in this article).

Since Islam fundamentally demands the constant violent slaughter of non-believers it cannot be a religion of peace and the truly devout must be mass-murderers or support mass-murder.

Those rejecting to practice this tenet of the religion are not truly devout practitioners of Islam.

They should stop pretending they are true practitioners of Islam. It is these “moderate” practitioners who lend Islam a pretense of peace. This leads to the sanction of the victims of a dangerous, murderous cult. Because any individual who dares to criticize the religion itself is then called an Islamophobe and a hater of all Muslims, inciting to kill all Muslims, even in the Western World and so on.

Islam, in all its naked truth, is an ideology that teaches the violent slaughter of non-believers. Anything else is arguably heresy against Allah!

That is right, not to support the violent slaughter of non-believers is arguably heresy. Yet, we are meant to support this religion and consider it a religion of peace?

By this standard, then we might as well embrace the death cult of Charles Manson as a peace cult.

Are Manson’s views as legitimate and worthy of respect? No. Then, neither are those of Islam.

Respecting Islam because it is a religion is no more legitimate than accepting the validity of Manson’s cult views. There is no fundamental difference.

To support Islam just because it is a religion is no better than supporting Manson’s apocalyptic death cult. And no amount of people being offended by this can alter this fact.

If we respect reality and life, then we must see Islam as an enemy of both. It must be accepted as the genocidal death cult that it is.

The Western World must not allow Islam to pose a serious threat to the Western World. We must stand up to it and declare it as the enemy of life, liberty, reason and freedom that it is.

Even if it means we must wipe all the Islamic States from existence, we must not allow any Islamic State to threaten the West.

To allow Islamic States to threaten the West is an act of cowardice.

However, we have a problem. The West refuses to accept that any religion can be the enemy. Why? Because most Western nations have one religion or another and are thus unwilling to accept that religion can be a problem.

As long as the West embraces religion, it is unlikely that they will ever be able to declare war against another religion.

But that is exactly what we must do. We must accept that religion is evil, every religion. The entire concept of religion is the embrace of evil.

It is the willful denial of reality in preference of baseless fantasy and emotion, which is the core of all evil. In this respect, all religions are fundamentally irrational and evil.

If we hold that religion is anything but evil, then we will not be able to identify that any religion is the enemy we must fight.

As long as we grant that any religion is somehow valid, then we can and will grant that Islam too is valid.

A world without religion would be an objectively better world.

We will pretend that Islam has some business existing and that it only needs to have the violence purged from it.

As long as our culture believes that any religion has any business existing, it will not be able to identify another religion as an ideological enemy.

It may identify aspects of the religion as evil, but it will never allow itself to identify the religion itself as fundamentally immoral and evil.

Because once you accept that Islam is evil, then you must accept all religion as fundamentally corrupt and evil. Every religion, whether it is Islam, Hinduism or Christianity.

If we wish to preserve the West, then we must utterly crush, demoralize and reveal Islam for the weak husk that it would be when divorced from the support of the good.

We must show the Islamic world that it has no power to destroy us if we do not let it and that without us, it is a collection of murderous savages that have no power to destroy the Western World.

We must wage war against Islam with every shred of military might we have. Until we reveal every Islamic State that opposes us for what it is, a bunch of desperate, cowardly savages.

We must show them that to oppose is to court death and that Islam has no significant power in the West.

That it cannot, despite what it wishes, destroy or take over the culture of the West. A culture that knows what it is; a death cult embraced by murderous barbarians.

Anything else is cowardice and the refusal to face an abundantly clear threat. To embrace Islam as worthy of cultural protection or even as somehow equivalent to Western culture is to abandon reason, life and to embrace death and barbarism.

You may choose to embrace death and barbarism. And until the West identifies religion as the problem that it is that the West will continue to do so.

We are not saying that people do not have the right to practice religion.

But it becomes a problem when it enters politics and is forced upon others. It becomes a problem when it is used as an excuse for crimes and violations of individual rights.

Then you do not get to hide behind your religion. Then you get treated as the criminal you are. The evil ideologies of religion you hold get treated as the evil they are.

We are not saying that we should kill all Muslims or all religious people. No, but we should oppose religious fundamentalism for what it is – the true expression of its religion.

We must oppose Islamic States. The West must show that religion has no ethical or political power in its lands.

We must show that we will not allow terrorists to kill while hiding behind religious freedom.

The West must make it clear that there is no tolerance of those using religion to justify the violation of individual rights. That there is to be no tolerance of religion rearing its head in political avenues.

Leave us alone and we will leave you alone to worship death and ruin your own life with evil ideologies, in the privacy of your own homes and temples.

After all, that’s the beauty of a free society, you get freedoms. That includes the freedom to ruin your own life as you choose.

That is the beauty of Western values, you have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. You have the right to “pursue” happiness. You do not have the right to make a claim on other people to provide it to you.

You get the freedom to take responsibility for your own life!

You get the freedom to make your own bad decisions and face the consequences of your own ideologies and actions. And you do not get to force them on any one else.

If you choose to force those ideologies upon anyone else, if you choose to terrorize anyone else in the name of those ideologies, then you shall be cut down!

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