Interview with Narendra on Science Education

This is the transcript of an interview with my friend Narendra Kumar. We discussed many things, including the difficulties of learning physics, problems with concretization, the role of mathematics and its relationship with science, the beauty of the science and more.

I answered some of the questions he prepared in advance and he offered several insightful clarifying questions and commentary. It was a very good interview and we covered a lot of ground in about seventy minute.

This was supposed to be a livestream available on YouTube. However there were severe audio issues and much of the audio is unusable. However, I have created this transcript without losing anything significant from the original discussion.

At a later date I will present an audio reading of this interview which is mostly my answerse but with several of Narendra’s insightful comments. For now, you have this transcript.

I trust that you will find this interesting and informative. The transcript is available below as a PDF, please click on the following link to download it or go to:

Click here for the transcript in PDF form.

Eratosthenes teaching science..
Here is Eratosthenes teaching a student. His work with showing the size of the Earth is great proof of the power of the science of measurement. That is, of the power of mathematics.


The questions asked include:

Why is it difficult to learn physics?

Why people do not concretize that much when learning this stuff?

Can we really conretize these sciences and how?

What is the relationship between math and science?

What are some of the beauties of science?

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