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Episode Ten – Interview With The Author of “Creating Christ”


Today we interview James Valliant, author of the important book “Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity”. This interview is basically a question-led interview and long answers to the relatively few questions which were required.

The thesis of Creating Christ is that Christianity is the result of Roman propaganda in the first and second centuries. Designed to pacify Messianic Jews and to integrate them into Roman society.

This might not seem to be an important subject or a probable claim, but it really is. If Christianity and its proper place in the history of the West is to be understood, it is important that the true nature of Christianity is understood.

But, is this claim true? Yes, as you will discover when you listen to the podcast and or read the transcript.

You can also purchase Creating Christ here, among other places.

Episode Transcript

This episode is about one hour and fifty-six minutes long. As a result, we have not implemented the episode transcript in the usual form. We have provided a transcript in an edited and more formal form. It is much like a formal written answer to the question, however the questions do very closely match the content of the audio.

However, please note that there may be minor mistakes in the transcript. I have done my best to clean up any spellling and grammatical errors, however, due to time constraints, it has not been possible to edit out all possibility of such.

Click here to download the PDF transcript.


    1. I think so. We are looking at going back and doing this for the previous episode, where I interview Juanma. And possibly earlier ones.

      But, future episodes will likely include a PDF download of the transcript/scripts. As well as the more typical way to do things, with the content posted directly on the blog entry and over multiple pages.

  1. Valliant & Fahy deserve some kind of honorary doctorate for their brilliant, groundbreaking analysis: destined to be taught in every ancient history course.

    1. It is certainly some remarkable scholarship right there!

      I have met James Valliant in person and he accompanied me and my fiancee to the Getty Villa, which houses many Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities. There he gave us a guided tour and explanation of many of the antiquities housed there.

      From that, it is evident that he knows a lot about ancient history, far beyond what is in the book. Which just goes to further the case for giving him an honorary degree of some kind.

      Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of meeting Fahy in person, but, I can only assume his own knowledge is similarly impressive.

      And as you probably know, they have given honorary degrees for far less impressive bodies of work.

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