Islam, The Genocidal Death Cult: The Evil of Heresy

In this post we introduce the fundamental issues Islam has with nonbelievers and why Muslims feel they must kill them.

A Futile Debate with a God-Botherer…

Here is a “debate” where my opponent attempts to show that you cannot know anything without first presupposing the existence of God.

A Response to the Homeopathy Awareness Campaign

Today we take a look at a polished early draft of a section of my upcoming book “Infinitely Diluted Intelligence: The Stupidity of Homeopathy”.

Never Forget The Cause of 9/11 — Islam.

9-11-Islamic terrorism

Today we explore the true cause of 9/11; the barbaric evil of Islam. While all religions are evil, Islam is worse than most.

Quora Answers 9/7/20: The Kalam Cosmological “Argument”

Today we are asking a Quora question regarding the Kalam Cosmological “Argument”. Which is of course an exercise in special pleading.

Biblical Absurdities: Is the Bible At Odds With Science?

Bible firmament

Today we look at whether or not the Bible is at odds with science. It is and we shall see that this is what we should expect.

Quora Answers 8/7/2015: Random Events and Causality

Today we ask a Quora question about whether random things follow the law of causality.

The Inductive Summary of Physics Project


I have made this post to promote the “Inductive Summary of Physics” project which provides an inductive history of physics.

Interview with James Ellias

This is an interview with James Ellias, creator of the excellent “An Inductive Summary of Physics” series covering an inductive history of physics and other important philosophical topics.

Statistical Fallacy List, Part Two

In this article, we will look at these statistical fallacies: Simpsons Paradox, base-rate fallacy and the Texas sharpshooter fallacy.