Episode Six – Questions About Dwayne, Ashna And The Show


Oh no, you definitely can’t. To be fair, there must have been some things you liked being in academia, to have stuck it out for years?

Yes, I did like my own research project on microlensing, which is one of the methods being used to detect exoplanets. It was fun when it was working, even though I wanted to pull out my hair at times when it wasn’t working.


Microlensing uses the deflection of a star’s light rays to try to find exoplanets.

Also, I liked the passion that my supervisor had for his profession, research and teaching. As I said, that had been a rare thing to see, in my personal experience of teachers anyways. So it was inspiring to know that teachers like that exist.

Do you wish you had studied something different and if so, why?

No. I have no regrets. I thoroughly enjoyed studying science. Even in academia, and even with the irrationality of modern physics, there are many areas in science such as classical physics that offer the student logic and clarity, especially in the hard sciences.

This is much more preferable to me than what I imagine I would have gone through taking a humanities class. Humanities is in a worse state than modern physics.

Modern physics is pretty bad, but yes, the humanities is a mess!

We are just about done for now. Before, we wrap up though, a few more things.

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Until then, stay rational!


  1. Silly Christian’s? Kepler is cool despite his religious devotion? For someone who doesn’t agree with people like Hawking you guys sure seem to use the same derogatory language about subjects you don’t agree with ,or much less belong in the conversation. Why go out of your way to degrade personal beliefs? You and Hawking share that trait, so you at least have that in common. Please explain why you must degrade what you obviously don’t understand, or why it’s so repulsive to you that you must attack even renowned scholars for their personal belief system.

    1. ‘Why go out of your way to degrade personal beliefs[?]”

      We do not. However, we do frequently point out when other peoples errors and sometimes bluntly state our informed, fair judgment of a persons rationality or lack of. Without making it a personal or unwarranted attack.

      “Please explain why you must degrade what you obviously don’t understand, or why it’s so repulsive to you that you must attack even renowned scholars for their personal belief system.”

      We never attack anything we do not understand or at least make an honest attempt to understand. If we think ideas are irrational, we attack those ideas. And sometimes point that certain scholars are seriously irrational. It does not matter whether or not they are renowned, that as no bearing on the facts or our assessment of them.

      Nor is this about anyone’s personal belief system. It is about the facts and peoples failures to grasp those facts.

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