Here is some of our podcast content! Enjoy looking through our archives!

The show was initially done on a two-week schedule. We played with a few formats/schedules but now we release content whenever we have time.

At least this guy was great ... Episode One – Introduction - Our first episode serves as an introduction to the show and provides a brief overview of the kinds of issues this show intends to address.
Black hole Episode Two – Some Anti-Reason Hawking Quotes - A look at some Hawking quotes and why he was not a friend of reason. Many of these quotes are typical of many in the field.
Universe Episode Three – The Universe and the Big Bang - Our third episode discusses the concept of the universe and some of the philosophical implications of the "Big Bang".
Artifical Intelligence Episode Four – The Possible and AI - Our fourth episode discusses the concept of the "possible" and provides a brief argument for why we do not think artificial intelligence is possible.
Bohr and Einstein Episode Five – Various Questions - A discussion of what is wrong with science today. As well as quantum theory, relativity, string theory and more.
Galileo Episode Six – Questions About Dwayne, Ashna And The Show - Today we discuss some most and least favorite historical figures, discuss the history and future of the show and Ashna discusses her academic background.
Bohr Episode Seven – The Philosophy of Bohr - A discussion of the philosophy of Niels Bohr and some of its influences, such as pragmatism. We will explore these by looking at some Bohr quotes.
Creator God Episode Eight – Quora Questions on Creationism - Today we go over some Quora questions on the universe and Creationism and answer a question from one of our listeners.
Boltzmann Episode Nine – An Interview with the Physicist Juanma - Today we interview the Spanish physicist Juanma on physics, the role of philosophy in physics and what can be done to improve the state of modern physics.
Roman coin Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ” - Today we interview James Valliant, author of the book "Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity".