How To Download Episodes

It has come to our attention that some of our listeners may not know how to download episodes in mp3 format so that they can listen to them later. This post will help you learn how to do that. If you do not need to know how to do this or already know, then you are welcome to skip the rest of this post.

There are two ways to get mp3 episodes onto your device. We will go over two easy ways to accomplish this.  We will go over them below, but if you want the short answer, right-click where it says “Download” and you can save the mp3 file to your device.

First Method

You will want to show the podcast player. If you do not see it, then you will need to click on the play button, show below.

Download from player.

Now you should see the player. Click the three dotted vertical lines at the end of the player.

Then just click “Download”.

Second Method

You can also right-click where it says “Download” and you should see an option along the lines of “Save link as”, such as shown below.

On my Android mobile, it says “Download Link”. On your mobile device, it might say something similar.

download on Android

I hope this helps you be able to save the mp3 on your device of choice!

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