Episode Six – Questions About Dwayne, Ashna And The Show


Ok, so let’s talk about this show, which I help out with, but which really is your brainchild. So, how did you get started with Metaphysics of Physics and what compelled you to start something like this?

Well, Metaphysics of Physics got started years ago as a website. I would post various articles or thoughts on the philosophy of science. T

Then, it was a Facebook page where I would post on the same topic. The Facebook page went on for several years until I took a bit of a break.

Then I came back and not very long after that I decided to set up a podcast for the show and here we are.

As for what compelled me to get started, well that was the fact that I think the philosophy of science is a very important issue. I think that I can help people see a lot of the irrationalities that exist and perhaps help them to see some more rational alternatives

I had some success at that on the Facebook page and the earlier versions of the website. But, I am hoping with my podcasts and other upcoming projects, that I will reach a wider audience and be able to go into more depth on these issues.

As well as expand somewhat outside of the area of the philosophy of physics and advocate for rationality in other areas.

And what hurdles did you personally face in getting started or to keep going and how did you overcome them?

There are, of course, lots of little and less interesting things. But, the biggest one can be motivation. Some days I look at the state of science and philosophy and I get a little depressed. It is sad how low the state of both have sunken at this point.

Frustrated guy.

Here is Not Me recovering after reading a modern physics journal.

However, I rally and tell myself that if that is ever to change, then people have to work harder to point these issues out and present more rational approaches. And I can do that.

Perhaps one day, partially as a result of my efforts, things will get better. Maybe I will not live to see it, but perhaps future generations of thinking, rational minds will. And that helps give me that little push I need to continue sometimes.

Of course, it is in my self-interest to try to improve the state of science and philosophy. It is in my interest to try help and encourage the minds out there that might respond to a light of rationality.

Since I value rationality and the best in man, I hope that in the future, good minds will thrive.


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