Physicists vs Philosophy and Reality.

In this article, we are looking at the hostility physicists hold towards philosophy. And why this is … misguided to say the least.

Is War a Technological Boon?

In this article, we look the misguided claim that war is overall good for the progression of technology.

The Role of Probability in Science.

probability, dice, die

In the latets article, we look at the proper role of probability in science and how modern physics has subverted this.

Some String Theory Absurdities

string theory

In the latest subscription article, we look at some of the central absurdities of string theory and briefly refute them. To see a sample of this article  Click here.

String Theory: A Misguided Attempt at Unification

string theory

In this article, we look at the misguided attempt at unification that motivates the development of string theory.

Untangling Quantum Entanglement: Realism and Locality

In this article, we start a short series looking at quantum entanglement. Today we look at realism and locality.

Economic Fallacies: The Broken Window Fallacy

Today we look at the economic fallacies of the broken window! Is destruction really good for the economy?

What are Fields? Not Numbers Glued to Space!

Today we look at “fields” in physics and have a quick look at what they should be. Not numbers glued to space!

More on Computer Models

computer model

Today we discuss what, if anything, computer models prove and what use they might actually be.

A Brief Introduction to Mathematics


In this article, we explore what mathematics is. As well as why it is so useful. Not because it reflects a Platonic super-realm, but because it is a vital requirement of human cognition.