More Creating Christ Interviews!

This blog post takes the chance to share news of further “Creating Christ” interviews performed by MythVision. As many of you know, we are big fans of that book and the thesis it presents. So, it should come as no surprise that we would choose to share some updates on this.

Some of you will remember episode ten of the Metaphysics of Physics podcast, where we interviewed James Valliant on the book “Creating Christ”.

For those whom do not, this book details the remarkable and crucial evidence for the Roman involvement in the creation of Christianity. You can find out more by listening to the original podcast or you keep reading.

Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ”

James Valliant has been very busy since then and has performed another excellent interview with the presenters of the excellent MythVision podcast. This interview has two parts and I highly recommend that you listen to both parts. Even if you have heard our interview with James. It covers some stuff in more detail or at least from a slightly different angle.

Click here for part one, which covers the first hour of the interview.

And click here for part two, covering the second hour of the interview.

James Valliant then went on to record a second interview with the MythVision. This time with his co-author Warren Fahy. And the distinguished scholar and expert on such matters, Dr Robert Price!

Why this particular scholar? Well, Dr Price has recently expressed great interest and support for the thesis of “Creating Christ”. This does not mean that he necessarily fully committed to agreeing with everything in the book, but there is enough to make him think.

In any case, It is obviously a great step for any thesis when notable scholars in the field start to take notice.

Do you want to know more about what Dr Price has to say on this? Well, you can out by listening to the MythVision interview. Click here to do that.

Dr. Price also reviewed “Creating Christ”! You can see that review by clicking here.