Thoughts on Falsifiability and Popper

Karl Popper, falsifiability

Today we look at falsifiability and see that it is not just about showing that a theory should be able to be proven wrong, if it is wrong.

Vodcast Episode One: The Cause of Modern Physics is Philosophy

Today in the first episode of our vodcast, we are going over quotes that help to show that the cause of the irrationality in modern physics is philosophy.

Episode Twenty Five – Fragment and Pandemonium Interview with Warren Fahy

Today on the podcast, we interview Warren Fahy on two first two books of the Fragment trilogy. We also chat about biology. If you want the spoiler free version, click here.

Episode Twenty Four – Creating Christ Archaeology with Warren Fahy

Creating Christ Tjtus

Today we interview Warren Fahy, the co-author of the book Creating Christ. We discuss the archaeology of Creating Christ.