Episode Fourteen – Life 3.0: A Slow Death


It is clear that he would consider a computer intelligent if it was able to pick up human faces in a photo. Or to recognize possibly suspect financial transactions. Those tend to be fairly complex tasks, even if the former can be easily performed by most people.

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Of course, this is ridiculous. Yes, a computer can perform very complex tasks, but that does not make it intelligent. Even if it does so according to the goals of its user.

Clearly, machines can have no goals of their own, as they have no volition or awareness of any kind.

So, here we see his terrible definition of intelligence, built on very shaky grounds.

The rest of the chapter goes on to ramble about to debate about different people debating whether or not AI is possible and when we should start worrying about it. But. that is not all that interesting and we shall not discuss it, at least not yet.


That brings us to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed our first part of the “Life 3.0: A Slow Death” series. The second part will not be next week but will come out in the form of a blog post at some point within the next month or so.

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