Episode Six – Questions About Dwayne, Ashna And The Show


Indeed. And to quote our favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand — “Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.'” So there’s that. Speaking of the future, what are some of your future plans for Metaphysics of Physics?

Well, at the moment, all of the content on Metaphysics of Physics consists of the podcasts and their transcripts. We want to branch out a little bit and cover some subjects in greater depth.

To that end, there will be audio lectures that will do this. The first such lecture will be on the crisis in modern physics. More details on that closer to its release date.

As many visitors to the Facebook page will know, Metaphysics of Physics often posts brief discussions of content relevant to the philosophy of science on its Facebook page. The website needs a section containing shorter pieces and we will be doing this.

In addition, we would like a section for quotes that demonstrate some of the problems in physics.

But, perhaps the most interesting change will be a broadening of our content. So far we have discussed things from the philosophy of science and not much else. While the philosophy of science will remain a focus going forward, we would also like to discuss things that pertain to rationality in general and not just the philosophy of science.

Those sound like good plans and I for one am excited to be involved. However, we will surely meet some challenges as we move forward. What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for, for the production and future plans?

I have this tendency to be obsessed with the quality of the audio. Yes, it is important to produce decent quality audio, free of a lot of the sound artifacts et cetera that are typical to audio production. But, I have to keep in mind the experience level, the quality of the tools and the fact that at the end of the day, if the content is decent, the audio does not have to be of the most amazing quality.

Audo editor

Here is what keeps me awake some nights, my audio editor.

This is something I have not always kept in mind and if I look back at some of the earlier episodes, I think some of them might have been over-engineered. I mean, I made some edits that probably were not needed and might have spent a little too much time on some things.

I really got to watch out for that, to keep things rolling and progress with production goals.

Ah yes, whatever the specialty, we all have to watch out for over-editing! Now, let’s talk funding. Are you leaning towards Patreon or some other donation platform?

Definitely Patreon. which has been set up and should be ready to be announced around the time the next episode comes out.


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