Episode Seven – Bohr’s Philosophy


However, that is not his only major philosophical influence.  As mentioned earlier, his philosophical mentor had positivist leanings.

Certain aspects of his philosophy, such as his focus on the linguistic and numerical aspects of science seem to suggest that they may have been influenced by positivism.

Whatever his specific philosophical influences, be they pragmatism, positivism and whatever else, what they have in common are heavy elements of Kantianism. To some extent, they reject reality as the proper starting place, reject the validity of the senses and attempt to reduce knowledge and science to a relationship between abstractions.

But, this is not how science is supposed to work.

Science is supposed to take reality as the starting point and conduct experiments in order to find out how reality works.

de Broglie

Louis de Broglie attempted to do quantum physics more rationally. He gave up when nobody listened to him.

It is not supposed to reject the validity of the senses, it requires that the senses be valid in order to be able to know anything.

A proper philosophy of science does not treat science as a mere study of the relationships between abstractions.

It treats science as the study of reality.

It treats mathematics as the science of methods for identifying real relationships, not as a replacement for understanding said relationships.

Science is not supposed to reject objectivity, it requires it in order to function.

It is not supposed to reject the Law of Identity. It requires that to exist is to have a non-contradictory nature. That to be is to be something.

It is not supposed to reject causality, it requires that things are what they are and that without it nothing can be learned about reality.  It requires that events have a cause.

What then are the consequences of all these bad philosophical influences? Quantum physics.

Which attempts to rob subatomic particles of their identity, assert actions without causes and which encourages people to ignore reality in favor of mathematics.

Quantum physics is strange and irrational not because the quantum world is really like that, but because of the philosophy of Bohr and others (such as Heisenberg and Schrodinger).

It need not be like that. A rational quantum physics can be developed.  But, only if philosophies like that of Bohr are abandoned.

It is not too late…


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