Newton's Discovery of the Refraction of Light Episode Eleven – Achievements of Newton - Today we go over the achievements of Isaac Newton, focusing on his many hugely important contributions to science.
Water wave. Episode Twelve – Quora Questions on Physics - Today we answer some Quora questions about physics. We cover string theory, particle-wave duality, thought experiments and more!
Leonardo da Vinci Episode Thirteen – Some Inventions and Discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci - Today we look at some of the wonderful inventions and discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci! We cover his work on anatomy, geology, his design of a robotic knight, his design for a practical parachute and more.
Life 3.0 Cover Episode Fourteen – Life 3.0: A Slow Death - Today we start our review of the book "Life 3.0" by Max Tegmark. This book claims that greater than human level intelligence is inevitable and then discusses what can be done to keep it safe. Part One introduces the book and discusses the prelude and the first chapter.
Math concepts. Episode Fifteen – Quora Questions on Mathematics - Today we are going to answer some Quora questions on the topic of mathematics.
Pencil bent in water. Episode Sixteen – Optical Illusions, Proof of the Validity of the Senses - Today we are going to discuss the validity of the senses and how optical illusions prove that the senses are valid.
A Rational Cosmology Episode Seventeen – Reviewing “A Rational Cosmology”, Part One - Today we are going to discuss the book "A Rational Cosmology". This is part one of a series.
Bill Gaede Episode Eighteen – Introducing the Ideas of Bill Gaede - Today we are going to discuss Bill Gaede, his philosophical and scientific ideas and some of the reasons they are important.
Math-magicians Episode Nineteen – Math-Magicians and Mad Titans - Today we are going over some of the Bill Gaede video "What is Physics. math-magicians and the genocidal plans of Thanos the Mad Titan. You can find Bill Gaede's video here if you want to watch it in advance or watch along with us.
space Episode Twenty – Reviewing “A Rational Cosmology”, Part Two - Today are are continuing our discussion of "A Rational Cosmology". We discuss space and matter and whether any of them ... matter!