At least this guy was great ... Episode One – Introduction - Our first episode introduces the show and provides a brief overview of the kinds of issues this show intends to address.
Black hole Episode Two – Some Anti-Reason Hawking Quotes - A look at some Hawking quotes and why he was not a friend of reason. Many of these quotes are typical of many in the field.
Universe Episode Three – The Universe and the Big Bang - Our third episode discusses the concept of the universe and some of the philosophical implications of the "Big Bang".
Artifical Intelligence Episode Four – The Possible and AI - Our fourth episode discusses the concept of the "possible" and provides a brief argument for why we do not think artificial intelligence is possible.
Bohr and Einstein Episode Five – Various Questions - A discussion of what is wrong with science today. As well as quantum theory, relativity, string theory and more.
Galileo Episode Six – Questions About Dwayne, Ashna And The Show - Today we discuss some most and least favorite historical figures, discuss the history and future of the show and Ashna discusses her academic background.
Bohr Episode Seven – Bohr’s Philosophy - A discussion of the philosophy of Niels Bohr and some of its influences, such as pragmatism. We will explore these by looking at some Bohr quotes.
Creator God Episode Eight – Quora Questions on Creationism and the Universe - Today we go over some Quora questions on the universe and Creationism and answer a question from one of our listeners.
Boltzmann Episode Nine – An Interview with the Physicist Juanma - Today we interview the Spanish physicist Juanma on physics, the role of philosophy in physics and what can be done to improve the state of modern physics.