Newton's Discovery of the Refraction of Light

Episode Eleven – Newton’s Achievements


His scientific contributions, especially in the field of mathematics, mechanics and optics were immense. Enough to make him one of the greatest scientists ever.

But, I think his greatest legacy was his philosophical legacy and the impact he had on the world. How his work helped transform the world and do so much to create physics as we know it is today. Or at least, as it was known until the late 19th century.

His philosophical legacy can hardly be understated. But, we are not here to discuss that at any great length today. That will be the topic of a future episode.

 Newton's Discovery of the Refraction of Light

Newton’s Discovery of the Refraction of Light, by Pelagio Palagi.


But, that brings us to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed our brief coverage of the great scientific works of Sir Isaac Newton.

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