Episode Twenty Two – Biases, AI and Current Affairs


Current Affairs Segment

In 2017 the 3-year old daughter of Joshua and Rachel Piland died of preventable jaundice-related complications. If the parents had sought medical care, it is likely that the child would have survived.

The parents withheld vital medical care for religious reasons, claiming that “God makes no mistakes”. Apparently, they believed that if their daughter was to die that it would be the will of God and that they should let it happen! The parents sought to avoid being prosecuted for child neglect on religious grounds.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently announced that “It’s not child neglect to withhold medical care if parents are doing so because of their legitimate religious beliefs”. This upholds a Michigan state law stating that a parent or guardian should be not be considered negligent if they choose to withhold medical treatment based on “legitimate” religious beliefs.

In the words of the prosecuting attorney Kahla Crino:

“This was a gravely ill child who was in need of emergency medical treatment. [The parents] did nothing, and she died. This is child abuse in the first degree. This is not mere negligence.”

We agree. This is child abuse and not mere negligence. Their actions caused the child to undergo completely unnecessary suffering and then death. It is no better than if they beat the child and she happened to die.

You do not have the right to refuse to give your child proper medical care because of your religious beliefs. No matter how much you believe you are right. You do not have the right to evade reality and endanger your child’s health or life because of your baseless belief in nonsense.

There are no legitimate religious beliefs. There cannot be any! Religious beliefs are those assumed on faith for no reason and typically defended against all reason. Nothing assumed on faith should be assumed to be legitimate or true. And it invariably proves to be untrue!

So there certainly cannot be legitimate religious reasons to let your child be sick or die!

Anyone neglecting their child on these grounds or any other is a monster and the child should be taken away from them.

Is it too much to expect judges to uphold the rights of children? Apparently in some cases it is!

Your children are not your property.

You must ensure that their basic medical (and other) needs are taken care of until they are of an independent age. You have no right to refuse to take care of those needs as long as the child is under your “care”.

It does not matter what idiotic nonsense you think excuses you of your moral responsibility.

The Judge making these kinds of rulings should be disbarred. And then prosecuted for perverting justice in the name of religion. Which should be a legal crime in every civilized nation. One with severe penalties and long-term imprisonment.

I will give you a moment to feel the righteous rage you should be feeling at such evil. [pause]

Alright, that is the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed our grab-bag of topics. Our next episode will be an interview with either Bill Gaede or Warren Fahy, depending on which we decide to release first.


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