Episode Nineteen – Math-Magicians and Mad Titans


Whether or not something is intuitive is rather irrelevant when it comes to science. Conclusions based on anything other than logic and reason do not matter. Your initial emotional reactions do not really matter. What matters is what you can show to be true using reason.

3) “Why should human logic and rationality apply to quantum mechanics?”

Because logic and rationality apply to everything. Logic is the process of applying elementary methods of thinking in order to identify things as they are. Principles such as the Law of Non-Contradiction. Laws which apply to thinking about everything, be it the tiniest quantum particle or the most massive galaxy.

The laws of logic are not simply conventions of thought. They are not simply rules we impose upon reality because it suits us. They identify requirements which all thought must adhere to in order to understand reality as it is. The laws of logic describe principles of thought which must be adhered to if we wish to reason about anything at all and be sure that our reasoning is valid.

They identify basic facts of reality which apply to everything that exists. To exist at all is to be subject to the laws of logic. There is no reason why the subject matter of quantum mechanics is outside the realm of logic.

Rationality is the recognition of the laws of logic and an adherence to thinking in terms of these laws. And is required in order to properly understand reality.

So, a better question would be: why shouldn’t we expect quantum mechanics to be subject to the laws of logic and rationality?

Once we abandon logic and reason, we get quantum mechanics. Large parts of which make as much sense as the Flat Earth theory.

4) “It’s man’s comprehension of such phenomenon that is illogical and irrational.”

I take it to mean that what we think about such phenomenon is illogical and irrational and is therefore wrong.

This is most certainly the case. A great deal of what we think we know about the quantum world is illogical and therefore wrong. But, not simply wrong. Grossly irrational and entirely without any rational basis.

But what if this is meant to imply that we are just thinking about it wrong? That it *is* the way they say it is and we just must accept it and that it would be illogical and irrational to deny it.

Well, this is wrong. We should not reject the way we know reality to work. We should not reject logic and reason, the only means we must understand the world. Not if we want to learn about the world, understand how it works and deal with reality as it really is.

If someone does so and makes irrational claims, we must not simply accept that is the way it is and that we are wrong about how reality works. We know better than to do this. With a rational philosophy, we can understand the nature of objective reality and our responsibility to deal with reality as it is, not as we declare it to be or how we want it to be.

Now, let us get back to what Mr Gaede is talking about, shall we?

At about 4.30 (4 minutes 30 seconds into the video), he says this:

“People have this notion out there that, you know, science is not supposed to be rational.”

That is certainly true, many people do not expect science to be rational. Not fully and certainly not consistently.

This is not limited to laymen. Many scientists, particularly those in the field of physics, do not expect science to be rational!

“So, if you’re wondering why we have big bang, black hole, and some of these fantastic theories out there it is because a lot of these people have been conditioned, since they were children, to believe in these kinds of stories.”

Is the Big Bang theory a fantastic theory? Oh certainly, in many ways it is. We cover some of that in episode three of the podcast

[Editorial: The episode says episode two, but this was a mistake, it is in fact episode three as it says here in the transcript]

Episode Three – The Universe and the Big Bang

What about all this stuff about black holes? What is wrong with the theory of black holes? Haven’t we seen black holes?

That recent “black hole photo”? It is no more a photo of a black hole than this is.

Well, there are a number of issues with this. First, black holes are supposed to contain a singularity.

What is that? A mathematical point with infinite density, or so they allege.

A mathematical point? An abstraction? Is that what powers black holes? Well, no. If black holes are real, they certainly do not have mathematical abstractions in them. Saying that explains nothing about the real world. So, since the concept of singularity is essential to that of the idea of a “black hole”, the entire concept is invalid.

“[M]ath-magicians, as I call them, they have not figured out how this universe works.”

What does Bill Gaede mean by math-magicians? Well, later we shall see that this is an apt description of what many mathematical physicists are trying to get away with. Let me explain.

Let’s take the example of fields in physics. They say that electromagnetism works by means of a field. Great! Now, what is a field? Please explain how this works?

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  1. I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely
    loved every little bit of it. I have got you book-marked to look at new stuff you

  2. I completely understand Biil Gaede’s frustration with the scientific community and it member’s not applying rationality to their theories.
    Furthermore, I think the rope model explains many of the observations of our physical world very well & better than a combined particle/wave model.
    However, if you are going to invoke rationality and state that light is a rope that mediates gravity then you better explain, rationally, how physical ropes don’t entangle.
    There are many other inconsistencies as well e.g. rotation of solar system vs rotation of galaxy – the 2 merry go rounds behave very differently, the galaxian merry go round is consistent with the rope model whereas our backyard is not.
    I’d like Bill’s model to be correct b/c then I can go to see star wars and finally have a physcial explanation for how Jedi manipulate the “force”. But until some more fundamental questions are answered re: rope model I will continue to search for a better explanation


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