Episode Twelve – Quora Questions on Physics


So, yes, in the sense the same “laws” will apply in every part of the universe.

But, the “laws” are contextual. In as far as they describe what will happen in a given context but may not apply to other contexts.

But, as where they do apply, they will always be the same. Since the “laws” merely describe things acting according to their nature, which they must always do.


That brings us to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed the answers to these Quora questions!

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4 thoughts on “Episode Twelve – Quora Questions on Physics”

  1. Could you please explain how Quantum time is indeterministic based on the observation:
    Entropy and the Nature of Time with Edwin C. May 5:55

    • Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, we have been very busy!

      We are going to briefly cover time in episode sixteen of the podcast, where we talk about space and time. This will be out around the 25th of March.

      But, I can somewhat address your question now:

      We do not really think very much about “quantum time”. As far as we are concerned, time is simply a relational concept.

      What do we mean by that? We mean that time is a concept, it is a measurement of change. It is not a dimension or part of the universe. It simply measures change in things.

      We do not agree that Einstein or anyone else has shown that time is a dimension or that is part of the universe or that time is affected by speed. If it is a concept, how could it be, that makes no sense?

      Your video talks about the Arrow of Time. Well, if that concept is to have any validity, surely it refers to causality. Things happen the way they do because things have to act according to their nature.

      Broken glasses do not leap up and reassemble themselves. Gases do not become more orderly and bunch into a small area. Why? Because in both cases it would violate the nature of the broken cup or the gas to act in such a way. But, not because of some mysterious “Arrow of Time” which somehow dictates how they must act.

      Things do not generally happen in the reverse order that we observe, because of the nature of the entities. Unless of course, it is in the nature of the entities to act that way in a given context.

      We do not have to resort to entropy or “Arrows of Time” to explain this kind of thing. Or indeed anything to do with time at all. We just have to know which actions are consistent with the nature of the entities involved.


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