Episode Eighteen – Introducing the Ideas of Bill Gaede


Some Updates

We have some updates which some you may already know about.

This month we are launching our subscription service. This gives you access to our weekly articles as well as some other perks. The articles will cover all sorts of topics, ranging from expanding on topics covered in the podcast to topics you will not see discussed on the podcast!

The first three articles will appear on the 19th of April. After that, you can see them weekly, if you subscribe.

The articles will be accessible for the small fee of $2 per month. The fee is in US dollars, but still pretty reasonable even if you do not happen to live in the US. There is also a $5 tier available for additional perks.

Consider this your way to support the show, if that is what you want to do. Since not only do you get the bonus articles if you subscribe, but your support ensures we can keep producing the freely available podcast episodes as well. Or maybe you want to be more involved in the show, then you can check out the other perks and join us here.

We already have our first subscriber. She is a long-time fan and supporter of the show and often shares and promotes the podcast. You may remember us thanking her before, but we have reason to do so again. Thanks, Louise Lamontange! You are indeed making the world a more rational place!

So, what we are talking about in this months subscription articles?

On 19th April we will be publishing articles discussing:

  • What is Color? Clearing up Chromatic Confusion.
  • More on Thought Experiments
  • Atheism or Anti-religiosity?

And on 26th April, the subscription article released will be titled “Reviewing A Rational Cosmology, Part Two”

We are always looking for more people to interview!

We have an interview with Warren Fahy coming up. Many of you may know him as the author of the books Fragment and Pandemonium.

This is Fragment, the first of Warren’s two books we will be discussing. If you have not read it, then please read it and its sequel Pandemonium.

If you have not read these books, you really should. They are wonderfully creative works, filled with thrilling events and novel biological ideas. Find out more here.

If you want more news, then you can check out the April News article here. You can also signup for the newsletter if you want. That will be coming out around the end of each month. The next will be at the end of May.

Alright. That brings us to the end of this episode. Thanks for listening!


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Please tune in for the next episode and start thinking of some questions! Until then, stay rational!

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