Episode Sixteen – Optical Illusions, Proof of the Validity of the Senses


Now we will cover some stuff we read about online. We intend to regularly devote a section of the podcast to this kind of thing, perhaps every episode or two? Well, we shall see.

We will give this segment a name, but for now it does not have one. This is where you can help us. If you can think of a possible name for this segment, please let us know in the comments below!

Anyway, let us get started with this currently unnamed current affairs segment.

First up, Caslav Brukner, at the University of Vienna in Austria claims to have performed an experiment that suggests that there is no such thing as objective reality. The show notes contain more information on this crazy “experiment”.

[Click here to find out more about these crazy experiments.]

Not so fast Dr. Brukner. If there is no such thing as objective reality, then what is the point of performing any experiments? If there is no such thing as objective reality, then how can you conclude anything based on any experiment you perform?

After all, if reality is not objective, then there is no basis for any conclusions about anything. If reality is not objective, then anything you conclude about anything is also non-objective and you cannot know anything.

If reality is non-objective, then you cannot prove anything, including reality, is non-objective!

But, let us say we believe that reality really is non-objective. Then we should at least stop pretending to be interested in science, which is all about an objective study of an objective reality.

But, once you abandon the absoluteness of reality, then you reject science. You might as well say anything you want and claim that magic pixies proved it to you. Since that has as much basis as “experiments suggest there is no such thing as reality”.

You certainly cannot use science to disprove science. And one of the foundations of science is the existence of an objective reality.

The “good” doctor is just following Bohr’s lead…

Okay, more on this subject later.

The second piece of affair we wanted to mention is the book “A Rational Cosmology” about which some of you may already know. This book attempts to present a rational cosmological system along similar ideas advocated by many Objectivist philosophers.

The show notes link you to where you can download this book for free.

[Click here to download “A Rational Cosmology” for free.]

We think that this book contains a lot of very rational points. It correctly points out many of the fallacies in modern physics and presents some rational alternatives.

However, we do not agree with everything presented in the book. Such as the author’s presentation of time as a quality of objects. Or his attempts to geometrically define the concept of “entity”.

Regardless, there are a lot of rational ideas and value in this book. In future episodes and in free blog posts, we will be going over the book chapter by chapter and analyzing the ideas presented in the book, the many ones we agree with and the various ones which we do not agree with.

Crab Nebula
Astronomy is a wonderful thing. But, it needs more rationality …

We suggest you look at the book. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas presented in the book with us, please do so via comments on the website, social media or email us. We would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

That brings us to the end of this episode.

Thanks for listening!


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