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Funds received from subscribers go towards enabling us to spend more time producing and promoting the show, production costs and keeping the website up and running. If we receive enough funds we can release podcast episodes and other content more frequently and increase production quality.

We are dedicated to educate, inform and perhaps even entertain! By becoming a member, you get benefits, you join a community of rational, like-minded individuals and become more intimately involved with the podcast and in fighting for a more rational world. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions to improve and evolve the show. Thank you!

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Metaphysicians Club Membership: $2 or more per month

  • Unlock the member-only, bonus, fortnightly articles.  At least once every two weeks, we will be doing blog articles which provide more detail on topics discussed in the podcasts or are on different topics.
  • Get your name displayed on the Metaphysicians Webpage of Honor and a new member shout-out in the podcast!

Council of Metaphysicians Membership: $5 or more per month

  • In addition to the “Metaphysicians” benefits, you will also get priority with questions asked and topic suggestions for the monthly podcasts as well as additional shout-outs!

News For Subscribers:

Subscribers used to receive discounts on the merchandise items that were available for purchase directly from the website. This is no more since due to lack of demand, we have removed the items available for purchase directly from this website. However, our store on continues to exist.

We may, however, introduce similar or other subscriber perks in the future.


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