Episode Twenty One: Homeopathy, Lies About Magic Potions


Also, homeopathy is based on the premise that you can treat the ailment with the same things that cause its symptoms. It is a “cure like with like” form of “treatment”.

This has no basis and we know it never works. You don’t treats watering eyes with onion juice. Or the plague by exposing you to tiny traces of the bubonic plague.

Don’t forget that according to homeopathy, it matters how you dilute the active ingredient away. You should bang the vial against horse leather and the like. Well, sorry, but magical rituals do not help make medicine or have any kind of effect on reality.

Abracadabra! Does my water have selective memory yet?

Therefore, we know homeopathy treatment has no mechanism to do what it claims. Not unless the patient taking water tablets feels better and gets better due to the placebo effect.

Are people sold homeopathic products told this? Of course not! They are told that it is “natural medicine”. Or some other falsehood.

It is not medicine! You might as well give the patient water and tell them it will help them.

There is nothing natural about alleging water has supernatural powers of healing! So, it is neither natural nor medicine? So, nobody should be pretending that it is.

Why shouldn’t we be honest about what we are selling people? Why should we lie about what it is when people ask?

We shouldn’t. Nobody should. Telling people homeopathy is medicine or natural medicine is misleading.

Telling people that it is somehow going to help them, when they know what homeopathy is, is outright fraud. And should be illegal. Just as it would be if I sold someone a car and told them it can fly.

Because it is not medicine, they are allowed to do this. Why? Selling fake medicine, if anything, is worse than the car example. As it preys on sick and vulnerable people.

If I must accept people selling homeopathy at all, then I demand honesty. I demand salespeople tell people what it is, certainly when asked about it. And not tell them outright falsehoods or lies.

Pharmacies must not be allowed to sell homeopathy without making it clear that it is not medicine.

But this goes far beyond pharmacies. Homeopathic practitioners pretending that homeopathy is anything other than a placebo pill should be prosecuted as frauds. Because that is what they are.

If they tell customers that homeopathy is scientific, or that it contains the ingredients it does not have, then that is fraud. If they pretend that water has magical powers or that homeopathy has any proven non-placebo effect, then that is fraud. And it must be treated as such.

There should be no “Oh, but they don’t know better” excuse. So, what if they don’t know better? They are still peddling nonsense while pretending it is something it is not. The fact that they are too stupid to know better should not be an excuse.

But in my experience and research, homeopathic experts know what homeopathy is. They know it is not science. They know that what they are promising has no provable basis in reality. But they either avoid this fact. Or they make believe in magic. Even though on some level they know that they are lying or making claims which they cannot possibly support.

What Should be Done About It

We will do our best to see that pharmacies and medical professionals in this country are not permitted to spread misinformation regarding homeopathy. Some of you may want to consider doing the same.

This should include homeopathic specialists and clinics. Just because they might not claim to be medical professionals with a medical degree, does not mean they should get away with peddling snake oil. Iif they do have a medical degree it only makes it worse.

Anyone selling homeopathy should be required to tell their patients what it is. Let us prosecute them for fraudulently misrepresenting the efficacy of homeopathy. No matter who they are.

This includes doctors that prescribe homeopathy as though it was medicine. If they are going to do that, they should point out it is just a placebo and cannot possibly have any other effect.

What can I do? What can others do? Write letters to the editor of your paper. Write to your council or congressmen and demand that they take steps. Complain to doctors, pharmacies and other medical organizations selling this stuff. Complain to any legal bodies that oversee these people.

Fraud charges anyone? Charges of criminal negligence?

Raise public awareness of what homeopathy is and what it is not. It is not medicine. Neither is it effective. Nor is it a natural remedy. It is medieval witchcraft. Which people like to pretend is medicine.

Make people aware of the misinformation regarding homeopathy. Make them aware that homeopathic clinics, “doctors” and other people practicing ritual magic are nothing but dishonest charlatans. Expose these people whenever reasonably possible.

Fight any public funding of homeopathy. Fight public studies of the effectiveness of it. We do not need these studies to show it does not and cannot work. Any such studies performed should be privately funded.

Any qualified doctor should be able to convince anyone considering legislation against homeopathy that it is a scam. If enough doctors also discuss this, then it should not be too hard to get this point across.

Do whatever you consider reasonable to fight homeopathy. Even if it is almost none of these things. I get it, we do not all have time for this.

But, if you see anyone being misinformed about homeopathy, the least you should do if you care about medical science, is correct the misinformation. And condemn the people spreading misinformation. Even that little bit really does help battle the irrational mysticism that is homeopathy.

Alright, that brings us to the end of this episode.

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If it quacks like a duck and is as effective at healing as a duck … then it is a quack.


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