Biblical Absurdities: Animal “Kinds”.

The idea of kind makes no sense. It is based on superficial similarities and is never clearly defined. And hence there is no basis for deciding exactly which species to include in your different kinds.

So, since the anti-concept of “kind” has no definition and since it is not clear what is or is not an instance of it, it has no value. It is a useless idea. Not that an idea being useless seems to have ever stopped any Creationist.

So, they admit that there are now lots of species of cats and dogs and so forth. How did these arise from the cat kind, the dog kind and so forth?

Well, now they must allow for some evolution. Or assert that the two cats of the “cat kind” turned into all the species of cats by magic.

So, they allow that although Noah only gathered a male and a female of the “cat” kind, that the future generations of cats arising from these two cats eventually evolved into different species of cats.

Well, isn’t that interesting? Now they must allow for what they refer to as microevolution.

What is microevolution? It is defined as

“A change in gene frequency within a population.”

That is evolution! It is exactly the same as macroevolution, which is evolution that occurs within more than one population!

In fact, I do not think the distinctions between micro and macro evolution are important or interesting. It is a rather pointless distinction.

So, they are admitting evolution does happen. But they are placing arbitrary limitations on it so that no organism can evolve outside of its kind!

So, according to them, cats can evolve to generate other species of cats. But no cat population will ever evolve so that is not part of the cat kind.

It is allegedly the same with dogs or any other member of any other kind. Nothing can evolve so that it is not part of it’s kind.

But they have accepted that evolution happens! Now all they need to do is accept that evolution is not limited so as to keep something as a member of its kind.

dinosaur kinds
How many dinosaur kinds do you suppose there were? Yeah, let’s not get started on that

But we have a bigger problem. Let us consider birds. Is there a bird kind? Are flightless birds, such as ostriches in the same kind as flying birds such as parrots? Or are they multiple bird kinds?

There are between 9,000 and 10,000 living species of birds. How did we get all these species from however many kinds of birds there are? Given they have had less than 6000 years to evolve, that is some very, very rapid evolution! And that is not accounting for all the extinct ones!

What about insects? How many insect kinds were there? Were they on the Ark? Or did they somehow survive on a flooded Earth?

Well, if they were on the Ark, we have a problem, there are over 900,000 living species of insects. How did they all evolve in less than 6000 years?

They seem to think that this evolution they decide they need to allow must have happened extremely fast. Faster than we would expect it to happen.

How did the various species we have evolve from only one of each kind? How did a cat kind turn into all the cat species?

How did an insect kind turn into 900,000 different insects? How how did several different insect kinds t urn into 900,000 species?

How did one or a few bear kinds turn into lots of bear species? How many dinosaur kinds were there and how did they turn into over 700 dinosaur species?

That is how stupid this kind stuff is. It is bad enough that they cannot define what a kind is. It is bad enough that there is no way to logically decide what each kind would or would not include.

But, the idea of a kind forces them to accept evolution happens. An insanely rapid kind of evolution!

But only a very limited kind of evolution that does not allow anything to evolve out of its kind.

That is not how evolution works. If evolution happens at all, then even if kinds existed, nothing would stop something existing out of its “kind”.

How would such a limitation work? And what would it mean to be unable to evolve out of its kind, given that we do not know what a kind even is?

Well, good job. You have attempted to deny evolution by talking about kinds.

But then you are forced to accept evolution happens. Good job, guys! In accepting this talk of kinds, you have been forced to accept evolution.

If you go the rest of the way and abandon this nonsense about things not being able to evolve outside of their kinds, you will see that this kind talk is all nonsense.

Evolution makes clear that the idea of a “kind” is indefensible and rationally undefinable. There are no kinds. There are species, there are families, orders, clades, but there are no kinds.

This is why no Creationist has ever defined what a kind is and why none of them ever will. It is nothing but an anti-concept intended to defend an idiotically literal interpretation of a rationally indefensible, plagiarized fairy-tale.

If they understood how evolution worked, they would know that the idea of “kinds” makes no sense. Of course, if they understood evolution, they would not be a Creationist.

So, I guess I am asking a bit much from people that are required to be systematically dishonest

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